My Brother Comes Home From The War

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*NOTE* I wrote this for a very good friend as a present.

When me and my brother, Alex, were little we had done everything together. Our mother even bathed us together. We spent every moment we could together. Alex thought me how to ride a bike and helped me with school work since he was 3years older than me. Our dad had run off with another woman one day, so our mom had to work a lot to pay the bills. This left us alone a lot first with a babysitter then when we got older, mom trusted Alex to watch over me till she got home at 7pm.
Alex looked a lot like our father; he had dirty blonde hair and blue eyes while I looked like our mom with auburn hair and had brown eyes.
When I was twelve and Alex was fifteen, I came home one day from school early. I wanted to ask my brother, Alex to help me with a home work assignment. His bedroom door was slightly open so I looked in; he was on his bed with his eyes closed. His hand had been making a jerking movement but it now stopped as white stuff came out of something between his legs. I couldn’t tell what because of how his hands were covering his groin area.
I learned a few years later that he had been masturbating or commonly called stroking himself and that the white stuff had been cum.
I quickly shut the door and went back to my homework. When Alex turned 16 he started hanging out with his friends instead of talking to me and we grew apart. At 19 he enlisted into the army.
Alex had been away in the army for 3 years when I finally found a guy I liked enough and was serious about. His name was Austin and he took both my virginities. First my pussy and then a few months later my ass which had been the most painful one.
A year after that my brother got release and got on an airplane to come home. I went to the airport and picked him up. We talked about what he did while over there but I knew he was hiding something, something personal it seemed. I dropped him off at mom’s house. I had moved out 5 months before and was now living with my boyfriend Austin in his 5 bedroom house, 3 ½ bath with a big pool in the back yard. I went home after I dropped Alex off with his stuff on mom’s door step.
Later that night around 10pm, I got a phone call while Austin was playing with my nipples. I answered the phone, it was Alex. I listened to him while Austin was biting, licking and lightly pinching my nipples. Apparently Alex and mom had had another fight and she had kicked him out again. When he was a teen he and mom fought a lot which ended in him getting kicked out usually for a few hours never more than 3 but she wasn’t forgiving him this time. I promised to come and get him and agreed to let him spend the night in our guest room while canlı bahis trying not to moan.
I put my bra and tank top back on for that’s all I had taken off. I then got into my pickup and drove over to mom’s house. There sat my brother, Alex with his head down on the porch steps with his duffel bag next to him. I got out and walked up to him, I stood in front of him. He didn’t notice till I had said his name for the fourth time, he then picked up his duffel bag threw it in the back and climbed into the passenger side without a word. I climbed back into the driver’s seat and started to drive. I was going to let it go but my curiosity got the better of me. “What was this fight about?” Alex wouldn’t look at me but I knew he had heard me.
I turned into the driveway and cut the engine. Alex looked at me and quickly said “She caught me jacking off in your old room. I was thinking about you and that one day when I was fifteen and you saw me.” I sat in shock, trying to absorb what Alex, my brother had just said. All I could think was “oh my god my brother had seen me that day and was now jacking off thinking about me.”
We got out of the pickup after a few minutes and went inside the house. Austin greeted me at the door with a big French kiss. Austin showed Alex the guest room then almost dragged me to our bedroom.
Austin shut the door behind him and opened the robe he had been wearing. Underneath the robe was nothing, “mmm someone missed me” I said pointing to his 9inch thick dick. “You have no clue how much baby” he replied and began stripping me.
My shirt and bra were off my body before I knew what happened and Austin was sucking on my nipples like a nursing baby. I couldn’t help it, I started moaning and humping his thigh. He ripped off my pants and panties off in one motion. He licked down my body to my pussy, where he ate me. Austin started licking my clit then sucking on it making me cum hard and moaned loudly. He then tongue fucked me for about 5 minutes while I humped his face. My thighs tightened their grip on his head and I face fucked him as my orgasm hit. I came all over Austin’s face. He lapped up as much of the cum as he could then came up and kissed me while sliding his big dick in my pussy. I moan and cummed on his dick but he didn’t stop.
He fucked me like this for about an hour then rolled off me still hard as a rock. I got on top of him and slide his dick in my pussy. I rode him for another hour, when suddenly he started cumming inside me. I looked at him worried for he kept saying he didn’t want kids and would pull out or tell me to get off before he’d cum. “ It’s ok babe “ that was all I needed my pussy started milking his dick for every drop of cum.
Austin and I fell bahis siteleri asleep but after a while I couldn’t sleep so I went to check on my brother. Alex had the door shut but the light was on, so I knocked. He opened the door and I stepped in his room. I could tell from the few porn sites he had minimized that he had been jacking off again.
