Mrs. Claus! Ch. 03

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Part Two takes place almost immediately after Part One. Although, I hope you read and enjoy the Part One, you don’t really have to do so in order to understand this submission.

Moist lingering kisses trailed across my chest stopping at my nipples. Warm lips and a hot tongue, hidden behind a curtain of long white hair, licked and teased my sensitive nubs. Ripe full lips pursed and a small puff of hot air tickled my sparse chest hair. With a small laugh the kissing resumed down my chest and across my stomach and groin.

My already rampant cock twitched as warm breath caressed it. I gasped slightly at a sudden jolt of pleasure as lips encircled my cock-head. Another jolt of pleasure came as the lips squeezed with a slight suck. After a second of pressure the lips released my cock only to move down to just below my cock-head. Another cock kiss. And so on as my cock was slowly, incrementally and lovingly swallowed.

Inch by inch my prick was constricted tighter and tighter as it slid deeper into the mouth and throat of my special lady. Her breathing quickened as she inhaled and exhaled through her nose. Convulsions stroked and caressed my length as she fought against gagging as my cock slipped deeper down her throat. After the lips kissed the base of my dick near my balls the warmth surrounding me suddenly disappeared as my lover’s head shot upwards with a choking gasp and billowing waves of white hair.

My rock hard cock was coated with saliva and decorated with a series of bright red lipstick rings.

“Well, look at the big tasty candy cane my loving grandson has given me”

A lined, age freckled hand brushed back long silver hair to reveal a wrinkled but still beautiful face. The creases about her mouth and eyes were more prominent at that moment because she was grinning at me. Her full red lips were smeared with bright red lipstick and coated with red tinged saliva that streamed down her chin. Bright merry blue eyes surrounded by deep creases shone at me with laughter, love and lust.

Absolutely naked, my Grandmother was on her knees and elbows next to me on my bed. Her large full breasts sagged as her hard nipples swung across my thigh. Grandma noticed my eyes tracking her hanging orbs and laughed.

“Okay sweetie, Granny’ll give you a treat while she sucks on that candy cane” She moved closer to me and leaned further over. My cock twitched as her large boobs hovered over it. Grandma enveloped my cock between her soft full pillows and sucked my cock into her mouth. As she sucked her eyes crinkled and her lips pursed causing the age lines on her face to become even more pronounced. I heard myself groan and my cock swelled as I gave into the perverse thrill; the double taboo of having incestuous sex as well as sex with someone decades older than me.

All the while she had her mouth fastened on my cock, Grandma’s gaze never faltered. Her eyes kept in direct contact with mine, so I was always aware that it was her, only her, giving me such pleasure. Her eyes transmitted silent messages directly into my mind. Granny loves u baby. Granny loves sucking your cock.

Seeing my Grandmother lovingly swallow and tongue-lash my prick became too intense, I felt a surge in my balls but I didn’t want to cum yet. So I looked down watching my wet lipstick smeared shaft sinking in and out of crimson lips at the same time as being rolled between diamond hard nippled breasts. A joyful shock shot through me as Granny’s tongue teased, tickled and caressed my cockhead. Her lips curled in a smile around my cock when I groaned.

Red nailed fingers tweaked and teased her jutting nipples; cupped her large breasts and kneaded them against my rampant cock.

My shaft painted Grandmas’s breasts and chin with a faint pinkish lipstick stained saliva. This made me notice how Grandma’s soft chin and jowls shook and quivered as she bobbed on my knob. Her lips puckered and pursed as she sucked my cock and in doing so made all the deep wrinkles around her mouth and on her face furrow and unfurrow with every deep suck.

As Grandma’s breasts caressed my cock with soft pillowy pressure they billowed and rolled bulging and flattening as my cock pounded against her breastbone. The hands holding these beautiful breasts were delicate, the skin thin with prominent veins. As her breasts surged the delicate lines of the stretchmarks on the tops and sides of her large tits were easily seen. Above her swelling breasts the wattled skin between her upper chest and chin was in constant motion as she sucked and tit fucked my cock. There was no escaping the fact that I was in heaven, enjoying a tremendous blow job not from a girl my age but from an old lady. It was sexy as fuck!

In this state of perverse arousal I looked up again and drank in the glorious sight of my grandmother in all of her aged beauty lovingly performing fellatio on me.

“Oh Granny!!” I groaned as I exploded into Grandma’s mouth.

