My Best Friend’s Mom

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This is the continuation of the story “In love with my best friend’s MOM”

The next day I got a telephone call from Monet’s office, it was her secretary, saying that I need to come to her office because she left a package for me. So after eating breakfast I immediately got dressed and went to Monet’s office. Upon reaching the bank where Monet works I proceeded to her office as I entered her office her secretary was standing in front of Monet’s desk making a phone call when she saw me she waved at me to sit on the chairs beside her. While sitting there I observed her secretary. To my estimate she’s about in her early 40’s because she looked a little younger than Monet. She has a creamy white complexion and overall she looks like a classy conservative lady. As she finished her phone call she sat in front of me and then introduced herself. I found out that her name was Mrs. Etta Baker and that she’s Monet’s secretary for 15 years now. As she was talking I can’t help but stare at her creamy white legs that were crossed and were dangling in front of her. I felt a hard on coming on to me so I shifted my position to conceal the impending bulge that might form in front of my pants. After the usual conversation was over Mrs. Baker stood up to get the package that Monet left for me from the filing cabinet just right beside me. As she was searching for it she bent over looking for the package on the bottom drawers, while she was bent over her skirt went up and I could see up to her creamy white thighs, which gave my boner another boost of energy.

“Ah here it is!!” Mrs. Baker exclaimed as she straightened up.

When she handed me the envelope she caught a glimpse of the tent under my pants and gave me a naughty smile. So I crossed my legs to conceal my raging hard on.

“Joey I heard from Mrs. Towers that you are good with computers, well I have a problem with this one.” Mrs. Baker told me as she pointed to the computer next to Monet’s desk.

“Can I take a look at it, maybe I can fix it.” I told her.

So Mrs. Baker sat by the computer and turned it on, then I went around Monet’s desk and positioned myself at her back looking over her, by now my hard on has subsided due to the embarrassment of being seen by Mrs. Baker. So I watched her work on her machine. As she was explaining her problem her elbow would inadvertently brush against my cock, slowly reviving my hard on but to me surprise there was no reaction coming from her. So feeling confident enough I pushed my raging hard on closer into Mrs. Baker’s elbow. Still no reaction from her and I noticed that her elbow lingered for a while in its position, touching my cock. This went on for a few minutes then Mrs. Baker said

“I think somebody here is really getting excited!!!”

And at the same time she gently grabbed my cock and slowly stroked it from the outside of my pants. Then she stood up and guided me to the couch and then locked the door. After locking the door she sat beside me and then she gave me a passionate kiss at the same time she was unzipping my pants and pulled out my rock hard ten-inch cock. As she was stroking my cock my hands wandered to her breasts and I gave her 40-year-old breasts some attention by massaging them through her thin blouse. Her soft moans filled the room as I reached down to her skirt and gently ran my hand up her silky soft thighs. As I reached her panties I gently rubbed her pussy through her underwear and then slipped my hand in her panties and started to rub her clit “Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhh Joey that feels soooo good, it’s been so long since somebody has touched me there.” Mrs. Baker mumbled between her soft moans. Encouraged by Mrs. Baker’s reaction I let her stand up and instructed her to take off her clothes. So she undressed in front of me in a slow and erotic manner. First she took off her blouse and then her bra, which exposed her voluptuous white breasts which she massaged from time to time, then she undid her skirt and let it drop to the floor leaving her only in her white cotton panties.

“Do you want this to come off too, Joey?” Mrs. Baker asked as she pointed to her panties. I just nodded a reply. Then she turned her back to me and then bent over slowly before pulling her panties down. Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan I could see Mrs. Baker’s swollen pussy from her behind, indicating to me that she was very, very horny. Then I stood up and ran a finger up and down her wet slit

“Ooooooooohhhhhhh Joey that feels really goooood!!!!!” Mrs. Baker admiringly told me.

Then I cuddled up behind her and then gently kissed her neck then her back making her all the more horny. Then I reached for her voluptuous breast and then I cupped her soft breasts with my hands and then gently squeezed her firm nipples, which solicited a pleasurable moan from her

“Ooooooooohhhhhhh Joey you’re just lovely, it’s been soooo loooong!!!!!”

Then to my delight Mrs. Baker reached for my cock, which was rubbing against her back, and then gently stroked it up and down.

“Haaaaaaaahhhh Mrs. Baker that feels soooo goooood!!!” I praised this beautiful mature lady.

Then Mrs. Baker turned towards me, still holding my rock hard cock, and then knelt in front of me and then licked the tip of my cock “Hhhhhuuuuuuuuuhhhhhh Mrs. Baker you are the best!!!!!” My body shivered as Mrs. Baker’s tongue licked the side of my cock. Then she slowly licked the tip of my cock again and then without warning she sucked my ten-inch cock “Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhh Mrs. Baker!!!!!!!!!!!” I groaned in pleasure.

