Mr. Alberto’s Party Ch. 05-06

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Chapter V

I felt bad about giving Daddy only two points for the Tights Competition after he had made a good comeback from his verrrrry limp beginning. I realized I should have given him credit for that and that I was being too hard (ahem) on him. I guess I was a little disappointed that my own Daddy didn’t do as well as the other contestants and have a big one to begin with, and maybe I was still cross at him for being so naughty. Anyway, Lucy nudged me on my shoulder.

“That is just your worksheet, honey. You have to the write the scores on the pink card there before they are official.”

“Oh, what a jerk I am,” I laughed. There was a pink card sticking out beneath the worksheet. I pulled it out and saw the contestants listed by number and also the names of the different competition categories. Phew, there was still time to be fair to Daddy. I wrote in my scores and gave him a six in the “Tights” column.

The “Measurements” came next. A contestant didn’t get points for his measurements unless there was a tie at the end and then the contestant who had the best measurements won. The contestants stood in a line at the front of the stage while we judges were supposed to measure them one by one. Lucy brought a ruler and Bette brought a cloth measuring tape and I brought just myself and we all stood there looking at the line of hardons.

“Elle, you hold up their cocks while I measure them for length and Bette does their thickness, okay?”

“Oh,” I said, getting nervous all over again. I didn’t think I had to do something like that. My agreement with Mr. Alberto was to be a judge and look slutty for everyone. It didn’t include holding up cocks. We even had our agreement in writing. On my ride to the mansion, Stanley had given me this paper, like a document, and I read it and signed it as my agreement for getting one thousand dollars. I had felt funny about getting paid money. It made me seem like some kind of professional sex person so I had decided to give the money to our church, which is where our family should be going, I thought, instead of to a big sex party, and only keep like enough money for a couple of CD’s I really wanted.

Anyway, I looked over at Mr. Alberto who was sitting at the side of the stage but he wasn’t paying any attention to me. He had something in his hand that he was reading. Well, just holding them up seemed not as bad as having to measure them with a ruler or putting cloth measuring tape around them and then determining the measurement. I mean I wouldn’t have to really do any work or keep track of anything if just held them up. I felt all fluttery and nervous as I tried to consider the alternatives. I knew if it was me I would probably drop the ruler a hundred times and get the tape all messed up and forget the measurements before I had a chance to write them down. Plus, if I refused to do anything, people would be mad.

“Ok,” I said getting down on my knees on a little red cushion in front of Number One, while Lucy got down beside me and Bette stood behind us waiting for her turn. It was good in a way that I was on my knees because I was feeling woozy. Then I looked at what I had to hold up I got even woozier. Number One was a small guy, about thirty years old, who looked like he was all muscle and one of his biggest and strongest and most dangerous muscles was sticking out like some kind of a weapon. I was surprised that such a small guy would have such a big you know what. I took a big breath and put up two of my fingers. I was afraid to touch it but I did. It felt like an electric shock went right through me. It was stupid to be this worked up about just touching one, I thought, but I couldn’t help it. The cock was almost straight out already and didn’t need hardly any holding up at all so I just lifted it a tiny bit with my two finger tips. Then I closed my eyes and held my breath while Lucy moved in with her ruler.

“Eight and one third inches,” Lucy said.

Bette took Lucy’s place on the other side of Number One’s cock and I kept my closed as she put the tape around it. I felt her fingers brushing mine. “Four and a half inches,” Bette said.

We all wrote down Number One’s measurements on our score cards and moved over to Number Two. I thought it was nice of them to have these little cushions lined up in front of the guys for us to kneel on. I settled myself on my cushion and looked at the biggest hardon I had ever seen in my life, even in pictures, and anyone could see already it was going to be the biggest one in the whole contest. The guy who had it was about six feet six and he was black. He was one of the Jamaicans. Every year, Mr. Alberto let one of the Jamaicans be in the contest, as a kind of treat for them, and this year it was this guy’s turn. His badboy was so long and heavy it couldn’t stick out, it just hung like a horse’s thing and I had to use my whole hand to lift it up. I practically fainted when I did it.

“Stop trembling, Elle. Hold it steady,” Lucy said. “Hmmmm, thirteen and one half inches.”

