Mother and Me

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I came in the back door when I came home from work that afternoon. I saw Franks car parked in the back driveway so I knew he was still in the house. Probably drinking beer with mother in her bedroom and doing whatever else.

Mother liked Frank because he had a cock that was about seven inches long when it was soft and the head was completely covered by his foreskin. She liked to play with it and then have him fuck her with his hard cock.

I was just coming out of the kitchen when I heard mother say. “Frank you filled my cunt so full of semen my fucking panties are already soaking wet. I think I’m going to have to take them off, wash my cunt and my panties, and put a clean pair on. I don’t know how you get so much semen out of your nuts.”

“That’s your problem you fucking whore. If you didn’t like cock so much, you wouldn’t be leakdng out of your cunt all the time. Now I have to go. See you in a couple of days.” Frank said.

The front door closed and I stepped into the dining room where mother was standing. She was wearing an eight strap garter belt that was holding her dark full fashioned stockings up. Her silky black panties were nice and tight around her waist and I could see the crotch was wet. She wore no bra so her 38C teats were hanging down on her chest. She was also wearing one inch sling back pumps.

“What the fuck are you looking at?” she asked.

“I’m looking at you and wondering how fucking drunk you are. Now get those wet panties off and I will wash both your sopping wet cunt and your panties.” I told her.

She slipped her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and pushed them down around her thighs. Semen was already leaking out of her cunt as I saw her very hairy belly. I went over to hold her so she didn’t fall and helped her slip her panties off and let them lay in a heap on the floor.

“I’m not very drunk.” she slurred. “I just feel tipsy and I’d like another bottle of beer. I also need to piss so why don’t you help me get out on the side porch so I can piss?” she asked.

I guided her to the door of the side porch, opened it for her, and helped her onto the porch. She took two steps and pee was running out of her hairy cunt lips. She just stood there and let the pee flow, soaking the wooden floor of the porch.

“Let’s go inside and I’ll run some warm water and wash your slippery cunt then wash your wet panties.” I told her. “I think Frank must have filled your fucking cunt pretty well with baby batter. Do you ever make him wear a rubber?” I asked.

“I don’t want him wearing a rubber.” she said. “I just like to feel his hot semen when he shoots it inside my cunt. If he wore a rubber I couldn’t feel that.”

I looked at her heavy teats bouncing as we walked toward the bathroom. They sagged but not too much and had very prominent nipples on them. I wondered if I had nursed on them when I was a baby.

I started to run a sink of rather warm water when she said “I want to see you with your fucking clothes off. I want to see your uncut prick. I haven’t seen it for three or four years and I want to see how it has grown.”

I pulled my shorts and briefs down then took my shirt off.

“Aaahhh.” she said. “Nice and long like Franks and a long foreskin too. I’ll have to suck it later today. You know your father isn’t coming home tonight so you and I can sleep together and you can fuck me a couple of times.” she said

Mother sat on the edge of the tub and spread her legs wide apart. I soaped the washcloth and gently washed the semen off her pubic hair and inside her cunt lips. I rinsed her off then soaped the cloth again and washed her pubic hair around her labia and up on her belly. She had a forest of coal black hair. I rinsed the soap off then took a towel and dried her good.

“Give me your saturated panties too and I’ll wash them now so they can hang and dry.” I said.

She handed them to me and I looked at the crotch and could easily see it was wet with semen. I soaped the panties, rinsed them, soaped them again, then rinsed them a final time and hung them on a towel bar to dry.

Mother reached out and grabbed my flaccid cock and began stroking it. “I want this fucker in my cunt.” she said. “Now let’s go to your bedroom so I can suck it and ride it.”

She got off the edge of the tub, still wearing her garter belt, dark stockings, and sling backs and headed for the doorway with my cock in her hand. Her stockings gave off a sheen rather than that of a matte finish. They were very sheer and fitted her legs quite nicely.

We got to my bedroom and she pushed me back on the bed so I was lying across the mattress. She bent down and quickly stuffed my now very erect prick in her mouth, pulling the foreskin back as she did so. She bobbed up and down on it nearly causing me to shoot my semen in her mouth. Suddenly she stopped, told me to put my head on my pillow, and got on the bed with me.

“I want you to stick this long fucking piece of meat as far up my soaking wet cunt as it will go.” she said. “I’m still horny and I need another good Escort Bayan fucking.”

