Mother Gives in To Her Lust

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Elaine Daniels woke up and sighed. Last night had been incredible. She’d lost track of how many times she’d come, or how many times Jason had for that matter. He lay next to her in bed, sound asleep, his warm naked body looking peaceful. It was a stark contrast to what she’d seen from him last night, and it was nice to see this side of him again. “You’re kidding yourself Elaine,” she thought, “things are never going to be the same again.”

Part of her was saddened by that, part of her felt ashamed at what had happened. But Elaine couldn’t deny that part of her was also excited by what she had done. She had pushed her morals aside; it was too late to turn back. Elaine wasn’t going to delude herself with ideas of trying to return to the past. She reached over with her hand and sensuously caressed Jason’s hairless chest, enjoying the feel of his taut muscles. Slowly, she explored downwards, until her hand rested gently on his stomach.

“He’s so handsome,” Elaine thought as she snuggled up against him, kissed his cheek softly, and rested her head upon his broad chest. She lay there in silence, trying to reconcile herself with what she had done. She’d gone to bed with a young man who was clearly in an emotionally fragile state, having recently broken up with his girlfriend. She hadn’t stopped herself from putting her own carnal needs above everything else, including her marriage vows. That was only a small part of her wickedness however, because Jason wasn’t any young man, he was her son. Elaine paused to remember how it had all began.

* * * * *

Elaine had been looking forward to this day for months. Her son Jason had been away at college, but summer had arrived, and he was finally coming home. Elaine busied herself getting his room ready for him, caught up in her excitement to see him again. Even her husband Roger seemed cheerful, which was rare for him, but he missed his only son too, and seemed genuinely happy that Jason was returning. Both parents knew that their boy had grown up, and didn’t expect any tearful reunions however. Jason was coming home to them, but was probably more interested in spending time with his Nicole, his girlfriend of three years, then with his musty old parents. Still, Elaine counted the days until Jason’s return.

The day before Jason’s plane was coming in Elaine went to visit Nicole at her house. Elaine never spent much time with her before, but the girl seemed nice, and she wanted to like her. Nicole was on the phone when Elaine arrived, talking to one of her girlfriends, but held her hand to the phone to say: “Make yourself at home Mrs. Daniels, I’ll be off in a minute.” Elaine went to the bathroom. As she neared the living room on her back, Nicole was still talking on the phone. Elaine didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but when she heard Nicole say Jason’s name, she couldn’t help but stop and listen in. Elaine hid in the adjacent room, still able see Nicole though, out of the corner of her vision.

“No Kerri, its no big deal. We’ve drifted apart, I don’t love Jason anymore,” Nicole said. Elaine’s heart sank. She knew how much Jason loved Nicole; he often told Elaine that he thought ‘she was the one.’ This was going to kill him.

“I’ve been meaning to break it off for a long time,” Nicole said.

“What’s taking me so long?” Elaine heard Nicole say, accompanied by a giggle. “Well,” Nicole laughed with embarrassment, “because he’s dynamite in the sack.” Elaine became flustered; she felt strange hearing someone talk about her boy this way, but forced herself to listen on. Any information about what Nicole was planning might be of use to her in making this less painful for Jason.

“Jason was on the swim team, he’s got a great body,” Nicole said, “although I used to bug him about never winning any races because of that extra baggage he’s got,” Nicole chuckled.

“Not fat, silly,” Nicole said, “Jason doesn’t have any, except for that fat cock of his!” Nicole laughed, “That’s what I told him, he’d lost all his races because of the drag in the water from his fat cock!”

Elaine was in shock from what she was hearing, but then her jaw dropped from what she heard Nicole say next: “Can you believe he wanted to fuck me in the ass with that thing? I wouldn’t let him, it was a tight enough fit doing him the regular way.” Then Nicole added, “Jason’s horny all the time. You know how they say that stress is supposed to kill your sex drive; well it makes him horny. Everything does. I remember when he was getting ready to take his SAT’s; he nearly wore me out with that huge dick.” After a pause Nicole chuckled, “I don’t know Kerri, he’s…” Elaine saw Nicole look down smiling as she held her hands far apart. The girl must have been exaggerating, because a good foot separated Nicole’s hands. Elaine had heard enough; she retreated, then returned, making plenty of noise to warn Nicole.

“Gotta go,” Nicole said abruptly and hung up the phone, as she heard Elaine approach.

