Mother Helps Daughter’s Boyfriend

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It was around midnight as Lynn drove along a Louisiana back road heading home. Thank goodness Peter was out of town this weekend or he would have chewed her out for being out on the road at this time of the night. She cursed herself for leaving the football game late but Jenny wanted to have some time with her boyfriend Rick. Her daughter was so in love with this guy and she could see why too because he was absolutely handsome. He looked so dreamy with his black crew cut and at six foot five he was ripe with muscles too. To which he certainly needed them because he was the linebacker for their college football team. If Lynn were eighteen again she would have fallen for him too.

She looked over at her daughter Jenny who was asleep beside her in the passenger seat and She smiled to herself. Jenny was the exact image of Lynn when she was that age. Her daughter was filled with the same sass and rebellious nature as she’d had when she was a junior in college. Lynn giggled to herself. But Jenny had something she never had, and that was a well to do life. Whereas Lynn grew up in Trailer Parks and was looked down upon and called trailer trash. So when Lynn turned eighteen and graduated she enrolled in a college two states away from her home town and far from that awful run down trailer she grew up in. She met Peter upon her junior year of college. He was the classic nerd but he was a rich nerd with a future in cybernetics. If Peter would have known about her upbringing he might not have been so quick to marry her. But then everyone has a past right and it doesn’t matter now because Lynn was a good wife to her husband and they have a normal sex life. But sometimes she wished Peter would be a bit more adventurous in bed. But he wasn’t that kind of a man. He was respectful to her and he honored her body.

Lynn loved her straight sex hubby and his twelve figure income made up for what he lacked in bed. Was she wrong to think that?

She had certainly married up in life and she could barely remember her days growing up in the Sunny Ridge mobile home park.

Anyways life was good and she’s learned to control some of her urges. Everything that is except porn, now she still watches that on occasion and she uses her dildo on herself when she watches it. Hey we can’t all be perfect like the ladies at church pretend to be. She giggled to herself.

Lynn thought about, Rick again and smiled. Wow that man will certainly make for some interesting holiday dinners if he and Jenny get married. And goodness did he make her body hum when she was around him. Lynn suddenly felt a pang of guilt, Rick was her daughter’s boyfriend for goodness sake and she was 34 and she shouldn’t be thinking such things either. There were names for women who went around fantasizing about younger men. They were called Cougars.

Twice tonight after the game she thought she caught Rick checking her out while he was talking to Jenny. Thankfully her daughter wasn’t the wiser. And for the life of her she couldn’t understand why he would be giving her the eye. I mean it wasn’t like she was dressed provocatively unless the man was turned on by her loose white blouse and Boho skirt, the one Jenny referred to as a hippy skirt. In truth Lynn looked like any other mother in the crowd. Did the guy have a thing for older women? She needed to stop thinking of him as a kid, because he’d just turned eighteen a few days ago. That was a point her husband Peter had made too. Lynn didn’t mind it in the least, Rick was good for Jenny. And she knew they weren’t having sex, because she trusted her daughter and she was never alone with him. Prior to Rick, her daughter walked around in a depressed state.

Lynn looked up at herself in the rear view mirror and brushed back her shoulder length blond hair. She certainly looked good for a woman pushing 36. She giggled to herself. Maybe Rick considered her a MILF. But then perhaps she was reading more into it than what was really there. Maybe he was just being nice because she was more than likely be his mother in law sometime in the near future.

Suddenly the right front tire exploded and the Jag weaved sideways in the road. Lynn cried out and fought the wheel and pumped the brakes and finally managed to regain control of the vehicle. She slowed it down and gently pulled the car to the side of the road.

Her heart was in her throat and she fought to control her breathing. She didn’t need to have a full scale panic attack in the middle of nowhere.

Slowly she managed to get a grip on herself and reached over and pushed the button for the emergence flashers.

“Crap that was close!” she said aloud and glanced over at her daughter to find that she was still asleep. She’d forgotten Jenny had taken half a sleeping pill before they got out on the road. The poor thing was so prone to car sickness. She certainly takes after her father in that sense because Peter was the same way. Any long trips for more than an hour Lynn always had to drive. And tonight’s game had been almanbahis two hours away at another school and what sucked even worse is that they lost. They could have stayed home but then Lynn would have missed Rick working up a sweat in all that tight gear he wears. Goodness why was she thinking about him in such a way? She pushed aside the thought and pictured her husband’s smiling face. She was seriously gonna have to have a make out session with Peter and he was gonna have to take two of his little magic pills to put out the fire she had going on down below. But then he was on that darned fishing trip this weekend. Well so much for that. Guess she was just gonna have to have a glass of wine and watch one of her special movies. BUT she had to get home first.

