My Brazilian Waxing Experiences

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I got my first Brazilian about five years ago. I saw an ad on Craigslist from a woman who was just starting out. I called and made an appointment.

I went to her apartment. She was a young, attractive woman named Katie. I thought she was in the 26-28 age range, but later found out she was 19 and fresh out of aesthetician school.

She had a bedroom set up as a waxing studio. She asked if I’d ever been waxed before and I lied and said I had. She seemed more relaxed thinking I had some experience at this.

She had a coat tree in the room and so I just took off my shirt and jeans and hung them up on the coat tree. She seemed amused at my casual view of nudity.

I got on the table and she worked very slowly and methodically. I started out limp and thought I’d be able to maintain that state. Wrong. Eventually, I had a throbbing erection which I apologized for. I know from some internet reading that there are aestheticians out there who are offended by erections and will leave the room until it goes away… or the client goes away, one or the other.

With her working slow and with her face between my legs, the urge to blow a load was strong. She had to know this because she mentioned how “careful” she was in handling my erect penis. I thought I was gonna lose control when she gave me an all-too-brief post-wax rubdown with baby oil.

Eventually, she was done and I paid her before I got dressed. As I counted out the bills, she was staring at my penis the whole time.

She moved away not long after and so I found another place, an actual salon.

The wax woman’s name was Brooke and she was nervous the whole time. I had the distinct feeling that she was turned on during the process, but she was very quiet and wouldn’t talk much. She worked much faster than Katie and I was out and gone pretty fast.

I went back to that salon for my next waxing and Brooke was gone. (A recurring theme with Kartal escort wax places, I guess. No one stays for long.) The waxing was done by a woman named Alicia, a pretty blonde in her early 30’s. She was very talkative and smiling the whole time she waxed me. I apologized to her for getting an erection and she said, “Don’t worry about it. It makes my job easier.” She, too, left for greener pastures before my next wax.

So, I went to a new salon and my waxer was a thirty-ish blonde named Ashley. It was very exciting and I was enjoying every moment of her handling me as she waxed. Unfortunately, the wax got too hot toward the end and she inadvertently burned my scrotum and I lost a chunk of scrotal skin about the size of a silver dollar. The pain was enough to prompt me to ejaculate. Ashley cleaned it up and said it was her fault, the pain probably caused it. I was bleeding pretty bad, so I stuffed some paper towels in my pants and went to the emergency room for treatment.

I had to go back a couple of days later for a follow-up and saw a different doctor, a middle Eastern woman. She could not understand waxing.

“But how did you get hot wax DOWN THERE?” she kept asking.

I explained it was hair removal, but she didn’t get it. I talked about it with a friend who does ultrasound work. She is also into waxing and told me she figures that doctor “is all hairy and nasty down there. YUCK.”

I didn’t go back for a long while after that. When I did, I went back to Ashley. I figured she owed me after last time. But I added a new twist to my waxing routine: I took Viagra before I went in. I timed it for twenty minutes prior to my wax. It was my first time to take it, so I wasn’t sure how it would act on me.

I was called to the back and Ashley recognized me right away. She said she was surprised that I came back. I told her it wasn’t her fault and that I wanted to give her another chance.

I Kurtköy Escort undressed and I was 0% erect and totally relaxed. I was wondering when the Viagra would kick in. Didn’t take long.

As soon as she started rubbing and handling my genitals to prepare them for the wax, I felt like I was about 110% erect. Not only that, but I started feeling a need to immediately ejaculate. Never had that problem on previous waxings, so I attributed it to the Viagra.

I was desperately hanging on trying not to blow my load and she was almost done. I thought I might be okay. That’s when she placed hot wax on the underside of my penis just below the head. That’s it, game over. Not gonna lie, that was without doubt the most explosive orgasm I’ve had in thirty years. Again, she cleaned me up and I got the hell out of there fast as I could.

The next waxing was by a woman named Amanda, a cute brunette in her mid-30’s. She was very efficient and you could tell she was having some fun waxing me. I was hard the whole time, but didn’t lose control. It was close, though. I was on the verge and she was rubbing wax on my penis and I somehow held back and only oozed a little bit of semen instead of an all-out money shot.

She also did my next wax. Even with Viagra, I relaxed enough that I lost my hard-on partway through. Amanda fixed that, though. She stroked my penis until I was hard enough to get a good waxing on it.

My next was by a woman named Diana. She was cute and talkative and very flirty. At one point, she kissed my penis just below the head. She said, “You have a beautiful penis.”

I said, “I’ve never thought of a penis as beautiful, not even my own.”

“It looks so pink and healthy!” she said.

“Are you interested?” I asked.

“I don’t have time. As soon as we get done, I’m gonna go across the hall to the bathroom and rub one out real quick.”

When I went back Pendik Escort to that salon, I found out Diana didn’t work there anymore. They gave me to a woman named Dolores.

She was nice and talkative but as soon as I was undressed and on the table she acted like she was pissed off at me. We didn’t talk much.

Finally, she said, “Can I ask you a very personal question?”

I said, “Sure, go ahead.”

She said, “Why is it that you guys with little dicks want to get waxed?”

“I guess for the same reasons that anyone else wants to get waxed.”

She grabbed my penis and shook it. “Aren’t you embarrassed for me to see this?”

I said, “No. Now I’m gonna ask you a very personal question. How many inches do you need?”

She said, “I’m looking for someone in the 10-14 inch range.”

I tried to make a joke and lighten the mood a little: “The best I can do is give you five inches three times. That’s fifteen inches!” I thought it was funny. She did not.

She started screaming at me. “You guys with little dicks just don’t understand!”

She screamed so much that the manager came back there. It was a sturdy-looking woman in her late 40’s named Caroline.

Caroline asked what the problem was and Dolores went on a long rant about how tired she was of waxing little dicks. “We need to screen out the little guys!”

Caroline spoke very softly to her and told her she’d been working too hard. “Go home and take it easy, come back tomorrow. I’ll finish up here.”

They stepped out of the room and Caroline came back. She apologized about a hundred times for Dolores. She said she thought all the yelling meant I was trying to rape Dolores. She finished up the waxing, not much was left to do at that point.

When she finished, she took off her gloves, apologized again about Dolores, and picked up a bottle of baby oil. “Would you like me to finish you off by hand? No extra charge.”

“Don’t mind if I do.”

She was very good and very expert in her stroking. I didn’t last long. I tipped her a hundred bucks. It was worth it.

Unfortunately, her salon did not survive the pandemic. So, I’m on the lookout for a good aesthetician.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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