My Adventures With Brandi Ch. 03

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I would recommend reading the first 2 parts of this story before reading this entry.

I continued to visit Brandi at the strip club and even had another modeling session with her at the lingerie store. The second time she brought her toys as promised, and the show was HOT! We both came simultaneously as she buried vibrators in her pussy and asshole at the same time.

A few weeks later, I was at the strip club, enjoying the girls as usual. I had a private dance from a new dancer at the club, a tall blonde named Alison. She may have been new to the club, but she new how to get just as nasty as the rest of the strippers. At one point during our dance, she was facing away from me as she bent over at the waist and reached behind herself to pull aside the strap of her thong, exposing her pussy and asshole to me. After that, she sat on my lap facing me, and while she had her tits in my face, she reached under the waist band of my jeans and actually took my cock in her hands and gave it a few quick strokes. After the dance was done, i made my way back to the bar; i noticed Brandi talking on the payphone, looking very agitated. She slammed the phone down and took a seat next to me.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“That idiot boyfriend of mine.” Brandi replied. “He’s watching the game on TV, and it just went into overtime so he said i had to wait till it’s over until he comes to pick me up! I told him to go fuck himself, I’ll find my own way home.”

“What a moron.” I said. “If you were my girlfriend, I’d be waiting on you hand and foot! I think you are a little more important than a game on TV!”

“Thanks, you’re a sweetheart.” Brandi said. “But now i have a problem, i have no way home.”

“Tell you what.” I said. “I was just about to leave, i can give you a ride.”

“Are you sure?” Brandi asked. “I live on the other side of town. I wouldn’t want you to have to go out of you way.”

“No problem.” I said. “I’m ready to go whenever you’re ready.”

“Thanks, let me go get dressed, and then we’ll go.”

Brandi went back to the dressing room, and after a few minutes, she returned wearing a short skirt and a tank top, her braless tits bouncing as she walked. She took my arm in hers, and we left arm in arm, getting more than a few jealous looks from some of the guys in the bar.

I led Brandi to my SUV and opened the door for her. The cab of the truck was kinda high off the ground, so when Brandi climbed up into escort ataşehir the seat, i got a quick look at the bottom of her bare ass cheeks under her skirt. I got in my seat and asked Brandi for directions, and prepared to drive off.

“Wait a minute.” Brandi said. “You have always been so nice to me, and you’ve always been a gentleman. That’s kind of rare for a guy who visits strip clubs, you know. Most guys come there thinking us strippers are an easy lay or a hooker.”

“Well,” I replied, “just because a girl takes off her clothes for a living, it doesn’t make her any less worthy of respect. That’s how i feel, any way.”

“Well, since you’ve always been so nice, and partly to thank you for this ride, I’m gonna do something special for you. Lean your seat back as far as you can while you’re still able to reach the pedals.”

I did as she asked, not sure yet what was going on. Brandi got on her knees in the passenger seat and reached over and undid my belt and unbuttoned my fly and waistband. Brandi then started to pull my jeans and boxers down my legs. I lifted my butt off the seat to help her. When my pants were halfway to my knees she stopped and grasped my hardening cock.

“Now, start driving, and try to keep your eyes on the road.” And with that, Brandi lowered her head to my lap and took my cock between her lips.

I started to make the drive across town, trying hard to concentrate on the road. A task that Brandi was not making very easy. I was receiving the best blow job of my life, Brandi was certainly an expert at what she was doing. Her mouth felt like warm, wet velvet. I braved a quick look down, and all I saw was her head bobbing up and down on my shaft while her tongue lashed the head on the upstrokes. She was on her knees in the passenger seat, and her skirt had ridden up to expose the white thong she was wearing, the thin strip separating her ass cheeks. Luckily the streets were pretty empty, but at one stoplight, a truck pulled up next to me on my left. The driver was a pretty redhead girl. She glanced over and did a double take at the head bouncing up and down in my lap. I told Brandi we had a audience, and she lifted her head from my crotch and gave the redhead a quick smile before dropping back down on my cock. The light turned green, and I drove off, the other truck still sitting there. We were soon at her apartment complex, and Brandi stopped sucking long enough to instruct me to park kadıköy escort in the back, away from peeping eyes. I parked as she asked, and Brandi stopped sucking and sat up, looking into my eyes. I could tell she was seriously contemplating something, and it didn’t take too long for her to make up her mind.

