Mother Mistress Ch. 05

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* * *

Patrick’s initiation into the group had finished and Mother Mistress had called for an intermission for refreshments. Agnes called the group back into her Dungeon to witness Susan’s initiation. When the participants reassembled, Cindy stepped onto the platform holding a leash fastened to Susan’s collar. She pulled slightly on the leash and Susan immediately stood up and moved to stand opposite the naked Cindy. Cindy had Susan turn all around slowly so that the group could see her naked beauty. Secretly, Susan hoped that Cindy would be the one to initiate her, but she also knew that was unlikely. Her initiation would be accomplished by the three Mistresses.

Cindy reached out and tweaked Susan’s nipples and they hardened even more, protruding nearly half an inch from her areolas. The older woman smiled at the young submissive then leaned in to kiss her lips tenderly. Susan eagerly returned the kiss and moaned with pleasure as she felt Cindy’s tongue enter her mouth. She sucked at Cindy’s tongue as she felt her pussy begin to get wet. Cindy led the girl to a padded bench near the edge of the platform. She helped Susan lie down on the bench then placed her wrists near the legs of the bench. Susan’s wrists were placed in manacles joined to the legs of the bench.

Cindy placed Susan’s heels in the stirrups at the end of the bench. Her ankles were bound to the stirrups and her legs spread as wide as they would go, exposing her shaved wet cunt for all to see. Embarrassment coursed through her body as she realized that she was totally helpless, exposed and naked. Now she was powerless and would be used for the pleasure of the group gazing at her. Cindy raised the back of the bench so that Susan’s upper body was visible to the audience. Her magnificent breasts as they swayed gently when Cindy locked the bench into position.

Twila, Mistress Martha’s adult baby girl and Annie, Cindy’s friend from Victoria’s Secret, gazed at Susan’s beautiful naked body. Aroused, they reached to their clits to slowly rub themselves. Patrick’s cock, having been denied orgasm, stirred and began to harden as he gazed at the naked submissive girl on the platform. Cindy stood at the side of the bench and motioned to Mother Mistress that her submissive was ready. Agnes stepped onto the platform to sit in a padded stool next to the bench. She smiled at Susan then kissed the girls’ lips tenderly, “Remember, love, Mistress loves you,” she said softly. Susan nodded, with some obvious apprehension.

Agnes kissed her again then began to kiss Susan’s body beginning at her neck and moving slowly toward her breasts. She licked her breasts all over, avoiding her nipples, wetting the girls’ breasts with her saliva. Susan moaned and her shaved pussy began to gleam with drops of moisture. Agnes drew her tongue in concentric circles around Susan’s areolas and smiled as the girl began to squirm. Susan whimpered when she realized that her Mother Mistress was not going to lick her nipples as Agnes’s tongue moved down her belly.

Agnes paused at Susan’s navel to ream it out with her tongue, tasting the salty sweet sweat that had gathered. The group watched Agnes torment Susan as the girl moaned and squirmed from the attentions she received. Her cunt was sopping wet with her juices as Mother Mistress continued to ravish her. Agnes drew her tongue across Susan’s shaved mons then stopped as she neared her pussy. Susan groaned with disappointment. She had expected her Mistress’s tongue to continue to her pussy. Her clit had exited its hood, stood erect and throbbed as it sought attention. Susan flinched and groaned when Agnes quickly kissed the girls’ clit then moved away from her pussy.

Susan’s, totally aroused, pleaded with her Mistress to give her relief. Without warning Mother Mistress’s open hand struck hard between Susan’s thighs swatting her cunt. Susan yelped as her juices splattered from the impact of the blow. Agnes delivered another swat to the girls’ pussy, this time striking her clit. Susan winced and cried out Tipobet from the second blow. Then Agnes began a steady drumbeat of open hand blows as she spanked Susan’s pussy hard. Tears rolled from the girls eyes and rolled down the sides of her head in salty rivulets. Susan began to cry and sob from the pain at her cunt.

Susan was unaware that Mistresses Jane and Martha had stepped onto the platform kneel on either side of bench. She realized they were there when she felt tongues on her nipples as they licked and suckled them. Susan’s pussy and clit began to throb as Mother Mistress spanked her cunt. Her juices flowed heavily as she felt the fluid exiting her pussy. She raised her head to look down at her red, puffy and sore cuntlips. Her pussy ached from harsh blows she received. But the spanking of her pussy and the tongues on her nipples kept her extremely aroused.

Suddenly, Mother Mistress stopped spanking her sore cunt and changed positions with Mistress Jane. Agnes’s tongue replaced Jane’s on her nipples and the spanking began anew. Mistress Jane’s blows seemed harder to Susan as she cried out in obvious pain. Her screams, sobs and whimpers only encouraged Mistress Jane to swat Susan’s cunt and clit even harder. Both Mother Mistress and Mistress Martha began to use their teeth on her nipples as well. They bit down on Susan’s nipples and pulled hard at them with their teeth. Susan groaned and cried painfully then moaned as they soothed her aching nipples with their tongues.