She halkalı ucuz escort chuckled around my cock and continued to suck as my seed filled her mouth. Grandma’s eyes twinkled and her tongue continued to caress my cock as I emptied and she swallowed. Without removing her mouth she scooted around the bed swinging herself around. She carefully placed her knees by my shoulders.

Meanwhile after checking out Grandma’s still round and sexy ass, I focused on the amazing sight of a real life pussy moving towards my head to hover over my face. My mouth watered at the fat pink lips shimmering with dew surrounded by a thatch of damp white hair. As Grandma slowly lowered her cunt towards my face her musky scent thickened until that’s all I could smell. As I took a great sniff of her arousal my semi-flaccid prick swelled with renewed desire.

Although the looming pussy beckoned me, I found myself frozen, unsure how to proceed. This was odd I had prepared myself for this very moment by watching hours and hours of porn yet upon suddenly being confronted with a vibrant pulsing pussy my mind went blank.

“Hhhmmmy?” Grandma asked around my cock.

“Gran, I never umm”

Grandma released my cock with with a pop. She gazed at me upside down from between her hanging tits and gave a me a little smile. “Forgot I was dealing with a recent virgin. Okay, sweetie act like its your favorite pop-sickle. Suck and lick on the outer lips first for a while then move inwards, tease the area around my clitty then back to start. Repeat and get a routine.” She blew me a kiss then started blowing my cock again. I tentatively and delicately licked Grandma’s cunt lips and was rewarded with a taste of sweetness, tanginess and saltiness sort of like pickle juice with a dash of ketchup. Softly and carefully I lapped at Granny’s hot moist vulva. I was afraid of hurting her so I barely touched her pussy with my tongue.

After a few moments of this, her head popped off my cock. She gave me an displeased smile. “My pussy may be old but its not gonna crumble at your touch. Quit teasing Grandma and get in there!”

Okay note taken. So I grabbed Grandma’s curvy, albeit slightly flabby ass in my hands and brought her pussy down onto my mouth. I licked and lapped at her pussy like it was my favorite ice cream cone, first along the outer lips and then worked inwards.

“Yessss thats much better sweeetie! Keep that up.”

A second later the phone in the living room began to ring. Yes, Grandma still had a lan line. Grandma gave me a please continue look when I paused. After a few rings I heard the muffled voice of my mother but couldn’t make out what she was saying. Although it was strange to hear my mothers voice when I was licking her mother’s pussy, I also found it quite amusing. My tongue attacked Grandma’s pussy with renewed vigor.

As I licked her pussy her clitoris poked out of its hood. I licked, lapped and sucked the area near the clit but left the little button alone.

Grandma began mewling and moaning. “Oh baby boy, you are doing so well! That’s the ticket, buddy boy. Eat your Grandma!”

After a minute more of licking around her clit, I sucked it into my mouth and sucked hard. She groaned and forced her cunt deeper onto my face. I only sucked for a second or so and then I had a wicked thought. While her clit was still sensitive, I rubbed by week old growth of beard along Grandmas clit and Granny reacted like she’d been electrocuted. She wailed and shivered and a surge of fluid covered her cunt.

“Ohh Jimmy you are a naughty, nasty boy!!” Grandma said in a mock scold. She winked, “Keep it up!”

As I licked my Grandma with growing proficiency, I thought back to how this Christmas morning had started.

I had awakened from a deep, delicious sleep the result of losing my virginity the night before. To my Grandma. Who had been dressed like Mrs. Claus. Yeeeah. I wasn’t absolutely sure if it had really happened or if the whole thing had been a wet dream. I psyched myself to get out of bed, a task complicated by a broken left foot and a dislocated right knee. As I scooted across the bed the door opened and Grandma bounced in. At least parts of her bounced.

Accompanied by flashes of red and white Grandma moved into my room with a grace and speed of a much younger woman. She pushed back a swath of long white hair with long white hands tipped with red nails. Grandma gave a brilliant white smile that was full of joy and yet her crimson lips quirked with a bit of mischief. She wore a red satin kimono that reached mid-thigh and clung to her lush form like a second skin. Her glorious cantaloupe sized breasts bounced and jostled freely, stiff long nipples bulging out against the tight satin. Realizing Grandma wore nothing beneath this kimono made my cock twitch.

“Merry Christmas Jimmy! Grandma’s here to get you …up. So you can open more presents.” She said with a small chuckle. She sat next to me on the bed halkalı üniversiteli escort and smiled as she ruffled my hair. This made her breasts sway and brush against my face. My nose was flooded with the smells of her perfume, her body wash and the musky scent of her desire.

