Mrs. Gordon’s Bridge Club Ch. 02

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Jim was catching up on some study lessons in his room. He was a busy guy, attending college, working odd jobs, playing hockey and soccer, and taking extra courses in first aid and languages. His days were full.

His roommate Brian suddenly burst through the door. “C’mon Jim, take a break for God’s sake, we’re meeting at the pub for beer and women. Going to be a great night, might get lucky, a guy’s got to have some pussy once in a while. Or at least chase some. Make it easier on your girl friend when you go back home!”

Jim grinned, “Sorry Brian, have to get this done and I expect a call to make some deliveries today. I need the cash. We don’t all have rich Daddy’s you know. But thanks for thinking of me.”

“Ah c’mon, I’ll buy, you have to loosen up a bit, have some fun you know. Can’t be all work and no play.”

Jim shrugged and Brian realizing he would not win the day, clapped him on the shoulders and said, “You know where we will be, come over later if you can.”

Jim settled back down to his studies. A little while later his phone rang, there were a half dozen delivery’s for him at the pizza parlor. He could get them done in a little over an hour, and being Thursday there could be a big tip for him at Mrs. Gordon’s. One of the reasons that Jim was not out hound dogging women was that he was getting a steady diet of sex from Mrs. Gordon and her bridge club partners.

It had all started when he had delivered a pizza to Mrs. Gordon, a good-looking late fifties widow with a very nice body. She had been dressed provocatively during his first two deliveries and had acted seductively. Jim suspected that she would welcome a move by him but not wanting to upset a customer had refrained from what he read as an invitation for sex. She had met him at the door wrapped in a bath towel on his third delivery. He fucked her on the kitchen table.

A routine evolved as she continued to call for pizza every week or so. He would come in through an open side door, put the pizza in the fridge and climb the stairs to an upstairs bedroom where a naked Mrs. Gordon waited in bed for him. Their relationship was strictly sex and the sex was great; she was an active partner and open to anything and everything. No added conditions, no ‘call me later’, no ‘tell me you love me’, they just met when she wanted to meet, screwed and went about the rest of their lives as usual. It was a perfect complement to his busy schedule and commitment to his girl back home. He rationalized his actions as prevention from becoming romantically involved with some college gal. He did hope that he would never have to explain that to his girl back home.

Mrs. Gordon asked if he would be interested in having sex with some of her bridge club friends, all ladies of her general age and all apparently open for sex with an anonymous young stud. The club was composed of selected ladies who enjoyed erotic conversation, fantasy and watching porn, all under the guise of an afternoon of bridge.

He readily accepted the additional burden as Mrs. Gordon’s appetite for sex did have its limits and the more sex he was getting, the more he wanted.

Life was good. He had so far screwed four of Mrs. Gordon’s friends over the course of several weeks. They had each been different in body and sexual preferences, but all were eager to please and to be pleased. The early nervousness of each lady was soon replaced by unrestrained exuberance. Being part of such a group seemed to free them individually from inhibition or guilt.

Jim jumped into his 2001 Datsun, hung the pizza sign in the window and rattled off to pick up his deliveries. Sure enough there was an order for 35 Picton Crescent, Mrs. Gordon’s home in an upscale residential section of the town. The dispatch lady winked at him as she read out the Gordon ‘special request’ order. He would leave that delivery to the last fully expecting it would require extra time. He was aroused already, wondering what or whom he would find in Mrs. Gordon’s bed.

Meanwhile Mrs. Gordon was trying to ease the nervousness of this week’s lucky lady. Jennifer was the last of the Bridge Club ladies to get to enjoy sack time with Jim. In fact she had begged off the week previous and asked Dorothy to take her spot. When Jean, Mrs. Gordon, told her not to worry and that she did not have to take on the young man in order to continue in good standing in the club, Jennifer had insisted that she just had to do it. But here she was again, an hour or so before lift off and unsure if she could go through with it.

She was the youngest of the group at age 45, a tiny birdlike woman, and from appearances one that most people would not have imagined as having a big sexual appetite. But she did and she thoroughly enjoyed the exciting afternoons with the other ladies and eagerly participated in the chatter and fantasies each week. Jean’s recounting of her first meeting with the pizza boy, followed by the excitement of the other ladies getting banged upstairs while she and the antalya escort others ate the pizza downstairs, had driven Jennifer to distraction. She had practically worn out her vibrator batteries at home each night after bridge.