As beylikdüzü escort we moved up the line of contestants, I became more and more conscious of the two contestants at the end, my Uncle Jack and Daddy. I kept taking glances at them and worrying of course the whole time. And then we were there, Lucy and me, shifting ourselves onto the cushions in front of Uncle Jack. I looked up at him and Uncle Jack grinned at me. He couldn’t say anything. That was against the rules and he would lose points or might even be disqualified if he talked. So he just gave me this big grin, like he always does; only this was what you could call a unique situation so I wasn’t sure exactly what his big grin meant. I began to get an idea, though, as the contest went on.

I tried to smile back at Uncle jack. Then I looked at his cock and put my fingers under it and gave it a little lift. The skin was warm and beneath the soft, warm skin was the hardness that took a person’s breath away. I glanced up, but instead of looking at Uncle Jack, I looked at Daddy. He was watching me. He had a pained look on his face. He also had a really good hardon now. So I didn’t know what that meant either, to be having both of those things, a frown and a hardon, when he was watching me holding Uncle Jack’s cock on my small fingers.

“Seven and three quarters inches,” Lucy announced.

Then Bette was there with her measuring tape, and we were done with Number Seven.

“Hmmmm. Hello again Number Eight,” I said, as I knelt down on the last cushion in the row.

Daddy couldn’t say anything but it wasn’t against the rules for the judges to talk. We each had a tiny stage microphone clipped to us so the audience could hear us as we did our judging. Mine was clipped to the top of my open jersey. So was Bette’s. Lucy didn’t have a jersey so they had clipped hers to a lock of her long, black hair, by her right ear. Daddy looked upset. His face was red and his eyes were all watery and he had beads of perspiration along the top of his forehead. He kept his hands behind the back and he had been fidgeting a lot as he stood in his spot and now he fidgeted more than ever.

“So Number Eight, I hope he is ready to have his measurements. I bet he is looking forward to getting them from Lucy and Bette. Is he looking forward to me at all?”

There was a big laugh from the audience. Oh, I forgot to tell you. A couple of the Jamaicans were making videos, moving around us and getting pictures of us at different angles, and it was all being shown on the screen above the stage. So everyone in the audience could see and hear what was going on and it was obvious they liked it that I was teasing Daddy, who totally deserved to be teased if you want my opinion.

“Number Eight, if you don’t stand still your entry is going to bump me in the face,” I said. There was a big roar from the audience.

“Bump her in the face Number Eight!!”, some guy yelled.

I thought it was cute saying “entry” because that’s what it was, being a contest and all, and, secondly, cocks are made for entering things besides contests so the word had like a double meaning.

“Hmmmm, you don’t want to bump me in the face, do you Number Eight,” I teased, and I wiggled my nose right in front of Daddy’s cock and then I laughed and tilted my head up a little and licked my lips as if I was thinking about doing something totally naughty. I thought Daddy was going to have a heart attack. He didn’t realize I was only teasing him. Of course I didn’t want Daddy to actually have a heart attack, so I gave him a nice smile and moved my head away.

“Look at this, Number Eight, I know that this is something that would entertain you,” Lucy said, and then Lucy cupped one of my breasts in her hand and began to rub my nipple with her thumb.

“Oh!” I gasped and tried to pull back, but Bette was standing right behind me and blocked me. Lucy laughed and continued feeling me up while Daddy watched. I have to admit I didn’t mind it that much. I was feeling hot all over by this time and my nipples were driving me crazy the way they always do when I get like that. Maybe Lucy didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to have sex with anyone, I thought to myself, keeping my eyes closed while Lucy made my nipples feel better. I mean they needed to be rubbed or something the way they were tingling so much. Also, you couldn’t really say it was sex, just being felt up a little. Mmmmmmm, I almost wanted Lucy to kiss me, which was kind of amazing since I had never been kissed that way by a girl before. It must have been a big shock to Daddy for me to get felt up right in front of him by a girl, seeing her squeeze my bare breasts and rub my nipples which were all hard and pointy, while I closed my eyes and smiled. Oh well, too bad.

“All right judges, let’s not get carried away yet, you girls have important work to do first,” Mr. Alberto said into his microphone. Lucy let me go.