Susan writhed in her restraints as she moved through phases of deep pain in her pussy and nipples followed by intense total arousal. Tears streamed down Susan’s cheeks as Agnes and Martha licked away the salty tears then resumed tormenting her nipples. After what seemed to be hours Mistress Jane stopped spanking her pussy and Mistress Martha replaced her. Again Susan’s ordeal was renewed on her nipples and cunt. She cried and sobbed as she felt her juices oozing heavily from her very sore pussy. Her nipples were swollen from the constant biting and sucking from the Mistresses.

Mistress Martha began to repeatedly spank the girls’ clit while her long fingers struck her pussy. Often she extended her fingers to strike Susan’s tight little asshole. This seemed to magnify Susan’s arousal and introduce pain to her asshole as well. Susan’s breathing was labored and she tried to ignore the pain, but could not. Her nipples, cunt, clit and now her asshole hurt and burned as fire. But somehow she wanted her Mistresses to continue, as she felt the pangs of impending orgasm building deep within her. She was alternately crying from the pain, but writhing and moaning with arousal.

Suddenly, Susan arched her back and screamed. She erupted in a savage orgasm, spewing her juices all over Mistress Martha’s hand. At the moment of orgasm, Mistress Martha stopped spanking her and backed away from Susan’s cunt, to be replaced by Cindy’s mouth. Cindy plunged her tongue deep inside the girl’s cunt. She swirled her tongue through the swollen, soft pink inner folds of Susan’s pussy. Cindy’s nose rubbed Susan’s swollen clit as she licked her pussy as the girl erupted in orgasm again. Her body shuddered every time Cindy swirled her tongue into her pussy or over her clit. Cindy continued to lick Susan’s sore and aching pussy through each of her orgasms, increasing their intensity.

Mistress Agnes and Jane prolonged Susan’s multiple orgasms as they continued to suck her nipples throughout her repeated cums. Susan’s eyes rolled back in her sockets as she writhed, bucked and shuddered through each of her orgasms. Finally, the girl could cum no more and she slumped limply on the bench gasping for air. Cindy lightly kissed the girl’s pussy and clit several times while Susan struggled to breathe normally. Each of the three Mistresses kissed Susan’s lips and stroked her sopping wet hair. They whispered to her how marvelously she endured her initiation. Mother Mistress gave her a long kiss as their tongues entwined and she smiled at her lovely submissive. “You made me so proud of you, sweet Susan,” she whispered to her.

The three Mistresses returned to their seats in the Dungeon as the initiation witnesses applauded. Cindy kissed the girl’s pussy one last time then licked her way up Susan’s Tipobet Giriş body to nuzzle her breasts and lick her nipples tenderly. She stroked Susan’s hair as she suckled at her breasts. Annie and Twila stepped onto the platform to release Susan’s wrists and ankle restraints. Susan’s eyes fluttered open as the girls placed her sore arms on her belly. Cindy lifted her head from Susan’s breasts and embraced the weary girl, kissing her lips deeply. Susan, though aching, tired and spent, realized that Cindy’s kiss was more than just a congratulation of a successful ordeal. Cindy confirmed it when she whispered, “I love you, Susan,” in her ear. Susan managed a smile for her lover.

Cindy, Annie and Twila helped Susan rise from the bench. They held her securely as they walked out of the Dungeon to the basement party room. Patrick sat near a day bed in the party room, exhibiting a magnificent hardon that pointed toward the ceiling. Agnes whispered to Annie and Twila, quickly they moved to kneel on either side of Patrick. They marveled at his ample foreskin on his seven inch hardon. The girls took turns in drawing his foreskin down to reveal his purplish cockhead and back up again to cover his flesh ‘helmet’. Annie pulled his foreskin down and licked the head of Patrick’s cock. “Ummm,” she moaned, looked at Twila and offered it to her.

They continued to play their game with Patrick’s cock while Cindy helped Susan lie down on the day bed. Cindy looked closely at Susan’s pussy and saw that her cuntlips were swollen, puffy and red. She placed a cool wet washcloth on the girl’s pussy and told her to hold it there to help reduce the swelling. Susan looked up at Cindy and mouthed the words. “I love you, too.” Cindy grinned happily and placed cool wet washcloths on Susan’s swollen nipples too. She sat on the bed with the girl as they watched Annie and Twila tease and torment Patrick’s cock.

Agnes stood up and asked for quiet then complimented both Susan and Patrick for their splendid endurance through their initiation. She pronounced them both as fledgling submissive members of the group. “We have just one more task to accomplish here tonight,” she said to the assembled women and one male. “Our new submissive, Patrick, has not cum tonight. I think that oversight should be corrected.” Cindy stood up and announced that she would accomplish that very necessary task. She walked to Patrick as he sat on his chair and spread his legs wide apart to kneel between them.

She looked up at Patrick and grinned as she grasped his cock by its shaft and began to stroke his foreskin up and down as he breathed in deeply. Still looking him in his eyes, Cindy took his cock into her mouth. She sealed her lips around it and slowly lowered her head until his entire cock was inside her mouth, with his cockhead in her throat. Her nose rubbed against his shaved crotch as she slowly withdrew his cock from her mouth until only his cockhead remained inside. Still looking into his eyes, Cindy deep throated him several more times as Patrick moaned with arousal.