Elaine had gone there hoping to get to know Nicole esenyurt anal yapan escort a little better before Jason returned. She was even going to ask her when she and Jason were going to get married, hoping they would wait until Jason graduated and found a proper job. After what Elaine had heard, however, she felt sick to her stomach. She apologized to Nicole for leaving so soon, explaining that she felt ill. With that, Elaine went home, her mind in turmoil.

That night, after Elaine stayed up absently watching TV after Roger had gone to sleep. She hadn’t told him about what had happened that day. The fact was that Roger wasn’t much of a father, or much of a husband, for that matter. He spent most of his time on the road working, and hadn’t been very interested in getting involved in Jason’s life. It was only a coincidence that he was even home for his son’s return from school. Roger had always been distant towards his family; sometimes Elaine wondered why she had stayed with him all these years. It certainly wasn’t love, that had faded from her marriage long ago.

Their sex life had become non-existent. Although it hadn’t been much from the beginning, Elaine still preferred that to nothing. In the last few years Roger had lost interest entirely, and Elaine had turned to masturbating to relieve her sexual needs. It wasn’t that she wasn’t attractive, Elaine still had a pretty face and good figure at thirty-seven, and her D cup breasts got her more than her share of looks from men. In fact, just a few months ago she had met a handsome young man downtown who had offered to share a cab with her. They were going in the same direction and Elaine agreed to split the fare with him. She had a wonderful conversation with Sean on the way, and enjoyed his company.

Despite being a complete gentleman, Elaine had caught Sean taking peeks at her nylon-covered legs and the cleavage of her full bosom during the cab ride. She had put her hand on Sean’s chin and raised it so he was facing her, and said, “You know you’re supposed to look at a woman’s eyes when you talk to her.” Sean blushed and apologized, saying she was so beautiful he couldn’t resist starring. Elaine teasingly scolded him but had enjoyed the attention; it felt exciting to have the young man wanting her. When it was time for Sean to leave, he forced a slip of paper with his phone number into her hand, saying he wanted to see her again. Elaine threw away his number however; she wanted to be faithful to her vows, at least in body. Her mind was a different story though; when bringing herself to climax she often fantasized about having taken the sexy young man up on his offer.

Even though Elaine didn’t want to cheat on Roger she sometimes wondered why she just hadn’t gotten a divorce. Maybe it was because Roger paid the bills. Maybe it was because she liked the security that comes with being married. Maybe it was because she didn’t want Jason to grow up in a broken home. At times like this, however, she might as well be a single mother. If Jason was going to get through this crisis it was going to be from her support, not Roger’s.

Elaine couldn’t believe the way she had heard Nicole talking on the phone. Jason was better off without her. That tramp was stringing her son along for sex; Elaine wondered what he even saw in her. Elaine became flabbergasted thinking about what that Nicole had said about Jason, and the way she had impishly smiled while estimating the size of his penis. Not only was Nicole a slut but she was a liar too. Roger was downright small in that department, Elaine didn’t think his son couldn’t be that different.

The next morning Elaine and Roger went to pick up Jason from the airport. Jason was disappointed that Nicole was not there to meet him too, but Elaine did her best to keep his mind off that by asking him about his studies. With the situation with Nicole hovering in her thoughts, Elaine felt more protective of Jason than usual, and it showed, as she gave her son a big hug and kiss, and fawned over him on the drive home from the airport. “Mom, I’m not a kid anymore,” Jason protested, but Elaine ignored his objections. It was like she could see the dark cloud approaching her son, and her maternal instincts to shield him kicked in.

Roger and Elaine had planned to take Jason out for dinner, but Jason convinced them to take him out for lunch instead, as he had plans with Nicole that evening. At lunch the three of them took time to catch up with each other. For the moment, Elaine was happy. It was nice to be together as a family again even if it was going to be short-lived; Jason would be staying for the summer but Roger was leaving for yet another business trip in a few days. Nevertheless, Elaine’s peace was shaky; whenever Roger or Jason mentioned Nicole a chill would go down her spine.

That evening Jason went out with Nicole, and Elaine nervously stayed up to wait for him. Time moved by at a snail’s pace for her. Roger esenyurt escort urged her to go to bed, and she reluctantly agreed, but Elaine felt too unsettled to fall asleep. At around midnight she heard the sound of the front door open. Elaine lay in bed waiting, unsure of what to do. After ten minutes she still hadn’t heard Jason come upstairs, so she decided to see if he was OK. Elaine carefully crept downstairs. When she saw her son, he was sitting on the couch, quietly sobbing. The sight broke Elaine’s heart; she ran to Jason and embraced him .