Lynn decided not to wake her daughter because she could change the tire herself. Her drunken, wife beating, step dad had at least taught her how to change a tire.

She got out of the car and the winter air instantly chilled her to the bone it was at least thirty degrees out and she could feel a few flakes of snow pelting her cheeks. “Darn it!” She’d picked a horrible time to leave her heavy coat at home. Because the little furry shell jacket she now wore did very little to stave off the cold. But it was better than nothing.

Lynn blew into her hands and walked around to the back of the Jag and opened the truck and removed the jack. The metal jack was so cold on her dainty fingers that she nearly dropped it before she could get around to the front of the car. She blows into her hands to warm her fingers and curses the situation that she’s found herself in. Maybe she should get back in the car and call for roadside assistance. But then what would that look like to her daughter. She’s always prided herself in being an independent woman, which drove her husband crazy at times. No she’d bite the pain and change this cursed tire!

She knelt down on the wet grass and the knees of her stockings became soaked, adding to her misery. She paused for a moment to try and remember what to do first. Did she jack up the car first? Or did she loosen the lugs first? But before she could come to any kind of a conclusion a set of headlights appeared in the distance.

She noticed the vehicle begins to slow down and judging by the sound of the engine, it was a truck.

Lynn rolled her eyes hoping it would just pass by because she really didn’t want to deal with some redneck Cajun at the moment. But then HELP would be nice as long as he didn’t expect a blow job as a reward for services rendered. She shivered at the the thought. But then she had been pretty darned good at it in college just ask any of her professors. She needed to cut back on the porn.

The truck turned on its brights and Lynn felt her stomach churn as it pulled in directly behind the Jag. “Be nice, Lynn.” she said to herself and smiled and waved. Then suddenly a row of LED lights that were attached to the front bumper came on and lit up the night like the sun. The light was so intense that she had to hold her hand over her face. She was right it just had to be a redneck Cajun with a big jacked up 4×4.

The driver’s door opened and a man stepped around to the front of the truck and her mouth dropped, it was, Rick. Jenny’s Rick! Thank god!

“Mrs. Calgon?” he asked.

Lynn placed a hand to her breast and stood up. She’d not felt this relieved in quite some time. “Rick? Thank God it’s you!”

“Yeah it’s me. And thank goodness I decided to take this direction home. It looks as if you need help.” He walked around to the side of the Jag to stand next to her. He looked down at the tire and shook his head, “Wow! That sucker’s flat!”

Lynn nearly laughed at Rick’s observation.

“Where’s Jenny?” he asked.

Lynn smiled and nodded at the passenger side and Rick walked over and peered inside. Then he smiled.

He was just so adoring to, Jenny. “Would you like for me to wake her up?” Lynn asked.

He placed a finger to his lips, “Nah it’d be best to just let her sleep through this.” he said, and he took off his heavy Carhartt jacket and draped it about her shoulders. Then he got down on his knees and started to work.

Lynn noticed that Rick was wearing just a white tank top and a pair of grey gym pants and she suddenly felt bad about taking his jacket. “Sweetie you need to keep your coat. You’re not dressed for this weather.” she protested.

“And you are?” He laughs and fingers the bottom hem of her skirt.

“But…?” Lynn started to say but he cut her off.

“But nothing! Keep it on!” he said a bit directly.

“Well if you insist.” she said and pulled the oversize coat around her. It was already warmed by the heat of his body and it felt so good. “Thank goodness my daughter’s dating a gentleman.” She said and pulled the collar up around her nose. The coat smelled nice too, with the scent of his sweat. She took a deep breath and shuddered. From the cold she told herself. Cold or not, she was really almanbahis giriş getting warm in her lower region. Her pussy was really becoming wet at just the scent of his coat.

Lynn stood back and watched in awe as Jenny’s boyfriend changed the tire and he did it like he’s done it a hundred times before.

Rick changed out the flat in what seemed record time and then tossed the tools along with the flat tire into the back and quietly closed the trunk so as not to disturb Jenny who was still knocked out. Darn it did she take the whole sleeping pill? Lynn wondered.

