Mother’s Nasty Boy Ch. 01

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Todd kicked his bed in anger. “Damn her anyway.”

It was the day after his eighteenth birthday. He had skipped out of going to Church this morning and his mother was furious. She had sent him to his room just like he was a child. When his Dad had left several years ago Todd has thought he would be the man in the house, but if anything she treated him more like a baby than ever.

He flung himself across the bed and stared at the floor. Without thinking he started rocking back and forth and a picture of Lorna Jenkins naked flashed into his mind. He immediately got a boner and it felt good as he pushed it hard against the bed. He got up and got his magazines from the secret hiding place in the closet. Unzipping his fly he arranged the magazine in front of him and got down to business. Engrossed in pleasure he didn’t hear the door open.

“What are you doing?”

Todd’s head jerked up from the August issue of “Sex Sluts”. He stared at his mother standing in the doorway. He was lying on his stomach with his hand thrust down between his legs. He had been pretending he was fucking one of the women in the magazine. With his hand tightly wrapped around his cock he was trying to imagine what a woman would feel like.

His Mother strode into the room and stood over the bed. “I said what are you doing?”

Todd felt a hot flush of shame race up his neck and face. He bowed his head and didn’t answer. He realized his hand was still pinned under his body wrapped around his now shrinking cock.

His mother looked down at him with a face like thunder. She was a big woman with large pendulous breasts that were barely contained in her tight blouse. Her brown hair was pinned back in a tight bun. Her hands were on her ample hips and she was standing with her legs astride.

“Turn over.” Her tone left no room for disobedience.

Reluctantly Todd rolled over. His hand was stuck in his tight pants and he tried to pull it out.

“Leave you hand where it is.” His mother put out her hand and grabbed his wrist. Todd winced. She reached down with the other hand and zipped his fly down all the way. Then she folded his pants to each side of the zipper. His hand was buried in the blue underwear she had given him last week. She looked with disgust at his hand bulging in his underwear.

“Pull down your underwear,” she ordered. She was staring right into his face, her lips compressed into a tight line.

Todd started to move his right hand but his mother tightened her grip on it. He took his left hand and grabbed the elastic band. He pulled them down over his hand that was still wrapped loosely around his limp cock. He stopped when his hand and cock were totally revealed.

“Right down,” she snapped and gave his right hand a sharp shake.

Todd pulled his underpants down as far as he could. He felt the cool air on his balls. His mother reached down with her other hand and started tugging at his jeans.

“Lift you hips.”

Todd lifted his hips off the bed and his jeans slid over his bum and bunched around his knees. His mother pulled his underwear down further to join them.

“You were masturbating weren’t you?”

Todd nodded and tried to turn his head away.

“Look at me when I’m talking to you.” His mother slapped his face with her free hand. She was still tightly gripping the hand on his cock.

Todd’s face stung. Tears sprung to his eyes. He turned and looked at his mother. Her eyes seemed to blaze and grow larger, then his tears obscured his vision and all he could see was this large looming figure.

“Did it feel good? Is that why you do such a disgusting thing?”

Todd blinked his tears back. His face was wet. He swallowed the salty taste as they dripped into his mouth.

His mother shook his hand halkalı otele gelen escort hard moving his cock back and forth. “Answer me. Did it feel good?”

Todd closed his eyes and nodded.

“I told you to look at me.”

Todd opened his eyes still blinking tears.

“Now you disgusting dirty boy, tell me what it felt like.”

Todd opened his mouth but he couldn’t find any words.

“Did it tingle?”

Todd nodded.

“I want you to answer me. Say ‘yes mummy’”

“Yes mummy,” Todd whispered.

“Louder. Say yes mummy it tingled.”

“Yes mummy it tingled.” Todd’s voice was loud in the quiet room. He sobbed.

“Were you rubbing it up and down or pretending you were in a woman?”

“Ah…” the grip on Todd’s hand tightened. He winced. “… ah yes … I was pretending.”

“You were pretending to fuck a woman?”

Todd stared at his mother. He had never heard her use the word fuck.

“You know what fuck means, don’t you?”

Todd nodded.

“Answer me properly.” His mother slapped his face. Not as hard as the previous time but it still stung.

“Yes mummy.”

“Yes mummy I know what … Come on say it right.”

“Yes mummy I know what fuck means.”

“Very well tell me what it means.”

“It … it means … it’s when a man puts … his thing … into a woman.”

