More Than Just A Game Ch. 01

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“You fuckin’ asshole! You fuckin’ cheated!”

That was my younger brother… and that was his dirty mouth spilling out lies once again.

I’ve lost count on how many times I beat Donny at Mario Kart and he still whines and complains about me cheating. He’s such a loser…

“Rematch? I’m assuming…” I say with a cocky grin.

“What’s the fucking point? Your gonna cheat anyway.” He said.

“Whatever. I’m going to bed…. And you should too.” I say. I get up and turn off the game.

“Besides don’t you have the ACT’s tomorrow?” I say.

“Fuck the ACT, that test can kiss my fucking hairy ass!” He shouted.

“Dude, chill out… I know your mad but damn get over it, we can play tomorrow.” I say.

“Fuck it, I’m going to bed.” He said then getting up and running up stairs.

“Soooo ….freaking… Immature.” I say to myself wrapping up the cords to the game consoles.

Donny has always acted this way when we played games. I always wondered why I agreed to playing with him because it always ends up the same way with him cursing like a sailor and running away like a 12 year old.

He’s 18 but thats what he acts like. You would never guess he was 18 looking at him either because he looks like a grown man.

Unfortunately, I got all the bad genes in my family, I looked 17 instead of 23. I had some acne, I still have braces, I wear contacts replacing my old glasses. Even worse I was skinny and I couldn’t pack any weight on me if McDonalds was giving me free burgers everyday.

Donny, on the other hand, was… excuse my french… a fucking stallion. He was exactly what I wanted to look like. Looking like a sexier copy of our father with muscle on top of muscle, he’s tall, and has the most beautiful blue eyes ever. He was hairy just like dad too and that was a huge turn on. I truly envied him…

But with the sexiness comes the bad attitude… I guess…

He wasnt very popular in school even though he should have been because of his amazing looks. He’s very reserved and quiet… thats until he comes home.

I often wondered why he didn’t seemed interested in dating anyone and my gaydar was going off everytime I was around him so it was hard to tell.

As soon as I got upstairs, I heard the shower on in his room. I peaked through the crack of his door and saw that he was getting undressed. To be honest this was the first time I ever seen him strip before.

His room was a mess like usual but my focus was soon forced back on him when he turned around and his dick was facing me. I stood there with my mouth down to the ground.

His dick looked like a good 6 to 7 inches and not hard. His big chest was covered with a nice mat of hair and his legs were incredible!

The more I looked at him the more I wanted to punch my parents for screwing me over so bad. I stared back at his face and he still canlı bahis looked upset about the game. He grabbed his towel and walked into the bathroom.

I went in my room, changed into my boxers and T, and laid down on the bed, feeling like I just lost ten games in a row. I checked my body out…. I wasnt bad and I wasnt ugly either.

I had washboard abs, and a pretty nice butt and I can tan unlike Donny. I had my mom’s body, minus the tits. I could be a pretty boy if I didnt have the braces and the acne on the side of my face.

I laid there for a while reading the last of my book when my door suddenly flew open startling me.

“Dude what the fuck?! Can you knock?!!!” I shout.

“Let’s rematch right now.” He demanded.

He looked like he literally just got out of the shower with the towel still around his waist and water dripping from his face and body.

“Donny, we can play tomorrow man. Just go to bed.” I say more calmly.

“No, we gotta settle this fucking shit right now.” He demanded again.

Now I knew Donny would never hit me, but at the moment he looked like he would kill me if I didn’t do what he said. Instead of arguing about it, I just gave in and said okay.

I followed him back downstairs. I watched him the whole time as I looked at his big beautiful body, confidently walking to the living room. I watched the water droplets on his back slide down into dark space under his towel.

My dick started to grow, and unfortunately it was very noticeable in these white boxer briefs….

He turned the game back on and I sat down on the couch. We were both in silence, and it was the most awkward silence yet.

We choose our characters and started the game.

His eyes were so focused on the game it was ridiculous, but I tried my best not focus on his half naked body right across from me.

I won three games already and it we had one more to go. He was looking more pissed by the second and I wasn’t saying anything. I was getting nervous…. I didnt know what he would do if he lost this round. I thought about just letting him win but I knew he would know.

That’s when it happen….

It was right around the last few curves of the game when he stood up, his eyes still focused on the game. I did a quick glance at him and my eyes immediately shot directly to his towel slowly sliding off of his waist.

Then it dropped. I froze in my spot completely forgetting about the game staring at his big dick dangling right there not far from me…


I unfroze from my position and looked at the screen long enough to process that he did in fact, win the game… by distraction…

“Wow… uh… ummm… Congrats bro! I knew you could do it…” I say.

I turned my head back to him noticing his bahis siteleri smiling face, and doing this weird dance, and flexing. It was just …… strange…. BUT his dick was looking like it was growing in size.

He stopped his dancing when he noticed me staring at him. Thats when he realized that he was butt naked.

