Morning After

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Hello! If you’re new to the world of Cara, her daddy, and her Uncle Johnny, welcome. While you can read any story alone (they’re not exactly plot-heavy, aside from the fucking), this is the current order to correctly read them in:

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Cara, Daddy, and Uncle Johnny Ch. 02

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Morning After

Cara, Daddy, and Uncle Johnny Ch. 06

The Allowance

Welcome Home, Uncle Johnny

Happy Birthday, Daddy

More to come. Enjoy!


A big, warm hand cupped my breast, as I lay curled up on my left side in the bed. A hard body was pressed all down my back, with a soft breath blowing on my neck and an even harder erection nestled between the cheeks of my ass. My right leg was cocked up with a man’s leg snugly lifting it. I could feel the hairs on his leg tickling my own smooth skin as I started to wake up.

“Mmmm, wha–,” I started to say, sleepily confused, but stopped when I heard a click sound.

Blinking my eyes open just a bit, but keeping them mostly closed due to the glare of the sun, I peeked out at the blurry image before me, starting to become aware of my surroundings. I was in my daddy’s bedroom, lying in his big bed, with light pouring in from the wall-to-wall accordion doors opening out to the porch overlooking the backyard. The sunlight was warm on my body, and I quickly realized I wasn’t wearing anything more than the sheet, which was pushed down to my waist. Squinting against the bright light, I could just make out the figure of Daddy standing next to the bed, wearing nothing but a pair of black boxers and holding his camera. If Daddy was in front of me, that meant it must be Uncle Johnny nestled up behind me, and the moment I thought that, all the memories of what had happened yesterday came floating through my mind:

Pretending to fall asleep on the couch with Daddy and Uncle Johnny. Them taking advantage of my faux-sleeping 18-year-old body. My sexual awakening at the hands of the two men who meant the most in the world to me. Having my first orgasm that wasn’t from my own fingers. Giving my first blowjob. Having sex with Daddy, then Uncle Johnny, then both of them at the same time.

I was almost dizzy at the rush of memories, and squeezed my eyes shut tightly as the feelings flooded my body. An involuntary moan escaped my lips as I relived my first DP with Daddy cumming in my ass and Uncle Johnny in my pussy, and I couldn’t stop my body from undulating, my chest rising with a sudden breath while I pushed my ass back against Uncle Johnny’s groin. His hand tightened around my breast, and I gave another little gasp as I felt him nuzzle the back of my neck.


There was that sound again. And then,

“Morning, princess,” said Daddy.

I opened my eyes to just slits again, and tried to look at Daddy through all that bright sun.

“M-morning, Daddy,” I whispered, my voice hoarse.

He smiled at me and raised the camera to his eye again, placing one knee onto the bed to move closer to where Uncle Johnny and I lay in the middle, his massive erection leading the way, the swollen head already dripping with precum as it peeked through the slit in his boxers. Then he pressed the shutter.


Ah, that was it. Daddy had been taking pictures, and it looked like he had no intention of stopping as he reached out to pull the sheet completely off of Uncle Johnny and me.

Uncle Johnny groaned as the sheet went away and squeezed me closer to him, his right leg raising mine higher and drawing Daddy’s attention to our lower halves.

“You look so gorgeous in the sunlight, princess,” Daddy said, crawling fully onto the bed, but staying near the foot of it. “I just had to take some photos of you.”

“I don’t mind, Daddy,” I said, my voice still soft.

“That’s good, baby. Because I have all kinds of beautiful and dirty pictures I can’t wait to take of you,” Daddy said, taking a picture of Uncle Johnny and me all snuggled up together.

“I want copies,” Uncle Johnny said in a gravelly voice, his head still buried against my neck.

“Obvi, bro.”

“Morning, pun’kin,” Uncle Johnny said, starting to press little kisses against my skin.

“Mmm, morning, Uncle Johnny,” I said, bending my head forward so he could nibble along my shoulders.

“How are you feeling today, princess?” Daddy asked, putting his camera in his lap for a minute.

“A little sore in some places,” I told him honestly.

Uncle Johnny moved his leg back down and turned onto his back. I rolled over onto my back next to him and stretched experimentally, arms above my head, legs flexed straight down toward the foot of the bed.

“Christ, you’re beautiful,” Daddy said, quickly picking his camera back up and taking a picture of my fully nude body, stretched out in the sunlight.

The light streamed in over my body, spreading warmth over the skin it hit, like bakırköy masöz escort my big breasts, perky despite their massive size, my rosy nipples peaked with early arousal, my taut stomach, and my little pussy, shaved bare, pink slit exposed for Daddy’s camera.

