More Than Sex

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I had experienced sex with three men up to this point in my life, when the second semester of my freshman year began. Finances had made it necessary for me to find a roommate, and Kenny was the fellow freshman I ended up with.

I liked the cozy apartment from the moment I saw it, but little did I realize that there were even better things that came with it.


1. Feeling each other out.

The guy that had the apartment I ended up sharing was very much like I was, back in the winter of 1975. Shy and introspective, Kenny was a typical freshman in a city far from home, and as overwhelmed by the surroundings as he was the studies.

I had gotten myself into shape over the last few months, and when the fat was replaced by a little muscle, I lost a bit of my baby-faced appearance and began to look more like 19.

Kenny was a month my senior, but looked years younger. He had a slight build and was a couple inches shorter than my 5’10”, and while he was a good looking guy, with his clean cut appearance he looked more like a freshman in high school than college. This made him painfully shy and introverted, and it took a couple of weeks to get more than a sentence at a time out of him.

After a while, he began to loosen up, and we began to get along really well. We liked a lot of the same kind of music and would go to the local clubs with our meager fortunes, in hopes of hearing some music and getting laid. Unfortunately, our batting averages for those goals was consistently .500.

I was still turned on by girls, although those feelings were rarely mutual. I had been having much better luck with my own gender since arriving in Colorado, and since I had never even thought of men that way before my trip out here in August of last year, I wondered whether I had found my calling.

Since all we seemed to talk about was girls, I naturally assumed that he was straight. After a few weeks of living together, I began to find myself becoming very attracted to Kenny, and knew that I had better keep that emotion under wraps, because the apartment arrangement was the only thing that was keeping my head above water financially, thus keeping me in college.

One night after once again striking out at the local club, we ended up back in our place cursing our fate as we got ready for bed. I watched out of the corner of my eye as Kenny stripped down to his underwear, which was his customary sleeping attire.

Strange how I had become attracted to Kenny, I thought to myself as he peeled off his t-shirt, revealing his boyish build and hairless chest. The other men I had found myself with were the exact opposites of Kenny; all had been hairy guys who had been generously endowed, and I assumed that this would be the type of man I would always be aroused by.

Kenny was nothing like them, from what I could see. He was built like a jockey, and outside of having hairy armpits and some hair on his calves he was smooth otherwise. My frequent glances at his underwear detected only the slightest of bulges, a situation that I could easily relate to.

I was slightly taller and heavier than Kenny, and had begun working out at the beginning of the school year so that my doughy body had become fairly well developed, but the situation between my legs remained the same as it always had been, and always would be. Pitiful.

My sadly underdeveloped penis had been a source of much pain and humiliation throughout my high school years, and my attitude about it was likely the primary cause of my failings with the opposite sex all that time.

Then, while traveling out here to college, I was given a ride by a kind older gentleman who gave me an education in a motel room that changed my life completely. I was used to seeing the flaccid cocks of my classmates in gym class, and envying them as they paraded their blessings brazenly while I cowered in the corner in shame. Seeing a man with an erection was totally new to me, and I was stunned at the sight of Walt’s aroused cock, amazed at the size that a man could grow to.

My naivete and lack of knowledge was obvious when I was seduced by Doc, an older grad student who gave a whole new meaning to the term well-endowed for me, and I had become infatuated for a time over his freakishly large appendage.

After that I had a brief affair with Anthony, a middle aged gentleman who I had been attracted to because of his hirsute body. Because of his modesty in the locker room of the health club, I had assumed that he had been short-changed like I was. All it took was the underwear to come down to reveal that he had no such failings, and his avoidance in being nude was merely because of his tendency to get aroused quite easily, and thus not wanting to get thrown out of the health club.

All three men had been well-endowed to varying degrees, and I had found it not only arousing to see and touch them, but had also found it oddly exciting that I was so much smaller down there than they were. I had always dreamed of having a big dick, and probably always would have that wish, but with these Ankara escort men, after a brief moment of embarrassment when I was initially exposed, it was actually more of a turn-on.

A turn-on not only for me either, I noticed. To a man they all seemed to like my body, and were very aroused to be with me. They also seemed to revel in the superiority of their equipment as well. Not in an arrogant or demeaning way, because that would have crushed me emotionally, but I could tell that the fact that their cocks were so much bigger than mine gave them a thrill, and when I would praise them and speak in awe of their manhood I could see what it did for them.