She arose from her knees and straddled Patrick’s thighs as he sat in his chair. Raising her body Cindy grasped his cock, wet with her saliva, and placed it between her cuntlips. Slowly Cindy’s cunt descended until his cock bottomed out impaling her upon it. He groaned as Cindy clenched her cunt muscles and gripped his embedded cock as though she would strangle it. Again he groaned aloud as she held him fast with her pussy and began to rise up. Cindy’s cunt tightly held his foreskin inside her and he could feel his foreskin pulled up to cover his cockhead on her upstroke. As she began her down stroke, her pussy pulled his foreskin back down to rub his bare sensitive cockhead against the wet inner folds of her pussy.

Patrick looked up at Cindy’s beauty and she began a natural rhythm of slowly fucking him. He sighed and groaned with pleasure as this ‘Goddess’ continued to fuck him. He felt his semen churning in his balls as Cindy rose up then down on his throbbing cock. His heart thumped in his chest as Cindy continued to squeeze his cock with each stroke. Patrick tried to resist cumming, to show his ‘manly’ endurance, but he abandoned the idea when Cindy started to rotate her hips as she fucked him.

Cindy Tipobet Güncel Giriş held him by his shoulders while she fucked him. Then she pulled him forward until his mouth rested on her nipple. Instantly he sucked her nipple into his mouth to lick and suck it as they fucked. She sighed with pleasure as he licked her nipple, moving often from one to the other. Patrick groaned and literally forgot about the six women watching them fuck. His only concern was to cum as hard as he could into this magnificent woman riding his cock. Cindy too, felt her orgasm begin to stir deep inside her. She closed her eyes and laid her head back as she held him tight by his shoulders while the huge cock pleasured her.

Her clit rubbed against his cock with every stroke and Cindy knew she was very close to orgasm. Patrick reached around her waist to hold her to prevent her from falling when she came. Cindy, eyes still closed and head back, smiled as she realized that Patrick had grasped her waist to protect her. Suddenly, Cindy cried out and exploded in a massive orgasm, spewing her cunt nectar all over Patrick’s crotch, cock and balls. At that same instant Patrick felt his balls draw up tight and he groaned as his cock blasted volley after volley of his thick pearly cum into Cindy’s cunt.

Cindy arched her back as Patrick’s warm cum splashed into her cunt filling her. She came again as he spurted more warm cum into her. She arched her back and continued to fuck him. Cindy kept grinding her cunt into his crotch as she pulled his head harder against her breasts. She gasped from the intensity of her orgasm and fell limp against Patrick as he held her. Trying hard to catch her breath, she seemed to cum each time Patrick moved. His young cock stayed hard inside her as she coaxed out every drop of cum she could extract from his young full balls. Finally, she opened her eyes and kissed Patrick’s lips hard as she told him how wonderful he was.

Both of them breathed hard as they tried to catch their breaths following their magnificent fuck. Neither could hear the other women applauding their performance as they tried to recover. Cindy revived first and she wormed her hand between their genitals to close her fingers over her cuntlips. She sealed Patrick’s cum inside her pussy as she arose from his lap keeping her cum filled cunt sealed. Cindy stood up, holding her pussy lips sealed with one hand, telling Patrick to lie down on the floor. Annie and Twila helped him get up from his chair, his semi-hard cock swaying as he took a step then laid down.

Cindy stepped over his head to straddle it as she lowered her cum filled cunt to his lips. Patrick was startled when he realized what she wanted him to do. He resigned himself to his wonderful fate as he opened his mouth wide. Cindy squeezed out the first dollop of his cum from her pussy. The huge dollop of thick pearly cum gathered mass at the entrance of her pussy then slowly descended to fall onto his tongue. A string of cum hung momentarily from his tongue to her pussy before it broke off to disappear into Patrick’s mouth. The women began applauding again as Cindy squeezed out another drop and let it slowly descend to disappear into Patrick’s mouth.

Cindy took a deep breath as her magnificent breasts rose and fell while she breathed then she lowered her cunt to his mouth to be cleansed of cum. As Patrick tended to Cindy’s pussy, Annie and Twila took turns cleaning his cum covered cock with their tongues. They milked his cock of all residual cum and happily consumed his seed. As they finished, their mouths contained the cum they had reclaimed from his cock. Annie embraced Twila and they kissed one another, entwining their tongues to exchange and share Patrick’s cum. Cindy scooted back on Patrick’s chest and bent to kiss him and thank him for a marvelous fuck.

Patrick suddenly remembered Susan and turned to see her smiling at him. He wondered if she was upset because Cindy had fucked him. Susan blew him a kiss and grinned at him and he knew that she was alright with his tryst with Cindy. He realized that the group expected him and the others to share one another sexually. Satisfied that his relationship with Susan remained intact, he stood up and went to Susan and kissed her tenderly. “Are you alright,” he asked her, obviously concerned for her welfare. Susan nodded, embraced him, kissed him deeply and held him tightly against her aching, but well satisfied body.

To be continued in Chapter 06:

* * *

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