“Mom, she … she dumped me,” Jason muttered.

“I’m so sorry honey,” Elaine sobbed, holding Jason tightly to her. They sat next to each other for some time, holding each other. It was only then that Elaine realized that she had forgotten to put on her robe before coming downstairs, and was only wearing her silk nightdress. She didn’t have anything on underneath either. She chastised herself for being so foolish, but she was not going to break their embrace now. Elaine felt glad she could be there for her son. After comforting him for an hour, Jason said he was going to sleep.

Elaine went to bed as well. When she got into bed, she noticed that her nipples were rock hard. “Oh no,” Elaine thought, angry with herself for not dressing properly after getting out of bed. The cool air downstairs must have caused that to happen. Jason would undoubtedly have felt them pressing into his chest while they had held each other too. Elaine drifted off to sleep, her mind wandering aimlessly through the events of the day. At one point, the thought that holding Jason had caused her nipples to stiffen casually entered her mind. It had been ages since Elaine had made love to Roger; she had almost forgotten what it was like to embrace a man so close to her bare skin. Elaine reasoned that she couldn’t help it if her body had reacted from such a fond display of affection, although she felt ashamed that it had happened with her son.

* * * * *

The next day Jason stayed in his room, too depressed to see anyone. Elaine wanted Roger to talk to him but not surprisingly, he was too busy. He told Elaine not to worry, Jason would be fine, but Elaine knew better. She had never seen Jason so distraught; his depression was so deep it frightened her. Elaine repeatedly went to Jason’s door and asked if he was all right, but he would only answer, “Leave me alone.” This did little to soothe Elaine’s fears, and her imagination went awry, afraid that Jason might hurt himself. She had to reassure herself that he wasn’t up to anything like that. Outside the house, there was a small ladder perched across from Jason’s window. Elaine felt guilty about spying on him, but she had to be certain Jason was all right. She went outside and carefully climbed the ladder so that she could peer into his room.

When Elaine got up to his window she almost fell from the shock of what she saw. Jason was standing over his bed, naked, furiously jacking off. His eyes were looking down at a something lying on the top, most likely a pornographic magazine.

Elaine stood and watched, dumbfounded. She was glad her son was all right but never imagined she find him like this. Several minutes passed before Elaine realized she’d been staring. Her mouth was dry and her palms were sweaty too. Elaine knew it was wrong, but the sight was turning her on. She hadn’t seen a naked man in years, and it was hard to turn away from the sight. She’d forgotten how attractive some of them could be. Jason was lean and strong, muscular without being too brawny. Elaine hadn’t seen him nude since he was a child and until now, hadn’t realized what a handsome young man he had become.

Jason turned slightly and Elaine could now clearly see his cock. “Oh my god,” she said aloud. It must have been at least nine inches, and was incredibly thick. Elaine had never seen anything like it. She remembered what Nicole had said about Jason’s size; it was true after all. Elaine felt her pussy tingle, and her eyes became glued to the sight before her. Without realizing it, her hand began to gently caress her body. Faster and faster Jason stroked himself, and Elaine uncontrollably increased her pace with him, as she now shamelessly rubbed her burning pussy. At last, when Elaine thought she was ready to explode she saw Jason’s body stiffen as thick jets of come spurted into the air from his virile cock. The sight was too much for Elaine; she gripped the ladder tightly, barely managing to keep her balance as she came with him.

* * * * *

Elaine sat down to dinner with Roger and Jason. Three days had passed in which she barely spoke to either of them. Luckily Jason wasn’t in the mood for talking, and Roger wasn’t much of a conversationalist. She occasionally raised her eyes from her plate to look at Jason, but would then quickly avert them, as he seemed to be always looking at her. After she and Roger went to bed, Elaine lay awake, unable to go to sleep. It was one esenyurt eve gelen escort thing to masturbate to the sight of a man other than her husband, but Elaine couldn’t believe she had done it while looking at her son. She decided to get her mind off it by thinking about Sean. It might relieve the sexual tensions that had gotten the best of her earlier. Besides, her imaginary lover always seemed to help her relax. Elaine quietly lay in bed, rubbing her clit, imagining herself being passionately engulfed by Sean’s sexy young body.