Grandma cupped my chin softly, a red nail teased my lip. “Mrs. Claus told me what a goood boy you were last night and how much she enjoyed giving you your gift. Mrs. Claus’ left for the North Pole but if you want, Grandma will also give you a special gift.” Her hands moved to her kimono sash. She smiled at me as she slowly, teasingly untied the sash. When it was untied and her breasts swung free but still half hidden by the folds of her robe, she shrugged and with quiet hiss the satin slipped off. Large, full boobs stretched and bobbled on her lower ribcage.

“So do you want a special present made with your Granny’s love?”

Blood and lust thudded through my veins seemingly straight to my cock which swelled fully erect.

“Hmmm, just the answer I was hoping for.” Grandma leaned forward and kissed me passionately on the lips. Her tongue swirled across mine leaving a hint of mint and whisky. Her small hand reached into my boxers and soft fingers slowly stroked my hard prick. Grandma kissed me and stroked me for a few moments before undoing the sides of my boxers. She pulled the front section away and tickled my cock-head with a nail.

She moved above me and gave me a burning kiss…

“OOOOH Shiit!! Jimmy eat Granny’s pussy!!” Grandma orgasmed on my mouth again and brought my mind back to the task at hand.

Grandma stopped stroking my cock and started sucking it again. I stuck my tongue inside her pussy and was a bit surprised when quivered and constricted around it. I added a a finger and then another one as I sucked and licked at her pussy.

My cock became naked once more as Grandma stopped sucking and removed her mouth. She looked down at me once more. “Sweetie, I’d really like you inside me. You ready for that?”

I wondered why she was asking me since I’d already been inside her. Then I realized that this was for real. There was no role play here, no “good boy and Mrs. Claus”. This was Jimmy and his Grandma about to have consensual incestuous intercourse. I kind of choked up so just nodded.

Grandma gave me a radiant smile and carefully spun around. She sat on my stomach just above my groin. Her hot pussy tickled me as it throbbed giving me moist kisses. Lifting her hips she grabbed my cock and stroked it a few times before holding it against her pulsating opening. Although I know that it didn’t it felt like my cock swelled inches more.

“Do you want me to continue Jimmy? Do you want me to slide your sweet cock inside Granny’s hungry pussy? Do you wanna fuck your Grandma? Although her mocking smile told me she was playing she was also letting me know I could stop this if I wanted.


She gave a pleased laugh at that and lowered herself about an inch so that my cock was just inside her pussy. I unconsciously thrust up to meet her.

“Really? Just how long have you wanted to fuck your Grandmother?”

Although I hadn’t really consciously thought about it until two days ago, I suddenly realized that I had often had wet dreams about Grandma, as well as my mother. And for years she had made me aroused.

“Like forever. Ever since I knew what sex was”

“That long huh? Poor boy. Well, Grandma won’t make you wait any longer.” She teased me using the tone of a Grandma talking to a child. As she said this she lowered herself all the way onto my cock, Her tight pussy hugged and caressed my stiff shaft and we both gasped in passion and pleasure. Although still wonderfully snug her pussy seemed even wetter today. Grandma wriggled her hips from side to side sending waves of sensual pleasure rippling from my penis to my brain. She moaned and gripped and squeezed her breasts, her red nails made a sexy contrast against her milky white globes and her hard pink nipples.

Grandma started churning her hips side to side and back and forth. As she rocked on me I drank in the vision of this beautiful woman, pleasing me and being pleased by me. She shut her eyes momentarily concentrating on the pure physical joy of fucking. I loved seeing how her long white hair flowed and floating about her head as she thrashed back and forth. Her crimson lips were in constant motion as she pursed her lips in moues, bit her lips and smiled as sensual thrills thrummed through her.

“Oh baby your cock feels so fantastic in my pussy. I’m glad I used lube today it feels much better. You’re making Grandma feel so good and soooo sexy. Is it good for you baby?”


“How good baby? How good is Grandma making you feel?”

“Real good”

Grandma opened her eyes and looked at me with a wry smile as she continued to knead her breasts and fuck me. “Sweetie, I’m your Grandma and I love haramidere escort you. I’ll continue to screw you as much as I can but you seriously need to work on your pillow talk skills.”

“I’m sorry Granny but its just… that I can’t think straight cause I am just so overwhelmed by the sight of.. of absolutely gorgeous naked woman”

“Better, although I’m an old saggy naked woman.” She said glancing down at her drooping breasts and fleshy hips. She laughed, “But that’s what you like, lucky me!”

