Mother and Daughter

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It was a rainy evening Rain pouring down torrentially, visibility being a few feet. Maheshwari, forty-five years old had been living alone in her palatial house. Her husband had passed away when she was four months into carrying her child. Her girl child vandana, now a beautiful tall, elegant, voluptuous beauty like her mother.

They both look alike. Vandana had come visiting her mother and choose to stay back after informing her husband living half hour away. Rain was too heavy to drive back home.

Maheshwari told Vandana to lock the front gate as it was 8 pm. As vandana locked the gate, she saw a motorcycle parked outside. Maybe someone waiting for the rain to stop, so that he could continue on.

For a moment power went down and everything was pitch dark. As she neared the doorway to the house, she felt a hand clamp on her mouth and a hand circling her waist in a tight grip. Terrified, she felt herself pushed in side the house.

As the lights came on her mother saw her and stood up alarmed but intelligent enough not to scream. Another youngster in his early twenties came in and stood holding Maheshwari as her daughter was being held.

Absolute silence except the steady patter of rain outside. Vandana was slowly pushed towards her mother, who instinctively held her hand in a tight assuring grip.

It was the youngster holding the mother who started first. His hand on her waist started kneading and rubbing her waist. Now the other guy also did the same to vandana.

Both women stood still not knowing what to do. The youngster holding vandana started nibbling her earlobes. She jerked her head away only to make take her other earlobe easy to be sucked. Couple of times later, she kept still allowing him liberty to nibble, suck and push his tongue inside her ear.

Her mother held her tight in a reassuring grip. Now the boy working on Maheshwari imitated the same. Maheshwari just froze. The only man who had touched her that way was her husband and she had never touched or let any other man near her.

She clenched her eyes shut biting her lips. Her bra less blouse outlined her sturdy poking nipple. She started breathing heavily. It was too much.

Seeing her mother’s body respond, vandana could feel her breasts swell up, wetness between her thighs.

The halkalı bdsm escort youngster holding Maheshwari slowly turned her round to face him, hugging her tight. She was definitely taller than him. She had eyes shut tight tears trickling down her cheeks. He gently licked her lips. She pursed her lips tight. He kept pushing his tongue between her lips. Her body shuddered and she opened her mouth. He was inside her mouth. He kept sucking her mouth.

Vandana seeing this at close quarters slowly sneaked her hand behind and clutched his bulging manhood. He started humping her hand. She turned him around and kissed him. Her tongue thrust itself into his surprised mouth only to be eagerly sucked in. He held her tight grinding his groin to her.

Vandana stepped back and deftly removed her tops revealing full round breasts. He buried his face in between her fullness. Kissing, slurping and took her turgid nipple and started sucking and nibbling. Her body started buckling. She frantically started loosening her skirt. She was nude.

She looked like a well proportioned beautiful goddess. He stepped back and looked at her from head to foot, his cock standing up thick facing the roof. They both rushed towards each other. His cock touching her stomach. She pushed it down between her thighs. They were kissing like mad.

Maheshwari stood mesmerized by the scene of her daughter taking the initiative. She did feel proud of her daughter. Her wetness poured down her milky white smooth thighs. The youngster slowly started undressing her and had her nude. He tore off his clothes in a hurry. His cock thick and long bobbing it’s head. He knelt in front of her.

Maheshwari said, “wait! Let me wash myself”. She went to the bathroom and came back shortly wiping her self. She pushed him to the ground and gently lowered her cunt to his lips, squatting on his chest. He brought his hands around her and pulled her and started sucking and licking like man possessed. She leaned back and started kneading her breasts and pulling on her stiff nipples.

This was too much for the other couple. They came and took Maheshwari’s breasts inside their mouths and nibbled and sucked. She just hugged them tight and started grinding her cunt to his hungry mouth. After long halkalı elit escort time, they were all on the ground caressing, sucking, kneading what all they could have their hands and mouth on.