She straddled my prick then slid her wet cunt down on it and I went right to her fucking cervix. She sat on me and ooohhhed and aaahhhed and called me a big motherfucker. She bounced up and down on my prick trying to get it inside her just as far as she could.

Finally I could take it no longer and unleashed a torrent of hot milky semen inside her wet cunt. She went ballistic when I came and rode me even harder. She finally got off and immediately went to my cock with her mouth. She sucked my cock clean getting her juices in the process. As she had gotten off of me, she had swiped her stocking on my cock and I left a trail of white semen across the welt. I knew it would show when it dried, but I didn’t care.

“Darling. I must pee. My kidneys are floating. Now be a good boy and come help mother go pee pee. I can suck your cock some more while I pee.”

I got off the bed and mother took my cock in her hand as we went to the bathroom. She barely got seated on the stool until the pee was flowing like a river. She took my cock, foreskin covering the head of it, and proceeded to suck it some more.

“You are simply a fucking cock hound.” I told her. “All you want is beer and cock. Don’t you ever tire of fucking?”

“No. I like stiff pricks and especially uncut ones that are long and fat.” she replied. “Now lick my soaking wet pussy dry, then I’ll slip into a clean pair of panties and make a phone call to a couple who are pals our ours.”

I slipped my tongue in her hairy cunt lips and licked the piss and semen off of it. She got up and went into the linen closet and came out with an ultra sheer pair of white panties. I helped her slip into them and pulled them up tightly against her hairy cunt.

“Where do you find this sheer lingerie?” I asked.

I have a friend who gets it for me and some of it comes from your father.” she replied. “Do you like it?” she asked.

“Yes. Very much so.” told her.

“Now. Let’s go downstairs so I can make a phone call. Since daddy is going to be gone tonight, our friends can spend the night here with us.” she said.

She called and said. “Emmy. You and Herb need to slip over to my house in about thirty minutes. Don’t wear too much and pack a little overnight bag. Also, don’t either of you pee before you leave home. We’ll fix a little dinner and drinks here.”

“Now you need to let me wash your cock so it is nice and fresh then slip into your lingerie before they get here.” Mother said.

“How do you know about my lingerie?” I asked.

“Mother’s know everything about their sons. Put on a pair of chocolate Manhattan heel stockings as well as your black eight strap garter belt. Emmy will be impressed when she sees your cock

dangling between your legs while you are wearing stockings. I’ll let you know if I think you need to wear a bra or not.” she said.

I washed my prick in warm water and soap and dried it off, pulling the foreskin back so I got the helmet dried too. Then I slipped my garter belt on, fastened my nylons to the garters, slipped on a pair of one inch sling backs and went back downstairs.

“Oh my. You look elegant. Emmy is going to love playing with your long cock. She’s into uncut men, you know? She’s also a long legged fucking bitch who is a pillar in her church. If the congregation knew she fucked like a mink and sucked cock they would be appalled.” mommy said. “Herb is almost as bad. He likes sucking my hairy cunt and sticking his tongue into my pee hole.”

The doorbell rang and mother went to open it.

“Hello Emmy and Herb. So good to see you. Did you bring a small overnight case? You’ll be staying with us tonight. John is here and he’s already fucked me once this afternoon, but he knows Emmy is hot for his prick.” she told them.

Herb and Emmy came into the house and each was wearing a light weight coat that came to their knees. I could see each of them were wearing sheer nylon stockings. Emmy came over to me and gave a kiss on the lips and reached and grasped my cock in her hand.

“Stick your hand up my coat John.” she said. “I want you to feel my hairy pussy. I need to go pee pee and I want you to help me.”

Meanwhile Herb and mother were passionately kissing and mother had her hand under Herb’s coat playing with his prick. She moved closer so she could get a better feel of his prick.

“Oh you big fucker. I just love playing with your long prick.” she told him. “Now reach up and grab my cunt hair and pull my cunt lips.”

The preliminaries finished and Emmy Lou took my hand and we headed toward the bathroom where she shed her coat and stood in front of me in all her glory. Emmy was about six feet tall and most of it was legs and waist. She was wearing a black eight strap garter belt and very sheer black nylon stockings. Her lower belly was an absolute forest of black hair flecked with some grey that trailed up toward her navel. A woman with a real treasure trail. She raised her arm to pull Bayan Escort me closer and I could also see she didn’t shave her armpits. She pulled me close and kissed me fervently on my lips.She was wearing a nursing bra that someone had removed the cup cover off of, so her areola and nipples were clearly showing. Someone had rouged her areola and nipples as they were a very dark rose color.

