Ms. Greys’ School Ch. 01

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written LJP

edited another wannabe

Preface:This school is for young women(18-20) and is focused on helping young trans women with their transition. Also I would like to thank my Editor for all his help.


It was already a long day and it was only 10 am. “I must discuss hiring more girls with Ms. Green tonight,” Shelby exhaled.

Ms. Grey’s school for young women had grown steadily. This year was unprecedented, enrollment had nearly doubled. It Seemed more and more young trans women were hearing about the school. Other schools had popped up since Ms. Grey’s school was founded in 1905, but Ms. Grey’s was still the most prestigious. Shelby fondly remembered her time there. Ms. Grey’s school had taken a frightened eighteen year old and made her a confident woman.

“I don’t know if I would have attended college much less graduated without this school.” Shelby pondered. She felt a debt to the school and Ms. Green. “Enough daydreaming” Shelby exhaled. Girls would be arriving tomorrow and they still hadn’t decided which dorms to place some of them.

Suddenly a statuesque older woman burst through the door. Shelby was stunned by her. She was tall with platinum blond hair. Her frame was svelte, what most would call a swimmers body Shelby observed. The stranger was lovely, but what stood out was how she carried herself, confident and refined.

“I’m here to see Ms. Green about the annual evaluation,” the stranger said casually as she strode by. “You are Shelby White,” she said, more of a statement than a question. “Pleased to meet you I’m Sylvia Grey,What class did you graduate with Ms. White?”

“I’m not… aware of any evaluation,” Shelby stuttered.

Shelby was stunned. The owner of the school had just burst through her office. Apparently she was here to do a surprise evaluation. Shelby panicked a bit before she replied, “I will tell Ms. Green you are here.”

“No need Shelby, she is expecting me,” Sylvia purred as she opened the head mistress’s door. Kneeling in the center of her office was Lydia Green, completely nude except for a collar and her glasses. She was curvy with tanned skin and dark hair. Lydia was a well loved and respected headmistress. Even if a student thought she was strict, they also remarked on how much she cared. Shelby had never seen the headmistress so docile and submissive.

“Lydia you look well,” she said as she leaned over and kissed her lightly on the cheek.

Lydia replied “Thank you ma’am,” softly.

“Ms. White disrobe and kneel,” Sylvia said Pendik Anal Escort without even looking over her shoulder. Shelby immediately did as she was told. She was a born submissive. She was painfully shy and eager to please. “Lydia dear I’m very proud of you, a 98% percent graduation rate,” she said with a smile. “That is the highest in school history,” she took a seat next to the kneeling head mistress. Lydia did not reply, she simply smiled and bowed her head.

Shelby was confused and excited. The morning had started like so many others. Now she was in her boss/dominas office. The owner of the school was clearly in control of Ms. Green. Another wonderful thing about Ms. Grey’s School was that the students and faculty fell into two groups. You were either dominant or submissive. No one was forced into either role, you were just helped in discovering it for yourself. Shelby had been naturally submissive. When she returned to Ms. Grey’s school as faculty she began dating Ms. Green almost immediately. She had been drawn to Ms. Green as a student and it influenced her decision to return. Now this woman had entered their lives and had complete control over Lydia. Shelby was jealous, but also aroused.

Lydia’s cock was fully erect when they entered and Shelby’s was following. Ms. Grey was stroking Lydia’s hair as she discussed the school, her family and gossip. Lydia did not reply but had a contented smile on her face. Lydia hung on Sylvia’s every word.

“Enough chit chat, Lydia be a dear and pleasure me with your mouth.” Sylvia sighed .

Lydia slowly pushed up her boss’s skirt. She found a garter belt and stockings, nothing more. She took Sylvia’s cock in her hand and slowly started licking the head. A look of bliss spread across Sylvia’s face. Lydia began licking her shaft slowly. Sylvia gently pulled Lydia’s mouth down on her cock. She started slowly at first. As the tempo increased ,so did how much Lydia took of her cock. Eventually she was deepthroating the whole thing ,until she had to come up for air.

“I have missed my Lydia,” Sylvia moaned. “Shelby you may pleasure yourself any way you want except for your cock,” she commanded.

Shelby nodded as she had two fingers in her mouth already, the other hand roughly pinching her nipple. She didn’t know what to think. Jealousy competed with lust, but sadness was there also. She truly loved Lydia and it broke her heart to see her so intimate and happy with another woman. Shelby began to fuck herself with her saliva-coated fingers, the sounds Pendik Yaşlı Escort of Lydia deepthroating Ms. Grey’s cock driving her on. Both Lydia and Shelby were moaning softly.

Sylvia gazed at Shelby. Yes she could see what Lydia saw in the girl. She was petite with alabaster skin dotted with freckles. Her pale red hair and green eyes completed the package. So lovely and a born sub. Yes she could definitely see what Lydia saw in her.