It was vandana who took the lead. She spread herself on the ground and pulled her youngster on her. He hurriedly entered her eager wet cunt and started pounding away. The other youngster took the cue and pushed Maheshwari down.

No she had different ideas. She pushed him down and slowly lowered herself on his cock and started riding him. He held on to her breasts and kneaded them hard. She enjoyed his rough hands on her breasts.

Very quickly they all came together. Maheshwari plopped on the youngster totally exhausted. Vandana pulled her youngster to her body causing her breasts to be squeezed out flat.

They were still savouring the warmth and release. Kissed long. Slowly Maheshwari got up and pulled her youngster and took him out and both stood in the rain. The other couple following. Four of them shivered as the icy cold water drops pelted them and washed them off their sweat.

The two ladies were irresistible to the youngsters. Mutual hugging and kissing followed. Finally after half hour they stepped back inside. Vandana brought in towels to dry.

Maheshwari told them to sit down while making hot tea for them. She brought the tea and they settled down together on the big sofa. Vandana, the youngster, Maheshwari and the other youngster. Totally nude

No words spoken. They quietly enjoyed the warm tea. As they finished vandana gathered the cups to the kitchen and came back to her place.

It was the youngster who held Maheshwari who spoke first.

“Sorry Auntie! It was my idea. My name is Karan and Rahul my twin brother. We live two streets away from your place. For long we used to watch you hungrily. We used to follow you to the mall. We decided that we must have you.”

“We decided on today and rain was a good cover up from prying eyes. Of course we never expected your daughter in your house. We wanted to have you, But God gave us a double treat. Your daughter is very much like you.”

“Please do pardon us for barging in having sex. Both together are a real heaven. We can never get tired. Look! Even now we are halkalı escort hungry for both of you. Please to pardon us”.

Saying so, Karan an Rahul knelt down in front of the ladies, their elbows resting on their smooth thighs.

Maheshwari and vandana did not say anything. Both leaned forward and brought their faces near and gently kissed. It was a long drawn kiss. The ladies had expressed their pardon by their long wet kisses.

Both boys put their heads in between their thighs and started slurping and sucking. Maheshwari leaned and kissed her daughter. Vandana never expected this from her mother. But she was overjoyed with her mother’s eager participation.

Rahul and Karan took over their breasts trying to swallow as much as possible. The ladies made them stand up. The boy’s long tough thick cocks were yummy. They took them in their mouths. They tried to suck in as much as possible.

Vandana could only take in half of Rahul’s cock. But Maheshwari easily took in the whole of Karan’s cock. She had her nose buried in his hairy groin. She held like that for long and slowly let him out. Vandana was amazed. Her quiet mother capable… Maheshwari felt her daughter’ s trail of thought. She pulled Rahul towards her took his cock in her mouth.

Rahul’s whole cock was buried to the hilt. She slowly let him out and started sucking him . She took him in full and let him out slow. She continued doing this and Rahul held her head as she had him buried deep. He started coming. He buckled like horse. He came deep down her throat. She swallowed every drop and then released him.

Vandana immediately shoved Karan inside mom’s throat. She just held him deep without moving. They all could see her throat muscles going through the motions of swallowing. Within moments he too emptied in her mouth. The boy’s were exhausted.

They just hugged Maheshwari tight. She was something extraordinary. They took leave amidst much hugging and kissing.

Vandana ran towards her mom and hugged her tight. She was seeing a different mom and she was proud of her. They had a light dinner and retired to bed. Vandana removed her dress and made her mom nude. Climbed over her and mashed her breasts over her mother’s breasts.

She moved down and sucked her mother’s cunt giving her cunt to her mother. It was a long drawn night for both. They slept only in the morning. Maheshwari was insatiable.

Vandana went home early next morning. She couldn’t keep this incident in her. She had to talk about it. She couldn’t trust anyone. It was too dangerous to tell her husband. Till to date she holds this secret of her mom.

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