“You know I want to just fuck the hell out of you, don’t you?” she asked. “Margaret has told me about your long fucking cock and how you sometimes fuck her. I just need to have you squirting hot semen in my cunt tonight darling.”

With that she kissed me again, then sat down on the toilet and spread her legs wide apart.

“Now just kneel down and put your hand under my hairy cunt so you can catch my hot pee as it flows out of my cunt lips.” she said.

The flood began and her pee was very warm. She must have not pissed since early afternoon because it just kept coming and coming.

“Now wipe my wet pussy with your hand then lick your hand.” she told me.

Her pee had a slight salty taste to it.

“Is it good darling?” she asked.

“Yes.” I told her. “A little salty taste, but nice and warm and I would drink some more of it.” I said.

“Good. Now get that uncut prick of your over in front of my face so I can suck it for a minute. Then we must go see what Herb and Margaret are doing.” she said.

She peeled my foreskin back and inserted my turgid cock in her mouth. Her mouth was warm and she was a good cocksucker. She sensed I was ready to blast off, so she let go and said we were going to find Herb and Margaret.

Herb and Margaret were in her bedroom and she was sitting on the bed with Herb’s cock in her mouth.She sucked it to her hearts content while he twisted the nipples on her teats.

Suddenly Herb cried out and said “I’m going to give your tonsils a load of baby batter.”

I could see Margaret’s mouth fill up and she began sucking his cock even harder than she had been. Finally, Herb stopped spurting in her mouth and withdrew his wet prick. Margaret just looked at how wet it was and popped it back in her mouth to clean it off a bit.

As I looked at my mother being fed fresh semen by a friend, I also noticed that both mother and Emmy’s teats were bout the same size. Both had large dark areola and prominent nipples. But while mother’s legs filled out a pair of nylons quite nicely, Emmy had legs that were at least three feet long yet her nylons came right to her cunt lips. I thought she must wear at least a 3X size stocking to be able to pull them up that high.

“Emmy.Where do you get your lovely stockings?” I asked.

“Do you really want to know or are you just being inquisitive?” she answered.

“I’d really like to know.” I said.

“Shall I tell him Margaret?” she asked.

“Go ahead. He may already have an idea anyway.” Margaret replied.

“Well. Your father buys almost all of my stockings that I wear. Herb won’t go into a store that sells lingerie, so your daddy buys most of them for me. Sometimes he just gives them to me and sometimes I pay him for them, but not always with money.” she said.

Sometimes I let him stick his huge cock in my cunt and fuck me with it. He is a talented cocksman and knows how to use his tool.” Emmy told me.

Meanwhile Herb was standing beside mother twisting the nipples on her big teats and making her squeal.

“You need to put a bra on.” he told her. “You can’t just let them sag all over your chest. That’s why Emmy wears a bra. I take a nursing bra and cut the cup cover off so her areolas and nipples show. Then I can suck them if I want to without her having to disrobe.”

“Well then, why don’t you get a bra for me and fix it like that? I happen to have a couple of nursing bras still in my dresser. Get the black one and take the cup cover off of it and I will put it on. Then you can play with my teats too.” Margaret told him.

Herb found the bra and set about with the stitch ripper taking the stitches out. When he finished he had a perfectly fine cup less bra for mother to put on. He handed it to her and she slipped her teats into it. Herb fastened it in back for her and her areolas and nipples were displayed quite prominently.

“I think it is time for cocktails and cigarettes” Herb said. “Let me mix a nice cold pitcher of martinis, set out some snacks and we will relax for awhile. While I’m doing that Emmy and John can take the applicator and rouge your areolas and nipples some more and make them darker. John probably needs to redo Emmy’s too.”

While Herb was busy doing that I sat beside Mother and Emmy and played with their cunts, spreading their lips wide open and putting a few fingers in each one. I found Emmy’s fuck button and masturbated her while playing with her. She responded by sticking her tongue in my ear and then whispering that she wanted me to eat her pussy tonight.

Herb brought the martinis and snacks to the table and quickly saw that I was playing with both women.

“Well Escort now John. You can’t have both so Margaret you come over and sit with me.” he said. Margaret got up and went over to Herb who quickly stuck his hand up into her hairy cunt lips.