Now here we were in our cramped apartment, sitting around in our underwear, and me finding myself being aroused by Kenny, who was nothing like the type that had previously excited me. What would it be like to be with a guy who had a small cock? Maybe Kenny’s was even smaller than my own? Now that would really be something to experience, I thought to myself as I tried to keep from having an erection.

“Man, that Eileen Bowen looked good tonight,” Kenny said as he recalled a girl from school at the club we were at. “She’s got a rack on her!”

“You should have made your move,” I told Kenny. “The girl that she was with was really cute, and I could have moved in on her.”

“She looked like Bowie – Ziggy Stardust period,” Kenny said. “You like those androgynous types, don’t you?”

“Guess so,” I admitted as I walked into the bathroom.

“Geez, if I had a body like yours I would be picking up chicks with no problem,” I heard Kenny say as I brushed my teeth, and when I finished I did something impulsively.

“I doubt that,” I said when I came out of the bathroom, having taken off my fruit of the looms, and walked over to my bed naked.

The look on Kenny’s face as he watched me was one of wonder, as he saw my little pecker for what had to be the first time, modestly wiggling as I went over to my bed and hopped in, pulling the sheet over me before saying good night.

My heart was pounding so loudly that I pulled the sheet to my chest, trying to muffle the sound that seemed to be echoing in the room. I wondered what Kenny had thought of that. The look on his face; was it shock, horror, pity or amusement?

I had hoped it would have been lust, and in my mind I wished that Kenny would come over to the bed and crawl in next to me. I wanted him to touch me and tell me that he had been so excited about seeing me naked that he wanted me.

Nice thoughts, but I remained alone in my own bed as I drifted off to sleep, content to fantasize about things that would never be.

2. A draft in the room.

I felt a chill, and perhaps that was what had stirred me out of the deep sleep I was in. In my groggy state I reached for the sheet that wasn’t there. In the darkness I sensed a presence by the side of my bed, and for some reason, perhaps the effect of quite a few beers, I didn’t leap up but remained still.

I heard a sound, and it was a sound I was very familiar with, having created it often myself. It was the sound of flesh on flesh, and it was Kenny, standing by the side of my bed, masturbating. I kept my eyes closed as best I could while still trying to see what he was doing, and the scene became more clear in my mind.

I was naked and on my back, arms and legs akimbo, and I could feel the bedsheet down around my knees. The sound of heavy breathing joined the slapping sound, and that was soon followed by a muffled groan from beside me.

A few seconds later, I fel the sheet being pulled up over my body, and the shadowy image beside me moved away. I heard a creaking sound as Kenny got back into his bed, and it was only then that I finally resumed breathing.

Kenny had been jerking off. More importanly, he had been doing it while he looked at me. I was glad that I hadn’t interrupted him, because knowing him he would have jumped out the window or something. I did wish I could have seen him while he masturbated, because that would have been incredibly exciting.

What should I do now? Part of me wanted to climb into his bed, but what would Kenny think? I was used to being the passive one, and I was terrified at the thought of being the one that made the first move.

Eventually, I ended up staying in my own bed that night, but I didn’t get much sleep, because my mind was working overtime.

3. The days that followed.

Kenny was very nervous around me in the days that followed, and if I had not noticed what he had done that night I would have been confused. Since I understood, I let him come around gradually, and by the end of the week he was his usual self.

We went to our regular hangout the next weekend, and after we ran out of money we ended up back at our place with the six-pack we had managed to buy with our meager fortunes.

“I smell like an ashtray,” Kenny remarked, and we usually did after a night at the club we attended. Everybody but us smoked in the place, and the joint had no air circulating either.

“Me Ankara escort bayan too,” I said as I headed to the bathroom. “I think I’m going to take a shower.”

“Save me some hot water,” Kenny called after me.

I wanted to suggest that Kenny hop in with me, but discretion ruled the moment, so I rinsed myself off alone. I was tempted to do a little more than wash, as my dick got hard when I imagined Kenny in the shower with me, but settled for the cleansing and hopped out of the stall after turning off the water.

