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Hi! It’s my first story so let me know what you think! (sorry if there’s grammatical errors, etc. – i really stink with that stuff). Hope you enjoy!

I was so scared my first day of class, but I had to go since I had already put it off for the last half of the week before. I was nervous about starting at a new school. I had been at my old one for three years and most of the friends I had there were ones that I had been going to school with since I was in grade school. I’m still sort of confused about why I switched, but after my boyfriend cheated on me with one of my best and oldest friends it was the only thing I could think to do. A lot of it came out of spite; I was going to move to another town entirely to live with my Dad but decided that I was just being irrational so I just switched schools and boy am I glad that I did now.

Monday came and I woke up for school. I only had one friend there who had switched too; I really hoped that I would be able to find her. I cam in and went to the office to get my schedule; Calculus, English and Physics. This semester definitely was not going to be fun.

I trekked up to the fifth floor to calculus for first period and grabbed a desk on the far side of the room in the back so that, hopefully, I wouldn’t be noticed. My teacher was a complete dick; within the first five minutes of class he told me that I was going to fail since I had already missed three weeks of class but that I also couldn’t have a textbook even though everyone else already had theirs and we would be continuing with our lessons and I might get one in two weeks, if the order came in by then. The bell rang for second period and I walked up to the sixth floor to my English room. English went by slowly but without problems and I made my way over to the art building to meet my friend. She said Happy Birthday to me and we went to lunch. I couldn’t believe that my eighteenth birthday was being spent feeling so lonely like this but I decided to make the best of it.

It felt as though lunch was over far too quickly when I entered my Physics room. This was the class I had been dreading. I didn’t do too well in Physics last year but I needed the science credit and it was the one that I was best at. I had only done okay last year and that was because I had worked my ass off doing extra work for Mr. Yables. I walked up to the short bald man standing behind the desk at the front and handed him my time table as I had been instructed to do with all my new teachers.

“Hi. I’m Lizzy. I just switched here.”

“That’s nice, Lizzy. But I’m not your teacher.”


“Mr. Garry will be here in a minute. You can have a seat somewhere while you wait.”

No one was in the class yet so I sat in a desk on the far side of the room again, hoping that I wasn’t stealing anyone’s seat.

He was gorgeousness and gorgeosity made flesh. He had dark brown hair, maybe even black. A good unshaven face (I’ve got a thing for guys with stubble or beards) and these blue eyes with relentless sharpness to them. He was sort of tall and skinny but there was definitely some muscle under that dress shirt and I began to imagine that there was a nice one under the dress pants to match the ones above.

I walked up to him and introduced myself, handing him my time table. He looked at it, then looked at me, sending shivers through me as I noticed his eyes lingering at my 36DDs. He shook himself out of it then turned his glance upwards, smiling at me with the most adorable boyish grin that I have ever send with just a hint of mischievousness hidden behind his pearly whites. He told me I could return to my seat, which I did, but not before returning the mischievous smile which may have caught him slightly off guard.

The first week of classes went by alright. I made some friends in some of them, they were fine for talking to during class but weren’t necessarily people I’d hang out with outside of school, but that was fine. Come Monday I was feeling good about my decision to switch schools, until Physics. 42%. I had failed my first test. It was only a month into school and I was already failing. I felt like I could have cried. Mr. Garry knew that I had a last period spare and handed me back my test with “Please see me after class today” written on it in the same red ink that I saw marking all the wrong answers on the test sheet. I continued to sit at my desk after the bell rang and waited for Mr. Garry to come to me. What was I going to do? My parents would kill me when they found out and I really needed this mark to be at least half-way decent for my university applications. Then I did begin to cry. I don’t really know why, I was just so stressed about everything in my life and I hadn’t really realized it until that moment. Mr. Garry walked over and tried to comfort me as best he could while maintaining a teacherly distance. He asked me what was wrong and after some further pushing got me to explain everything about my ex and his new girlfriend, my ex-best friend.

“Love’s a motherfucker, huh?”

I antalya escort looked up at him and laughed a little.

“There’s the smile I love to see.” He said “You should do that more often.”

I goofily smile at him then rested my head on his knee before looking up


“Yes Lizzy?” he said, obviously feeling slightly uncomfortable with my new position.