“Come on let’s go get in my truck and warm up.” Rick suggested and blew into his hands.

Lynn was about to tell him no, but then again the poor guy had just changed a flat tire for her. She could spare a few minutes. So she nodded, “Sure, Rick.” She figured that he was probably wanting to talk to her about Jenny.

Rick gently took her arm and led her to the passenger side of his truck. And goodness it was jacked up to the point that she could barely get her foot high enough to place it on the running board. But then that was short people’s problems right, because she was only five foot one inch and weighed in at a hundred and two pounds. Heck even her own daughter was bigger than her.

Rick politely opened the door for her and she had to have his help to climb in, to which he just simply grabbed her about the hips and lifted her up into the seat as if she weighed nothing at all. “Wow!” Lynn giggled. “Thank you!” Then she watched him walk around the truck and he climbed in on the driver’s side.

The truck was so warm and inviting on the inside and it smelled like Black Ice. It was one of her favorite car scents.

“So what has Jenny done now.” Lynn laughed mainly to get the conversation started because Rick was just staring out the front window and he looked as if he were trying to think of something to say.

He slowly turned his head and looked at Lynn and shook his head, “It’s nothing, Jenny’s done, Mrs. Calgon. It’s actually what she want do. Now that’s the problem. And to tell you the truth I’m just about ready to end things with her.”

Lynn’s eyes went wide, “Oh NO! Rick tell me what’s wrong?”

Tears welled up his deep brown eyes and his lower lip begins trembling.

Lynn slid closer to him on the bench seat and placed a hand to his shoulder. Gosh his neck muscles were rock hard! “Oh Honey, talk to me please. Maybe I can help.”

He wiped his eyes and finally looked at her and swallowed hard, “It’s really personal, Mrs. Calgon and I don’t know if I should tell you. It may upset you.”

Lynn ran her small hand down his bicep and rested it on his forearm just like the loving mother she is. Or cougar? She quickly pushed that thought aside. This was her daughter’s boyfriend and she was a married woman. “It’s OK, Rick you can talk to me about anything. And I promise you that I want get mad. Alright?”

Rick frowned.

Lynn shook her head and then she asked him point blank what she feared the most, “I can’t help if you don’t tell me what the problem is, Rick.”

Rick rolled his eyes, “I thought Jenny would let me have sex with her since I turned eighteen now. Before when I tried anything she always used the excuse that she was 18 and that I was seventeen and that we couldn’t have sex because of that. Now I’m eighteen and she’s saying that she wants to wait until we get married. Fuck I’m so confused when it comes to your daughter!”

Lynn smiled, “I’m sorry, Rick.

He looked down at her hand. “She want even touch me. I mean she touches me but not like a woman should touch her man. I love Jenny very much, Lynn but she’s not being intimate with me.”

Lynn’s blue eyes went wide and she almost laughed, but she controlled herself, because this was important and she didn’t want to see the two of them break up. “So you want my daughter to have sex with you? Is that it?”

Rick nodded.

Sweetie, her father and I have taught her…”

“I know what you’ve taught her.” he said in frustration. “You’ve taught her to save herself for the right guy. I am the right guy for her Mrs. Calgon. I swear I am.”

Lynn patted his forearm and smiled, “Then I’m sure that if you love her as much as you say do then you can wait for her. Right?”

He shook his head, “I know but I have these urges.” Suddenly he slapped the steering wheel and he shook his head, “Ah fuck it! You’ve gotta help me out here, Lynn!”

“Rick for goodness sake, what are you asking of me?”

Rick suddenly took her by the wrist and he jerked her hand between his legs.

“Rick! NO!” Lynn snapped and tried to pull her hand back but Rick held it firmly against his crotch. He had a large package.

“If you love, Jenny as much as you say you do, then help me! Or I swear I’ll fucking break up with her right now!”

“Rick I can’t have sex with you, because you’re my daughter’s boyfriend. And besides that I’m married! Now release my hand young almanbahis yeni giriş man!”

“To hell with it!” he snapped and released her hand and he opened the driver’s door to get out.

Lynn grabbed his arm, “Don’t you do it, Rick! It’ll break her heart. And you know how fragile she is!”

He snatched the door closed, “No you’ll be the one breaking her fucking heart, Lynn!”

“Rick! You’re putting me in a difficult situation here!”