After a few minutes of her sucking my cock I was about to explode so I warned her

“ARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHH Mrs. Baker I’mmmmm cumming!!!!!!” But despite my warning Mrs. Baker sucked my cock unrelentingly, after a few seconds I exploded inside her mouth. Mrs. Baker didn’t let a drop of my sperm leave her mouth as she swallowed all my sticky cum. After making sure that I have unloaded all of my sperm into her waiting mouth she licked the remaining cum at the sides of my penis.

“Mrs. Baker you are the best!!!!” I praised her.

“Joey, will you lick my pussy?” Mrs. Baker asked me.

Without saying a word I sat her on the couch and then stretched her legs wide apart and then ran my tongue from her thighs to her crotch, which sent Mrs. Baker trembling in pleasure. But before plunging my face into her dripping pussy I teased her some more by softly running a finger up and down her wet slit.

“OOOOOOOh Joey please lick my pussy now, please” Mrs. Baker begged me to stop my teasing.

So I parted her pussy lips and then licked the sides of her pussy, which sent her squealing in pleasure. Then I licked her clit, which made body arch back. Then Mrs. Baker reached for my head and then plunged it deeper into her drenched vagina. As I continued to suck and lick this mature lady’s pussy her legs wrapped around my head and her hips bucked to the rhythm created by my tongue. After a few minutes her body curdled and then she let out a loud cry of pleasure “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!” Mrs. Baker cried as she reached her climax.

As her climax subsided she lay almost lifeless on the couch while I climbed on top of her and then lazily rubbed my body against hers. After gathering our senses she looked up at the clock and then gently pushed me aside and then she frantically got dressed. “Why are you in a hurry Mrs. Baker. What’s the matter?” I asked her. While getting dressed also.

“Why husband’s picking me up in 15 minutes!” She explained to me. “Well, can we do this again sometime?” I asked her as she was about finished dressing up.

“Yes, Baby we will do this again sometime! And thank you for what you’ve done today.” she said as she gave me her card.

Then she kissed me and then stroked my cock a few times before she hurriedly went out the door. I placed her number on my wallet and when I turned I saw the envelope that Monet had for me. So I opened it and to my surprise the contents of the envelope were her worn panties. So feeling unsatisfied, because I really wanted to fuck Mrs. Baker, I locked the door and then unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. I wrapped her panties around my cock and then jerked off using her panties, inside her office. After a few minutes I shot my load all over her panties. After Bahçeşehir Escort Bayan that I got dressed and then went home. That night I can’t get Mrs. Baker out of my mind I had to have her, such that I decided to call her. As the phone was ringing I was hoping that she would pick up the phone but when the other end of the line came alive it was a loud booming voice that came answering the phone

“Hello, who is this?” came the voice from the other line.

“Can I speak to Mrs. Baker please?” came a weak reply from my end. “This is her husband speaking, what do you want with her?”

“I am there office messenger and I would like to know if she will open the office tomorrow?” I fibbed a reply

A short pause came into the line and then a sweet voice replaced the ogre like voice on the other side of the line.

“Who is this?” Mrs. Baker asked from the other line.

“It’s me Joey, can we meet tomorrow please?” I begged her.

“Ok I’ll open the office at 6:30 am”

And then the line went dead her voice replaced by the annoying busy signal. But I was very excited; tomorrow I will get to make love to Mrs. Baker.

After a restless night I woke up at exactly 5:30 am that left me 1 hour to get ready for my meeting with Mrs. Baker. So I hurriedly took a bath and then changed, I purposely did not wear any underwear because that will be of no use to me, and then by 6:15 I was at the front of the bank waiting for Mrs. Baker. After 10 minutes a car stopped at the front of the bank and Mrs. Baker alighted from the front passenger seat in her beige above the knee skirt and white blouse, her usual office attire. When she saw me she pretended not to notice me until the car she arrived in was already far from the building. Then the both of us entered the building thru the revolving door. The whole building was like a ghost town because there was not a soul inside the building except for the guard who was asleep at his post. So Mrs. Baker held my hand and then we proceeded to the elevator to go to her office. Once the elevator door closed I held Mrs. Baker close to me pressing her soft body against mine and I kissed passionately on the lips. As our tongues met my cock grew to full attention and I gently rubbed it against Mrs. Baker’s soft body. When we reached our floor our passionate embrace was interrupted for a short time, as we proceeded to her office. As soon as we reached her office she sat me on the couch and then she locked the door and then closed the blinds. Then she walked towards me and then sat on the couch.

“Joey will you stand up and take off your clothes.”

Mrs. Baker ordered me, so I stood up and then removed my shirt and then proceeded to take off my shorts. When Mrs. Baker saw that I had not worn any underwear she giggled as my cock sprang out of my shorts

“Oh is that for me?” Mrs. Baker giggled as she licked her lips

“It’s yours if you like it?”

Upon hearing this Mrs. Baker waved at me to come over to the couch, where she was seated. And then she gently wrapped her long fingers around my fully erect 10-inch cock stroking it very slowly. The feeling of her soft hands on my cock was heavenly sending me groaning in pleasure.