Jean suggested to the other ladies that Jennifer might be more relaxed if they left early. There had been much joking and teasing as they each hugged and kissed Jennifer before leaving. ‘Go for it Jenny, you’ll love it’, ‘can’t wait to here what happens’, ‘he’s a wonderful gentle lover baby,’ all meant to calm Jennifer down, but actually accomplishing the opposite.

After the last lady had departed, Jean and Jennifer sat down facing each other. Jean said, “Damn it Jenny, you are making me feel like a Madam trying to convince a would be hooker to have sex for money.” They both laughed and sipped on a cognac, capping off an afternoon of red wine consumption in attempts to find liquid courage for Jennifer.

Jennifer said, “How about you being with me when he arrives. It might relax me. Would that be too much to ask? You wouldn’t have to stay when we started. If we started.” She giggled self-consciously.

“I would love to be with you, and I would love to stay. I have never watched live sex,” Jean grinned.

“Oh God, I’m not sure that I should have asked you now,” Jennifer replied. She was becoming more excited as she clasped her knees tight together at the sensation of heat and looseness developing between her legs.

“And I could fill in if you chickened out,” continued Jean. “But I have a feeling that you won’t. Let’s do it, our version of a threesome. God knows we have seen enough video’s on threesomes, and we were all turned on.”

“And for some reason two ladies with one hunk turned me on the most,” Jennifer admitted. A memory of one of those clips raced through her mind. A muscular male moving from one woman to the next as they crouched on hands and knees on the floor, breasts dangling and swinging as he ‘doggied’ them.

The women were getting more excited as the discussion wore on. They had experienced warm feelings towards the other for some time, and had on occasion caught the other looking at their breasts or up their skirts from across the room. Eyes had locked briefly in recognition of the vibes exchanged that was accompanied by a liquid feeling in their pussies. Neither had ever verbally acknowledged the exchanges or had seriously considered sex with another woman. However, there had been certain women over the years that had stirred erotic thoughts in both of them.

Jean stood up now, reached out to Jennifer and said, “C’mon, let’s get ready for pizza, you’re hungry for it and we’ll probably both have some. Besides, I really want to see you naked.”

Jennifer pulled herself up and they kissed, lips lingering a little longer than necessary, breasts brushing, fingers interlaced in mounting excitement. She whispered, “Me too. Love to see you naked too I mean. And to have you see me.” They pressed together before separating.

They started up the stairs, Jennifer first with Jean following. Jennifer sensed Jean very close behind her and paused. Jean’s head bumped against her bum, her hand suddenly encountering Jennifer’s leg just above the back of her knee. Jennifer did not move, poised with one leg higher up than the other on the stairway. Jean’s momentum brought her higher, her hand sliding up between Jennifer’s legs until her fingers reached bare skin above her stockings. Jennifer raised the upper leg a little further, and Jean’s fingertips brushed a bare pussy. ‘God, no panties’ she thought. Jennifer was obviously more prepared than she had admitted.

Jean was now just a step below Jennifer who bent her head down as Jean’s lips parted for a kiss. Her fingers toyed with Jenny’s slippery slit as the kiss lingered, their own fast breathing being the only sound in a suddenly quiet house.

Jennifer groaned, “What are we doing?” as she fondled Jean’s breast with one hand, squeezing and caressing it as her tongue swirled between Jean’s gums and teeth.

Jean groaned back, “Don’t know, don’t care, it just feels damn good. Oh, you are wearing a garter belt.”

She reluctantly pulled her hand down Jennifer’s leg, caressing it with her hot palm, before they continued the climb to the top.

They entered Jean’s bedroom, and stood awkwardly, uncertain and a little embarrassed by their actions. But only momentarily so; the fact that they had come up here to meet and fuck a young man placed their stairway encounter in perspective.

“He’ll be here in 30 minutes or so. How would you like to meet him? Most of the ladies wear something, bra and panties or a negligee of some kind. I have something for you to wear if you wish. He and I have met so often I just wait naked for him in the bed. If he sees you in garter belt and stockings and no panties, brace yourself, he will not need an invitation and there will be little foreplay.”

“Oh God,” Jennifer said, “I have never thought fethiye escort of the preliminaries, but just fantasized being naked with him in me. What does he do first? Does he play? Or just mount you. What am I saying?”