His mother looked at him. She took her hand away as if she was touching something slimy. She sat down on the bed and folded her hands over her chest.

“Very well.” she said glaring at him, “Now stand up and take off your clothes.”

Todd looked at her. “My clothes?”

“Take off your clothes. Right now.”

Todd reached down and pulled each of the legs of his jeans over his socks. He pulled off his underwear and placed them on top of his jeans. He stood up and unbuttoned his shirt and took it off. His mother reached out a hand and took it from him, folded it up and laid it on the bedside table. He stood there in his socks facing his mother his hands covering his genitals.

His mother picked up the copy of “Sex Sluts” and leafed through some pages. She stopped at one with a woman with large breasts was smiling as she was licking a large erect cock with the tip of her tongue.

“Does this give you an erection?”

Todd nodded and then remembered to reply properly. “Yes Mummy, it gives me an erection.”

“Show me.” His mother looked at his hands covering his cock.

“What … what do you mean?”

His mother reached forward and pulled his hands away from his cock. It was hanging down limply. She held up the magazine so he could see the picture.

“Look at this disgusting picture. Do you know what kind of women do this kind of thing?”

Todd shook his head.

His mother looked at him but didn’t insist that he answer properly. “I’ll tell you what kind of woman. This is a slut. Do you know what a slut it?”

“It’s a bad girl.”

“Yes. The kind of girl that would do anything. Have you been with any sluts?”

“No mummy.”

“Are you sure you haven’t touched any girls.”

Todd paused “ah …”

“So you have. Who was it?”

Todd started to put his hands back in front of his cock but his mother pushed them back to his sides.

“Tell me who it was.”

“It was Matilda Davenport.”

“That little bitch. What did you do.”

“I … we.. well I touched her.”


“ah… between her legs …she let me …”

“Did she touch you?”

“A little. She …” Todd blushed bright red and couldn’t go on.

His mother reached and took his cock. “Did she touch this?”

Todd nodded.

His mother let his cock fall back on his thighs. “How did she halkalı rus escort touch it? Tell me.”

“She … she rubbed it.”

“The foreskin?”

“Yes … she rubbed the… the foreskin back and forth.”

“And did you come.”

“She only did it a little bit.”

“But you were hard.”


“And did this disgusting little girl do anything else?”


Todd’s mother looked at him for a few seconds, as he stood there naked. Then she held up the picture again.

“This is your dirty magazine. This is the one you were masturbating to. I want you to look at it.”

Todd looked at the picture.

“Now look at the woman’s breasts. See how big they are. Does that excite you?”

Todd whispered, “Yes Mummy.”

“Very well. Now look at her tongue what is she doing with it?”

“She’s licking the … the …”

“It’s a cock or a prick. So tell me what she’s doing.”

Todd gulped. He felt a stirring in his groin which he tried to will away. “She’s…licking his …prick”.

Despite his efforts he felt his cock stirring. Reflexively he started to move his hands to cover it but his mother holding the magazine in one hand pointed with the other and motioned them back.

“Yes she’s licking his sticky prick. Does your prick get sticky, little boy?” She was looking directly at his stiffening cock.

Todd looked down and saw a large drop of clear liquid at the tip of his cock, poised to drip off.

His mother held the magazine closer to him. “Yes. Well you don’t have to answer that do you? Seeing you’re such an expert in sex. Do you know about women who suck cocks?”

Todd licked his lips. “There’s some pictures in the magazine, I…”

His mother took the magazine and thumbed through it page by page. As she did so Todd could see the upside down pictures he was so familiar with flicking by. There was the one with the woman pumping a jetting cock. There was the one with two women licking each other. Then his mother stopped on one of his all time favorites; the woman with the cock deep in her mouth. But there was another part he always covered with his hand. Then when he was really pumping he would expose it. It was an inset picture on the lower right hand corner of the page. There was the same woman drinking a white spurting stream of come from a guys prick.

“Look at your cock!”

Todd looked down in horror and saw that his cock was standing straight out and his hand had moved instinctively towards it and was poised to grip it. He jerked his hand back to his side.

His mother looked at him with a look of total disgust.

“How dare you stand in front of me with your hand on your cock. Were you going to jack off in front of me? That’s what you call it – isn’t it? Jacking off.”

Todd looked at her. “I’m sorry. I…”

His mother stood up, furious. “WHAT DO YOU CALL IT?”

