My Autography Ch. 04

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My debuting tryst with mom ended when, at four in the morning, we heard a knock on the bedroom door. Mom casually put on her robe and I followed as she went to the door. As it opened, I saw dad and Najia, his arm going around her back. They too, were dressed in robes, and their condition told me the about their labours of the night past. Reddened eyes, puffy lips and an odd bite mark on Najo’s neck gave me many unseen visions of their passionate night. Dad too looked tipsy and hazed. His arm, that held his daughter was moving subtly, but continuously, to caress her; on the belly while moving upward and downward.

“Congratulations, I hope that you enjoyed your first experience.” Said Najia as she broke off from the arm of dad and came to embrace me.

I, despite knowing the fact that, was part of a very open and loving family, blushed and replied with a barely discernable nod.

“Darling, I hope that you did not make her addicted to your own kind.” Said dad to mom while he came behind Najia and putting his hands around us.

“Its upto her, but I don’t think that kind of addiction is part of the family traditions. By the way, did you not had Najia to your content last night? Why not you leave them alone for some time?” Mom replied with a smile.

Dad had other ideas. His hands, coming around Najia, were on my back. Through the flimsy material of my robe, under which I was bare, I felt him caress area on my upper back. It seemed, he was trying to know whether I was wearing anything underneath the robe or not. I was, off course buck naked under the robe and he must have realized it immediately.

Najia held me for sometime and when she got back, dad was there, standing in front of me, a bulge, quite prominent under his robe told me about his arousal. It was a strange feeling, me, his daughter was the most probable cause of his state of arousal. Tall, handsome face, broad-shoulders, and his slightly peppery hairs and so was my father. Just his looks made my blood rush faster in my body.

I waited, he held and when that moment became too long for me to bear, I stepped ahead and took hold of him. My arms going around him, my face bumping into his masculine chest as I managed to whisper, “I love you Dad.” “I love you too, my baby-doll. I love you like your mom and sister.” Dad said as he lowered his head.

I looked up and saw his eyes staring into mine, and the only thing visible in his eyes was a deep love, and a bit of lust. Again the moment lasted for a bit too long and seeing his reluctance and hesitation, I again took the initiative. Rising on the tips of my toes, I took my lips to his chin and kissed him.

Touch of my lips to his skin gave me a jolt, a jolt of pleasure. My state of arousal took an upward surge and I felt my crotch getting wetter. His mouth moved and he kissed me again on my left cheek. I felt his stubble, smelt his fragrance and was somewhat lost. In that state of him, I realized that dad has moved back suddenly as a result of something that my mom said, which I did not gather.

As I returned to my senses, I heard mom saying, “———-, let us now do something conventional and straight.”

By this time dad had left me and was nearing mom. He took her into his arms, without any inhibitions whatsoever. He kissed her and she melted into his arms. Without any more words, they moved into the room and Najia pulled me out.

“Its now time to become normal. Nights are good for taboos but the daylight may reveal things to people who live around us.” She said.

We moved arm in arm towards our rooms. On reaching Najia turned inside without saying anything to me. I kept on moving towards my own room and when I reached inside, I heard faint footsteps behind me. As I turned to shut the door of my room, I saw Najia following me. I stepped back and she moved in the room.

“I heard you telling me to get normal, now what. You seem to be going back on your words.” I said.

“I was your roommate before and if someone sees me and you in the same room again, there won’t be any upturned brows. You and dad in their room would definitely raise questions. Beside, there is still time before our innocent brothers wake up.” Najia replied as she casually untied the sash that held her robe together.

In a moment the robe shimmered down her body and there she was in all her glory. Slightly shorter than me in height and curvier, she stood with hands on her hips, allowing me to ogle her to my content. Her skin was flawless but for some fresh bite-marks on her tits, thighs and neck. Her jet-black hairs were loose and came down to her lower back. Her neck, slightly tilted to the right, sat upon her thorax that was lovely. On her chest, globular but firm, were her tits with pink nipples that were much lighter in colour as compared to moms. More like me in colour, but definitely longer in length, her nipples were surrounded by aureoles that were not much distinctive to her pinkish skin tone. Her belly was firm and below was her slightly fuzzy bush. It seemed she gave particular beşiktaş anal yapan escort attention to her “haircut”.