“It’s all yours,” I said as I emerged from the bathroom, holding my towel casually in front of me.

Kenny was looking at everything but what I wanted him to as we passed each other, and when I heard the water come on I grabbed a beer and hopped onto my bed. I draped the towel over my lap as I sat with my back against the headboard and glanced at a magazine.

Kenny had put Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew on our sorry stereo, and my mind drifted as Miles played softly. Would Kenny do what he did last week? And if he did, what would I do?

I had replayed that scene countless times in my mind, and had wished I had reacted differently each time. I wished I had opened my eyes wide and watched Kenny jerk off. I wished I had followed him back to his bed and done what I longed to do to him. I wished I had done – anything. Anything but what I did, which was nothing. If it happened tonight, I knew that I would not make that mistake again.

4. Conversation.

Kenny came out of the bathroom, with his white knee length bathrobe wrapped tightly around himself, depriving me of so much as a glimpse of his body. Kenny went over to his dresser and rooted around before finding what he was looking for.

“Hey, want to smoke this?” Kenny said as he held up a crooked little joint. “I got this a few days ago from a guy for helping him with a paper he was having trouble with.”

“Cool,” I said.

“Man, I don’t really need this,” Kenny said as he sat on the edge of my bed and lit the sorry joint. “I’m drunk enough.”

That was the second or third time he had mentioned that since we had gotten home, and while it was true that we had drunk enough to get a good buzz, we certainly hadn’t had enough to get wrecked. This got my mind working again.

We smoked the joint, and Kenny stayed on the edge of my bed as we gingerly handed it back and forth, finally giving it up only when it became microscopic.

“Uh… would you mind if I asked you a personal question?” Kenny said with considerable difficulty, and I told him to go ahead.

“Are you gay?”

I was taken aback by the question, and it took me a minute to think of what to say.

“What brought that on?” I finally answered.

“Some guy asked me if we were roommates, and when I told him we were, he asked me if you had come on to me yet because you were a queer.”

“Oh,” I said. “Ummm… the answer is, I don’t know.”

“You don’t know?”

“Not really,” I admitted. “I like girls – a lot more than they like me obviously. Have I had sex with guys? Yes.”


The record ended, and the clicking sound that the arm made as it came off the disc was the only sound in the room.

“Well, I guess that’s what you would call a deafening silence,” I finally said, and that got a smile out of Kenny.

“Sorry,” Kenny said.

“Are you going to throw me out of here?” I asked with considerable trepidation.

“Hell no,” Kenny said with a laugh. “I was just wondering.”

“Well, wonder no more,” I replied.

“What’s it like? With a guy, I mean.”

“You mean compared with a girl? I dunno. You’re the only one in the room who’s made it with a girl,” I said, Kenny having told me many times of the two girls he had screwed back home. “I’m not that much of an expert. My first time was only last summer, and I’ve only been with three men.”

“You never thought about being with a guy before that?” Kenny asked.

“Not really, it just happened, and I discovered that I enjoyed it. Why are you bringing this subject up? If you don’t mind my asking, that is.”

“It’s kind of embarrassing,” Kenny said as he looked down at the floor.

“Hey, I just made a rather big confession a minute ago,” I said. “That’s the least you can do, don’t you think?”

“I guess so,” Kenny admitted. “It’s just that, I don’t know. We’re around each other all of the time, and – this is weird. I never felt like this before anybody, I swear.”

“Felt like what?”

“It’s just that, I see your body a lot, and at first I just thought it was more like I was just envious, and admired your physique.”

“Thanks, but it’s not that great,” I said shyly.

“I think it is,” Kenny said. “Then last week, when you walked through the room naked… I dunno. I can’t explain.”

“You’re doing fine so far,” I said, my skin tingling with excitement.

“It’s just that – I never got excited seeing another guy before,” Kenny confessed. “And when I saw you naked, and saw – you know.”

“My puny little dick excited you?” Escort Ankara I asked as I pulled the towel off, exposing myself to Kenny’s shock.

“Mine’s small too,” Kenny said.

“Well, you’ve seen mine twice now,” I said. “I should at least get to see yours once. Besides, size doesn’t matter.”

