Mrs. Robinson Ch. 01

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Jack was a little perplexed when he came home that evening and downloaded the one phone message. It was a message from his girlfriend’s mother, Mrs. Robinson. He had been dating Sue for several months now and thought of her as a future wife, but he knew he couldn’t get married until he graduated from college three years from now. Mrs. Robinson wanted him to come to her home for a talk. When a girl friend’s mother wants to talk, it could be trouble.

Jack couldn’t think of anything bad he had done. He had always treated Sue and her mother with respect. However, he had tried many times to get intimacy started with Sue, but she always resisted by saying, “I’m waiting until marriage.” Their kisses were steamy, but she refused to go any further.

Mrs. Robinson invited Jack into the house when he rang the doorbell.

“Hello, Jack, please come in.”

Jack assumed Sue was probably at home too, but he didn’t see her.

Mrs. Robinson said, “Come in and have a seat.”

Jack walked to the couch and sat down. “Where is Sue?”

“She is at a girl friend’s home studying. I wanted to talk to you alone, so I thought this would be a good time.”

Jack was feeling uneasy now and wondered if he was in trouble. Mrs. Robinson noticed that Jack looked a little uneasy and decided to say, “Just relax, would you like a glass of wine?”

Jack was a little unsure of how to respond, but decided to say, “Thank you, that would be nice.”

Jack watched Mrs. Robinson walk toward the kitchen. He knew she had a trim body, but tonight she looked prettier than usual. She usually wore jeans, but he noticed she was wearing a mini dress which showed a very shapely pair of legs. He couldn’t remember ever seeing her like this. As she came back into the living room carrying two glasses, he noticed she had probably been to the beauty shop that day. Her blond hair look so pretty.

Mrs. Robinson sat in a chair across from the couch from where he was sitting. As she sat down, he got a glimpse up between her legs as she crossed them.

Jack kept silent and waited for Mrs. Robinson to start the conversation.

“Jack,” She hesitated a few seconds, “Sue and I have had some mother to daughter talks. I would like to know your intentions with Sue.”

Jack wondered what Sue told her mother. There had not been any hanky panky between them. Was she accusing him of trying to fuck her?

Jack stammered, “Mrs. Robinson, I really don’t quite understand what you are getting at, but I like Sue a lot and maybe someday we might get married, but I have three more years to go before I get my degree.”

“That’s quite alright. I think you are a very nice guy and I’m glad you are seriously dating my daughter. Sue told me she wants to be a virgin when she gets married. And she also told me you two get hot and heavy with kisses and you want to go further.”

Now Jack knew he was in trouble. He wished Sue had kept her mouth shut. He then noticed Mrs, Robinson uncrossed her legs and he could see her crotch before she crossed her legs the other way. He realized he was beginning to get a bulge in his pants. He put his hands in his lap.

She continued, “I’m not blaming you for wanting sex and Sue is a very pretty sexy looking girl. I know young men get easily excited and want sex. But Sue wants to wait until marriage. Do you think you can wait that long?”

Now she had put Jack on the spot. He didn’t know what to say, so he didn’t say anything. He noticed she uncrossed her legs again, but didn’t cross them. The mini dress didn’t cover up much of her legs and he could see her pubic antalya escort hair. Then he realized she wasn’t wearing panties.

Mrs. Robinson grinned and in a soft voice said, “Do you like what you see?”

Jack quickly responded, “Oh! I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t be. I thought you might like to see more.”

Jack noticed she spread her legs wider and scooted her butt slightly forward in the chair to fully expose her pussy.

She then said, “Since you really like my daughter and might marry her someday, I’d like to make a deal with you. Go ahead and keep hugging and kissing Sue, but don’t try to fuck her. Since she wants to be a virgin when she gets married, I’ll help her keep her virginity. You won’t have to go without sex because you can tame your erotic ardor by fucking me. Would you like that?”

Jack was very surprised when she said that. Also, she had never said a risque word before this.

She went on to say, “When my husband was living, he used to tell me that I gave the best blow jobs.”

Jack was now very flustered with her proposal and language.

This had happened so fast that Jack had a loss for words. Mrs. Robinson got up and sat down on the couch by Jack. She placed one hand on the bulge in his pants, then said, “I can feel your hard cock and I think that answers my question.”