My lusty view was interrupted as she moved forward. Her boobs juggling and making my heart stir. She came closer and closer and soon her right hand was on my shoulder. Taking it inward and downward, she soon placed a finger between the lapels of my robe. Slowly she moved it downward; brushing past my cleavage, down over my belly, and soon her finger forced the sash of my robe open. My cleavage became partially exposed and my bush was completely in view of Najia as front of my robe hung open. She slowly brought her both hands up and removed the robe and my whole body became exposed with the robe lying on the floor.

“Wow, you have such a fresh looking lovely body.” Najia exclaimed as she started caressing undersides of my nubile boobs.

“Don’t try to flatter me. I am already getting envious of your fullness.” I replied, still scanning her luscious body.

Najia brought her hands over my shoulders and forced me to sit down while saying, “I have got a treat for you. I know you had tasted mom tonight, why not you taste dad as well.”

Still a bit mesmerized by the events of the night, I was unable to comprehend her as she stood there with me staring straight at her cunt. A moment later, as I concentrated more, I understood her completely. Her pussy lips were wet and some white and gluey fluid smeared upon her rosy pink cunt lips.

Without much ado, I extended my tongue, lapped the remnants of dad’s passion. It was different, it had to be from the juices of mom, and its taste was something that is from the depths of ocean. Salty in a strange kind of way, it was just wonderful. I did not take long to lick away the cum that stuck on the outsides of Najia’s cunt.

I did not stop there and as I continued, I felt the change of taste. After having consumed the masculine cum of dad, I now tasted Najia’s own feminine nectar. The difference between the two fluids was clearly discernable and despite the difference, I liked it. I was further encouraged by moans of Najia, her knees bent and as I looked up, I saw her eyes turning up in ecstasy.

“OH! Nado, mom had done well during the night. You have learnt the art of licking. Uhmmmmmmmmmmmmm, keep doing it, I will be coming soon.” Said Najia between her moans of pleasure.

As I saw my sister’s knees bending, I felt like pushing her to the bed so as we both could continue in a better state of comfort. Najia moved back to the bed, as if she knew my intent. Soon, she was half lying on bed, her legs open and touching the floor with me sitting down on the floor and eagerly lapping upon her vagina. “Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh”, her cries of pleasure started getting louder and louder and soon her nectar flew out more rapidly from her cunt as I tried in vain to lick it all. She came with a bang and I got up with a face wet from her juices.

“I think now it’s my turn to return the favour. Beside, I also want to have a taste of my virgin sister.” Said Najia as she pushed me on the bed and assumed the position I was in previously.

She went after my cunt like a pro and started eating it out with enthusiasm of a suckling infant. Even after having spent hours of continuous and unadulterated pleasure with mom, my desires rose like an inferno. Soon it was me who whose groans and moans of pleasure echoed in the room. I came not long after she started teasing my cunt and it was enough sapping of my energies. I never knew when I fell asleep in my nudity.

It was a nice sleep, with my body relaxed as if I had been soothed by an expert masseur. The dreams were even sweeter and I had great visions about mom, Najia and dad.

I woke up when sun rays, filtering through the drapes of my room fell on my body. I realized that I was only partially covered with my bedcovers and my boobs peaked out to the sun rays. I looked around and failed to find Najia in the room. As my senses fully became awake, I heard water splashing in the washroom, the door to which was partially open.

Lazily, I got up and headed to the washroom. When I entered I saw Najia taking a shower. Steam rose from her body as the warm water washed her beautiful body that I had explored last night. Seeing her in the full lights was, however, another experience. Every curve of her body was open to my view and I kept on ogling her for long.

“So, would you just stand there staring or would you like to join.” She said, slightly turning towards me.

I was more than willing to oblige but my bladder was full and I headed to the toilet seat. As I sat and relieved my bursting bladder, I felt no shyness or inhibitions. I fully realized that I belonged to one great family that kept no secrets. By the time I was free from my toiletry obligations, Najia was almost through with her shower.

“You are late, if I wait, we will miss the breakfast, and this day is not the last day of our lives.” She said as beşiktaş bdsm escort she wrapped her body in a towel and slowly walked out of the washroom.

