Ms. Cane’s Game Ch. 01

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Harriet Deane was a shy girl. She often found herself frustrated that her peers could force her into uncomfortable social situations, and if she reacted in an introvert manner or her face went pink she would be treated as unsociable. Why should they get angry that she didn’t want to talk to strangers, or play ‘truth or dare?’. Why couldn’t they just leave her be?

She would be fine to remain in her circle of friends, to stay in her comfort zone, to meet a boy that would allow her to move as slow or as fast as she wanted, then everyone would be happy.

Unfortunately throughout her time at Ridgemont School she was surrounded by people who might as well have held a knife to her throat and exclaimed: “Confidence or death!”

She spent much of her time dreaming of the age where everyone just accepted each other, but even in her final year nothing had changed.

It was hard enough, being a teenage girl; she was lonely and depressed at times, yet at other times full of joy and content with her environment.

Having a poor self-image, Harriet exercised regularly and thoroughly, barely ate and still hated her appearance – her sickly white skin. Just looking at herself in the mirror every morning made her blood boil, how other girls had been graced with both confidence and beauty.

This however not the case, as many boys her age would argue. Harriet had pale skin, and was lightly freckled. Her hair was often straight, black hair flowing half way down her chest, and she often curled her hair for special occasions. Her eyes were a vivid green, and her smile was both challenging and friendly.

She was quite short, at around 5’4″ and had a small build. Her boobs were proportionate to her size, but she never came across as flat-chested. Those who have known her cannot explain why she is attractive, through her personality and actions she comes across as interesting.


A few days after her eighteenth birthday, she was almost dragged to Glamr, a local club in her town on Saturday night. She had spent hours perfecting her look, and after still not being happy with it she left for the club. Once she got there, amongst the crowds of people, the dim light and the huge noise from the stage she became more comfortable and began to enjoy herself.

Unfortunately, even her friends would go to desperate measures to give her a confidence boost. Harriet could tell they were planning something, as they whispered to one another and scanned the area. Eventually Danni grabbed her arm and started marching with her to the bar. Harriet was unfazed at first, before she veered to her left and seemed to be walking towards a small group of college guys.

Harriet immediately stopped and pulled away, her eyes wide “No way are you setting me up tonight!” “Oh come on! Danni pleaded, how good would it be if you get on with one of them? Huh?”

“Shut up. You know I don’t like meeting people I don’t know, it’s weird.” At this point one of her friends interjected, “Do you really want to be the last fucking virgin at Ridgemont?” Alice asked, looking like she was physically disgusted with her.

“No, but – ,” she was cut off as Alice firmly took her arm and despite Harriet’s complaints, brought her to the group.

Harriet found Alice’s expression remarkable as it changed from utter contempt to an innocent and captivating stare. She always made Harriet feel inferior, so beautiful and careless, and so confident. Alice stood with her arm still loosely holding hers, smiling as she began a conversation with the four. Harriet listened to every word, but still couldn’t figure out how she was talking with no prior knowledge of these people to work with, and it was never boring and never felt out of place. She was so good that Harriet could barely recall what she had said afterwards, other than establishing a connection with them and then introducing the birthday girl.

As they continued, Harriet providing as little input as possible, she noticed that three of the boys were looking with interest at Alice, nodding and taking an occasional sip of their drinks; but one seemed to spend most of his time evidently staring at Harriet, with a handsome smile.

Throughout the evening he glanced at her frequently, and when their eyes met he smiled and looked away momentarily in embarrassment before looking back again. At one point when the group moved to the bar to get another round in, Harriet and the mysterious college boy were left facing eachother, and he took the opportunity to spark conversation.

He was a master, he managed to talk in a completely non-threatening tone, and edgy questions and flirty remarks were acceptable because of this friendly demeanour. They decided to go outside for fresh air and the ability to hear what was being said, and found themselves alone in the smoking area, a recent stink of cigarettes putting aside the fresh air idea.

They talked for over ten minutes, and it was surprising to everyone including Harriet that she was getting along so well with him. He told her of how he planned to retake Tipobet his Art & Design course the following year so he could continue his studies at a better university. She told him of her impending English coursework, her doubts and nerves even though she had aced the last few essay questions in class.