He went to pick up his towel when he stopped in mid motion. He had a this cocky expression on his face.

“Uhh Donny why are you looking at me like that?” I asked.

“Dude…. your drooling.” he said.

I wiped my mouth feeling the warm trail of spit on the side of my mouth. Oh fuck….

“And your face is red…. Are you fucking checking me out?” he said.

I sat there in silence. I didnt know how to defend myself.

Instead of him picking up the towel he just stood up walked closer to me. His big dick was moving closer to me.

“You are checking me out… You want my cock?” his voice was calmer then I ever heard.

My face had to turn even more of beet red color, but I was finally able to talk…

“Donny…. no, I don’t want your—-“

He picked up his big meat and stared jerking it in my face.

“Oh my God… Donny this is wrong… We can’t—”

“Dude, relax…. I can see that you wanna suck me. Your face says it all.” he said softly.

I couldnt believe this was actually happening. My brother wanted me to suck his dick and our parents were right above us sleeping in there room.

“Don’t worry, I wont tell anybody.” he said.

Without any further hesitation and I stuck his head the big uncut head in my mouth and begin to suck on it gently.

“See that wasn’t so bad. Show me what you can do bro.” He said.

Just hearing his words, so gentle was so….. so… comfortable. Donny was only like this when he smoked weed and drank, but this was truly shocking to me.

My mouth was soon full of his big dick and I was sucking him the best I could, since it was my first time sucking any dick.

He grabbed my hair and forced my head up and down his big veiny shaft and I feed on it like a good boy.

Good he tasted and smelled better then I could imagine. He smelled like a man…. A REAL man. Just how I dreamt on so many occasions.

“Dude, your sucking my cock so fucking good. Your making love to it man!” He said.

He was right, I was making love to his big dick. It was perfect. I wanted to be here all night sucking his baby maker.

I glanced up at him watching me with a smile on his face. He looked he just won the lottery with that grin. I moaned on his dick as I sucked it, taking it deeper with every stroke. I had more then half of him down my throat already (which was very shocking at the least!)

I reached up and tugged at his swinging hairy ball sac and pulled on it making him moan. It was so exciting to hear him moan like that! bahis şirketleri

I tasted his precum filling my mouth, like an aphrodisiac. My wet mouth smacked and sucked on him until I felt his big dick grow even larger in my mouth.

“Dude I’m gonna fucking cum. Will you swallow it for me? No ones ever swallowed my load before.” He asked.

“Ummm Hmmm.” I hummed on his dick. I sucked him as hard as I could and his legs shook.

“Ohhh… Oh my God… FUCK!… Dude!… I’m fucking CUMMING!!” he shouted loud enough to wake my parents up.

His load filled my mouth and this was not a small load like most big dicks shoot out. His big dick actually matched his big load!

I did my best to swallow each jet that filled my mouth, eventually some of it escaping and going down my chin.

When his grunting and moaning stopped, he looked down at me cleaning up his dick of all the left over cum. I was doing excalty what I should have done years ago.

“DUDE!… That was fucking awesome!” He said in excitement.

I slurped off his dick long enough to say, “Ummm … thanks… Donny. That was actually my first time.”

“Shit you could have fooled me! Stand up let me do you!” he said.

“What? You want to suck me off?” i said in complete surprise.

“Hell yeah man, I wanna try it.” he said getting on his knees.

“Alright.” When I stood up he looked directly at my bulge in my boxer briefs. It looked strange to see him like this.

He rubbed on my boxers and then pulled out my dick. Now I was pretty happy with my 7 incher but it was nothing compared to Donny’s bull pleaser.

He began sucking me with his hot wet mouth, going back and forth on it slowly. It was the most amazing feeling in the world. I was so close to cumming already, it was embarassing.

Just watching his lips sliding up my dick so passionately and so sexy, like in my dreams, was so…. excuse my french again… fucking exciting… I couldnt help but to moan out loud.

His tongue licked all up down my cock head and then down to my balls…. and that was it!

“I’m gonna shoot Donny!” I yell.

“Dude fucking shoot it on my face! I wanna feel it!” he said.

I looked down and watched the biggest load of my life shooting all over my biological brothers face. Millions of his nieces and nephews spilling all over his face. This was the hottest thing ever!!!

When I stopped my uncontrollable shaking and groaning, I watched him wipe his face and lick it up.

“Oh God… Donny… that was incredible.” i say trying to catch my breath.

“Yeah, dude that was fucking hot as hell.” he said, then taking the towel and wiping his face. “We gotta do this again… but tomorrow because my cock is fuckin’ worn out.”

“Yeah, I dont think another load is coming out me anytime soon.” I say. My balls felt totally empty.

“Well I’m going to bed. Thanks for doing the rematch with me.” He said standing up.

“Cause if you didnt I woulda had to beat your fucking ass.”

I believed him….

“Goodnight.” i said then turning off the game.

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