I took her place in the shower and took a leisurely bath, pondering upon her last statement. Definitely, this day will not be the last day of the relationship that I had gotten into. I wanted to experiment everything of life and who else could have been more caring than my own family. My reverie of thoughts was broken as I heard a knock on the door. “Nado, are you coming out or you want your breakfast cold.” It was Najia.

“Just coming.” I replied and hurried through my shower. I then realized that towel was missing from the washroom as Najia had used it. ‘What’s the big deal’, I thought as I walked out nude into my room. In hurry, I hurriedly dressed up in a ‘Shalwar Kamiz” (local dress with shirt and loose fitting trouser). I was so thrilled to join my family for the breakfast that I forgot that the bra I had put on was in total contrast to my dress. My partially wet body only accentuated its visibility. I never realized this till the time I reached the breakfast table.

Dad looked up as I entered the dining room and his eyes stuck to my bosom. On seeing him like that, mom told him, “Darling you seem to be behaving like a teenager. Don’t worry; you will have her to your hearts content”.

“I am not a teenager but she is, and beside, every new thing is novel” Replied dad as he took his eyes off me.

“Ok! I think its time to behave, young ones are about to come.” Najia butted herself in and we all took stock of the situation. My younger brothers, though part of our very open family were still too young to know about all this.

I looked for the vacant chairs and decided to sit beside dad facing mom. As I took the seat, we heard the chattering entry my younger brothers made. As usual they were fighting about something trivial.

“Tum raat ko soney hi nahi dete ho, itna shor machete ho ke bas neend hi nahi aat. (You make so much noise during night that I can’t even sleep).” Said the Younger to the Elder.

“Idiot, it was you who made noises and I am the one who has to remain sleepless.” Replied the Elder.

Their harmless exchange of banter caused all of adults to raise our brows. Mom rightly decided to intervene to quell their doubts that could lead to any possible complications.

“Hey! None of you two made any noise. It was us, actually, who were having an argument as regards to where to go on our next outing.” She said to them and we all smiled.

“Outing, where and when?” They both joyously asked.

“You won’t be waiting for long. Have your breakfast and we will go to your Mamoo’s (maternal uncle) place.” Mom replied and they both became happy and hurried to the breakfast table. Our uncle had two kids who were age-mate of our brothers and their house was in the suburbs of town having a huge swimming pool. We all, especially our brothers liked the place a lot.

“Mom, I won’t go, I have a friend who is coming from Lahore and I need to see her and take her shopping.” Said Najia as she started with her breakfast.

As Najia said this, I felt the wait of a palm upon my thigh and took not much of guessing that it was dad’s left hand that was free as he ate his breakfast. “I too won’t be able to go, I have some official commitments.” He said while holding my thigh with his strong fingers.

“Ok, I understand. Nadia, you too seem to be tired after your birthday party. Why not you just stay home and supervise the servants cleaning the house.” Mom said, as if she understood intentions of dad.

I started with my breakfast and just nodded in reply to mom’s suggestion. Just hearing her cooperating with dad, foregoing her own conjugal rights in favour of her own daughter, made my pussy tingle. I vowed to myself to discover the leftover secrets of our family. Why, after all, was she being so benevolent? She so much in contravention to feminine instincts seemed strange to me, even after knowing the openness of our family.

Dad’s hand remained on my thigh, moving higher with every passing moment. I soon felt his fingers on my lower belly and the tickle it gave me caused my hands to waver. I took control of myself and moved in my chair to facilitate his moving fingers. Taking advantage of my cooperation, dad managed to sneak his palm through the waistband of my shalwar. Soon his fingers touched my cunt lips and gathered the moisture I was generously seeping with. He then removed his hand and nonchalantly brought his fingers to his lips. He then licked it, taking out his tongue and only I knew what he was cleaning off his fingers.

“Hey darling, breakfast tastes much better today.” He said to mom after licking his fingers clean and smiled.

“Its always like this, what’s so different today. I wonder what you will have for lunch. May be you continue with your same breakfast even for lunch.” Mom said teasingly, as if she understood his every word and thought. My cheeks beşiktaş elit escort turned visibly crimson.