The conversation slowed, and the pauses were suddenly longer and appeared more often, she became very aware of her breathing at this point. He took a few small steps towards her, and she was sure her expression was of a startled deer caught in the headlights of an incoming car. Her heart beat faster as he lifted his hand to her cheek. His hand felt soft against her and she had been holding her breath for some time now. His head moved closer. His knowing eyes closed slowly as he advanced the final inches. Her heart beat against her ribs, she could hear it. He kissed her.

He was slow and delicate at first, and there was such relief to release her stress so simply. His hand stroked down her back and he began to stroke and grab her ass. This less than subtle move didn’t feel great, and reminded Harriet that not everything would be perfect, and not to expect a faultless man on her first try. What was sensual and relaxing became unnaturally fast and sloppy rather quickly.

He pushed into her more, so that the cold stone wall of the balcony was forced against her back uncomfortably. His lips rushed around hers, as if in a hurry to get it done quickly, and his tongue clumsily licked at her lips, his saliva dripping down Harriet’s chin.

Harriet wanted to take control and push him away, and for him to return with romance rather than foolish lust. But she was too timid and tried to convince herself that he would back off soon.

Panic struck her as his hand slid to the bottom of her skirt, and he reached upwards, and Harriet started to realise that she couldn’t physically stop him from doing whatever he wanted, and he could rape her then and there. “Stop.” She tried to say boldly, “I’m not enjoying this Mark, get away,” she whimpered.

His fingers continued their climb up her leg to her panties as she trembled with fear. His index finger reached its goal but he kept it there, lightly prodding the silk against her mound. He had stopped pushing her against the wall, but held her in place firmly.

He stared into her eyes, with an incredulous look. “You little…tease,” He spat, still poking her, “Don’t pretend this isn’t what you want, what you came out here for…” She was crying openly now, and just shook her head. He withdrew his hand and released her, and she collapsed to the floor. She gasped for air and wiped the tears away from her face, when she pulled herself up he was gone.

Harriet left in a hurry, keeping her head low and avoiding eye contact with anyone, as her smudged make-up and red eyes gained unwanted attention. As she left she ignored consolation from Danni, and thought in her desperation that she would never find anyone to give her what she wanted, and that maybe she deserved what had happened to her, maybe she should just submit to a man because she is worthless. She didn’t say any of these thoughts aloud, and only explained what happened to Danni only briefly on the way back to the car.

Danni drove a silent car for fifteen minutes, before Alice cleared her throat and turned to Harriet , “Seriously, I’m doing this for your own good, you need to break out of this frigid little thing you’ve got going on here -“, Danni interrupted in an authoritative voice “Alice! Leave it out.”

They argued for a further few minutes before Harriet spoke over them both and asked “What do you mean you’re doing this for my own good? What did you do, Alice?”

“I told Mark that you wanted him to go as far as he could without getting arrested for public indecency, that’s what I did.”

No one said anything; Harriet was fuming, but restraining herself from attacking Alice, who sat there with an unwaveringly blank expression. Everyone else just tried to ignore what was said, as there was no remedy that didn’t involve friendships breaking.

Danni dropped Harriet off and wished that she’d feel better soon, and Harriet entered her house and crept into bed as quietly as possible.


The following morning was terrible. Harriet woke to an unforgiving headache, which seemed unfounded because she had drunk so little the following night. She got changed into some comfortable tracksuit bottoms and her older brother’s hoody and slumped on the sofa with two ibuprofens and a cup of coffee. A little while later her mum stormed in and said she needed to talk to her urgently.

“I heard what you did last night” Her mother stood before her with her arms crossed, her face red with anger. After all she got was a confused look she continued “I was told that you went off with a boy at that skanky club last night. That you did all kinds of stuff with him!”

“Who told you that?!?” Harriet exclaimed, confused and angry at the accusation.

“It doesn’t matter who told me, I just don’t want Tipobet Giriş my daughter drifting around town acting like a slut!”

That word cut into her, especially as it was said by her own mother. Her first thought was that Alice had told her mum, but it didn’t fit. It was probably just someone at the club who saw her leave with him and filled in the blanks.