I went over to his laptop and opened the minimized sites. I looked at the stories and videos. They were all insist and about brothers and sisters. “What is this? Still fantasizing about this stuff when mom kicked you out for it?” Alex lowered his head but wouldn’t answer me. “What am I going to do with you?” I asked. Alex wouldn’t answer and was scared I was going to kick him out just like mom had but then I got an idea. “How would you like it if your fantasy came true?” Alex thought I was just messing with him but when he saw I was for real his eyes lit up. “I’d like it very much sis.” He quietly replied, so quietly I almost didn’t hear him.
He went over to the laptop and typed something in and a story popped up. “Can we do one of these scenes?” I quickly read over it and then nodded.
I took off the T-shirt and panties that I had been wearing. Alex’s jaw dropped as he started at my naked body, his gazed lingered on my double D breasts.
Alex quickly took off his boxers, and then looked at me embarrassed. “Ah, sis I don’t know what to do, I’m still a virgin and don’t know how to pleasure you.” He confessed to me. “That is alright just relax and let little sis show you what to do.” I pushed him back on the bed and began to slowly stroke his dick. I continued to stroke his dick for about 15 minutes when I felt his dick begin to twitch and then cum. I laid down next to him and he moved so he was in between my legs. “Can you guide me sis?”
I nodded and pushed his face down onto my pussy. He stuck his tongue out and licked my slit once. “Just like that but much more and faster” he nodded and then began eating me out, he started licking my clit. I started moaning more when he did that, so he started sucking on my clit. I came and humped his face. I pulled him up to my face and made out with him for a few minutes. I then guided his dick into my warm pussy. Natural instinct took over him; he fucked my pussy hard and fast. He kept moaning, till all of a sudden he whispered “Sis, I’m going to cum soon.” He pulled out and came all over my lower tummy.
He went to sleep and I went to go clean up. I cleaned up then got dressed for bed and went to bed next to Austin. We all had breakfast, Alex and I acted like nothing had happened. Austin and I went to work leaving Alex at home alone. Because of the hours I worked Austin would be home with Alex for two bahis şirketleri hours before I got home.
We I got home they had dinner ready. We ate in silence and went to bed. I had a feeling something was wrong. Austin pulled me into the living room. “I caught your brother jacking off while smelling a pair of your panties.” I opened my mouth to say something but Austin cut me off. “He told me about his biggest fantasy.”
Austin and I went to our bedroom without another word. We were watching a movie when I started to get horny so I started rubbing Austin’s groin. After a short while his dick was hard and straining against his boxers. I pulled them off him then striped myself. I got on top of him and slide his big meaty cock deep inside my soaked wet pussy. He pulled my body to him so that my ass was in the air. Austin whispered in my ear. “We talked about your fantasy too.” (Which was a double penetration).
I had my boyfriend’s big thick 9 inch dick in my ass before and that had hurt a lot. So when I felt my brother, Alex slipped his 5inch dick in my ass it didn’t hurt. They both went slowly at first then as they gained rhythm they went faster and deeper. After about 2 hours of sex like this in which I had 3 orgasms, cummed 7 times, and squirt 4 times, I could tell they were close.
They went harder and deeper, and then I felt Alex shoot his hot cum deep in my ass. I started licking my boyfriend, Austin’s neck and whispering dirty things in his ear. That put him over the edge; he pulled my pelvis to him and pushed every centimeter in my pussy hitting my womb. I felt every twitch of his big meaty cock as it shot after shot of his big load of hot cum onto my womb. We laid together (me, my brother Alex, and my boyfriend Austin) till their soft dicks slipped out of my body. We eventually fell asleep.
I woke up to my boyfriend’s big dick poking me in the thigh. I decided to give him a good morning wake up. I stroked his dick while rubbing his big cum filled balls. He let out a moan but was still asleep. I looked over at my brother hoping he hadn’t woken up, he hadn’t. I pushed/ rolled Austin over onto his back then mounted him. I rode him like he was a wild horse,
After what seemed like forever I squirted all over his dick and was about to get off of him, when he opened his eyes. He rolled us over so he was ontop of me. He went faster, harder and deeper till I felt like I was in ecstasy.
He pulled my legs from around his waist off and put them on his shoulders, spreading them wide. He plunged his cock in me over and over again while I moaned and cummed nonstop. With his thumb he starting rubbing my clit making me moan louder and cum harder. He started thrusting faster and harder then suddenly I felt the familiar feeling of his cum filling up my pussy. My pussy instantly began milking his big dick for every little bit of cum it could get.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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