My Brother My Boyfriend

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This story is work of fiction, and it has nothing to do with anything real.

All the characters involved in sexual activities are 18 years and older.

If you’re looking for a quick stroke story, this story may not be for you.

I thank my editors ‘OnlyEditing’ aka ‘Shelves’ and ‘Todger65.’ You are great. If you find any mistakes, they’re all mine.

I hope you enjoy the story.



Joe wrote the last paragraph of his finals and smiled. Thank god it is over now and he doesn’t have to come back to school any more. He knew he’d miss school and all the fun, but was happy to get it over with. He gathered his bag and looked at his teacher, Miss Lynn. She nodded in approval of his exit.

She was a beautiful, around thirty five year old single woman. Her long straight blonde hair reached almost to her waist. She wore no lipstick, but still her full lips looked cherry red. Her round, smooth cheeks with no marks were rare. With big brown eyes that were so deep, one glance at her eyes and a guy might never get out of them. She’d a red blouse with the top two buttons open, giving a hint of the gorgeous curves of her D cup breasts and a skirt that clung to her apple shaped ass. The bare long legs would make any model jealous and red shoes made her seem like a sex goddess.

As he gathered his bag and walked out the door, she called him from behind hurriedly following him.

“Wait Joe…”

He knew what exactly she was about to say as he stopped just outside the door and waited for her. She paced outside and asked him how did he fare? His answer was short and simple. “I got along real good Miss Lynn. Thanks for all your help.”

She stepped closer to him and whispered in his ear, “What are you doing this afternoon?”

He smiled coyly, “Nothing much. Do you require my assistance with your backyard again, miss?”

She nodded, smiled and said, “Yes, please, make it around three thirty this afternoon if you could.” He only shook his head and headed towards the parking lot. It was not new to him for her to need him to help with her backyard. He knew he’d get compensated in hard currency and a heap more.

Joe had his eighteenth birthday six months ago, a teen with roaring hormones. Having a karate black belt and playing football for his school had got him famous among the girls and the straight A’s for almost all the subjects a favorite student who was never frightened of asking teachers if he couldn’t understand something and they all had been helpful. 6’4″ and 185lbs, his broad chest and athletic body were added advantages too.

He’d never been short of dates; well the truth was, at no time he’d been short of sex since he was sixteen. Thanks to the best sex teacher he’d had during those days. We won’t go into details about that as it is irrelevant here. Before he got to the car, he bumped into the cheerleader girl he was currently dating, Donna. Well, not dating but, you know, fucking. She was standing near the parking gate waiting for him. As he was about to get to his car, she ran and jumped on him.

“I am so happy Joe that this is over and am really looking forward to a long vacation.” He knew that she was visiting Europe with her parents for almost the whole summer and would not be back until college started.

Clinging on to his shoulders she continued, “Joe, I am going to miss you while I’m gone. Just give me a call this evening if you aren’t doing anything special and we can plan a movie or something.”

He looked at her for a moment and smiled, “Sweetie, I already have plans for this evening, but I’ll certainly give you a call in a few.”

Clinging on to him more, “Why, are you so done with me? I am not going away before the start of the next month and it is still two weeks away.”

“Hey, it’s not like that. I’ll be delighted to spend some time with you before you leave.” he disengaged her and gave a peck on her mouth.

She held his hand for a few and squeezed it, looked at him, winked and said, “You know you won’t regret it, if you do.”

He grinned and squeezed her hand in return. They parted and he drove off to his home.

While he drove, he was thinking about Miss Lynn and her backyard business and that put a big smile on his lips. It was not new for him to help her out with chores, but whenever she asked him to do the backyard, he knew what that meant.

He got home in about fifteen minutes and parked his car in the garage beside his sister’s black BMW. His sister, three years older than him had recently moved back with him and his parents after completing college and currently she was looking for a job. She wasn’t much of an outgoing person, like most of the college going kids, but he was sure she has had her share of boyfriends in school and college. She wasn’t naive in the slightest. She’d regular dates in school and certainly wasn’t short of dates in college too.

She had those looks; you know that guys would line up to date a girl. She’d just broken up with her boyfriend otele gelen escort of one year before coming home and was depressed when she returned home. He was concerned about his sister’s state and had a little talk with her. She’d told him that her boyfriend was good with her, but before the finals, at one of the parties she caught him with some other girl.