Mrs. Robinson immediately said, “Help me out of this dress.”

They both stood up and Jack watched as she picked up the hem and lifted the dress up over her head. She wasn’t wearing any underclothes and was now completely naked. His cock got even harder.

Before he realized what he was doing, he gave her a light kiss. She pressed her naked body against him. Even though he was still fully clothed, her naked body felt very sexy and warm against his. His arms encircled her as their mouths opened and their lips meshed for a long and sexy kiss,

When they broke the kiss, Mrs. Robinson said, “Let’s go in the bedroom.”

As Jack followed her to the bedroom, his eyes were on her naked body He started taking his shirt off and was nearly naked by the time they arrived in the bedroom. His pants were down his legs as he sat on the bed. Mrs. Robinson’s breasts swayed as she leaned down to pull his pants off over his feet. Now he scooted his shorts down and she pulled them off his legs too. His cock was rock hard and sticking right out toward her face while she was down removing his shorts.

She glanced up at his face, then dropped to her knees and took his cock in her mouth. Jack was not a virgin, but this was the first time a mouth had enveloped his cock. One of her hands was cupping his balls while the other hand clasped the base of his cock to jack it a little as her mouth was going up and down.

Within a few seconds Jack’s sperm erupted, spurt after spurt in Mrs. Robinson’s mouth. His body stiffened and shook as he groaned and yelled. She kept her mouth on his cock to consume all of his cum until his cock became flaccid and he stopped groaning.

Mrs. Robinson got up to said, “I thought you would like a blow job. Now when you recover, you’re going to fuck me. I haven’t had a cock since my husband died. I’m going to let you ram that hard cock in me and fuck me often. Now after I clean up in the bathroom, I hope you would like to eat my pussy before you fuck me.

Jack was even more surprised to hear her erotic language. Maybe she liked to talk that way to a lover. He had never licked a pussy before, but had often wonder what it would be like. Now she had suggested he get his head between her legs.

Jack buried serik escort his face at her crotch. His tongue lashed out to lick up and down her slit as she moaned a little. After a few seconds of this, she muttered, “I want that hard cock in me, so come up here. I want to feel it throb and jerk in me as you spew your sperm in my pussy.”

Jack moved up on her body while she took a firm hold of his cock to aim it Jack could feel the warmth of her pussy as the head spread her hole. He then rammed it fully in which caused Mrs. Robinson to loudly groan. Her butt pushed up to him as his cock pounded her until his it started spewing cum in her vibrant pussy. Jack could feel her body trembling and shaking while she was enjoying an orgasm.

A few minutes later Jack watched Mrs. Robinson walk into the bathroom to clean up. He then had a little time to reflect on what had happened. The events of the evening had happened so fast. He had fucked Sue’s mother. Would Sue find out? He could hardly believe Mrs. Robinson wanted to make a deal with him so that he wouldn’t fuck her daughter.

When she came into the bedroom, she said, “I think we had better get dressed and for you to leave before Sue comes home.”

They both dressed in silence and went into the living room. Then Mrs. Robinson started the conversation.

“I told you it was a deal, don’t fuck my daughter and I’ll give you sex whenever we can arrange it. Of course, we’ll have to do it without Sue’s knowledge. You’ll be hot and in the mood after you and Sue kiss and cuddle on your date. That would be a good time for you to satisfy your lust with me. When you bring Sue home from a date and you leave, hide at the back of the house until she goes to bed. I’ll sneak you in the back door. Then you can fuck me instead of Sue. What do you think about that?”

“What ever you say is alright with me.”

During the following week at college, Jack saw Sue on the campus a few times. They talked long enough to made a date for Saturday evening.

That Saturday after Jack took Sue to a college dance, he drove her home. When they went in the house, Mrs. Robinson met them in the living room. She was wearing pajamas and was covered by her robe.

Mrs. Robinson greeted them, “How was the dance and did you have fun?”

Both Sue and Jack answered at the same time, “Oh yes, we had fun with our friends.”

Sue excused herself to use the bathroom which gave Jack and Mrs. Robinson a chance to be alone.