“Phew,” I said. We all went back to our beyoğlu escort judging work. I put my fingers under Daddy’s cock and gave it a lift. Oh, it was such a different experience from doing that same thing to the other ones. Why was it so different, I wondered. Daddy’s entry wasn’t bigger or harder than the other ones. In fact, it was smaller. But that didn’t matter one bit. The other cocks had made me feel like I had an electric buzz inside me when I touched them. Daddy’s made me feel like I had a thousand of those buzzes. In my physics class, we studied things they call “phenomena” quite a bit and I thought to myself that this huge difference in the buzzing a person could feel was a kind of phenomenon like we learned about in physics, and I decided I would have to think about that later when I had the time.

Lucy put up her ruler.

“Seven and one half inches,” she said.

“Oh, poor Number Eight,” I sighed, because Daddy’s was the shortest one. But it wasn’t the thinnest we found out when Bette made her measurement. A couple of the really long ones were thinner, so Daddy could proud of that I thought. Also, I felt that seven and one half inches was nothing to be ashamed of. It just wasn’t enough inches to get you a prize in a contest, at least not this contest! Hmmmm, I wondered what the prize would be for the winner. No one had told me about that part.

The “Handsome” competition was next. This was different from the Tights competition because that one was about guys being macho with their cocks, posing in their tights and so forth, whereas the Handsome competition stressed the artistic side, it was strictly about a cock being like a work of art without the judges having to pay attention to the guy who went with it. Mr. Alberto explained this to everyone, standing in the center of the stage with his microphone.

“This is bogus,” Bette whispered. “It’s just like the Tights competition if you ask me.”

“I don’t think it is bogus at all, Bette,” I said. “I think it’s nice they have a part of the competition that is artistic and makes you think about beauty.”

Bette gave me a funny look. I could see she was not an artistic sort of person herself. Well, the Handsome competition didn’t take that long. The guys came up to us at our table, one at a time, and we looked at their “entries” for like ten seconds while some music played in the background and then we put down our scores. This part of the judging was very subjective, of course. I gave scores from seven to ten, with Daddy getting my only ten. I truly thought he deserved a ten because even though his wasn’t huge, it had excellent proportion in my opinion and it had a really handsome round head with beautiful pink skin and you could see these light blue veins which I thought were quite attractive, unlike the bulging veins you saw on other cocks which were interesting all right but not that beautiful. Lucy almost agreed with me because she gave Daddy a nine. However, Bette gave him only a seven. Well, I mean what you could expect from her!

I gave Uncle Jack’s an eight. I might have given his a nine, which his probably deserved but Uncle Jack made me a little mad the way he kept grinning at me and winking and always staring at my tits, never even once looking away when I would kind of lean back in my chair and point my hard nipples at him to tease and taunt him, so I gave him an eight because it wasn’t right for a contestant to try to flirt with a judge. Uncle Jack should have known that.

Chapter VI

The Talent Competition

The last column on my scorecard had the words “Talent Competition” at the top. I was going to ask Lucy what that meant exactly but I never got the chance. Now I was going to find out. Mr. Alberto had walked to the center of the stage and everyone quieted down to listen to what he had to say. You could sense a lot of anticipation in the auditorium. I was pretty curious myself.

“All right, I am sure many of you will want to leave now that we have come to the boring part of the Alberto Party Cock Contest, the Talent Competition.” That got a big laugh from the audience.

“What, no one is leaving? Then let me remind you all of the rules. This competition involves our three pretty judges, naturally. I know that some of you felt that we were too easy on the contestants last year and the year before by having a grandmother judge do the handjobs. This year, our new judge, Ellie Johnson, will do those. She will give each contestant a one minute handjob, assuming the contestant can hang on that long. Then Lucy will take over with her mouth until the contestant reaches an orgasm. When the contestant is ready, he will remove his cock from Lucy’s mouth and direct his spurt at Bette’s face. All three judges will taste Bette’s new makeup. In other words, the handjob will be a test of the contestant’s staying power. If the contestant comes then, he will be disqualified. If he passes his test, he will get a blowjob and be judged by bizimkent escort Lucy on how much she enjoys his cock in her mouth. He will then be judged on the strength and aim of his orgasm and finally he will be judged on taste. This is a complicated competition, as you can see. It requires good concentration on the part of those taking part, so I would ask the audience to keep the shouting and jeering to a minimum. Just kidding. I expect you all to shout and jeer as much as you want. Are there any questions from our judges?”

