My Best friends Mom K Ch. 02

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On the following Saturday I was just relaxing at home when I started thinking about Kelly and how she’d be alone from time to time and how Matt was always working late, also how that could work to my advantage in my endeavours to come.

I decided to head over to Matt and Kelly’s to supposedly give them a spare key to check on my house when I wasn’t home because I knew that Kelly finished work early and she would be the only one able to check on it.

When I got to their house, I walked straight in as they considered me family and I felt I could do that. Matt and Kelly were having breakfast when Matt looked up at me and just said.

“Hey frank how’s it going?”

“Not to bad Matt, I was wondering if I could talk to you guys about something?”

“Yea sure that’s cool, grab yourself a plate and join us for breakfast.”

I grabbed myself a plate and got some breakfast and started eating and then asked them.

“So, lately I’ve been working a little bit more and wanted to know if you guys would be able to check on my house from time to time?”

“We sure can.”

“Only if that’s ok with you’s because I just get weary being away from the house for long periods of time and with living alone, I have no one to watch the house or check on it.”

Kelly then chimed in.

“I can do that for you frank, Matt’s usually working late and I finish early so I’ll pop in from time to time if you’d like?”

“Yea that’s cool, it works for me, here’s the spare key.”

Once I gave them the spare key I headed off home.

On the following Tuesday I had somewhat of a hard day at work and couldn’t wait to get home. Upon my return home I stripped down to nothing and hopped straight in the shower and whilst washing my body I started stroking the full length and girth of my cock thinking of Kelly and what I could do next.

As I finished my shower I dried myself off and went to look for some clothes to put on. When I got to my drawer I noticed a note and instantly before picking it up I started to panic because I lived alone. once i picked it up and opened it my eyes just went wide as the note was from Kelly and it read.

“Hey frank I checked your house and everything was good, I’m just writing this note to let you know I’ll be over tomorrow at 5:30pm as I’ll be alone as well because Matt isn’t going to be finishing work until late. Lots of love Kelly.”

I instantly thought, sweet this is my opportunity to take things a step further and I was definitely going to take full advantage of it.

Wednesday had come and I started my usual routine at Matt and Kelly’s with the outside and thought I’d clean the entire inside before starting on the washing.

When the inside was completed I gathered up Matt’s washing so I had more time with Kelly’s panties.

As I was shifting through Kelly’s washing I noticed there was only one pair in the hamper it was moist but not to much but the sweet sweet smell of her pussy had me on cloud9 to say the least.

Just as I had her panties up to my nose, I heard the front door open so I quickly put the panties back in the hamper went in the bathroom and pretended to be scrubbing with my headphones in.

Just then Kelly tapped me on the shoulder so I tried to act surprised and she bought it before she asked me.

“Hey frank have you started the washing yet?”

“Nope not yet, I’m just scrubbing the floor before I start it.”

“Oh great, I’ve got a meeting so I’m quickly going to change so you can put these dirty clothes in the wash as well.”

“No problems, Uhm I got your note as well but wanted to ask, why didn’t you just text me?”

“Well I don’t know why but lately Matt has been somewhat jealous of where I am and where I’ve been since Joel left and didn’t want him to get the wrong idea if he was to see a message from me to you saying I’ll be over tonight because he’s out working late, Well I’m going to quickly change out of these clothes and I’ll hand them to you.”

She changed out of her clothes but when she handed them to me, something felt a little wet but I didn’t take to much notice and she just said.

“Well I’m heading off now frank I’ll see you tonight.”

All I was thinking was ooh you definitely will.

Just as she closed the bathroom door I heard her phone ring and she put it on loud speaker so I didn’t put my headphones back in and I heard Matt say.

“Hey baby what are you doing?”

“Not much my love, I just quickly come home to change before my meeting, what about you?”

“Same here just preparing myself for a late night, hey are you still going shopping?”

“Yup I am I’ve gotta go to the sex shop to get you your viagra, did you need anything else?”

“Nope that’s all, is frank at home cleaning?”

“Yup, he’s got his headphones blasting scrubbing the floor, I swear that mans going to go deaf.”