“I didn’t do anything, Mum. The guy tried on stuff with me and told him where to go!”

“Okay, I just don’t know whether you’re telling the truth any more Harriet! You’re so distant, and you go out and I hear this?! I don’t know who you are anymore.”

“I’m the same girl I’ve always been, I still get straight A’s and you know it,” Harriet retorted.

“You forget how much I sacrifice for you, how much I spend on you. From now on your not allowed to go out to any clubs or parties until you’re exams are finished.”

“But mum! That’s way too long!”

“I need you to prove you can achieve your potential, it’s final. Remember the money me and your father are going to pay to help you through University? That’s gone, unless you can prove that you deserve it. If you don’t get an A in English Literature this summer, you’re not getting a penny from me!!”

Harriet was gobsmacked. She was so uncertain of her future that it was her only relief to know that in September she could study English Literature in a good university. She’d spent so long looking forward to pursuing the subject she loved that she never thought that there was a chance she wouldn’t be able to do it. And if her mother wasn’t going to spend money on her education, she wouldn’t let her stay in the house either. So if she was unlucky with her marks then she would be thrown out and have to find a job in the worst economic climate.

And if she wanted an A she would have to get over 80% marks in both her coursework and her exam, so if she failed her coursework or didn’t do well then she could bid farewell to University. Her coursework will be given to her to complete within the next twelve days on Monday, and that was the final hand-in. So Harriet had less than two weeks to prove herself.

The next day when the assignment was given out, her teacher Ms. Cane told them all that the final draft of their coursework would have to be on her desk on Monday before 9:30, as she had taken that day off as a well-earned break to the coast and she’d begin to mark their work over the weekend.

She would finish all the marking by that Friday, the last day of term, when she would send their work off for moderation. Any late entries would not be accepted.

Harriet felt the weight of the world that week, she slaved over the assignment day and night, writing, checking, double-checking, rewriting… It was hell. The amount of work was bad enough itself, but Harriet had so much stress in her life lately that she was totally overcome by it all.

She felt so paranoid that she would fail that everything that she did would have to be perfect. Even when she left herself enough time to sleep she was kept awake with her worries, and nightmares of being tied to a wall and punished for being so worthless.

Harriet left the last day free, so she could relax and not doing anything last minute. She had locked herself in that fortnight, and went out for a jog just to get some fresh air. Elated with the hard work being done and enjoying the free time to waste on her laptop, she climbed into bed after two in the morning, exhausted.


A blissful smile rested on her lips as Harriet awoke on the Monday of her deadline, she was ready to saunter in and hand Ms. Cane the excessively detailed coursework in her own time. Why had she felt rushed before? She had all the time in the world.

Something niggled at the back of her mind, there was something she should be worried about, but she wasn’t sure what. Harriet stared at her bedside alarm clock for a full minute before reality sunk in, and a deep feeling of panic and dread filled her.

It was 10:09.

God knows what she may have looked like, with her clothes thrown on desperately and no make-up, her hair kinky from a restless sleep. Running with all that she had, her coursework in hand, and the realisation that it was too late gaining on her fast; she arrived at her teacher’s classroom at 10:22, and it was empty.

Swallowing her need to sit and cry for an hour, she ran again to the students’ office and asked how she could get into contact with Ms. Cane. The receptionist gave her a judging look before dialling in a gruelling slow manner. She could tell her teacher was angry, as she could hear the tone of her voice from the phone from a metre away, the receptionist was cut off mid-sentence before listening for long periods.

The receptionist held the phone out to Harriet from across the desk, with an expression that expressed both annoyance and sympathy. She took the phone from her tentatively, holding at a distance like something dangerous at first before putting it to her ear.

“Hello?” Harriet said, barely Tipobet Güncel Giriş audibly.

“The temerity, of such an act,” The voice was sharp and commanding, Harriet knew she was in trouble straight away. This was all that was said for a long while, until eventually Harriet started her apology.

