Moonlight Surprise

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I was so mesmerized by the moonlight dancing on the ocean that I didn’t immediately notice the change in the shadow in my peripheral vision. So I was startled when I heard a rustling in the sand and noticed her shuffling slowly near the edge of the water. She also was fixated on the moon and didn’t see me on the chaise lounge under the palm tree until she was so close I thought she intended to sit there, too.

She was momentarily flustered, so I said, “It’s OK, I don’t mind sharing my moonlight.”

It could have gone either way at that point. Happily, she smiled and didn’t run away. Then a moment of recognition passed between us. Ah, she was the one I’d spoken to briefly earlier at the resort’s tiki bar. She’d said she was tired and needed to sleep, but something in her eyes told me I’d see her again. But then she’d left with some guy, likely a husband, so I’d written her off. But here she was, alone.

“Couldn’t sleep, huh?”

“No. The moonlight was coming in my window. I was just lying there wide awake. Decided to take a walk.”

“There’s something about the full moon. It draws you out.”

I didn’t mention how it often pulled in the direction of romance. Wasn’t sure where she stood or what she was looking for. Decided to see how it played out, so I made room on the lounger. She accepted the invitation to sit down. It was an encouraging start.

The moon was so bright, it almost made you squint.

“Which are you more drawn to, the moon or the sun?”

“They’re the yin and yang of the heavens. I love them both,” she said. “So you couldn’t sleep either?”

“It’s more restful out here. Some people would rather spend all their time in the bars. Obviously, I spend a lot of time there, too, because I play drums in the house band. All the more reason to come out here and unwind. When it’s like this, I can stay here all night and feel perfectly rested in the morning.”

For a while we just sat staring at the ocean, not saying much, just enjoying the view. The moonlight lay across the water like a golden carpet coated with diamonds.

“When I look out there, every once in a while I see a mermaid near the horizon riding on a dolphin. Do you see them?”

“Hmmm, I see something out there. OK, yeah.”

She smiled and glanced at me out of the corner of an eye when I said, “Can you tell the color of her hair?”

“Looks kinda green, maybe like seaweed.”

” That’s because of the affect of the moonlight and the kaçak iddaa shadows. I think it’s red.”


I liked the way her eyes sparkled in the moonlight. She turned suddenly and sat cross-legged facing me.

“Do you often have visions of mermaids and things like that?”

“Depends. The full moon brings out a lot of odd and interesting things. But you have to look for them, you have to want to see them.”

“I think maybe you have a bit of an overactive imagination.”

“Hmmmm, anything wrong with that?”

She replied by telling me about some of her visions, although when she ventured into the realm of her fantasies, something in her eyes told me she was holding some of it back. We sat like that for who knows how long, talking about anything and everything to the soothing backdrop of the waves lapping lazily on the shore.

Finally, during a pause she said, “You can’t take your eyes off the moon, can you?”

“Actually, I can’t take my eyes off you, but it feels like there’s someone behind you watching us.”

“Oh, like the man in the moon?”

When you look up there, do you see him? There are two kinds of people, you know, those who see him and those who can’t. Do you see him?”

She turned around and studied it for a moment.

“The face isn’t straight up and down,” I said, “It’s slightly on an angle, like his head is cocked to the side. And his eyes are real big. See?”

“Oh, yeah, I never really tried to see it, but now I do. Except it’s not a man, it’s a woman, of course.”

“You’re right. The Goddess. Probably why I love the moon so much.”

Fishing for clues, I glanced at her left hand. No ring, but there did seem to be a pale tanline. She seemed relaxed, in no hurry to leave. I was sitting close behind her, so it seemed natural to let my hand rest on her shoulder. She moved her head side to side as if to loosen her neck, and I slid my hand over and gently rubbed the base of her neck.

“Oh, yeah, just what I need.”

“Here, lie back.”

She did, and we stayed that way silently staring at the Goddess, or whoever was up there watching, while I massaged her neck and shoulders. Now she seemed mesmerized. She made a soft sound in her throat, like a cat purring, and I took it as an endorsement to continue. When my fingers lightly brushed the side of her neck close to an ear, she shuddered and leaned into me, sighing louder. Her skin was so soft, I couldn’t resist tracing the contour kaçak bahis of her neck down and around until my fingers made soft circles on the soft pillow of the top of her breasts. My other arm found its way around her waist, and I held her close. Her sigh became a moan.