And with that Kelly left.

I started to think why is she Escort Yeşilköy getting him Viagra, Was it because he couldn’t get it up or was it because of their issue the night Joel left and he couldn’t get it up after cumming down Kelly’s throat.

I started to look through Kelly’s clothes she had just given me and found what was so wet, it was her fresh panties she had just taken off and the amount of fresh pussy juice I could see was unbelievable.

My mind was racing and my cock was growing, so without hesitation, I put some of her pussy juice from her panties on my cock for lube, at that point I also put the wet spot of her panties on my tongue and licked and swallowed every single bit of wetness she left.

Once I was done Jacking off, I put all of their clothes into the washing machine and started it, and because my hormones were raging for Kelly, I had to come up with something and sure enough I did.

Seeing as I still had a little time before I was done I went up into Kelly and Matt’s room to grab the single pair of panties Kelly had left.

I started jacking into a cup before grabbing a teaspoon and scooping my cum in between the fabric of Kelly’s panties and the gusset of her panties.

I then went to the dryer and took a piece out of it so it wouldn’t work, leaving the only pair of panties Kelly could wear when she came over, were the ones I had just put my cum in.

Once the washing was done I called Matt and said to him.

“Hey Matt how’s work going?”

“Yea not to bad at the moment frank, just getting ready to pull an all nighter.”

“I was just calling to let you know that I was only able to wash your guys clothes as there’s a piece on your dryer that needs replacing but I won’t be able to replace it until 6:30am tomorrow in order for your clothes to be dried, would that be ok with you, And it’ll be completely free of charge.”

“Definitely ok with me frank.”

“Oh sweet I shall be over at 6:30am, did you want me to call Kelly and let her know as well?”

“That’ll be amazing if you could, I’m a little busy so I won’t have the time to call her.”

“Sweet I’ll see you in the morning.”

I gave Kelly a call and just explained to her the exact same thing and the result was the same as well, now it was just time to sit and wait to see if my plan would work.

When I got home I started wondering was Kelly coming over a sign for something or was it just her being nice, but then I snapped out of it and decided to just take a shower.

When I got out I thought I’d wear nothing but basket ball shorts so that my cock was hanging freely.

5:30pm came and sure enough there was a knock at my door, I opened it up and it was Kelly, She had on a tight white tank top and and a pair of tight grey work out shorts.

When she came in, I closed the door behind her and started staring at her ass the way her panties were in between her cheeks.

Just before she sat down she turned around facing me but was looking at her phone, and at the point I seen the wet spot and she was actually wearing the panties I had cum in.

I kept thinking to myself, how could she not notice or even feel the wetness between her legs on her pussy, I couldn’t stop thinking as well, my plan actually worked she’s wearing the cum covered panties, but before the silence got awkward I spoke up and said.

“Sorry for not having a top on Kelly.”

“Don’t worry frank it’s ok, but I can see why you’d be a hit with the ladies.”

“So how does it sound, us having some dinner, playing a few fun games and then watching a movie to end the night?”

“Sounds amazing frank, let’s do it.”

Instead of pizza, this time around we ordered out and got Chinese for dinner.

When we finished dinner I started thinking of games we could play so that I was able to get more of a look at crotch and how it was wet from my cum, So I said to her.

“Hey Kelly I’ve got a game we could play.”

“Sure what is it?”

“Well it’s a game where you have to wear a blindfold and I’ll feed you something and you have to guess what it is?”

“Game on little man.”

“Would you like to go first?”

“Yup put the blind fold on and I’ll go and grab 3 things for you to guess.”

When she left to go and have a look at what she could find, my plan then was to just get each one wrong on purpose so that it was quicker getting to her wearing the blind fold.

As my turn was over she felt somewhat powerful I guess because I didn’t get one right but little did she know, I was taking my turn to a whole new level.

She put the blindfold on then sat down In somewhat of a cowgirl position with her legs spread apart but also with her hands on her thighs like she was ready to suck my cock.

I told her to stay exactly like that so I could get what I need. I got to the kitchen and grabbed a bit of an avocado, rock melon and then Yeşilyurt escort cum into a cup.