“Oh Sean, oh Sean,” she repeated to herself, imagining herself and the young stud in a myriad of sexual positions. Elaine could feel her orgasm coming, and frantically increased her pace, trying to finish what she had started. Just then she heard a sound in the distance; it was the shower. Jason was in there. Elaine was too close to orgasm to think rationally. She tried to resist, but the image of Jason forced its way into her mind. She imagined her son in the shower, the hot water spraying his fantastic body, the steam rising all around him. Elaine couldn’t reverse her lusty thoughts from moving forward, and now pictured her son frantically jacking off a huge erection. The thought made her begin to gasp for breath as her orgasm overwhelmed her. Elaine bit her pillow hard as the waves of her climax overwhelmed her, sending her mind spinning uncontrollably with flashing images of random sexual thoughts. In some of these images she again saw Jason in the shower; and in some others she was in there with him.

* * * * *

The next day Roger left to run some errands, although Elaine expected him back in a couple of hours. Jason stayed in his room, more depressed than ever. Elaine felt too ashamed to face him and tried to keep her distance. Finally, after about an hour she decided to talk to him. Jason was going through a terrible crisis; she couldn’t just avoid him.

Elaine knocked on her son’s door. “Please Jason, I have to talk to you.”

Jason opened the door. Elaine could see by the look on his face that he had been crying. “Oh, so you’re talking to me again.” He then added bitterly, “I thought you were giving me the silent treatment.”

“I tried to talk to you the other day but you told me to leave you alone,” Elaine replied.

“I didn’t want to talk then. That doesn’t mean that I don’t want to talk ever. It doesn’t mean you should treat me like a leper. From Dad, I could believe that; hell I even expect it from him. But not from you.” Jason said harshly. “It’s like you don’t care about me anymore.”

Tears streamed down Elaine’s eyes and she rushed to embrace her son. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,” Elaine wept as she held him. Elaine felt guilt-ridden. Jason wasn’t responsible for her corrupt thoughts and yet she was punishing him for them. She was overcome by her feelings of remorse. “I swear I’ll never hurt you like that again honey,” Elaine said, gripping Jason even closer. She covered his face with kisses, all the while repeating, “I’m so sorry.”

Just then Elaine became aware of something pressing against her, and was shocked when she realized her son was getting an erection. Elaine tried to pull away, but Jason’s powerful grip held her in place.

“Please Mom don’t leave me,” he pleaded. Elaine thought Jason must be too overcome by grief to know what had happened, so she stopped trying to pull free. They continued holding each other. She had stopped kissing Jason but he was now kissing her as she had done to him. His lips occasionally brushed hers, but Elaine didn’t pull away, as she feared he would again feel rejected. As time passed, however, Elaine found she becoming more and more distracted. She could now feel Jason’s hard penis throbbing against her loins. Elaine felt feverish and her pussy was getting wet, this whole thing had gotten out of control. She tried to break free: “Honey, we have to stop.”

“Please Mom, I can’t handle this alone. I need you to make it better.” Jason continued kissing her, and every time his lips found hers, they seemed to linger for longer and longer periods of time. Elaine felt herself getting hotter by the minute; the kissing had set her body on fire, and she inadvertently began kissing Jason back. Jason’s hands traveled downwards. He squeezed her ass, pulling her hard against his erection and Elaine moaned from the pleasure. Jason pushed his tongue into her mouth, and Elaine didn’t stop him. Suddenly, Elaine’s body wracked violently as she came. Her knees too weak to stand, she crumpled to the floor. Elaine lay on her back, and Jason kneeled beside her. “Please Jason, we should stop,” she pleaded feebly, but Jason ignored her, and pulled Elaine’s blouse over her head. After he removed her bra, Jason lay Elaine back and Jason got on top of her. He devoured her ample bosom, sucking her nipples wildly and expertly lashing her silver dollar areola while kneading her large mounds with his sensuous hands. Elaine had never had a man make her feel so good, and involuntarily put her hand behind Jason’s head, pulling him closer to her breast as Jason continued to kiss and suck her tits. When he bit her nipples Elaine felt a bolt of electricity surge through her, and screamed, “Oh god Jason, don’t stop, I’m going to come!” and Jason sucked on them as hard as he could, causing her body to explode from another orgasm.

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