“Do you think that I’m pretty?”

“Oh. Um… well… I don’t know if I…wow.”

“It’s okay if you don’t. Nevermind.”

“No, it’s not that. I think you’re very pretty… gorgeous even.”

“You just have to say that because you’re my teacher”

“Actually I could get fired or worse for saying that because I’m your teacher.”

He smiled again which in turn made me smile

“Don’t get so down on yourself, Lizzy. You’re beautiful and this Kevin guy is obviously a dick and you’re obviously worthy of much more.”

“You think so?”


This time his smile made my stomach flop and my pussy begin to drip. He kept eye contact with me for a few seconds before I began to run my hand up his thigh where my head had been before. I saw the bulge in his crotch beginning to grow, encouraging me to move my hand further up his leg, resting just before his pant-covered hard-on, looking up at him for approval. I could see he was torn so I made it easier for him to decide; I raised myself and leaned in to kiss him. At first he was reluctant, but soon he began to return the kiss and I felt his hands running up my back and down again, over my ass. Then he stopped.

“Lizzy, we really can’t… I really shouldn’t…”

“I know Sir, I’m sorry… it’s just…” I rubbed his crotch with my palm and made a little purring noise. He moaned at that.

“Ungh… I know. Me too but we can’t; someone might catch us.”

“Not if we were somewhere else; somewhere more private?”

His eyes lit up at this suggestion.

“Okay. I have a short meeting after school but meet me here at 5:00” he said as he scribbled his address on a piece of paper and handed it to me.

“Come in the back entrance and go up the stairs.”

I leaned into his ear and whispered that I’d be there before nibbling on his earlobe, then across his jaw line and then finally kissing him goodbye.

I arrived at the back door of the house, which after I actually read the piece of paper he handed me turned out to be only a few blocks from mine. I opened the door and headed upstairs. It was 5:15. I had wanted to make him wait a bit but I couldn’t stay away any longer.

I walked up the stairs and heard someone walking around on the second floor. I stopped on the landing to check myself in the mirror hanging there then made my way up the last few steps. Mr. Garry was standing in the kitchen to my left preparing something that I couldn’t see. My heart began to race as he noticed me and smiled. He walked towards me with two drinks in hand.

“Don’t tell anyone about this” he said through a big smile as he handed me one of the drinks. I thought I would need both I was so nervous.

“I was beginning to think that you might not come, that you didn’t want to do this… with me… you know.”

I couldn’t believe that he was getting so shy about this. He handed me the drink which I took as I leaned in close to him and kissed him lightly.

“I wouldn’t miss it.”

He smiled again and took my hand and led me to his living room where we sat on the couch. I felt a bit awkward and a lot nervous and drank my drink quickly. Mr. Gorcey laughed a bit at this and then took my glass and set it down on the table with his. He leaned into me and began to kiss the inside of my neck, then my lips.

“I swung one leg over his lap so that I was kneeling on either side of him and began to kiss him again while lightly rubbing myself over his crotch.

“Mmmm… Mr. Garry. You’re so hard.”

“Ungh… I was hard before you even got here just thinking about this. I’ve wanted you since you first walked into my class, Lizzy; those legs, that ass, those tits.”

With that he began to slide his hand up my shirt and kiss down my chest while kneading my tits and tweaking my nipples, alternating between the two. This drove me nuts and I leaned my head back and moaned as he played with my rock hard nipples. He pulled down my bra and leaned his head in and began sucking on my left nipple while still pinching the right one, then he switched. I had never had a guy so experienced before, no one had ever made me feel this good just by playing with my tits but I swear that Mr. Garry nearly made me cum. I began to moan louder and he kissed back up my chest, then up my neck. I began to grind into his hard bulge much more vigorously now as we kiss wildly, trying to taste as much of each other as possible. I broke the kiss.

“Mr. Garry?”

He looked at me slightly worried and questioningly, wondering why I had stopped.

“I want to suck your cock.”


He seemed utterly shocked but also delighted and excited.

“Yeah.” antalya rus escort I said with a smile.

He groaned and began to kiss me again

“But,” I said, “Can we do something?”

“Anything you want.”

I started to blush a bit and had to turn away from his gaze just to say it;

“Can you make me suck your cock?”