I went back into the lounge and told her I was ready but to hold on so that I could get one more thing, what she didn’t know was that I was going to the freezer to get a small block of ice to place right under her pussy just enough for a cold breeze to hit her pussy and have her tingle.

I asked her.

“So to make it fair on me am I able to distract you just a little to have a better chance?”

“If that helps, which I don’t think it will.”

That’s when I told Kelly stay still as I could see her squirming a little due to the ice being just below her pussy.

I decided to give her the avocado first and told her to open her mouth, just as I was putting it in her mouth, I slowly started to blow on her neck making sure to send small shivers through her body that’s when I heard her say.

“Mmmmmm is that avocado?”

“Yes it is, ok here’s the next one keep your mouth open.”

I proceeded to give her the rock melon whilst blowing lightly on the other side of her neck.

“Mmmmm is that rock melon?”

“Yes it is, ok here’s the last one, keep your mouth open it’s in a cup, so stick your tongue out for this one.”

I tipped a small amount of my cum on her tongue and she said.

“I can’t quite put my tongue on it but it tastes very familiar, give me more.”

Just as I was about to tip some more on her tongue she swallowed what was there and then said that she gave up but didn’t mind the taste then said to give her the rest and I stood there not believing that she just drank all of my cum.

Once she was done she didn’t even question or ask what it was she just took the blindfold off and said.

“Well I guess it’s about that time we watch that movie huh?”

Just as she said that she looked down between her legs and seen a small wet spot then said.

“I’ll be back I’ve just gotta go to the toilet.”

As she went to the toilet I followed quietly and heard her say.

“What the fuck, surely I wasn’t that turned on, how the hell am I so sticky.”

I started thinking was she really turned on then as she came out I quickly headed back to the couch.

We didn’t cuddle or anything during the movie, it was relatively quiet but then the movie finished and she received a message from Matt saying he was on his way home. She turned to me then said.

“So frank, this weekend Matt’s heading out on a camping trip with his buddies on Friday, I’ll be over on Friday night for one of your famous massages seeing as you have the table.”

“Sounds good but won’t Matt ask you to go though seeing as you said he’s been a little jealous lately since Joel left?”

“Yea he will but I’m just going to tell him I’m not feeling to well and that he’ll have to go without me.”

I headed to Matt and Kelly’s in the morning and Matt greeted me with a fresh batch of coffee and we got to chatting.

“So Matt how was work lastnight?”

“Not to bad just the usual working late, but can’t wait for my trip with Some friends this weekend it should be good, what about you?”

“Na I didn’t get up to much just relaxed at home and watched a movie, well I better get on with this dryer I’ve got to head into work.”

I left their house anticipating and awaiting Friday for when Kelly would be coming over.

When Friday came i specifically took the day off to go and buy Kelly a sexy pair of g-string panties and thin fabric bra that would obviously have her nipple pushing through the fabric to surprise her with for the massage and a bottle of champagne.

Now at the moment of purchasing them I didn’t know how she was going to react at all or if she was even going to accept them but what I did know, was that she wasn’t going to tell anybody so I was going to use that to my advantage.

It was finally Friday and I did the shopping i needed and got some amazing oils for the massage now all I had to do was wait.

I gave Matt a call to wish him a safe weekend and he just replied with.

“I will man I just left but Kelly has come down with something so I told her to give you a call incase she needed anything or needed to go doctors.”

“I’ll do my best, you’s guys have done so much for me it’s the least I could do.”

Not long after my door opened and in walked Kelly wearing a pair of flip flops some nice tight white leggings that went down to her ankles to which I could see her black g-string panties and CropTop t shirt.

When she walked in I told her to sit down on the couch and close her eyes because I had a surprise for her.

“Ok now open your eyes.”

At that moment Kelly’s eyes went wide eyed and I said to her.

“Well seeing as you’ve been nice to me, whilst I was out I thought I’d buy you a bottle of champagne, oils for the massage and a brand new pair of panties and bra for the massage Zeytinburnu escort bayan that you’d be able to keep here because I remembered you saying Matt has been a little jealous and didn’t want him wondering where you got the new panties and bra from.”