“He is a wonderful lover for such a young man. He seems to sense what I want. He can play forever, tease and kiss and feel, or just mount me and get me off, whatever seems to be my unspoken wish. He has wonderful control, can be gentle or wild, will get me off first or come with me or come on request. He is pretty much a woman’s dream for a lover.” She paused and said wistfully, “I’m talking myself into it aren’t I. I suspect that this is going to be a true threesome.”

Jean continued, “Lets get started without him. I have never touched another woman like that before. Have you?” What was the use denying the attraction?

“God no! I guess I have thought of it a few times, especially with you. Each time we caught the other looking up our skirts, I did wonder what it would be like to be naked with you. But it has been pretty much a taboo subject through my life,” Jennifer replied.

Jean said, “Good, to hell with everyone and what they think. We have time to explore anything we wish to today. Let’s get ready for our horny delivery boy. Let me undress you baby.”

Jennifer turned away from Jean and watched in the mirror as she approached from behind to unzip the back of her dress. “What if he catches us doing something?”

Jean ran the zipper down her back to her butt. She slipped her hands in the opening and around to cup Jennifer’s tits. “Oh, God, been dying to do this.” She kissed the back of Jenny’s neck, tongued it a little. “And don’t worry about what he might think; he will love seeing us together, it’s every man’s wish. We may need stretchers to get out of here. He can be relentless and never fully satisfied. I usually have to send him home.” Jennifer’s dress slithered to the floor. “Oh Jenny baby, you look hot!”

They both gazed at Jennifer’s image in the mirror, her alabaster skin set off by lace trimmed black bra, garter belt, and nylons. Her pussy was shaved with only the tip of her slit visible and framed by black lace. Her small body was beautifully proportioned; she was one of those people who looked better naked or partially clothed than fully dressed. Jean’s hands flowed down her body from under her arms to her hips and thighs. She reached inside the bra to fondle a nipple.

Jennifer turned, bodies meshing passionately and their lips and tongues hungrily intertwined. Jennifer pushed away and whispered, “My turn, I want to see you.”

She unbuttoned Jean’s blouse, heart racing as Jean’s full breasts appeared supported by a soft transparent bra that allowed them to hang deliciously and display a pair of large brown nipples. They were breathless in expectation as Jennifer unclasped the waistband of Jean’s skirt, pushed her hands under the band, around to her butt and forced the skirt down to the floor.

“Oh Jean,” she moaned as she saw Jean’s trimmed black bush leap out to her eyes through the same transparent material as the bra. “I just have to —,” she whispered, words cut off as she pushed her fingers under the panty band and down to Jean’s prominent mound. Jean allowed her legs to spread as Jennifer’s knee pushed between hers. Jean pulled Jennifer’s head to her for a soft kiss as Jennifer slipped a finger in and along between the swollen lips of Jean’s pussy.

Jennifer, feeling much more in control now, more confident in herself and in the situation giggled and said, “What happens next? Any ideas?”

“I think bra’s are next don’t you,” Jean said, reaching behind her new lover to unhook the bra and bare her small firm tits, nipples hard and erect pointing straight out from her chest. Jean licked her lips in anticipation but waited as Jennifer repeated the same on her, her larger breasts hanging down seductively as Jennifer peeled the bra off her body.

Words were not necessary as they pressed together, small groans of pleasure emanating as they crushed soft tits and hard nipples together in a passionate embrace. They thrust their hips together seeking to rub mounds. Jennifer was the first to answer the call, lowering her head to kiss and suck a breast as Jean lifted one up for her lips.

They were oblivious to the sound of Jim entering the room until Jean lifted her eyes over Jennifer’s shoulder to see her young stud standing motionless in the doorway. She smiled, her eyes hooded with pleasure as Jennifer’s lips moved from one nipple to the other.

Jim was mesmerized with the highly erotic sight of two women in a passionate embrace. Jennifer’s smaller body, clad only in garter belt and stockings, was thrust back towards him as she hunched down to suck Jean’s tits. The black lingerie highlighted her bare round cheeks and caused a sudden surge of blood to rush to his cock. Jean grinned at him and whispered something to Jennifer, who quickly lifted kaş escort clear and twisted around to spot Jim, clasping her hand to her mouth to stifle a yelp.

“Jim, this is Jennifer. She wanted to meet you today. She is a little nervous and I joined her to try to ease her into it. I hope that you don’t mind.”