“Miss Cane, I am so, so sorry. I must have slept through my alarm I am so so – -”

“Sorry?” Ms Cane cut her off, “I don’t care for your petty excuses and cry-baby antics so hear me out right now. I have planned this day for a long time. I am a teacher, I get paid poorly and the work is strenuous and constant. The only real reward I can get is respect from my pupils, and you are giving me nothing back. I have just driven for coming up to an hour and the only way I can get yours marked is if I drive all the way back home and pick it up. Now, I’ve already decided that’s what I am going to do, so you don’t need to plead with me. I am going to arrive at my friend’s beach house, drop off my things, have a cocktail with my friends and then drive home. I will sort you out and then drive back there for the weekend. I will see you in my office at 3:30, try to be punctual.”

Harriet had been on the verge of tears throughout the phone call, and had been glad that when she opened her mouth to speak Ms. Cane hung up on her, because the noise that would’ve come out would’ve been a wail. She couldn’t face going home to her mum and either lie to her or admit the terrible mistake she had made, so she stayed at school for five hours, pacing up and down corridors, just hoping that this day would end.

When it got to 3:30, and most of the staff and students had left for their weekend, Harriet walked across the varnished floor of the classroom, her footsteps echoing in the silence. She perched on a desk on the front row, and gazed out of the window for a few minutes before she jolted with surprise as Ms Cane opened the door a little forcefully.

“Couldn’t you wait outside?” She asked casually as she put down her handbag on her desk and began to shift the contents of her drawers around.

“Sorry – I, it was half past so I thought I should -“

“Sorry, how rude of me to be so late. Gosh – it’s 3:34 now!” Cane remarked sarcastically.

“No I didn’t mean it like that,”

“Where’s your work?” She interrupted, as if beginning the conversation again.

Harriet gestured to the teacher’s desk, and when she wasn’t understood she pointed at the desk and said “I put it on your desk, it’s right in front of you,”

“Do you think I am an idiot?”

“No no not at all, I’m just saying that -“

“I couldn’t see a folder right in front of my eyes, hmm? You know, I’ve been travelling all day just to mark your stupid coursework so I think you can just put up with me not being spot-on.”

Harriet was not used to this, she knew Ms Cane had every right to be mad but it was out of character for her to be so petty, and misread everything that she said. Normally she was forgiving, rarely raising her voice and with an occasional mischievous smirk on her face.

She was only three or four inches taller than Harriet, and had similar length, light brown hair that she tossed behind her shoulders. She was petite, but much more womanly than Harriet, who thought of Ms Cane as having the perfect features for her build, and hoped to grow up to look like her when she was older.

She was in her mid-twenties, and had built up a slightly snobbish reputation amongst a few, as she came from a privileged background, and often literally turned her nose up to certain things or people. It was this that gave her appeal, as seeing someone so prudish often let a sly smile slip at an inappropriate joke, left a lot to the imagination of what Ms. Cane was really like.

“I’m sorry miss; I don’t want to be rude, I am so happy that you’ve come back in. I mean, you’re really doing your job right.”

“So, if I were to ignore your call, and enjoyed my day off, and left you to fail your grade because you couldn’t meet a simple deadline, – then I would not be doing my job right?”

“Sorry, that was a wrong choice of wo-“

“Stop apologising, then acting like it’s my duty to put up with it you rude little girl.”

She paused for a second before handing the folder back to Harriet and grabbing her handbag.

“I don’t have to put up with this, from you.” Ms. Cane muttered as she left for the door.

“Nonononononono, no please! Please don’t leave!” Harriet threw those words out as grabbed her arm, teardrops starting to trickle down her cheeks.

She could feel the anger in her teacher as her arm rose and fell sharply with her breathing.

“Let go of me.” She complied. “You’re clearly desperate, why is that?”

Harriet explained what her mother had said, leaving out the reason for the argument.

“It seems your mother is a bright woman, and by missing the deadline you’ve proven that her trust was misplaced, and you’re not a worthy daughter.”

Harriet couldn’t help herself anymore, and started crying, desperately gasping for oxygen between the sobs. Ms. Cane ignored her at first, returned to her desk and turned her laptop on, leaving Harriet on the floor. After a few minutes Ms. Cane said something that raised her hopes and then brought her down again.

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