She was shocked and cried, but finally made up her mind to leave him and headed home to be with family for a few months and look for work. Once she got work, she was planning on getting her own place and do whatever with her life. She hadn’t gotten over her last breakup and was yet to come to terms with it. Sometimes she simply sat on the sofa staring at the wall for hours. But once, when he caught her doing that, he had asked her to peace out and start living life again. She’d kept staring at him for a few moments like ‘awe, my little bro is grown up.’ She then merely smiled at him and bobbed her head in agreement.

“I am trying bro, it’s not like I opted to sit here all day long, but there is not much to do when I’m looking for a job and endeavoring to fend off a broken heart. I’ll try to see some of my old friends here and start going out.” She’d assured him.

He smiled at her and said, “If you need any help getting a date, I’ll be glad to help,” and his smile turned into a grin. She smiled back and thanked him for being a good brother.

He closed the garage door and stepped in the house and found her in the kitchen fixing lunch.

“Hey sis, what’s up?” He asked her as he threw the keys on the table before heading up to his room.

“Nothing much Joe, just making lunch, what would you like?” she turned to him and smiled. God, she’s got that smile. You know the kind of a smile that makes you smile back.

He smiled back, “Whatever you are cooking will be fine with me.”

“Ok,” was her reply and she turned her back to him to continue fixing lunch.

His sister, Katrina, a twenty two year old college student, was a gorgeous looking young woman. At five feet eight inches, hundred and twenty lbs., brown long curly hair, hazel eyes, shapely proportionate nose, dark eyebrows and perfect C cup breasts. She had a flat tummy, big round ass, long athletic legs and full sexy thighs. She hadn’t changed a great deal since he saw her three years ago. In high school, she’d opted for track and swimming. They both were good at athletics and knew the importance of physical exercise to stay healthy.

Track and swimming kept her legs and shoulders in good shape. In college, she didn’t have much time for sports, but she did keep running and swimming regularly. However, she never believed in working out like he did. Joe, on the other hand, besides karate and football, used the gym to stay fit. At six feet four inches he was well built and could hold on five guys at a time. In high school, boys would think twice before getting to him physically. She was equally as brilliant as him in her studies. In school, if she didn’t get an A, she would come back home, crying and chastising her teacher.

He looked at her from top to bottom to confirm what he was thinking and found no corrections. He wasn’t sure, but he felt that she knew he was checking her out.

Looking at him over her shoulder, she smiled at him again and said, “Give me ten minutes. You go freshen up and before you come down; perhaps lunch will be ready for your hungry ass.” He nodded his head in agreement and headed towards the stairs.

They didn’t own an astronomically immense house, but it wasn’t minuscule either. Four bedrooms, two on the ground level and two upstairs. A kitchen, living room, den and a small gym in the basement where Joe spent his morning time before shower and breakfast. His parents used the Master bedroom on the ground floor and kept the other for guests that they had at regular intervals. Katrina and Joe used their old bedrooms upstairs. His bedroom was down the hall and his sister’s just near the stairs. The bathroom they shared was between their rooms. Not that they hadn’t walked in on one another, but they’d a silent agreement to knock before entering.

With her brother being three years younger, she never had a quandary sharing bathroom with him and by the time he hit the puberty, she was gone to college. If truth to be told, he’d never set his eyes on his sister sexually. The guys at school kept it to themselves if they though his sister was sexy. They knew very well if they spelled it out, they’d have a broken nose at least.

After freshening up and changing into shorts and a tight t shirt, Joe came back to the kitchen and sat down on the chair near the dining table.

“Mmmm, smells good.” He muttered.

Katrina had the table set and was waiting for him to come down. As soon as Joe was seated, she brought lunch and served him and herself. She was in a loose t shirt and denims. He hadn’t looked at her carefully, but he felt that she’d no bra under her shirt. Not that he’d have pendik escort ever noticed.

They ate their lunch in silence.

“Kat, you are an excellent cook. The guy, who marries you will be the luckiest guy in the universe. Hope he doesn’t get fat from eating your cooking. I might have to drag him to gym if he gets really fat.”

Katrina laughed, but before long she got gloomy shades on her face. He saw it in her eyes and he tried to reassure her that it’d be alright, but all he saw was her eyes watering and a tear slide down each of her cheeks.

Immediately he said, “Sorry Kat, I didn’t mean to bring your memories back,” and he got up from his chair, folding his arms around her shoulders. He kissed her on top of her head, holding her head tight to his chest as he hugged her for a long time and let her head go only when he felt she was alright. She shook her head, looked at him and smiled.

