Moving Day

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It was damn hot. The thermometer said ninety-four but it felt like two hundred. I’m no spring chicken anymore either, and as much as I try to work out, my erratic work schedule makes it hard to get any kind of a habit going. Just the same, I wasn’t having any trouble keeping up with the rest of my sister’s moving crew, even though all of them are at least ten years younger than my fifty, a couple considerably more. Of course the fact that they are all girlfriends of hers might have had some impact.

She was finally leaving that asshole husband of hers. I’d listened to her more times than I cared to remember, many times with her ending in tears. So when she called earlier in the week and told me her husband was going to be out of town and she was planning on moving out while he was gone, well, I couldn’t NOT show up to help. It had been a long drive the day before to get here, and a restless night sleeping in the guest room on what seemed like a tiny queen sized mattress after my normal California King.

At the moment I had hold of one end of the sofa and three of her friends had the other as we worked to haul the overstuffed monster up the stairs to her new apartment. “Come on. Almost there,” I coaxed, walking up the stairs backwards, but having to rely on them pushing to keep me on balance. “Three more steps.”

“Oh shut the fuck up,” Amy, the youngest of the group, swore at me as she struggled to hold up the sofa. I would have thought a thirty year old would have enough sense to know a mini-skirt and high heels were NOT the proper attire for this kind of task. Her skirt was starting to show the wear and tear of the day and I’m more than sure her feet had to hurt like hell.

“Come on Amy. He’s just trying to keep us up. I for one appreciate it,” Jamie, the tall thin brunette, said as she tried to take a little more of the weight from Amy. “Besides. This is the last big piece. The kitchen set and we’re done.”

“Thank god,” Tina panted. She was carrying a little more around the middle than the others, but still a pleasant looking woman pushing maybe forty or a little less. Her biggest problem was the loss of her t-shirt when we were loading the entertainment center, somehow getting it caught on the screen door handle, ripping the spandex type workout shirt half off her body. Now I said that was her biggest problem. That’s because the only thing she had in her car at all suitable for this kind of task was a long sleeved workout shirt, which in this heat had her sweating almost as heavily as I was. I’d suggested she just wear the sports bra that held her very large chest in check, since it wouldn’t show any more than many women normally do working out, but she blushed at the suggestion and went digging for something to put on, coming back with the long sleeved shirt out of her trunk.

“Almost,” I said a little breathlessly as I stepped onto the landing, now only about thirty feet from the door, and the next part of the puzzle, getting it rolled over to fit through. It took a few minutes to get the monster sofa rolled over to just the right angle and through the door, the final and most difficult piece finally done. I headed back downstairs with the girls for the kitchen set, meeting my sister hauling the last suitcase of her clothing up the stairs. “Last trip, sis,” I said as I passed her.

“Uh huh,” she answered unenthusiastically.

I picked up the small rectangular table and headed up the stairs, the girls walking by on the way down to get the chairs.

One more trip, to park the truck, and the move was done. Well, at least getting it all into the apartment was done. And I was glad. My shorts and shirt were saturated with perspiration, as were the girls’. I was more than ready for a shower and to sit for a while. I parked the truck and trailer, grabbed the duffel bag from the back seat and walked up the stairs for what I hoped was the last time today. My sister Amanda, Mandy as her friends called her, was busy in the kitchen with Tina, unpacking boxes. I didn’t see Jamie or Amy and assumed they were busy unpacking in the bedroom or something. I walked to the only bedroom, pushed the door open and froze in my tracks, Jamie and Amy both standing by the unmade bed, half dressed. By half, dressed I mean that they had on panties and that was it. Amy gave a muted squeak of surprise and quickly covered her tits with her arms while I apologized and backed out of the room. “God. I’m sorry,” I mumbled as I backed up and pulled the door closed, the image of both of their naked tits temporarily burned into my mind.

“Some day you gotta learn to knock on closed doors,” my sister laughed from the kitchen.

“Yeah. Sorry. Didn’t expect that,” I answered apologetically.

“You can use the bathroom if you want to change. Amy and Jamie are going to go out and get us some dinner while we unpack the kitchen stuff. Well as soon as they finish changing that is.”

“Yeah. Sorry,” I mumbled again as I walked toward the bathroom. I really wanted a shower, but the shower rod halkalı bdsm escort was bare. “Hey sis! You have a shower curtain for in here?” I called as I opened the bathroom door.