“Ah stow it, Lynn. Do you think I don’t notice how you look at me. Heck even your daughter sees it.”

Lynn put her hands over her ears, “Stop it, Rick! Shut up I don’t want to hear anymore!”

Rick laughed, “Then do something about it!”

“What do you want me to DO? I already told you that I can’t have sex with you!” Lynn snapped. She felt so frustrated that she wanted to scream. Rick was really being a jerk.

“You can suck my cock. It’s not sex. I mean not in the traditional way of looking at it.” Rick smirked.

“What?! You’re asking me, the mother of your future wife to suck you? How sick is that?” Lynn shouted.

“Fuck it your right, it is crazy!” Rick opened the door and stepped out.

“OKAY! You win, Rick! I’ll do it!!!”

Rick smiled and climbed back into the truck and pulled the door closed behind him. “For real? You’re gonna suck my dick?” he seemed amazed that she’d actually crumpled to his pressure.

Lynn nodded. A mother will do anything to see to her child’s happiness. And in the last four months she’s not seen Jenny happier. All she can talk about is Rick this and Rick that. Peter was so sick of hearing about him, but not Lynn. Lynn enjoyed listening to her daughter go on about how wonderful and caring her boyfriend was. And now it turns out that Rick wasn’t as he seemed. He just wanted to get his rocks off just like all the other young men out there.

She hears Rick fumbling with his gym pants and she looks over to find him pulling them off. Then he leans his back against the door and spreads his legs and gives her a look like he’s all that.

Lynn feels a pang of guilt and tries not to look at his cock. But then how was she gonna blow him without looking at it. So she looked. His cock was of a nice size and even semi hard it still appeared bigger than her husband’s and Peter was a good six inches. She felt her mouth begin to water. She hasn’t used her mouth for sex since she married Peter and that’s been 19 years now. Peter wouldn’t even let her kiss his cock and he warned her that he would never kiss her again if she did. If he knew what she was about to do right now he would divorce her. But her daughter’s happiness was more important.

Lynn took the coat off and tossed it behind her. Then she climbed up on the bench seat and got down on her hands and knees and slowly crawled over to him.

“Fuck this is really gonna happen!” Rick exclaimed excitedly.

Lynn smiled and placed a finger to his lips. “I’m only doing this under protest?”

Rick smiled, “Do it under whatever, but it better be good.”

Lynn rolled her eyes, because truth be told she really wanted to suck this young man’s cock.

Rick nodded at his cock, his deep brown eyes filled with anticipation.

Lynn pushed her legs behind her and laid down on her stomach and balanced herself on her elbows. Then she brought her lips close to his cock and suddenly flicked the tip of her tongue lightly across the bulbous head of his penis.

“Oh shit!” Rick gasped.

Lynn giggled at him. She always liked to start off her blow jobs by testing to see how sensitive the guy was and Rick was very sensitive. She was going to enjoy making him squirm and moan. She quickly leaned in and placed her lips over just the head of his cock and pressed the tip of her tongue against his pee hole and was instantly rewarded with a bit of delicious precum. Oh how long it has been since she tasted cum in her mouth. The taste of him excited her and she suddenly opened her mouth and took him deep.

“Shittt!” Rick yelped, his legs trembling.

Has this kid ever had a blow job before? Lynn would have laughed but she didn’t want to stop. She bobbed her head up and down on his eight inches of pure manhood. His girth stretching her throat as she did so.

His precum was now dripping from the corners of her mouth and running down her chin. Lynn had forgotten how delightfully messy a blow job can be.

“Oh God!! Yesss! OH fuck!!!” Rick gasped putting a hand on her head, but Lynn quickly smacked it away and she started sucking him faster. Rick was so close, now.

“Oh Lynn…I’m about to cum…OH FUCKKK!”

She lifted her mouth from him and began jerking his cock frantically, bringing Rick further to the edge “Cum for me, baby. Cum for Mommy!” Lynn said looking up at his face. She loved seeing the expression on a man’s face just before he ejaculates. And Rick has such a sweet expression at the moment.

She opened her mouth wide in anticipation and she certainly didn’t have to wait long, Rick came hard, shooting a geyser of hot cum right into her wanting mouth. She tried to swallow every drop but there was just too much of it. When he was done he collapsed against the door sweaty and exhausted. Just like every man she’s ever sucked.

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