“Mind, you kidding me? I have never seen such a beautiful sight.” He advanced to them and held his hand out to Jennifer as if to greet her formally. When Jennifer extended her hand he pulled her to him, smiling as he murmured, “You don’t seem all that nervous Jenny.” He kissed her forehead, her cheeks and then brushed her lips before stepping back.

He leaned in to kiss Jean, “You look beautiful Mrs. Gordon. You always surprise me with something new and exciting.” Jean opened her mouth and sucked on his tongue as he slipped it between her lips.

“Why not continue while I get ready to join you.”

Jean pulled Jennifer to the bed where they sat side by side with their feet on the floor. “C’mon Jenny, let me at those nipples, my mouth is watering.” Jennifer leaned backwards, braced on her arms as Jean proceeded to nuzzle and kiss her tits.

She closed her eyes and relaxed as Jean moved from nipple to nipple, pinching them between her lips before sucking gently while her tongue swirled around the aureoles. She opened her eyes to watch Jim slowly stripping down. ‘What a lovely looking man’ she thought as he bared his chest and long athletic body. He bent to push his pants to the floor. As he straightened once more, she could see the shape of his cock constrained by his tight mesh undershorts.

Their eyes locked as he pushed the shorts down, her eyes darting down to watch his bare shaft spring out as he stepped out of the shorts. ‘My God, the knob is huge, just like Jean said’ recalled Jennifer. Her legs spread of their own accord, her mind turning to mush with the onslaught of Jean’s lips and tongue sucking and licking her nipples, and this glorious young man stripping down with obvious intent.

Jim’s erection was excruciatingly hard, matching the intensity of his need to fuck this woman. The initial view from behind was only enhanced by the view from the front, a shaved pussy and tight little slit, all framed by black lace garter belt and stockings. He had often fantasized about fucking a woman in garter belt and stockings and had planned to buy his girlfriend a set for just that purpose. And now here it was, manna from heaven.

Jean’s fingers slipped between Jenny’s legs as she continued to suck and kiss her tits. Jennifer lost all inhibition as the young man approached and Jean’s fingers entered her pussy. She spread her legs wantonly, wildly aroused that the young man was looking so intently at her being pleasured by another woman.

He took a condom from the lamp table beside the bed and held it out with a question in his eyes. Jenny nodded and watched as he rolled the rubber onto his throbbing thick cock. He squeezed some jelly on the knob, spreading it back along the shaft. Jenny almost got off when he bent to squeeze cool jelly on her slit. She thrust her hips upward as Jean worked it into her hole.

Jean moved aside as Jenny lay back on the bed and Jim, still standing, moved between her legs and lifted them to his hips. There were moans all around as he rubbed his throbbing knob in her slickened pussy.

He moved quickly and decisively, desperate to start fucking her before her nervousness brought a stop to it. She was deliciously tight as he worked his aching cock into her. He could feel her adjust and relax, clutching and releasing with each additional inch of penetration. Her eyes were averted, but her hands came up to grasp his arms as her desire increased. Her small tits jiggled, the nipples twirling with each thrust and she began to arch upwards to meet him.

Jean watched from one side as Jim’s cock worked its way into her friend’s pussy, Jenny’s groans and grunts increasing as more and more of his shaft disappeared. When he was fully buried he pushed Jenny back on the bed. Jenny used her elbows to help the shift. Jim crawled up on the bed on his knees, one hand lifting her butt, holding her there while he fucked her with five or six continuous thrusts. He lowered her ass down and lay down on top of her.

Jenny could feel his shaft and knob inside of her, seemingly growing to fill her hole, then the feel of his muscular body covering hers, his chest teasing and finally squashing her tits as his powerful thighs tightened with each thrust into her. She raised her legs high above his back as his speed increased. Then, as if deciding to join in, she clamped her heels down on the back of his thighs.

Jim could sense the black stockings wrapped around his body combined with Jenny’s now grasping demanding pussy and hard nipples scraping his chest. He did not even look over at Jean who was staring at the wild tableau taking places inches from her.

Jenny got off suddenly, clasping her body against Jims’ while driving her hips upwards following each withdrawal, desperately trying to keep his cock buried inside of her. His relentless thrusts were not enough to satisfy her needs so she rammed her hips up at him, twisting and turning around his buried shaft.

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