“We really should do these evaluations more often Lydia,” Sylvia laughed.

“Yes ma’am,” was all Lydia said as Sylvia’s cock back went back in her mouth. Her dark brown hair hung loose around her neck.

Sylvia stared at Shelby as she spoke. “Lydia dear, have you told Shelby how we met?”

“No ma’am” Lydia mumbled around Sylvia’s cock.

“Lydia and I went to school together here, dear,” Sylvia continued. “I was two years ahead of Lydia. She had only been here a few days when some girls took some liberties with her,” Sylvia said sadly. “I put a stop to it, after that we were fast friends. She is like the little sister I never had. I had her moved into my dorm room. One night she woke me, tell her what you asked Lydia.” she said with a smile.

Lydia looked up with pre-cum and saliva dribbling off her lips. “I asked if I could suck her cock for being so kind to me,” Lydia whispered dreamily.

“I told her she didn’t have to, if she didn’t want to,” Sylvia sighed. “What was your reply dear?” Sylvia said, never breaking eye contact with Shelby.

“I want to, I have for some time now,” Lydia whispered then resumed deepthroating Sylvia. Shelby’s face dropped. Her fingers kept pumping faster. Anger and disappointment came and went. Lust was constant.

“That is exactly what you said love. Shelby, I want you to prepare Lydia for me. Saliva, lube, whatever she uses on you dear.”

Sylvia stood as Lydia raised her ass and laid her face down on the floor. Shelby ran to her office and retrieved the lube she kept in her desk drawer with her favorite plug. Slowly, she worked her fingers into her lover’s ass. One to start, she was soon finger fucking Lydia with three as she moaned loudly. Quickly Lydia began pushing back against Shelby’s hand.

“I think she is ready, move aside,” Sylvia commanded.

Shelby crawled away as she was commanded. “I have been looking forward to this” Sylvia laughed. She kneeled behind Lydia,grabbing her ample hips. Lydia inhaled sharply as the head of Sylvia’s cock entered her.

“Mmmm… it’s been a while, Pendik Zenci Escort you are so tight,” Sylvia smiled as she slowly started fucking Lydia. Slyvia’s rhythm slowly increased. As it did Lydia face was a mask of ecstasy.

“Yes faster please ma’am,” Lydia panted.

Shelby laid on the ground watching the two women. All she could think was how she wished Lydia loved her like she loved Sylvia. She couldn’t bear to to watch anymore. She rolled onto her back, but the sound of flesh slapping against flesh didn’t stop. Lydia’s moans became louder and louder. Tears ran down Shelby’s face as Sylvia came with a shudder. Lydia slumped on the ground as Sylvia collapsed on a fainting couch. “Oh my God, Lydie, I have missed you so,” Sylvia mumbled. She gazed at Shelby “Why are you crying girl?”

Lydia climbed on the couch with Sylvia as her seed ran down her thigh. “Shelby, baby, come here,” Lydia said lovingly.

Shelby slowly crawled over to her, tears running down her face. “What is wrong honey?” Lydia said as she cradled the girl to her breast.

“I thought you loved me, but I was wrong” Shelby said as she glared at Sylvia. She didn’t care if she was fired. Sadly she had no reason to stay at the school now.

“You think I’m cruel?” Sylvia asked.

Shelby nodded without raising her head.

“Lydia is very special to me. she is like. She is family to me,” Sylvia lamented.

Shelby looked up at her. The confidence was still there but it was tinged with sadness. “Lydia told me she loved you very much. She goes on and on about you.”

Shelby’s eyes widened in shock. She had went from confusion to soul-crushing sadness to confused happiness. “That is why this will be the last evaluation,” Sylvia announced sharply. She stood and started dressing, “I had to see for myself that you loved her as much as she loves you.”

It was Lydias’ turn to look confused.

“Why?” Lydia asked, “did i do something wrong?”

Sylvia sighed “Lydia I love you…”

“…And I love you,” Lydia interrupted.

“I know you do,” Sylvia smiled, “and it pales compared to how much love you and Shelby have for each other.” Sylvia leaned down and kissed Lydia “You will always have a special place in my heart.” She turned and left without another word.

Lydia sprawled across the fainting couch. Shelby joined her resting her head on Lydia’s shoulder. “Did you really say those things?” Shelby asked.

“That, and more.” Lydia replied.

As a smile crept across Shelby’s face Lydia leaned in and whispered in her ear. Shelby’s smile grew as she said, “Nothing would make me happier domina.”

Lydia took the ornate collar off. She gazed at it for a moment then let it fall to the floor. “It’s so pretty” Shelby whispered.

“Yours should be here within the month,” Lydia laughed.

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