More Than a Lady

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Doctor Carter surveyed the gathering of ladies before him. Something wasn’t quite right, but he just couldn’t put his finger on what it was. He had been invited to speak on Female Reproductive Health but the women before him were neither the charity-driven older matrons nor eager young housewives that he expected. They were gathered in the private function room of a cozy country hotel.

In fact they looked more like a gaggle of hookers. Not that hookers wouldn’t be interested in learning about Reproductive Health. These women had the catty, slutty-vixen looks that Doctor Carter secretly lusted after. They all wore full make up; some had big teased hair and all of them seemed to be sporting perfect breasts. It was almost as if he were addressing a club whose membership depended on having had breast implants. They just looked too good to be real.

Doctor Carter was glad that he had chosen to wear his navy blazer to the engagement. It hid his thick cock that twitched in his chinos as he fantasized about reproducing with his entire audience. The audience, for their part, drank in the doctor’s good looks. With his jet black hair, pale skin and piercing blue eyes he cut quite an impressive figure. They could not help but notice the thick, black hair swirling across his upper chest. His eyebrows were like two thick, black caterpillars across his brows. The man looked like he had only evolved out of the jungle yesterday; virility dripped from his pores and all of this along with his cupid shaped, cherry red lips made him into one hot package in the eyes of any connoisseur of the sophisticated, well groomed gentleman that was all-animal underneath his clothes.

When his lecture was over Doctor Carter was invited to have a cup of tea with the ladies. He eagerly accepted, before excusing himself to go take a leak. While standing at the urinal one of the ladies walked into the bathroom. Doctor Carter coughed to alert her to her mistake but she simply sauntered up to the empty urinal next to him. As if it were the most natural thing in Pendik Türbanlı Escort the world she hitched up her skirt, pulled out a cock and began to piss!

Doctor Carter stopped pissing in mid flow. He had to; his cock was beginning to rise. He could not believe what he was seeing. Neither could he believe that he was so turned on by it. It all made sense now. That something that wasn’t quite right, that he couldn’t put a finger on, turned out to be a cock. And he wanted to put more than a finger on it. ‘What’s wrong, Doctor?’ the saucy red head asked in a husky voice.

‘You…you’re…a ..ladyboy.’ Doctor Carter stammered.

‘Hardly a ladyboy Doctor. More like a grown, mature woman.’ she purred.

Doctor Carter’s thick cock had grown to a full nine inches. He had a hard time trying to hide it.

‘You’re not disgusted, are you Doctor?’ the red head shemale asked him.

‘Disgusted? Does this look as if I’m disgusted?’ he pointed to his straining prick.

‘Why Doctor! I’m shocked.’ she said as she shook off her cock.

Doctor Carter was trying to think of something to say when she dropped to her knees by his side. She spun him around and took his large mushroom head into her warm mouth. Doctor Carter felt his knees buckle as he reached for her tits. He could not remember a time when he had been so turned on. But then, reality intruded.

‘What if someone comes in?’ he asked.

She removed her mouth briefly.

‘They won’t mind.’ she answered.

‘But what if a member of the hotel staff comes in?’ Doctor Carter persisted.

‘They won’t. This is a private function room and we’ve locked the door.’

Doctor Carter realised then that he had been lured there on false pretences. The ladies, or lady-men, weren’t interested in hearing about Reproductive Health. They were interested only in cock. His cock. And he was quite happy to give it to them. As if to confirm his suspicions a raven haired beauty came into the gents. She pulled Doctor Carter’s heavy pork sword Pendik Otele Gelen Escort from the red head’s mouth and gobbled it up into her own. Doctor Carter was free now to slip his hand under the red head’s skirt where he found a surprisingly large set of balls and not unimpressive cock. He rolled the balls around in the palm of his hand, delighting in the softness and smoothness of them. He had always wanted to touch another man’s genitals but had never gotten around to it. Now he was getting to do that in conjunction with his favourite activity – handling big, firm tits. He considered himself a very lucky man.

Suddenly a third shemale entered the bathroom.

‘Ladies!’ she chided. ‘You’re not supposed to hog him to yourself. Bring him on out.’

The dark haired cock sucker rose to her feet. Reluctantly Doctor Cater let go of the cock he was fondling and tucked his own back into his pants. Just how was he supposed to satisfy eighteen cock hungry sluts? He decided that he would give it his best shot.

The ladies led him back into the conference room. There they stripped him of his clothes. There was a collective cooing from the audience when they caught site of his hairy, muscle toned body. All eyes were drawn to his heavy, circumcised cock with its mushroom cap that was a delicate pink colour. Below hung two medium sized brown balls that seemed lost in a thicket of black hair.

They laid him down on a table and put on a show for him. Doctor Carter watched as the he-shes stripped. All had big, firm tits. Some had tiny little cocks while four or five had cocks as big as his. Some were clean shaven, others had big hairy bushes. Some cocks were soft, others stood rigidly to attention. The ladies descended on Doctor Carter en masse. The brushed their tits against his body, fed him their nipples, ran their hands up and down his body. He opened his mouth to accept large nipples, small cocks, big stiff rods. He was willing to try any combination. One or two of the ladies face sat him and he reamed Pendik Ucuz Escort out their dainty assholes.

His cock was so hard it hurt. Fortunately he was producing copious amounts of precum which kept it lubricated. Hands and mouths worked him over. His toes disappeared into a warm mouth. Someone licked his hairy balls. Someone else pushed his legs apart and buried their tongue deep into his sweaty crack. This was another first for Doctor Carter and he almost blacked out with pleasure.

Meanwhile his fingers probed slippery assholes, tweaked big nipples and teased small, soft cocks into erection. Someone nibbled on his earlobes, someone else bit his neck. A hard cock slid into his mouth and he eagerly nursed on it. A pair of silk soft balls rested on his forehead. Doctor Carter’s eyes were closed. He had given up trying to see; there was just so much seething flesh around him that it was impossible to tell one body from another.

All around him was the smell and sounds of sex. Soft moans, loud groans, wet slapping, squelchy sounds all came to his ears. A tangy load of cream blasted down his throat. He licked his lips as he savoured this new taste. As the cock was withdrawn he cried out for another and received it. And then two things happened simultaneously that pushed him over the edge.

A warm tightness enveloped his cock as the red headed saucy bitch impaled herself on the medical club. It was like being gripped in vice made of satin and velvet. She used the muscles of her ass ring to squeeze and tease him in a way he could never have thought possible. At the same time the raven head slid her slender cock into the doctor’s spit lubed ass. As it glided into him it rubbed up against his sensitive spot and the world stood still. Someone tweaked his nipples a few seconds later and he blew. He simply could not hold out any longer.

When he caught his breath he found that he was still hard. He was now able to give the red head the screwing she wanted. He was in no hurry and neither was she. But the others didn’t see it that way. They virtually pulled her off his cock after a while so that someone else could get a turn. The afternoon turned into a marathon fuck and suck session. By the time Doctor Carter had shot his fourth load he was so fucked that he had no choice but to check into the hotel and sleep it off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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