“Not yet,” she answered back. “Gonna have to go buy one.”

“Okay. Thanks!” I called back before closing the door again. I started peeling my sweat soaked clothes off, eyeing the shower and wondering if I could manage a shower without making the room too wet. I finally decided that NOT having a shower was not an option as sweaty as I was. Standing naked by the tub I turned the water on and aimed the shower head toward the back side, trying to keep the water spray out in the room to a minimum. At least it was one of those fancy heads that had a wand built into it. I climbed into the tub, set my bottle of body wash on the edge of the tub and switched the water to just the hand held wand. “Oh yeah,” I said to myself as I aimed the wand to cascade the cool water over my body. I was not just sweaty, but my body was complaining about how long it had been overheated, and even standing under the cascade of cool water I felt like I was still sweating.

Standing there, letting the water slowly take away the heat from my body I couldn’t help but think about the image of the two thirty something women wearing nothing but panties. It wasn’t long before my cock was rock hard and jutting out like a small tree trunk. I gave it a few strokes unconsciously before I realized what I was doing. “Not here,” I muttered as I turned the water on the hand sprayer off and let it dangle down into the tub. I picked up the bottle of body wash and squirted some in my hand. In only a few moments I was busy rubbing the gel around my body, lathering it up as best I could without any washcloth or anything. The soap felt good on my skin, washing away the sticky sweaty feeling that had been with me all day. I was just about to start rinsing off when the door opened and Amy stepped in, her hand over her eyes.

“Sorry Mike. I just couldn’t wait any more. I have to pee so bad. I promise not to look though,” she said as she made her way to the toilet by feel. She waved one hand out in front of her to feel for the toilet while she held the other over her eyes. It wasn’t a bad idea, at least in concept, and I appreciated her attempt for my modesty’s sake, but her waving hand had absolutely no idea how the bathroom was laid out and instead of finding the toilet, her hand found me standing in the tub. “OH!” she squeaked in surprise as her palm banged gently into my bare ass. Her hand moved up and then down, her mind trying to build a picture of what she was touching. Her hand slid up my body around my side and back down my front before I could stop her. Her now soapy hand found a handle, but not quite the handle she’d expected, wrapping her fingers around my hard cock before jerking it back in realization of what she had just grabbed. “OH god. I’m sorry,” she said as she stood there, her hand half way between me and her, soap dripping from it.

“Turn left,” I said, coaching her toward the stool.

“Okay. Thanks,” she said, reaching out in that direction, waving her hand around until she found the toilet tank. “You know. I don’t think I thought this all the way through when I started,” she said as she felt down the toilet and put the seat down.

“How’s that?”

“Well, I might not be looking at you, but I don’t know how to do this without you looking at me.”

“I’ll turn my back,” I answered, turning to face the wall of the tub so she could pull her pants down and go pee.

“I appreciate that,” I heard her say from behind me as I stood and faced the shower stall wall. I bent over and picked up the shower wand and turned the water back on to rinse the soap from my body. “Okay.” I heard her say over the spray along with the sound of the toilet flushing.

I jumped back and turned in surprise, the temperature of the shower suddenly going from cool to hot as the toilet stole cold water pressure from the shower. I also wasn’t expecting the sight in front of me as I turned back. Amy was sitting on toilet with her pants still below her knees, pulling her sports bra up over her head.

“I appreciate you not looking,” she said as she let the sports bra drop to the floor, her eyes closed, presumably for my benefit. “I wish I’d brought a change of clothes like Amy and Jamie, but I just didn’t think of it and my bra is soaking wet with perspiration,” she continued as I stood there, holding the shower wand and staring at her almost completely naked body. She stood up from the toilet, bending over as she reached down toward her knees to start pulling up the spandex pants. My already hard cock was bobbing up and down with my heartbeat as I stared at her incredibly sexy tits, which had to be at least D’s or maybe even double D’s. Her pussy was also exposed with her legs spread slightly, showing me a small triangle of dark blondish hair pointing down toward the juncture of her legs and the visible pussy halkalı elit escort lips tantalizingly coaxing my cock to feel like an iron rod. “God it was so hot out there today,” she said as she fumbled with the spandex yoga pants to try and untangle them to pull them up.

“Yeah. It was,” I agreed, not quite sure what to say and most definitely unable to turn away from the view in front of me.