Propping himself up on his left elbow, Uncle Johnny watched me relax back down from my stretch and smile up at him and Daddy. He raised his right hand and traced my eyebrows with his index finger, smoothing them out, before gliding his finger down my nose and across my left cheek. He cupped my face and his thumb fell onto my lips, pulling the lower lip down a bit so he could slide the tip of his thumb into my mouth.

First, just the tip of my tongue touched the tip of his thumb, bathing it, and then I started to suck, just a little, until he slid a little bit more into my mouth, and I was reminded that the first blow job I had ever given in my life, I gave to my Uncle Johnny last night.

“You were such a good girl last night,” Uncle Johnny said in a low voice, as Daddy took a picture of me sucking on Uncle Johnny’s thumb in the morning light.

“You really were, princess,” Daddy agreed. “You were so willing to learn everything Daddy and Uncle Johnny wanted to teach you.”

Uncle Johnny slipped his wet thumb from my mouth and brought it down to circle my hard nipple. Cupping one of my enormous breasts in his hand, his thumb continued to play with my nipple, smoothing over and around it, again and again, making it stand up harder and become more swollen then it was before.

“I just wanted to please you,” I said softly on a little moan, pushing my breast into Uncle Johnny’s hand, while Daddy zoomed in with his camera lens to take a picture of my breast spilling out over Uncle Johnny’s grip.

“You did, pun’kin,” Uncle Johnny said, leaning over me to flick his tongue against my nipple.


Daddy groaned as he got the shot of Uncle Johnny’s tongue circling my nipple before his lips closed over it entirely.

“You made us both very happy,” Daddy said, watching my face through the viewfinder of the camera, taking picture after picture of my eyes closed in ecstasy, my hands holding Uncle Johnny’s head to my breasts, my mouth open on a little moan as he used his tongue and his teeth to make my nipple red, swollen, and wet.

“I’m…so…glad!” I gasped as Uncle Johnny switched breasts, his right hand still squeezing my left breast while his mouth switched to my right nipple, making that one just as aching and swollen as its twin.

“I know you’re a little sore,” Daddy said, scooting closer to me and placing his hand on my leg, “but you know the best way to deal with sore muscles don’t you?”

“Hmmm,” I said, trying to follow what he was saying, but being distracted by the way his hand was sliding up and down my thigh, almost to the junction where it met my hip.

I let my legs spread apart a little bit and shivered to feel Daddy’s hand slide to the inside of my thigh, gliding up almost to my pussy before back down to my knee.

“No…?” I said, as Daddy didn’t say anything further. I opened my eyes to meet his through the viewfinder of the camera, taking a picture of his hand trailing closer to my now aching pussy.

“You’ve got to use those muscles again,” he said, his fingers feather-light as they just brushed my pussy lips.

Uncle Johnny let go of my nipple with a little pop, watching my breast bounce a little, before lending his support to his brother’s theory.

“That’s right, pun’kin,” he said, looking down at the smile starting to form on my face. “Every athlete knows that. You’ve got to use the sore muscles again, keep stretching them out.”

“Is that right?” I said, grinning at the two of them, as Daddy’s hand moved back down to my knee and then slowly made its way up my thigh again.

I moved my legs apart a little wider, and my groan matched Daddy’s as his fingers just slightly penetrated my pussy lips.

“Fuck, baby, you’re so fucking wet already,” Daddy moaned, lightly coating his fingers.

Uncle Johnny and I watched as he brought his fingers to his lips, licking the tips clean of my wetness.

“Let me try some of that,” Uncle Johnny said, squeezing my breast one more time before moving his hand down my body, over my flat stomach, stopping to circle my belly button, and then sliding down to cup my bare pussy. I spread my legs even wider for his big hand to fit between my thighs, his palm pressing down on my swollen clit.

“Stay like that for a minute,” Daddy ordered, scooting back on the bed and raising his camera for the shot.

“Like this?” Uncle Johnny teased, cupping my pussy tighter as Daddy clicked the shutter. “Or like this?” And he spread my pussy lips, exposing my wet clit for Daddy’s camera.

“Fuck man, that’s like last night,” Daddy groaned. “It’s so fucking hot to see your hands on her.”

“What else?” I asked, as Daddy went back to taking pictures.

“What else what, princess?” bakırköy otele gelen escort Daddy asked.

“What else do you think is hot?” I asked, nodding toward his camera. “You mentioned taking pictures last night.”