“Well I have a question, Mr. Alberto,” I said. I stood up and looked right at him. I had my hands on my hips to show him I wasn’t fooling.

“Yes?”, Mr. Alberto said.

“Giving a person a handjob is having sex. I know that it is so don’t tell me it isn’t. And our agreement said I wouldn’t have to do that. I would only have to be a judge and dress like a slut, so it isn’t fair that I have to do what you just said.”

Mr. Alberto reached into the pocket of his jacket and pulled out the paper I had seen him reading before. Now I recognized it. It was the agreement I had signed in the limousine.

“Your agreement, Miss Johnson, says nothing about sex. It doesn’t mention the word at all. We all know that there can be different ideas about what sex is. Just ask our last President about that. Your agreement states, and I quote, “You will not be required to be screwed or fingerfucked in any of your screw holes and you will not be required to give blowjobs or kiss or be kissed by any person.” Says nothing about giving handjobs, Miss Johnson, and it says nothing about licking cum off Bette’s face. Also, my dear, if you read the fine print you would know that if you refuse to do what you are asked and which your agreement permits, I can do whatever I wish with you.”

Was I ever dumb bell or what? That agreement had a lot of loopholes in it, I could see that now, but I had signed it like a silly girl and now I was stuck. Another big laugh suddenly came from the audience. The spotlight was back on my Mom. She had fainted in her chair.

It wasn’t nice of Mr. Alberto to trick me like that. I refused to say anything more to him and I wouldn’t look at him, either. I didn’t appreciate one bit him saying to me that he could do whatever he wished with me. Well, that wasn’t going to happen. I followed Lucy and Bette over to the line of contestants, feeling my skirt swish on my thighs and feeling the air on my nipples. A person could still be mad even if she was aroused, I told myself.

“Okay, honey, you’re on,” Lucy said, smiling at me.

Number one sat down on the stage. His cock stuck up in his lap like a missile ready for launching. I knelt beside him. The guys with the video cameras were close by doing their thing. A kind of a hush came over the audience. I could see that some people were watching us on the stage and some had their heads turned up and were watching the screen. My Mom wasn’t watching a thing. She was out cold, but Aunt Ginger was one of the people standing up for a better look, making the people behind her stand up too. I started feeling a little better. This was almost like acting in a play, I thought.

One of the Jamaicans came onto the stage with a black timer that could be set for one minute. He put it on a little table next to Mr. Alberto.

“Ready, Judge Johnson?”, Mr. Alberto said.

I nodded my head.

“Remember, Judge Johnson, this is a test of self control. Your job is to try to break his self control. Do you understand what I mean?”

Mr. Alberto wanted me to make him cum if I could. A person didn’t have to be a genius to understand that. I nodded again.

“All right, go!” Mr. Johnson set the timer.

I took a big breath and wrapped my hand around my first assignment and began to pump it. Oh, it was so warm and strong feeling because of all that hardness. I just loved the hardness. Mmmmmm, it was kind of enjoyable even doing it to him if it was like serious official business that could get me in trouble if I did it wrong. Number one made a moan. He looked at me as I moved my hand up and down. He licked his lips and stared at my tits. He looked down at my skirt. I smiled to myself, thinking about what my job was.

“Gosh, Number One, are you wondering what is under this teeny tiny skirt of mine?” With my other hand I gave the skirt a lift. Number One’s eyes got real big. I pumped him harder and faster, then I did it slower and rubbed my thumb over the head of his cock, back and forth and back and forth. I let my skirt back down.

“Mmmmm, I don’t want to show you myself down there too much, Number One, you might want to fuck me if I do that. I am sure you don’t want to fuck me now but you might if I keep on showing you places to do it.”

Well, as soon as I said that, I saw a look of concern come over Number One’s face. My hand was going up and down. Number One’s eyes got big again. Then he gasped. I felt his cock twitch in my hand and the next thing I knew, it spurted. A roar went up from the audience. People were laughing and shouting and making fun of Number One. I was so surprised I pulled my hand away as soon as Number One started to spurt. It was like a geyser of cum. The cum went straight up into the air and then splashed down on him and me, mostly on my legs and my skirt, but a little on my hand.

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