“I call it jacking off, Mummy.”

“Very well. Seeing that you have lost all sense of decency. I want you to jack off in front of me.”


“You heard me young man. If you must do disgusting things I want to get it over with. Take your cock in your hand. Right now.”

Todd reached down with his right hand and wrapped it around his cock.

“Now put your other hand under your balls.”

Todd put his left hand under his balls.

“Now you dirty animal. Pull your balls forward. Yes. Stop there. Now grip your cock tighter and thrust it forward.”

Todd stood there with his balls pulled up and his cock thrust forward pointing at his mother.”

“Now jack off.”

Todd stood there uncertain.

“I said JACK OFF!”

Todd started caressing his prick up and down. Letting the foreskin roll back halkalı türbanlı escort and forth over his tip. The more he did it the more he felt that feeling in his cock tip.

“Now look at this filthy picture.” His mother held the magazine up so he could see it clearly.

“Are you thinking about having your cock sucked,” she asked.

“Yes Mummy.”

“Think of this woman sucking your cock. Think of her lips on that dick of yours.”

Todd moaned and leaned back thrusting his hips and cock forward. He was doing the deep stroke now; pulling the skin down and then giving a special squeeze. He had perfected this a month ago and used it often. As he hand returned to the top he gave a little squeeze with the finger wrapped around the underside of his tip: the place where the skin came up and two lobes that were so sensitive.

“You filthy boy! Jack off your ugly ones! Your going to spray your dirty stuff out aren’t you? AREN’T YOU?”

Todd was panting. Sweat ran down his face. He was working his hand back and forth on his cock and he pointed it at his Mother. “Yes Mummy. I’m going to spray my dirty stuff out.”

“Out of the tip of your cock?”

“Yes Mummy. I’m going to spray my dirty stuff out of the tip of my cock.”

“Go on then. Get it over with. Do your dirty stuff, you filthy little boy. Do you animalistic stuff right here.”

Todd started to groan. He could feel the sensation in his cock. Suddenly he though of what he was doing. He couldn’t jism with his mother right there. But he couldn’t stop either; he couldn’t stop rubbing it. He looked down and saw the picture again. The woman with the cum splashing in her mouth was smiling; she seemed to be looking right at him. She could be drinking his cum. That cocksucking bitch with the big fucking tits could be drinking his hot juicy cock spit down her fucking sucking throat the dirty whore who spreads her legs for any man the slut who sucks dicks all day and drinks all the cum from them like a fucking whore bitch yeah like a slave girl he could snap his fingers and tell her to suck yes suck yes suck mouth me baby mouth me you dirty whore yes that’s it okay whore okay you dirty slut whore that it yes like that like that oh yes I’m going to pump it down your bitch throat you dirty cunt yes you cunt you dirt dirty cunt oh yes yes yes okay I’m going to I’m goingto It’s coming it’s coming I can’t stop it’s going to go oh yes yes YES YES YES YES YES FUCK FUCK ME FUCK YES I’M FUCKING COMING SUCK MY DICK WHORE SUCK MY BIG JETTING DICK!!

And with a yell that reverberated around the house Todd let loose a huge stream of white sticky sperm. He kept his hand squeezing and pulling and squeezing it savage upward motions as he milked every drop of cum from his cock and splattered it …splattered it… Oh God! he had splattered it on his mother. She was sitting there still holding the magazine up. White thick cum was running down the magazine. But the worst part was it was all over his mother’s blouse.

“You filthy little prick. You little bastard! Look what you’ve done.”

His mother jumped to her feet and held her hands away from her body. Showing him.

He stood there. Cum dripping from his cock, his hand still wrapped around it. He had a sudden thought. Had he said all that stuff out loud?

“You are disgusting. I’ve never heard such a foul mouth in my life. To think that you kiss me with that mouth.”

His mother was silent and stood looking at him a long while. Todd stood there, with his cum covered fingers dripping on the floor.

His mother pointed towards the bathroom. “Get in there and get cleaned up. Put all these clothes in the dirty laundry basket. I’m going to get changed.”

Todd watched her storm out of the room. He sat down on the bed exhausted. His hand went down and encountered something wet. He looked down. He could still see the depression of where his mother had been sitting and feel the heat of her body still on the blanket. Right in the middle was a wet patch. It couldn’t be his cum as she had sitting here. Shrugging, he picked up all his clothes and made his way to the bathroom.

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