I suppose it was bound to happen. I mean a person can only keep their eyes closed for so long before the body wants to open them to get its bearings and maintain balance. It happened as she was struggling to blindly untangle her panties from the spandex pants around her legs. Her eyes opened and instinctively looked up at me from her half bent position, catching me standing there, staring at her big tits hanging down below her. She froze as she saw my rigid cock sticking out, bouncing up and down gently with my pounding heart, neither of us able to move for what seemed like an eternity. It was probably only a few seconds before I mumbled “sorry” and turned back to face the wall.

“Um. Yeah. Me too,” she said softly, the sound of the running water drowning out any other sounds that might have been coming from where she was behind me.

I stood there staring at the wall, feeling very embarrassed until I heard the sound of the bathroom door open and close. Only then did I look back behind me to see that she was indeed gone.

“Damn.” I groaned, partly with sexual excitement and partly with embarrassment. It’d been a long time since any woman saw me naked besides my wife. And a long time since I’d seen a naked woman besides my wife. I found the situation incredibly exciting and titillating. It was all I could do to not stand there and stroke my cock as I rinsed the soap off of my body.

“Feel better?” Mandy asked as I stepped out of the bathroom wearing a pair of workout shorts and a t-shirt.

“Yeah. Lots. I was feeling pretty grungy from all the sweat,” I answered her as I stopped at the entrance to the living room area, staring at Tina sitting on the sofa, her nipples poking the moisture wicking shirt out over the front of each obviously unrestrained breast. We stared at each other, the silence uncomfortable for several long seconds until it was interrupted by a call from the front door.

“Dinner!” I heard Jamie say as she walked in with a couple pizza boxes, followed by Amy with a twelve pack of beer in each hand.

“Pizza and cold beer!” Amy said loudly as she walked in, stopping behind Jamie, who was stopped, looking between Tina and myself.

“Did we miss something while we were gone? You two look like the cat that ate the canary,” Jamie asked.

“Nothing serious. Just those two sharing the bathroom for a few minutes. Not that anything untoward happened,” my sister said as she stepped from the kitchen. “Nothing untoward happened, did it?” she asked me looking back and forth between us.

“Nope. Not a thing,” I answered quickly.

“Uh uh. What could have happened?” Tina asked almost as quickly.

“Yeah. Now that doesn’t sound suspicious, does it?” Jamie asked with a soft feminine chuckle.

“What? Nothing happened!” Tina protested as Jamie headed to the kitchen table with the pizza.

“Nope. Nothing happening there. Tina with no bra on and Mike still wet from the shower? Now what could have possibly happened there?” Jamie chided her friend.

“Come on. Leave ’em alone,” Mandy said with a frown. “I’m sure if they say nothing happened, nothing happened. Just because Mike was in the shower and Tina was using the bathroom at the same time doesn’t mean they even had anything to look at.”

“God you’re so slow sometimes Mandy. Did you forget, no shower curtain?” Jamie said with a laugh. “Nope. Nothing to look at there!”

“All right, all right. We’re all adults here. Nothing happened. End of story,” I said with a frown as I turned to walk to the table.

The girls let it go after that and we all sat around and ate pizza and washed it down with beer like there was no tomorrow. All of us were thirsty despite the frequent water breaks and before much longer I was feeling extremely relaxed. It looked and sounded like I wasn’t alone. I relaxed in one of the overstuffed chairs, my sister across the room from me in the other and her three friends on the sofa.

“So, Tina. I wanna know how much you saw,” Jamie asked as she slouched down in the sofa next to Tina.

“And how much did you let him see?” Amy added from the other side of Tina.

“Who said I saw anything? Or that he saw anything?” Tina said defensively.

“Come on Tina. Where’s your bra?”

“In the bathroom.”

“Uh huh. And you just managed to take it off without showing him anything? I doubt that. So tell me. Does he have a big dick?”

“I didn’t say I saw his dick,” Tina protested.

“Your blushing says you diiiiiiiid!” Jamie teased. “Come on. Is it big?”

“JAMIE!” Tina cried. “I DIDN’T!”

“Yeah halkalı escort Right!” Amy said from the other side of her. “I’m willing to bet he stood there and let you look all you wanted, as long as you were stripping off your bra and flashing those big titties of yours.”

“I DIDN’T!” Tina protested again.

“I know you did. In fact, I’m so sure you did that I’ll make you a bet. I’ll bet that Mike can tell me what color your undies are. How about it Mike. Wanna settle a little bet?”

“Oh come on. I’m not getting in the middle of this,” I answered from where I was slouched down.