Mrs. Robinson broke the silence to whisper, “If you wait out in the back yard, I’ll let you in the back door a few minutes after Sue’s bedroom light goes off.” Jack nodded in agreement.

Sue shortly came back in the living room to say goodnight to Jack. Mrs. Robinson went to the bedroom to give Sue and Jack some privacy to say goodnight. Jack held Sue for several long sexy kisses until she said, “Whee, that sort of gets me going. We have to quit that now and you have to leave.”

Jack was a little embarrassed that he knew Sue could feel the bulge in his pants. He told her goodnight and left. Now he could hardly wait to be let in the back door so that he could fuck Mrs. Robinson.

He walked around to the back side of the house. Sue’s bedroom was on the back side of the house and Jack saw her lighted window. The venetian blind was shut and he couldn’t see in. He would just wait until her light went out and then Mrs. Robinson would soon open the back door.

While waiting he examined Sue’s lighted window to see if there was a crack somewhere for him to see through. side escort He noticed the blind was a little damaged near the bottom. He bent down and found he could see through the damaged place.

He saw Sue taking her clothes off preparing for bed. Off came her jeans and top, and now she was wearing only her panties and bra. Her bra came off to expose her perky breasts. Then she put her thumbs in her panty elastic and slid them down and off which left her completely naked. Jack was so sexually excited that he rubbed his very hard cock and felt a need to masturbate. Then in front of his eyes, she quickly put on her pajamas and turned out the light. He assumed she went to bed. He decided he didn’t have to masturbate to relieve the ache in his cock because he would soon be fucking Mrs. Robinson.

His cock was so stiff that he could hardly wait until she would invite him in.

About ten minutes later, he heard the back door open and Mrs. Robinson whispered, “Come in.”

He didn’t know if he should tell Mrs. Robinson about the damaged window blind. Maybe he shouldn’t because if it wasn’t repaired, he could watch Sue undress again.

Jack and Mrs. Robinson moved quietly down the hall to the master bedroom. Once the door was shut, she said, “We have to be very quiet.

Without another word spoken, Jack watched Mrs. Robinson let her robe fall from her shoulders. He noticed she had previously removed her pajamas and was now totally nude in front of him. He quickly disrobed.

Mrs. Robinson quickly saw his very stiff erection and commented, “You really have a raging hard on tonight. It’s evident you got worked up kissing Sue. Sue’s window is at the back of the house, but I assume she had the blind closed. Were you able to see in?”

That caught Jack off guard and before he realized what he was saying, he said, “Yes, I could see through the damaged place at the bottom of the blind.” Now he expected he would get accused of being a Peeping Tom and scolded. Instead, Mrs. Robinson smiled at him.

“That was probably a big thrill for you if you saw my daughter naked.”

“Yes, she has a beautiful body.”

She smiled again, “No wonder you have a raging hard on. Let me take care of my boy and give you relief. Come to mama. Lie down on your back because I want to sit on that big thing. Remember, no loud noises when you cum.”

Mrs. Robinson squatted over Jack’s body. He held his cock in a position to aim at her hole, then she sat down to take his cock fully in her body. Jack’s mind and body was at a sexual frenzy as she moved up and down on him. It didn’t take but a short time for him to explode.

She knew Jack would cum rather quickly, so she planned to use her finger on her clit to try for an orgasm when his cock was jerking and shooting in her body. Even though Jack’s cock was becoming soft, she continued massaging her clit until she had an orgasm and collapsed on his breast.

Mrs. Robinson raised back up to sit on his body. “Wow, you were hot and that really turned me on when you cum in me. I’m not going to repair Sue’s bedroom window blind if it turns you on this much and your cock gets this stiff. As long as you don’t try to fuck her, you can stand outside her window and watch her get naked as much as you like. Right now, you need to get dressed and leave because it’s getting late. We’ll have to do this again, soon. Are you happy with the deal I’ve made with you.”

“Oh, yes. I like the deal, as you call it. I would like to come over here more often.”

“That would be alright with me, if we can arrange it. I’m willing to give you as much sex as I can as long as you don’t try to fuck Sue. If you have any bright ideas how we can get together, let me know without Sue or anyone else knowing about us. Right now you need to leave. I’ll let you slip quietly out the front door.”

To be continued…

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