Mr. Plumber

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All Fours

The Lustful Adventures of Latika

Latika was an Indian girl living in the USA.

A very naughty and daring 20-year-old girl.

She was curvy. tanned and beautiful. She had beautiful black curls, brown eyes, a bubble butt that most of the guys in her neighborhood drool over.

Latika’s parents believed that she was a girl with values and virtues, and that she maintained her virginity.

Bhe was so daring that, unknown to her parents, she had given blowjobs to many men much older than her.

To her own surprise, she had also found herself starting to flirt with the family plumber.

The plumber (we’ll call him Mr. Plumber) had moved to America five years ago from India in order to give his family a better life. He lived alone and often sent money to his family back in India.

Her family knew the plumber very well. He came to the neighbourhood houses for plumbing, repair work, and pretty much anything needing a fix.

Latika had seen what a well-built man he was, unlike the dorky boys of her age.

It was a pity he was married, but that wouldn’t stop her.

She had seen him eye her whenever he came around, for Latika always wore skimpy shorts and breast-baring tops.

His thoughts alone made her pussy wet.

She would often masturbate at night at the thought of him handling her.

But she knew she had to make her move soon.

Her opportunity came when her parents had left home to attend a family function leaving her behind to work. Of course, she could stay alone; she had done it loads of times before, keeping herself busy with porn sites or posing for the cam.

But today as her parents left, a very daring thought came to her.

‘Should I do it?’ she thought.

Then she saw a brilliant idea flash through her mind.

Mr. Plumber was sitting in his cabin after a long day of work. He hoped no one would call up for a job when suddenly the phone rang.

He bursa escort picked it up.

“Hello,” rang the sweet voice of Latika. It filled the man listening in lustful bliss.

“I need your help with a leaking tap, is it too much to ask for some help; I know it’s getting late and-“

“I’ll come by,” he replied, picking us his toolbag.

The doorbell rang. Latika went and opened the door.

Mr. Plumber’s mouth twisted in an O as he saw Latika’s breasts through the semi-transparent top (she wasn’t wearing a bra). She pretended not to notice and let him in.

He stepped in the house heading straight for the bathroom, assuming where the leak must be, and Latika locked the main door.

As Mr. Plumber was working on the leaking tap, Latika started on her plan.

“Mr. Plumber finished with his job and was heading out.

“Your leak is fixed, Miss Sharma, let me know if you need-“

He looked up and lo, there a beautiful sight behold him.

Latika was sitting there, naked with her legs spread wide open, her moist pussy in full view. His cock hardened immediately.

“The leak I spoke about,” she said with a wink. “You didn’t quite repair it. In fact, you gave me a leak”

But Ma’am- what is this-” he cried out startled”

“Sh-sh-sh” Latika whispered huskily again, eyeing the boner she gave him. “I know what you want to do to me right now. I have seen the way you look at me, undressed me with those lusty eyes of yours. To be honest, I loved it. I think I am ready for us to go, next level baby. I want you to fuck me so hard, that I should be sore the next day.”

“Wow, Miss Sharma, I really wanted to do this for a long time” he spoke and with every word, he took a step closer to her.

He reached his hand out to touch her soft petaled pussy, and at his touch let out a moan, for no man’s touch had ever felt like this before. He started to caress her pussy bursa escort bayan with one hand, which aroused the girl greatly. Slowly he moved towards her entrance and pushed one of his fingers causing Latika to gasp. He started pumping in and out slowly and at the moment put another finger in her wet hole. As he fingered her, he looked for a second at her face, her eyes closed with ecstasy; her mouth wide open, moaning. He then buried his face and started licking her clit; gently at first, but then his pace quickened, both fingers and tongue, making Latika draw short gasps and moan.

He inserted his third finger, which was the final draw for Latika, she let out a cry, which hardened Mr. Plumbers cock so much that he drew out his fingers from her pussy, licked it, and started to unfasten his own belt.

Latika, still horny and ecstatic by the whole situation, sat up to get a good view of his cock.

She let out a gasp at the sight before her; nine inches of solid meat was upright before her.

“You like it?” he asked.

“Why yes, I-“

“Well, get down and suck it whore” he snarled.

Latika was a bit shocked at the change of behavior, but it turned her on greatly so she bent down. Giving a kitten lick at a time, she started to bob her head up and down on his rod. Faster and faster she started to go, leaving the man in front of her, groaning in pleasure. He started getting more rougher on Latika making her choke and gag on his cock until finally, he came in her mouth.

“Swallow it all,” he ordered.

She did as he told, swallowing his cum and looking up at him.

Then she put her arms around his neck and kissed him, in a lusty sought of way, hungry for more.

While they were entwining tongues, Mr. Plumber carried her up, her two legs around his waist, carried her to the bedroom, and set her down on the bed in the eagle-spread position.

He took off escort bursa the last of their clothes and positioned his cock at the entrance of her pussy.

He slowly pushed his cock into the folds of her pussy and as it went in, Latika’s head was thrown backward.

“F-fuck..” she cried out softly.

He started thrusting slowly and bent down to grope her nipples.

He held a nipple between his thumb and index finger and started playing with it and kissing the teen’s neck and she moaned in delight.

He continued like that for a while and then pulled out and turned her over. Soon they were fucking doggystyle; with the pace quickened. He inserted a finger into her wet asshole making her moan harder, and then lewdly started licking it.

“Mmm, it feels so damn good,” Latika moaned

There was a pit rising in her stomach

“I’m close…” she said.

Moments later the brown girl was covered in her own sweat and cum, but Mr. Plumber had not come yet and he was growing restless and hornier.

“Suck my dick bitch,” he said.

She obeyed going down on her knees and sloppily sucking his huge dick, occasionally gagging. She even took it between her breasts for a while. She could sense he was close, but a moment later he said, “Turn around baby girl,”

Latika turned around in the sexiest doggy position ever with her ass bearing out. She expected the cock to enter her sensitive pussy, but instead let out a loud gasp and a moan when she felt the cock in her ass. It felt really good. Really good.

They started fucking again but this time Mr. Plumber had his hand around her neck choking her while fucking her hard from behind. With all the naughty things they had done, it wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you they were close. The thrusts turned faster and sloppier and with a loud combination of moaning and grunting both of them came.

A while later…

“You were good Latika,” he said flirtingly as he changed back into his clothing.

“Was I now? I bet it was your naughty rock-hard cock that made things fun” she said flirting back.

“I hope to fuck you again,” he said picking his tool bag.

“Me too, I’ll call you,” she said with a wink as she kissed him goodbye.

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