Kenny leaned over and turned the lamp off and then clicked the 3-way light to the lowest setting and stood up, nervously fiddling with the knot on his robe. The delay only served to heighten my anticipation, until I felt I was going to explode, and I felt my dick getting hard in response.

The robe finally parted, and my eyes devoured Kenny’s dick, a slender little tube that looked remarkably like my own and perhaps even thinner. His balls were certainly impressive, an oversized pair that hung low between his legs, and his entire package was framed with a compact but thick bush of dark brown hair.

“See?” Kenny said, nervously shifting his weight from foot to foot.

“Works for me,” I said, nodding toward my boner, which was twitching nervously as Kenny sat next to me.

“I’m not – I don’t know,” Kenny stammered.

I motioned for Kenny to sit back down, and when he did and reached out for his hand, drawing it over toward my dick. His fingers were trembling as they made contact with my erection, and I held his hand onto my dick until he wrapped his fingers around it.

“Not so bad, is it?” I asked him, and Kenny nodded his head while staring tight-lipped at what he was holding.

“Let me play too,” I said as I reached over and took his limp dick between my thumb and index finger, giving it a few gentle tugs which made Kenny gasp.

Kenny’s cock felt very rubbery as I began pulling on it with a little more vigor, and as I felt him grow harder with each tug, I soon realized that my dream of being with a guy built like myself was not going to be fulfilled this time.

“Uh… Kenny?” I said as my hand slid up and now the shaft of Kenny’s now fully engorged member. “Your cock is not small, man.”

Indeed it wasn’t, as I looked at the stiff tool in my hand. While it was very slender, there was no way you could call it small. It had to be at least six or seven inches, and while I saw my fantasy of being with a guy less endowed than I was clearly not going to happen here that day, it wasn’t the worst thing in the world.

More importantly, as I had Kenny stand up beside the bed while I rolled off and knelt in front of him, his cock was beautiful. I had seen impressive ones, and intimidating ones, but his was the first one that ever struck me as beautiful.

Kenny cock was a pale white, with a single vein running down the top of the shaft. I reached up and circled his tool at the base with my thumb and index finger, which were a perfect fit. Kenny cock was very stiff and had a very gentle arch to it, and was capped with a gumdrop-shaped head that was moist at the tip with a tiny bead of pre-cum.

My mouth enveloped the tiny head, savoring the flavor of Kenny’s drippings, and he let out a moan as my tongue danced around the bulb. Kenny’s legs were shaking as my lips slid a few inches down the shaft before retreating. My right hand held the base of his dick while I brought my left hand up and began kneading his balls.

The big hairless sac felt so good in my hand, and Kenny kept groaning as I handled the weighty orbs roughly, finally letting his dick pop out of my mouth for a second and taking each of them in, one at a time.

Kenny was running his hands through my hair as I went back to that gorgeous dick of his, and now I began to take him deeper, with each trip my lips sliding further and further down his tool. Kenny’s bush was tickling the bridge of my nose as I went further and further down, and I realized that I soon would be taking the entire length of Kenny in my mouth, something I had never done to anyone before.

The tip of his arching dick was tickling my throat as my mouth reached the base of Kenny’s dick, and I began to slowly take all of him down my throat in a tantalizingly slow way. Kenny’s legs were trembling as I let my moist lips glide ever-so-slowly all the way down the length of his cock, and then when I had it all in, my mouth came back at the same slow speed.

“Ooooow!!” Kenny howled as he pulled at my hair. “Please – can’t hold it.”

The last thing I wanted Kenny to do was hold anything back, but I wanted to prolong what seemed to be sweet agony for him, so I kept slowly gobbling his dick in the same methodical manner, and reveled in the way Kenny’s legs were turning to jelly.

“Faster – please!” Kenny begged… whimpered as he bent over, trying to thrust into my mouth in an effort to cum.

I held his hips tightly, and made him wait. I could tell he was right on the brink of cumming, as my mouth was holding a great deal of the seed that already had drooled out of him, but I wanted it all. Kenny cried out as I swallowed him deep again, cupping his ass cheeks this time as I sucked as hard as I could.

His cock erupted into me, and I fought the urge to gag as Kenny’s dick jerked violently in my mouth. Again and again his dick spurted out jets of his warm seed, and I struggled to keep swallowing and letting it run out the sides of my mouth as I kept deep-throating him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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