“Oh? Tell me. What’ll it take to get you to in the middle of this?” Amy prompted.

“Can’t think of a thing,” I answered.

“Oh come on. How about if Tina takes her shirt off if you’re right?”

“Not hardly.”

“How about if I take mine off too?” Amy coaxed again.

“As much as I wouldn’t mind, I don’t think so.”

“So you DO wanna see my titties? Well again, since you peeked at me in the bedroom.” Amy said with a half drunk giggle.

“If you’re gonna start flashing them, sure,” I answered with a chuckle, quite sure she was just kidding anyway.

“Okay. I can work with that. Tell you what. If you can tell me what color her panties are, I’ll take my top off,” Amy said with a crooked grin.

“Oh come on. You know damn well you’re not gonna start stripping for him,” my sister said with a frown.

“Sure I will.”

“Not likely. You’re just a tease,” Mandy said shaking her head. “Don’t offer up something you won’t put out.”

“Oh come on Mandy! I would too!” Amy protested.

“Honey. We’ve all watched you tease those poor guys that you date. Playing the tease game and then slamming the door on them and going home to one of your little toys. What makes you think this time would be any different?” Jamie asked. “No. I think you taking ANYTHING off is a lost cause.”

“That’s so unfair,” she said, leaning back and pouting.

“Fine. Tell you what. You strip, completely naked, and prove to us that you’re not all tease!” Jamie said with a scowl.

“I’m not stripping!” Amy snapped back.

“See, what’d I tell you?” Jamie said to the room in general.

“Okay. If that’s the way you want it. But you gotta strip too then,” Amy said to Jamie as she stood up in front of the sofa. “And if I strip Mike has to too.”

“Wait a second. How did I get pulled into this?” I asked in shock.

“Well, you started it!” Amy said as if I was somehow to blame.

“I started it?”

“Yeah. You said you’d only prove that you saw Tina’s panties if I flashed my tits.”

“That isn’t exactly how I remember it. Besides, how does that get to me having to take my clothes off?” I asked, shaking my head to try and clear it a little. Too much beer was making my thought processes work awfully slowly.

“Yeah. See!” Amy said. “So come on. You stand up and we’ll strip together, just so there aren’t any more complaints from the peanut gallery.”

“Yeah. I think you should too!” Jamie said looking at me. “I wouldn’t mind getting to see what Tina saw in the shower. Come on Tina. Tell me. Is it big?”

“I didn’t say I saw it!” Tina protested, blushing brightly.

“OHHHHH you did! Look at her blush! She did see it! Did you show him your tits? Or more than that? Oh god look at her blush. She did. God Tina, I can’t believe you’re holding out on us!” Jamie said, pushing her friend’s shoulder.

“I didn’t say I showed him anything!” Tina protested.

“Yeah. But you did, didn’t you? Oh god you bad girl!” Amy giggled from where she stood in front of the sofa. “So, how about it? Is it big?”

“Big enough,” Tina whispered, her hands moving to her face to cover her eyes.

“I knew it. Did you suck him off or just let him fuck you?” Amy asked perching herself on the edge of the sofa cushion.

“I didn’t do either!” Tina protested. “We just…well…looked at each other for a second. It was an accident.”

“Yeah. I need to have those kind of accidents,” Jamie said with a grin. “Maybe I should have stayed here and let you go get the pizza.”

“Doesn’t matter. I have no intention of taking my clothes off,” I said with a frown. “You’ve all had your fun at Tina’s and my expense.”

“Oh trust me. I’m far from done. Well, Amy. You made the proposition. Now I think it’s only fair that you follow through,” Jamie said as she turned back to look at her friend.

“I’m not taking my clothes off just because she is,” I interrupted.

“Oh. You’re not going to spoil it are you? I mean we have a chance to push her to the wall and make her follow through for a change,” Jamie said, turning back to look at me.

“Just the same. You’ve had your fun. This is getting way out of hand and I think we need to just let it go. Don’t you think so sis?”

“Oh. I don’t know. I think it’s kinda funny. I mean first you and Tina, and believe me, I’ve never known Tina to flash those big tits of hers to anyone. Now as far as Amy? Seems to me like you might be getting one hell of a show!”

“Yeah, well part of that show is ME!” I protested. “I thought I could at least count on you to help.”

“Oh trust me. I am helping! How many chances do you think you’ll have to check out two naked hotties?” Mandy answered with a giggle.

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