Rest of the time at breakfast table went off without much ado. My brothers kept fighting while they planned their outing. We finished breakfast and mom got up, telling Najia to clean the table. My brothers also followed suit so as to prepare for their visit to mamoo’s house and Najia got busied with the dishes.

I was quite shell-shocked with the events that took place on the dining table. Mom facilitating her hubby for taking the cherry of their daughter. Dad, fondling my thigh and entering his hand into my dress and then licking off my juices. Mom telling him, in veiled language, to have me as lunch. All this, made me sitting on the table, pondering deeply upon the possibilities of the afternoon and my whole body was tensed with excitement of the possible scenarios.

I was brought back to reality when I heard the clamour of mom, accompanied by my excited brothers coming to the dining room. She was dressed simply, but her figure made it possible for her to look good, even in simplicity. Seeing them, dad got up, went to see them off, as if ensuring required privacy.

Najia was in the kitchen and called me there to help her with the dishes. When I went there she seemed to be in hurry to leave too and we both did the dishes. I asked her whom she had to see and quite nonchalantly she replied that she had to see the boss of dad. On her mentioning this, I was reminded of the particular gentleman, on the night of my birthday he was lying on the bed of Najia while she sat on top of his face.

“He is such a sweet guy and wants to have more time with me. Today he is having an off day and wants me to accompany him to a beach hut. Though he is not very virile and mostly gives me pleasure only by licking my cunt, but since this is very important for dad’s promotion, I will be going.” She explained as if telling me something as simple as shopping.

“Najia, despite the last night’s events, I am still amazed at the ways of our family. Though I am not in a position to approve or disapprove anything, but still, this all seems to be very weird to me.” I said to her still trying to comprehend the openness of my family.

“Oh! You will come to know of everything. Right now concentrate on the fun you had last night and also think of coming afternoon.” She said and my juices started flowing afresh on the mention of last night and her reference of impending fun.

“Hmmmmm! But you heard dad saying that he has to go out to do some official work. You people are just leaving me to look after the house.” I said, trying to act as if I naively took everything at its face value.

“He may have to go out, but who says he can’t take you along. My innocent sis, what do you think? Mm went to mamoo with our brothers for nothing. It’s all planned, don’t you remember both mom and dad stayed together when we left them.” She said while putting the dishes back on the rack.

We both were almost done with the dishes and headed out to our bedrooms. Since I had nothing to do, I decided to go back to TV lounge and wait for the things to happen in their natural course. As I was heading down the stairs, I met dad, who was heading up. I expected him to say or do something indicating his intent, but he rushed up without saying a word to me. This seemed strange and out of place and I stopped going downstairs and backtracked my steps to my bedroom.

Dad was not there and that left Najia’s and my brothers’ bedroom. Thinking briefly, I tiptoed towards Najia’s bedroom and stopped at the door to pry upon anything. There was absolute silence and slowly I turned the doorknob, opening the door. Dad was not there but I saw the bathroom door open and I understood. Dad must be there. “Having a quickie.” I thought for a while and then moved in the room to have a look and as I got closer, I heard them talking.

“You must not have consented to go with him. I agree you are doing all this for me but I am quite content with my position and don’t want to force anything bad on you.” I heard dad saying.

“Dad, why you are worried so much? You know full well that he can’t do much with me. His dick has no juice in it, he would fondle me, lick me and if that’s the price of your promotion, I think its no big deal.” Najia replied with sincerity.

“But I don’t like this all. I don’t want others even having a feel of your lovely body.” Dad said.

“Dad, you are acting so jealously. You know full well that I will always be yours, even when I get married. I love you but I want to enjoy world to the fullest and remember, you yourself told me to do this. Now, would you like to just stand there or are you going to join me in the shower.” I heard her saying and then I heard water pouring down on the floor.

“I would love to join but you know I have other commitments. I think I must leave otherwise I will be forced to join you, you know you are so beautiful to resist.”

Expecting to see him coming out of the bathroom, I bolted out quickly and headed downstairs. He did come, but not very soon as I expected and there were some watermarks on his shirt. Obviously, Najia did manage to coax him into something that caused him to have water splattered over his shirt. He sat quietly on a sofa but maintained some distance from me and remained quiet as if brooding about something.

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