“Make me suck your cock.” I said looking back at him “I want you to fuck me and make me beg for your cock anywhere I can get it.”

I felt his crotch twitching against mine as I continued talking

“Be rough. Pin me down. Shove my head down on your cock. Fuck me harder than you’ve ever fucked anyone before.”

“Oh shit.” He groaned again and began to massage my tits again

“Are you sure?”

I looked at him fiercely, “Yes.”

“Get on the floor.” He commanded.

I got on the floor and kneeled in front of him and waited for further instruction.

“Take my cock out.”

I began to reach up to undo his jeans but he grabbed my wrists before I reached the zipper.

“With your mouth.”

He held my wrists together as I leaned forward and used my teeth to undo the zipper; he undid the button then placed his other hand on the back of my head, tangling his fingers in my hair. His cock was huge. He slapped me across the face with it. I hadn’t been expecting it and it stung a bit but also made me extremely horny.

“Suck it.”

I opened my mouth but had trouble getting his cock in my mouth without the use of my hands so he let them go. I immediately began to stroke his cock with my hand using a slowly up and down rhythm and occasionally tighten my grip around his cock. As I did this I circled my tongue around the head of his cock popping it into my mouth to be sucked. I quickened the rhythm of my hand as I lightly touched his balls. He jumped a bit but began to moan soon afterwards then as I squeeze and massaged his balls I took his shaft into my mouth further, sucking on his cock, moving my head up and down. He wrapped his fingers tightly in my hair and began to push me down further on his cock taking in more of him each time I went down until my nose was touching his stomach, I was close to gagging and my throat was milking his cock. He must have liked this because he moaned and tried to shove his cock further in, making me gag with each rough thrust. I kept massaging his balls as he kept shoving my head down on his cock and after doing this for a while he whispered through his moans that he was going to cum. I waited excitedly to feel his seed run down my throat. I began to suck harder and use my throat around his cock more as well as play with his cock more and soon enough he shot his warm sticky load down my throat, making a rush of juices flow from my snatch. I sucked his cock dry.

“Holy god, Lizzy. That was by far the best… anything… ever.” His head was back and his eyes closed as he talked through pants and as I held up his cock, licking it to make sure I had gotten every drop he had given me. He opened his eyes and tilted his head forward again; he reached out and touched my cheek, running the back of his hand along my jaw bone. He got a big grin on his face, “Now it’s your turn.” I smiled up at him, biting my lower lip. I couldn’t possibly have been more excited than I was at that moment waiting to feel him touch my young hot pussy that had been wet for him all day, all week really.

“Stand up.” He said.

I complied and slowly lifted myself off the ground, standing in front of him my jean covered snatch right in front of his face. He reached out and took a hold of the front of my jeans and pulled me closer towards him, smiling at how I shook and teetered a bit. He undid the button of my jeans and started to undo the zipper but then stopped. I looked at him questioningly.

“Before I do anything I need to see those tits of yours. Take off your shirt.”

I paused only for a moment, but I guess that was too long for him.

“Now.” He said.

I reached down and took a hold of my shirt and pulled it over my head, I held it in front of me. He reached up and pulled the shirt out of my hands.

“And the bra, Lizzy.”

So I reached behind me and unclasped my bras, not hesitating this time I let it drop, making my tits jiggle slightly.

“God you’re so fucking young and perky.” He said. He reached up and massaged one hard nipple with the palm of his hand, squeezing my tit roughly. He stood up in front of me, his cock still out and growing hard again, his body close to mine. He ran his fingers over my stomach, up to my tits, to my nipples, twisting the left one while his head moved in and engulfed the right with his mouth. I let out a gasp and he bit down on it sharply but quickly, licking it afterwards to soothe the painful pleasure he had just sent to it.

“God they’re just as good as I’ve been expecting them to be. So let’s see what you’ve got down here.” He grabbed at my jeans again and pulled down antalya ucuz escort the zipper. Hooking his thumbs around the top of my pants he pulled them down to my ankles where I stepped out of them.

“White cotton. It doesn’t get any better than that.” He said. “Unless they’re wet of course.” He added as he noticed the wet spot my juices had made on the front of my panties. He placed his right palm over the wet spot and started to rub.