I brought my own hands up to cup my breasts, squeezing them together for Daddy as Uncle Johnny dipped his fingers into my pussy, gathering up the wetness there. He brought his fingers up to circle my nipples, trailing my own pussy juice on them, before bending down to lick them off. Daddy and I both moaned, though Daddy did it from behind the camera.

“What else,” I gasped, as Uncle Johnny sucked hard on a nipple, “would you like to take a picture of?”

“Everything,” Daddy answered, “and get video too.”

I moaned as Uncle Johnny’s hand went back down to my legs, pulling my right leg wide, settling it up and over his own legs so that my thighs were completely spread, my pussy completely bared for my daddy’s camera.

“I can’t wait to watch a video of us fucking you,” Daddy said, his camera lens zooming in to capture the way wetness seeped from my swollen pussy lips, down over my little asshole, “while you’re fucking us. Riding my cock, sucking Johnny’s dick. Watching you do it in real life and on the big screen in our living room.”

Uncle Johnny and I both groaned loudly and my whole body shuddered at Daddy’s words. I wanted that too.

“But for now, princess,” Daddy said, lowering his camera for a minute, “I want to take pictures of that beautiful naked body of yours as my brother does nasty things to it. That alright with you, Johnny?”

“Mmm,” Uncle Johnny murmured, watching my face flush and my eyes close, my head pressing back against the pillow as Daddy’s words make my whole body tremble. “My pleasure. How about you, pun’kin?”

“Yes, please!” I gasped, unable to keep still, bringing my legs together again so that I could squirm and put some pressure on my aching pussy.

“That’s my good girl,” Daddy said, giving me a warm smile before backing off the bed again to stand at the foot of it. “You make me so proud, princess.”

“How do you want us, Bill?” Uncle Johnny asked Daddy, his hand cupping one of my large breasts, thumbing the nipple absently. I could feel his morning wood pressing hard and hot against my thigh, but he was patient enough to wait for instructions.

“Well, I already got some great shots of her tits and that pretty little pussy she’s got there,” Daddy said. “Before you really dirty her up, why don’t we flip her over so I can get some new angles of tits and ass?”

“Sounds good to me,” Uncle Johnny said, looking down into my eyes. “You heard your daddy, Cara. Be a good girl and turn over for us now.”

“Yes, sir,” I said, as I rolled over onto my stomach while Daddy continued to direct us.

“Keep your head down, princess, and bring your arms up next to your head, like you’re doing one of those yoga moves you love,” Daddy instructed. “Then lift your hips up and spread your thighs wide. I can’t wait to get a shot of your sweet pussy and that tight ass of yours.”

Doing what he ordered, I pushed my hips up and back, my arms coming up to cradle my head, my face turned to the side to look at Uncle Johnny still lying next to me.

“What about me?” Uncle Johnny asked.

“Hmm,” Daddy said, thinking it through as he stared down at my long, bare back, my firm rounded ass pushed up for him, my little brown asshole fully exposed above my glistening pussy.

Click, click, click

He took a few pictures before suggesting, “Why don’t you get off the bed for just a few shots of Cara alone, and then I’ve got a few ideas for how you can get it on it.”

“No problem,” Uncle Johnny said, standing up and walking around to the foot of the bed to stand naked next to his brother

Slowly stroking his big cock, Uncle Johnny watched as Daddy maneuvered me into positions just for his pleasure.


One picture of my fully exposed ass and pussy pushed high into the air, just waiting for someone to come by and stick something in both my holes.


One picture of me up on all fours, my massive breasts swaying beneath my chest, still so round as they hung down, and my nipples so long and engorged that they almost touched the bed.


One picture of me laying completely on my stomach, one leg cocked up to expose my pussy, my index finger getting wet in my mouth as I stared straight into Daddy’s camera.

“Touch yourself for Daddy, princess,” Daddy ordered, and I propped myself up on one elbow while my other arm reached under my body, bringing my wet finger down to circle my clit before sliding deep inside my pussy.

Uncle Johnny groaned, stroking his hard cock faster, spreading the seeping precum around the tip and down his shaft, watching me fuck myself for Daddy and his camera.

“You’re doing such a great job, pun’kin,” Uncle Johnny said. “Not that I would ever share these pictures of you, but you bakırköy rus escort could make a fucking killing as a porn star.”

I looked over my shoulder as I fucked myself now with three fingers deep in my pussy and gave both Daddy and Uncle Johnny a big, sweet smile.

“Thanks, Uncle Johnny,” I said, gasping, as my pussy started to clench around my fingers.

“Are you close, princess?” Daddy asked me, kneeling low onto the bed to get a shot of my fingers in my pussy and my big breasts bouncing beneath me with each thrust.