“Ooooooohhhhhhhhh that’s it Mrs. Baker jerk it slowly”

Then without warning she engulfed my cock in her mouth as she sucked it in a seductive manner occasionally licking the side of my throbbing member sending me trembling in sheer pleasure. Unable to control the sensation that Mrs. Baker’s mouth is giving to my penis I grabbed her head and then rammed my cock further in to her mouth. After a few minutes of sliding my cock in and out of her expert mouth I was on the verge of cumming such that I pumped my cock in and out of her mouth a little faster and

“Aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrgggghhhhhhhh Mrs. Baker I’m cummmming!” I screamed as I held her head to my cock, spraying all my load into her waiting mouth and to my delight not a drop of semen left her mouth as she swallowed all my cum.

After that I collapsed beside on the couch with Mrs. Baker still slowly stroking my limp cock. Then I snuggled up to her and then I kissed her tasting some of my semen from her mouth. Then I slowly unbuttoned her blouse exposing her lace bra, which I quickly undid. As her bra fell to the couch I was presented with creamy white breasts.

“Joey will you suck my tits?” Mrs. Baker begged me.

So I gently stroked her breasts and tickled her tense nipples before I plunged my mouth into her succulent breasts.

“Ooooooooohhhhhhh Joey that feels gooooooood!” Mrs. Baker reacted to my sucking her tits.

As I sucked her voluptuous breast my hand wandered down to her thigh. I slid my hand up to her thigh feeling her white silky thighs and when I reached her pussy my hand was presented with very damp underwear such that my hand explored it further and probed inside her panties. As I rubbed her drenched pussy Mrs. Baker pushed my head downward to her crotch

“Joey, baby please lick my pussy please”

So I stood and led Mrs. Baker to her desk and then I lifted her skirt up to her waist and then slid her panties down her slender legs, exposing her dripping pussy to me. Then I lifted her on top of the desk and then spread her creamy white thighs apart and then I licked her pussy. First I ran my tongue from her creamy thighs down to her dripping wet pussy then I gently licked her clit sending her convulsing in pleasure.

“Uuuuuuuunmmmmmmmmhhhhh Joey you are the best!”

As I continued licking her pussy Mrs. Baker’s body was humping up and down as she experienced the pleasure of my tongue. After a few minutes Mrs. Baker held my head up, removing my tongue from her pussy, and said

“Joey I want your big cock inside my pussy now, I want you to fuck me.”

And with those words I stood up and then guided my cock to her dripping love hole. When the tip of my cock entered her she warned me

“Joey just put it in slowly, coz it might hurt me” Mrs. Baker cautioned me because of the size of my cock.

So I entered half of my cock very slowly into her love hole.

“Uuuuuummmmmmhhhhhhh Baby that’s it very slowlyyyyyyy.” As Mrs. Baker spread her legs wider to accommodate my massive cock.

Then when I felt that she was already comfortable with the size of my cock I slid the remaining half of my cock inside her.

“Ooooooooohhhhhhh Joey that feels really good now draws it in and out baby.”

As I pumped in and out of her I grabbed hold of her breasts and then I mashed them sending the mature lady shaking in pleasure. Then

“Joey please fuck me harder, I’m cumming soon”

So I grabbed her hips and then rammed my cock into her pussy feverishly. After a few seconds her body curdled up to her body and me stiffened as she wrapped her legs around me.

“Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh Joeeeeeeeeeyyyyy” Mrs. Baker screamed as she reached an orgasm.

When the sensation of her orgasm has subsided she let go of me and lay exhausted on her desk, with me still fucking her dripping pussy. As I continued to slide my cock in and out of her pussy I was also on the verge of an orgasm such that I warned her

“Mrs. Baker I’m cummmmmming”

“Ok baby come inside me, I want to feel you’re hot cum inside me”

And with that encouragement I shot my load inside her pussy. Then I collapsed on top of her. As the both of us lay spent on top of her desk and my cum dripping out of her pussy she confided in me

“Joey Mrs. Tower’s confided in me that the two of you are having an affair.”

“And she also told how much pleasure and satisfaction you gave her, I told myself I too must taste of that pleasure.”

“Oh Joey you don’t know how I miss being held by a man because my husband does not make love to me anymore, my suspicion is that he’s having an affair with his secretary.”

“Don’t worry Mrs. Baker I’ll always make you happy.” And with that I kissed her all over her body. And we made love again.

When 9:00 came we hurriedly got dressed because the people will be coming over already by 9:30. After getting dressed she kissed and then told me to keep in touch with her and bade me goodbye.

After that I had to go home and sleep fucking Mrs. Baker drained out my energy.

For the remainder of the days that Monet was away me and Mrs. Baker made love every chance we got. I would sometimes go to the office and Mrs. Baker and I would lock us inside Monet’s office and I’ll make to her until my cock hurt.

I learned a lot of things from Mrs. Baker; she was really good in pleasuring a man especially when she sucks my cock. But as much as Mrs. Baker had given me delight I still was very much in love with my best friend’s mom.

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