Movie Munchies

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The theater is dark when we walk inside. The previews are just about to start (one of my favorite parts of going to a movie). We settle into two seats towards the back, for privacy. It’s not very busy, just a few people here and there in small groups, feet up on the seats in front of them, munching on popcorn and ignoring everyone else. I get situated in my seat next to you, take my sweater off and toss it on the chair next to me, along with my bag with the candy and drinks hidden inside. I don’t like buying candy at the theater, it’s too expensive, so I make you take me to the liquor store across the street for snacks before the movie. Sometimes we barely make it in time because it takes me so long to decide what I want. 🙂 But you are patient with me.

It’s cold in the theater, the AC is on, but I take my sweater off anyways. My nipples immediately get hard, poking out of my tank top, and I want you to see them, feel your eyes sneaking peeks at me in the dark. The first preview starts, a loud one, lots of music and shit blowing up, car chases. I send a sidelong glance your way. Glancing around us to make sure no one’s paying attention, I slide off of my seat, onto my knees on the sticky floor. It grosses me out for a second, then I decide I can just wash my blue jeans when I get home.

I turn sancak escort to you on the floor, bite your knee to demand your attention, grin wickedly up at you. What are you doing? you whisper, grinning back at me, getting the idea. I slide my hands up, over your knees, along your thighs, and you part your legs for me. I squeeze in between them, hugging them to me, resting my head for a moment on one thigh, letting your legs warm me up. Reaching for your zipper. You slide a little lower in your seat, making it easier for me, ducking down a bit to be inconspicuous. Your eyes are glued to me now, not the screen.

I run my fingers along the front of your pants, feel you there, already hard. I slowly unbutton the top button of your pants, ever so slowly and quietly pull your zipper down. Carefully. Pull you out of your jeans. Feel you, all hot and hard in my hand. Smooth. The previews end and the theater is washed in darkness. You can’t see me. It’s those few anticipatory moments before the movie starts, my very favorite part. We are both feeling the anticipation, but it is NOT for the movie.

As soon as the credits begin, when you can once again see me in the changing light from the screen, I look up into your eyes, open my mouth, and sarıyer escort give you one long, slow, wet lick from base to tip. Like a lollypop. I stop, staring at you staring at me, smile a little, feeling very bad. Getting all wet between the legs. Rocking my hips a little to cause the seam in the crotch of my jeans to rub up against my clit. You shift a little in your seat as if to say DON’T STOP!!!!! your hands gripping the armrests. Waiting.

I look down at you in the flickering light, at your cock. A small glistening drop at the end. Leaning over again, I kiss the tip, a warm, lightly sucking kiss, moving my lips down, giving you those same little sucking kisses all the way down the vein on the underside of your cock. Lick my way back up. Slide my lips over you, pull you into my mouth, all the way, until you hit the back of my throat.

Your hands leave the armrests, assured now that I’m not going to stop, not going to just tease you a little, then get back up and sit back in my seat, leave you hard for the rest of the film (although the thought had crossed my mind). You curl your fingers in my hair, hold it away from my face. I continue to suck you, pull you slowly out of my warm mouth, slip you slowly back in. I can tell what you sefaköy escort like by the way you clutch my hair, tighter when I do something that feels particularly good.

I am very eager to please, let you guide me into a rhythm you like. I push you into my mouth, a little bit further each time, trying hard to get you all the way inside, to eat every inch, but I’m not very good at deep throating you. Yet. You’re willing to help. 🙂 And I practice. I’m kind of scared someone will walk by, see us, but it adds to the excitement. My heart is racing, my blood hot, soaking wet and all swollen in my tight blue jeans. I pull off of you and just look at you again, at your cock. Think about how beautiful it is, how powerful, how sexy it feels deep in my mouth.

You help guide me, show me what you like, silent except for a few rumbling moans I feel vibrating your belly. When you come, you pull my head down on you, push your hips up toward me a little, dig a little deeper into my throat. Your hands grip my hair tightly, a little painfully, I love it. I know you’re about to come. And there you go, all hot and salty in my mouth, throbbing. Incredible. I try my best to swallow every drop. Lick you clean.

You let go of my hair, smooth it down a little, almost apologetically. You’re all flushed in the face. I lean my head on your knee again and smile up at you. You brush your thumb across my bottom lip, all smooth, warm and red from rubbing against you. I stand back up, sit back in my seat, grab your hand and entwine your fingers in mine. Settle in for what’s left of the movie. Pull out the snacks. Thinking about what you’ll do to me when we get home….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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