“Do you like that, Lizzy?” I nodded back at him.

“You like it when I touch your pussy?”

“Yes.” I said in a breathy voice

“Tell me, Lizzy.” I looked back at him, too shy to say what he wanted me to.

“Tell me or I’ll stop.”

“Your hand feels so good on my pussy, Mr. Garry.”

“That’s better he said.”

He stood up momentarily taking his hand from my snatch. He turned me around and pushed me down onto the couch and kneeled in front of me. He reached over and pulled my panties down in the same fashion he had my jeans and stared at my neatly shaven pussy, the bold black triangle at the top and arrow pointing towards my dripping cunt. He began to rub my pussy again with his palm.

“God you’re so fucking hot, Lizzy. You want me to put my fingers in you, don’t you?” I nodded.

He hooked both his arms around my thighs and pulled me to the edge of the couch, telling me to lean back and relax. He started to part my pussy lips, slipping his index finger between them and running it lightly up and down the length of my slit. I let a moan out and saw him smile up at me before he lean down and replaced hi finger with his tongue. I sucked in at the air as he ran his tongue over my clit. He sucked it into his mouth and flicked his tongue over it quickly, his hand came back up and a finger started to probe at my hole, he slowly pushed one finger into me, slowly bringing it back out again and repeating and he continued his oral assault on my clit. I moaned out loud this time and he took this as a cue to add another finger into my hole, thrusting his fingers more quickly and with more force. His other hand came up, running over my stomach and took my left nipple into his hand, pinching it hand and rolling it between his fingers, alternating between these two movements briefly before returning down and switching places with the other hand. With his wet fingers he traced a line further downwards and pushed one finger against my asshole. I had never had anyone down there before and almost pulled away but he told me to sit still and that he would make sure that it felt good. So I sat as he got one finger wet with my juices and his saliva and slowly pushed it into my ass. I moaned as slipped past the final knuckle and he curled it inside me, rubbing against the fingers inside my pussy. Feeling all this inside me was too much and I had the most massive orgasm of my life. But he didn’t stop, he started to push a second finger in, and once it was began to thrust the two in and out of my tightest of holes which sent another wicked orgasm through me, he pulled out his fingers and lapped up some of my juices.

“That is by far the best pussy I have ever eaten.” I smiled up at him in a total state of euphoria. “But now I want to feel it wrapped around my cock.” My smile widened and without any prompting this time I asked him for it.

“Please fuck me Mr. Garry, fuck me anywhere you want just get your cock in me now!” I begged.

This really pleased him and he told me so. He sat down on the couch and told me to get on top of him, so I lifted one leg over and sat on me knees hovering with my hole right over his cock. He grabbed a hold of it and pushed at my clit with it.

“Please Mr. Garry don’t tease me, just put it in.” He laughed a bit and shoved my shoulders down with his other hand, ramming his cock into me with one thrust. I just sat there taking in all his 9 inches (I was right on that first day that he was hiding a big muscle down there).

“You wanted it in you so badly, Lizzy. So fuck me.”

I lifted myself up and sat down again, loving how full his cock made me feel. I repeated this slowly a few times before my pace began to quicken, I used his shoulders and an anchor and leaned back for a better angle when he cock entered me. I started to get harder now, slamming my pussy down onto his cock, trying to get him as deeply into me as possibly even though his length and girth were nearly tearing me a part as was. I reached out to my hips and helped me bounce on his cock, lifting me up and slamming me back down again, with ever trip down I got closer to an orgasm, then he leaned forward and sucked one of my nipples into his mouth and bit down hard and that was all that I needed to cum on his cock. I had never had an orgasm from fucking before, but I had also never had a cock this big before. He smiled at me as I opened my eyes.

“Well you’ve fucked me, so now I get to fuck you” He flipped me over on the couch so that I was on all fours and he was kneeling behind me, he placed his cock back at the entrance of my pussy and slammed it in. This position was getting his cock even deeper into my pussy; I had lost all control over myself now and was screaming.

“Oh god, Mr. Garry! Your cock is so fucking big! Ohhhh fuck me Mr. Garry it feels so fucking good! Please sir, fuck me, please don’t stop fucking me!”

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