Her skin smelled so intoxicating, I had to have a taste. My lips brushed her neck, and I kissed her lightly along the path my fingers had taken. She had one hand on my thigh, and she used it to pull my leg tighter against her side. Her other hand reached up and pulled mine down to cup a breast. It felt soft but firm in my hand. Now it was my turn to moan contentedly. My lips brushed her earlobe and I breathed her scent, slightly salty under a thin layer of perfume. I liked it. My cock, pressing against her back, swelled.

Suddenly, she turned in my arms and her lips found mine. It is a treasure to find a lover who truly understands the art of the kiss. I could spend hours doing that alone. The kisses continued warm and wet like summer rain. My fingers, still on her breast, traced the arc of the nipple and felt it harden through her tanktop and bra. I wondered if she’d heard the Indian myth about the pull of the moon adding inches to a man’s penis. Given the circumstances, she could probably attest it was no myth.

I didn’t know where we were headed, but I was in no hurry to alter course. I was enjoying every brush of her velvety tongue against mine. Savoring the sweetness. When she needed a breath, she snuggled into my chest. I rested my face in the softness of her hair while my hands strummed harmony on her back. I was Clapton on an all-night jam, coaxing every nuance from every fret from her neck to her lower back. When my fingers dipped inside the top of her shorts and came to rest in the soft crevice at the top of her ass, my reward was another moan and the tip of her tongue on my neck, which sent a wave of tingles that reached my toes.

I felt the warmth of her thigh against mine, and my fingers found their way to explore that inviting flesh. She turned more onto her side, one thigh climbing over my legs. That afforded an opening in the valley for my fingers to ride higher along her inner thigh. They continued under cover of the leg of her shorts. I could feel her heat through the soft cotton of her panties.

She drew her breath in quickly like a hiss and sucked my tongue deeper into her mouth. My fingers explored the contour of her mound, pressing rather than rubbing, illegal bahis until the dampness began to seep through the crotch of her panties.

Her voice barely exceeded a whisper: “Oh, God … Yes.”

Fingers dipped under the elastic edge of the panties and slipped into her slick groove so quickly it was as if her pussy was sucking them in. She adjusted her legs to allow better access. She wanted her release, and she wanted it now. As I probed and pressed, from the soggy depth of her opening to the tip of her clit, she buried her face in my neck and held me tight, Her hand sought and held my cock through my jeans.

Her orgasm came suddenly, with a gasp, and accompanied by a hot surge of lady lava. She moaned into my chest and ground her mound against my hand as my fingers continued to slip and slide over every silky fold.

Finally, she looked up and said, “You can’t get inside of me, but I can make you feel good.”

She did, too. Urgent fingers unzipped and freed my cock, which reared and pulsed like a beacon in the warm night. She wrapped her fingers around the shaft and pressed the tip with her thumb, coating the head with slippery precum. Then she resumed her relentless pursuit of the perfect kiss – God, how this woman loved to kiss. She paused long enough to say, “Tell me when you’re going to cum.”

I felt the need building as she found the right pressure and rhythm.

“So good. … Real close.”

I wasn’t sure what to expect, and it caught me by surprise when she dove down and wrapped her mouth around the head of my cock as she tightened her grip on the upstroke. That was all I needed, and I was overcome by a massive body rush as my balls fired several volleys into her mouth. Her lips stayed tight around my cock as she gulped it all down. She came up breathless and seemed pleased when I pulled her close for another drawn-out kiss, not minding my own tangy aftertaste.

I later concluded that she had determined that taking me into her mouth was the best way to avoid returning to her room with incriminating residue on her clothes. She didn’t want to get Lewinskyed.

She collapsed against my chest and stayed there for a while as we shared the pleasant aftermath. Finally, she whispered, “I’ve got to go.” We shared one more lingering kiss, then she pulled away reluctantly and disappeared into the shadows.

I stayed on the lounge chair the remainder of the night. Just before I closed my eyes, I glanced at the moon, now low on the horizon. Perhaps it was my overactive imagination, but I was quite sure the Goddess winked at me. It was only then that it occurred to me, I didn’t even know the name of my moonlight lover.

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