“So close, Daddy!” I gasped, as I could feel my orgasm building.

“Quick, baby, flip over, and use both hands to make yourself cum for Daddy,” he ordered.

Turning over quickly, I brought my knees up and spread my legs apart wide. My hands immediately went down to my pussy, forcing my already enormous breasts to bulge out obscenely between my arms pressing them together. I held my pussy lips open with one hand, while I once again fucked myself with three fingers, my thumb nudging my clit with each thrust.

“Oh! Oh!” I started to pant in little moans as my orgasm approached. “I’m — gasp — about to — gasp — cum, Daddy!”

“That’s it, babygirl, don’t hold back,” he said, capturing each little thrust of my fingers, each bounce of my breasts, and the look on my face, my mouth open in ecstasy, my head thrown back, my hair loosely tumbled around my face as I started to cum.

“Yes, yes, YES!” I screamed, my orgasm ripping through me at the thought of Daddy capturing this all on film for us to look at later, or maybe to blow up and hang on our bedroom wall, or just to use when I wasn’t around and he wanted to jack off.

“Fuck, pun’kin,” Uncle Johnny exclaimed, “you’re so fucking sexy when you cum. I can’t wait to make you do that again.”

“Mmm, yes, please,” I murmered, my hands still cupping my pussy as I started to come down from my high.

“Don’t get too comfortable, princess,” Daddy warned. “I’m about to have your Uncle Johnny join you on that bed.”

“Thank Christ, Bill,” Uncle Johnny said, starting to kneel on the bed. “I had to stop jerking off because I was afraid I was going to cum before I even got in the pictures.”

“I know what you mean,” Daddy said, holding his camera in one hand, and pulling his own hard cock out through the slit in his boxers, giving it a couple of good tugs as he watched Uncle Johnny come toward me. “How long do you think you can hold off?”

“Depends on what sort of shots you want to stage.”

“Ideally? I want shots of you fucking her face, fucking her pussy, fucking her ass, and cumming all over those massive fucking tits of hers,” Daddy said. “Think you can handle that?”

“Not sure,” Uncle Johnny said honestly, his dick jerking just at the thought, “but I’m willing to give it a try.”

They smiled at each other, and I shivered with anticipation as they discussed what they wanted to do with me.

“Why don’t you start by kneeling next to her head so she can blow you?” Daddy suggested.

Uncle Johnny moved up the bed until he was kneeling next to my head, holding his dick his hand, so close to my face.

“Can you do that, princess?” Daddy asked me. “Can you give your uncle another blow job? I know he liked the one you gave him last night.”

“I’d be happy to,” I told him, rolling onto my right side and reaching for his large cock with my left hand.

Placing a little kiss on the tip of his dick, I then licked the precum off my lips and heard both Daddy and Uncle Johnny groan.

“That’s it, baby,” Daddy directed. “Now open your mouth a bit and let the tip of his dick just rest on your tongue.”

I did as he asked, staring up into Uncle Johnny’s face as I took the crown of his cock into my mouth.

“Fuck yes, pun’kin,” Uncle Johnny hissed. “God I want to fuck your face so badly when you look at me like that.”

“Soon, brother, soon,” Daddy said. “Why don’t you hold your dick and sort of feed it to her, and princess, why don’t you cup his balls while you start sucking?”

Like a well-orchestrated play, we began moving together to Daddy’s instructions, Uncle Johnny’s hand coming up to stroke his shaft as he fed it into my waiting mouth, while my hand slid lower to cup his balls in my palm and gently squeeze.

Click, click, click

Daddy’s camera captured it all as Uncle Johnny’s other hand fisted in my hair and began moving my head back and forth, back and forth on his big dick, feeding me a little bit more each time until it was hitting the back of my throat.

“Yes, goddamn, that’s it,” Uncle Johnny whispered, his eyes almost closing as he forced almost his entire dick into my mouth and down my throat.

Gagging a little and coughing made Uncle Johnny ease up a bit, pulling out to let me rest a second.

“Christ, Johnny,” Daddy said, “I almost forgot this is supposed to be a photo shoot, watching you fuck Cara’s face like that.”

“Me too, man,” Uncle Johnny.

“Think it’s time to fuck that tight pussy before you blow all over her face,” Daddy suggested. “Cara, baby, lay back and open those legs wide so Uncle Johnny can fuck you.”

“Yes, Daddy!” I said, doing as he asked while Uncle Johnny moved around between my spread thighs.

“Keep one knee down,” Daddy directed me, “and Johnny, you lift one of her knees up and back so I can get a shot from this angle.”

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