“Frank you really shouldn’t have and as much of a nice gesture that it is, I can’t accept them as it may be a little inappropriate you buying me panties and a bra, I at no point want to give you the wrong idea.”

“Are you sure, Matt wouldn’t find out and it’s just a bra and panties so it’s harmless.”

“I know but you shouldn’t be doing that for me, but in saying that I will still take that massage you’ll just be massaging me over my clothing and I’ll take that bottle of champagne.”

“No problems, well let’s have dinner and I’ll get you a glass.”

Now, from that point, my plan was simple, drag out dinner so that by the time we finished she was drunk and when I massaged her I could push the erotic boundaries.

Sure enough we finished dinner and she was slurring her words a little so I thought now was my opportunity to strike.

“So you ready for your massage?”

“Mmmmm definitely, how do you want me.”

“I’m going to get the massage table and you start by laying on your stomach.”

I got the massage table and when I came back she was waiting for me.

I started the massage by doing her arms, shoulders and back first so that I could spend more time on her thighs and ass.

After her arms and that were done, I then went to her feet and started massaging them and with my lips an inch away from her feet I started lightly blowing them causing her to moan, I then finished her calf muscles and then started on her thighs.

I gently, with my finger tips started running them from the waist band of her tights to her knee pits, after doing that a few times, I applied a small amount of pressure on her knee pits and parted her legs.

When I looked at her crotch I could see it was partially wet with a tiny hole right through to her panties.

As I seen that my cock sprung up and had my shorts looking like a tent but luckily she couldn’t see as she was on her stomach.

At that point I got a lite grip on her thighs and pushed up towards her ass cheeks to try and widen the hole a little more.

I then said to Kelly.

“Hey Kelly I don’t mean to alarm you but you have a small hole in your tights.”

“Do I?”

“Yea you do.”

When I said that Kelly kept her legs parted reached back and brushed her index finger along her pussy until she found the hole but instead of moving she kept her legs parted and put her finger through the hole and went back to resting her arm under her head whilst I continued to massage her.

I started to think, could she not feel the wetness, was she to drunk to actually stop me from looking or trying anything. But even then, that wasn’t going to stop me.

As her legs were parted still, I slid my finger tips from her ass cheeks down inwards towards her pussy down her inner thighs and that’s when I heard her moan sensually and she arched her back.

I then placed each hand at the bottom of her ass cheeks with my 4 finger on the outside of her thighs and my thumbs on the inside. In a slow but hard motion I pressed down and pushed up and sure enough the hole got bigger, atleast 10cm but I’m guessing she didn’t notice as she didn’t say a word.

Once again I pressed down and pushed up but this time i did it a little harder and spread her ass cheeks then pushed up at the same time.

As I did that her panties went between her pussy lips and it took everything in my body not to start licking but I could see her pussy was freshly shaved as well and I thought fuck it and when I pushed up and slid my thumbs on both of her pussy lips, I then started to feel the pre cum dripping from my cock creating a wet spot.

I then said to Kelly.

“So how are you liking the massage?”

“I’m loving it so much that I don’t want it to end.”

“If you’re loving it and don’t want it to end, hurry up and get on your back.”

Without hesitation or any questions Kelly got on her back as she was told, I did the same as before where I just did her arms shoulders and wasn’t to focused on her tits because I just wanted to get to her lower half, When I did I said to her:

“Alright Kelly now slide your body to the edge of the massage table leaving your top half on it.”

When she did that I grabbed both of her legs holding them in both forearms like stirrups and moved in towards the hole.

My cock was only an inch away from her pussy at this point. I started pushing up on the waist band of her tights so that her panties go even more in between her pussy lips or should I say soon to be mine.

She let out a slight moan so I said to her with authority.

“Alright Kelly from now on you’ll be coming over a lot more ok?”

“Yes frank.”

“Or even when I tell you to you make sure to be here ok?”

“Yes frank.”

“Ok good girl now you can head back home and wait for me to summon you again alright?”

“Yes frank.”

“Ok now go.”

And with that she got up and left and I started plotting many more things to get what I wanted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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