Although it hadn’t been my intention, one of the reasons that Grandma had taken my virginity was because she thought I had a mature fetish. I had become aroused shortly after I came to stay with her and it was easier to let her think I had a thing for older women than admit she was the cause of my boner.

Grandma leaned forward and placed her hands flat on the bed on either side of me and started humping harder. The sensation of her silken pussy clenching and caressing my cock and the sensation of my cock stroking and caressing her cunt walls was exquisite. Her breasts hung closer to me, brushing against my chest and swinging close to my face. I grabbed Granny’s funbags and squeezed. She hissed.

“Did I hurt you Granny?

“No, sweets, there’s just nothing like having your tits squeezed by a man’s hands. That’s one thing that toys can’t make up for. Go ahead, Play and have fun!”

She moaned louder and faster as I played with her breasts, squeezing and kneading, tweaking the nipples. I brought her left breast to my mouth and sucked hard on it. Grandma gave me a deeper moan so I switched to the other nipple. When I pushed her breasts together and sucked on both nipples at once Grandma squealed and her pussy clamped harder on my cock as warm fluid sluiced over my cock.

“Oh Jimmy I’m cumming!! You made Grandma cum on your cock.” Her face scrunched up as she orgasmed once again” Now highlighted in stark detail was every deep wrinkle around her eyes, mouth and face. I found this intensely erotic. To stop from popping off, I buried my face in Grandma’s breasts until the danger had passed. Grandma gave a small pleased groan when I leaned into her tits. I kissed her breastbone and drove up and down into tight channel until the pain in my knee and foot became too great. At least the pain helped stave off my imminent climax. Each thrust slammed my pelvic bone into her clit, making Grandma gasp with pain and delight!

Once I had to stop, she did her own variation of hard fucking by grabbing onto my shoulders, lifting up and slamming down on my cock as hard as she could. At the end of each slam she roughly ground her pussy and and ass back and forth against my groin and thighs. At each grind she also crushed and rubbed her rigid nippled breasts against my chest. The sensual contact of our chests and nipples massaging each other made us give each other affectionate smiles.

The roiling and cresting of Grandma’s breasts as they flattened against my chest made the lines and crevasses of her stretch marks and wrinkles pucker and smooth. Once again I found this oddly beautiful and erotic. My cock swelled and I pulled Grandma against me and held her there as I kissed her wrinkled neck.

“Granny, you are one beautiful and sexy old lady” I whispered into her ear as I stroked her long white hair. I kissed her neck again and raised myself to jab my cock into her tight pussy as hard as I could.

Soft delicate fingers dug painfully into my shoulders as she pressed hard against me and shook with a whimper. Grandma’s cunt hugged my cock hard and tight.

In a half whisper and half moan she said, “Oh, Jimmy. Jimmy. Sweet sweet boy!”

I had just given my Grandmother another orgasm; my cock twitched and my balls clenched.

Sensing that I was about to cum, Grandma pressed her breasts flush against my chest and her lips against my lips. We kissed passionately. Her fingers threaded through my hair as she pulled my head up towards her. She moaned into my mouth and her eyes blazed into mine. Grandma’s body quivered as her pussy clutched and squeezed my cock in orgasm. That pushed me over the edge I jismed against the walls of my granny’s pussy. She kissed me harder and slowly rocked her hips back and forth, the slick silken glove of her cunt milking every drop of semen from my spasming cock.

When I was spent Grandma lay down beside me, carefully rolling me towards her. I moved my injured foot too enthusiastically and a sharp pain shot through me that caused me to jerk in pain, and also drive my not yet deflated cock deeper into Grandma’s throbbing pussy. This caused me to harden up again. She gave a delighted gasp and kissed me with more verve. Pulling back she smiled into my eyes “Hmmm, someone really loves Granny’s pussy.”

“No, Grandma I love all of you” I kissed her deeply as I shifted my left arm so I could cradle her in my arms. I kissed and hugged my Grandmother as I slowly pumped my semi-hard prick into her pussy. Granny moaned as her pussy responded to the slow, steady penetration.

Grandma closed her eyes and held me tight, softly kissing my neck and shoulder, enjoying the post coital cuddling. I kissed Grandma’s face, neck and shoulders, my lips traced along her wrinkles and loose skin. In the reclined position the changes that age had made to her body were more noticeable.

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