“Do you have a condom with you?” she asked.

“Yeah, why do you ask.”

“Well,” she replied, “I was just going to suck your cock and let you come in my mouth, but, I think you deserve something more. Get your pants off and get into the back seat, now, before i change my mind.”

I quickly climbed into the back seat and took my pants the rest of the way off. Brandi soon joined me, still clothed, and reached for the rubber. She slowly rolled it down my shaft.

“Now, I really shouldn’t be doing this,” she said, “so we have to be quick before someone catches us. Now this is all for your pleasure, so don’t worry about trying to make me cum, just sit back and let me do all the work.”

I leaned back in the seat, my feet on the floorboards. Brandi straddled my legs facing away from me and lifted her skirt and pulled the thong to the side. She reached under herself and grabbed my cock and guided it to her pussy. I was in heaven, watching her perfect, heart shaped ass lower herself onto my cock. Soon her ass cheeks were resting against my hips as she sat there for a moment, her pussy muscles squeezing my cock. Brandi reached forward to grab the back of the front seat, and started to slowly raise herself up and down on my shaft, fucking me with long, slow stokes. I gripped the cheeks of her as and pulled them apart so i could watch my cock slide in and out of her. At the same time, i could see her puckered asshole wink at me with each stroke. Brandi’s pussy felt like silk, and she had wonderful control of the muscles in her cunt, squeezing me as she sped up her stokes. I reached around and grabbed her tits in my hands as she fucked me faster and faster, squeezing her nipples in my fingers. I was enjoying the best fuck of my life, finally screwing the woman of my dreams.

“Yeah, baby,” Brandi grunted, “you feel so good in my cunt, fuck my pussy harder!”

“Brandi, you feel so good, you’re gonna make me cum real soon.” i groaned.

“That’s what i want, baby. Cum for me. Just let me know when it’s gonna happen.”

I grabbed her hips and started to fuck her as hard as i could, my explosion just maltepe escort bayan moments away.

“I’m gonna cum, Brandi. I’m gonna cum!”

With that, Brandi jumped off my cock and knelt on the seat next to me. She ripped the condom off me and grabbed my cock, stroking me hard and fast.

“Cum in my mouth, baby. Let it shoot in my mouth, i wanna taste it so bad!”

Brandi lowered her mouth to my cock just as i started to shoot.

“Oh, Brandi, I’m cumming!”

Brandi wrapped her lips around the head of my cock, lashing it with her tongue as her hand pumped the shaft. My cum shot into her mouth and she started swallowing everything i had to give. The jets of cum got weaker as she milked the last bit of cum out of me she could get. As my breathing returned to normal, Brandi let my softening cock slip from her lips, her tongue cleaning up any remaining cum. When she was satisfied there was nothing left, Brandi reached up and kissed me. I could taste myself on her lips, and i wondered if her boyfriend would be able to taste it too. I started to laugh at the thought of that, and Brandi stared at me, wondering what was going on. I told her what i was thinking about, and she started to laugh also.

“Serves him right if he does,” she said.

We sat there for a few minutes, regaining our composure, and i thanked Brandi for the most enjoyable experience of my life.

“That was the best fuck of my life.” I told her. “I just lived out most guys fantasy: fucking a sexy stripper. No one would ever believe me if i told them!”

“Well,” Brandi said,” I’m gonna rely on your honor as a gentleman to never tell anyone. If i ever hear as much as a whisper from anyone that this ever happened, you’ll have blown your chance of it ever happening again!”

I told her that news of what happened would never leave my lips, and Brandi seemed satisfied with that. I got back into my pants, and we got out of the SUV. I walked around to Brandi’s side of the truck and she gave me a hug and a quick kiss.

“Thanks for the ride.” she said.

“I should be thanking YOU for the ride.” I said smiling.

Brandi laughed and then got a mischievous look in her eyes. She reached under her skirt and slid her thong down her legs. She took her panties and placed them in my hand.

“Here’s a souvenir for you.” She said. “Thanks again.”

With that, Brandi turned and headed for her apartment. I stood there for a moment, and then climbed back into the truck. I brought her panties to my face, still smelling her scent. I smiled and hung the panties on my rear view mirror. I drove home and got undressed and slid into bed. I slept good that night.

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