“I think I’m going to let you get a little tipsy tonight then I’m going to take you to bed and fuck you three or four times and let you suck my dangling cock.” he said.

“I’ll bet you can’t get your cock up three times in a night.” Margaret told him. “If you can get it erect three times tonight, I’ll let you fuck me every time because I love hard cock inside my cunt.”

“Don’t be too sure about that.” Emmy Lou said. “I’ve seen him get a hard on four or five times a night when he was very horny. Sometimes I’d just suck him off because I didn’t want his prick back inside my cunt anymore.”

Suddenly mother lifted her nylon covered leg and began caressing Herb’s nuts with her toes. “Do you like that?” she asked.

“It feels good. The nylon is very slick and slides on my nuts. Just keep it up.” he replied.

As she fondled his nuts with her foot, his cock began to get erect and I knew he was getting excited.

“Oh look at what I did to your mighty prick.” Mother said. “I got it a little bit excited and it is trying to grow. Now he wants to slip it inside my wet pussy.”

“Emmy, do you ever wear panties?” I asked. “You’ve got so much pussy hair I doubt that wearing a pair of panties would ever reach your skin.” I said

“Get a pair out of my bag and I will put them on for you so you can see what happens.” Emmy said.

I went to her bag and found a pair of sheer white panties. I took them to her and slipped her feet into the openings. She stood up and pulled them up to her cunt. Her brown and gray colored pubic hair just popped out the sides of her leg openings and she couldn’t get them pulled up tightly enough to touch her cunt lips with them. The pubic hair at the front just pushed the panties away from her skin.

“As you can see, they don’t do much to cover my skin, so I seldom wear them.” Emmy responded.

“I want to slip your cock into my glass and have a real “cock”tail. Then I think we need to fix some dinner and a little brandy for dessert.” Emmy said.

Herb looked up from where he was sucking mothers teat and informed them that there were small six ounce tenderloin steaks, fresh fruit, and baking potatoes in the kitchen for dinner. Someone could get dinner started but he was going to suck Margaret’s teats for awhile.

Emmy took her panties off and headed for the kitchen. I followed her and in twenty minutes we were ready for dinner. Emmy went to the living room to tell Herb and mother that dinner was ready and found her flat on her back with him fucking the hell out of her. He had his long prick buried in her cunt and she was squealing and hollering about it.

“Herb”. Emmy said. “Dinner is ready if you can pull your long motherfucking cock out of her hairy cunt.”

“Just a second Emmy.” With that Herb pulled his turgid eight inch cock out of mothers cunt and sprayed white semen all over her belly fur, her teats, her face, and her thighs. Her dark stockings were a mess of white streaks as the semen stuck to the nylon. Needless to say, she was quite a mess.

“Now get your fucking mouth around my wet cock and clean me off. I will have plenty more of that later so you can expect a second round tonight too.” Herb added.

Margaret pulled his still leaking cock into her mouth and proceeded to lick him clean of both their juices.

“Now get your fucking pumps on and let’s go eat dinner. Then I’ll fuck you again later.” Herb said to her.

She tottered across the floor toward the kitchen and I heard Herb tell Emmy that she was drunk again and sucked his cock until she told him she wanted him to fuck her.

In spite of being drunk mother managed to eat her dinner and had a glass of brandy and a cigarette after dinner. She still had Herb’s semen drying on her teats and in her hair, but otherwise looked alright.

“I need to piss.” she exclaimed. “If I don’t hurry I’m going to sit in the chair and piss.”

I quickly helped her out of her chair and opened the door to the side porch. She was no sooner out the door than her pee was running down her thighs and legs, getting them all wet. She just spread her legs, stood there, and let the piss flow from between her cunt lips and her hairy cunt. When she finally finished she tottered back inside the house and sat down at the table telling Emmy she needed another brandy.

Emmy whispered to Herb “Are you going to sleep with the fucking whore tonight? We can go home and let John fuck his mother or we can stay here and I sleep with John and you fuck around with her.”

“I want to stay here and give the whore the fucking she needs. She’ll sober up in a bit and everything will be alright. We can clean her up a bit and put a different pair of nylons on her, then she’ll be OK.” Herb told Emmy.

“Well, I’m glad you feel that way because I really want to bed down with John tonight and play with his prick. I know I want a load of his baby batter in my cunt as well as having him piss all over me and eat my pussy.He knows just where my clit is and sucks it like it is going to dissolve.” Emmy said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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