But then Joe had to cheer up his sister, he smiled back and said, “Kat, you know you have the most charmingly resplendent smile I’ve ever seen. Every time I see you smile, I can’t help but smile back.” That got to her and then she laughed again. And this time her ‘laugh’ didn’t turn into a grief.

“Thanks Joe, you are the greatest brother.”

He stood there for a few more minutes with his hands around her shoulders, pulled her back to him and kissed on her head again before he carried their plates to the sink.

“Hey, wait Joe; you don’t have to do that. I got plenty of spare time and I could do it for you.”

“No Kat, I got to practice. I’d never know when I need to clean plates myself,” he laughed. That was a jape because they always did the dishes after they’d had dinner with their parents. That was the time they loved to spend together as it gave them plenty of time to talk about their day before watching TV or going to bed. Being a younger brother he didn’t have a lot to ask her, but she always inquired about his day and his studies. She wanted to know if she needed to help him out with his homework as she invariably kept a tab on it. They were close kids. She even guarded him from the demons at the school when he was puerile.

While he washed and dried plates she cleaned the table and went over to the couch to sit. He joined her after finishing the plates and relinquished a big sigh. “Thank God, school is over.”

With the same world famous smile, his sister said, “Little brother, don’t be so jubilant. College studies are tougher than high school.” After a little pause, she looked at him and scanned him from top to bottom, she continued, “But if you are looking forward to the fun you are going to have in college, you have all the rights in the world to be happy. The girls in the college will have an arduous time not noticing the body and looks you have got. I think you know what I mean.”

He kept his face solemn and blinked, “No, I don’t know, what you mean by that?”

Her smile turned into a grin, “Oh brother, my brother, if you weren’t my brother, I’d have shown you what that means but you are my brother and I can’t do that. So, Yeah, you have one sexy looking body that girls love. I am sure you wouldn’t have to even ask for dates.”

He then let the solemnity go from his face and smiled, “Oh, now I know what you intended by that. Thanks Kat for letting me know the insides of the college. I see you never had any problems getting dates either,” and then he scanned her from top to bottom. Blushing, Katrina shrank back in the couch and lowered her eyes.

They sat there in silence for a while, then his sister looked him up and down again, “I know you aren’t naive with all the dates you’ve had while you were in school and I don’t have to tell you anything about it, but being your elder sister, you could always come to me if you have any riddles.” This was entirely new to both of them to talk about and neither of them was comfortable; both of them were quiet for a while before she commenced again.

“Joe, now that you are out of school, what are your plans for the summer?” After a slight pause when he didn’t reply and kept looking at her face, messing with his hair, she continued, “Don’t keep yourself too busy chasing skirts and partying and keep me out of your sphere. Of late, we haven’t had much time together and I’d like to change that.”

Obviously enjoying her hand in his hair, he smiled, “I don’t have any plans for now and have not thought about it yet. I just want to relax for a few days and take it easy, besides applying for college. I’ve to go over to my teacher’s this afternoon and help her with the backyard. She pays well and I just can’t let go some extra cash. I might look for a summer job for some handy cash but then I’d have to talk to our parents to find out what they think about it.

Then placing his hand around her neck, he pulled her head to his shoulder as he spoke. “Big sis, I’ll keep that in my mind and promise we’ll spend some quality time together. We could go to the movies, a dinner, the beach rus escort or hiking, or whatever fun time you may have in mind besides staying home and getting bored. I’ve missed you while you were gone.”

“I’ve missed you too, little brother.” She pulled her legs under her thighs whilst they remained there hugging each other for a long time. When he let her go, she gasped and sighed.

“So Kat, what are you going to do while I am gone for the evening?”

She shrugged her shoulders, “I don’t know; I’ll probably lay and read before hitting the pool. When it cools down a little I might call my few old friends to see how they are placed, provided they still have the same numbers. Suzi, and Sam, I know where they live, if they don’t answer my call, I might go there to see if they are around even. If not we’ll see.”

“Ok sis, it’s time for me to get moving. I’ll see you at around six?”

“Yeah, if I’m not caught up with Suzi or Sam, but if I am, I’ll let you know. Mom is cooking dinner tonight, so I’ll have a little more time, but I’ll definitely be back before dinner. And hey, thanks for everything. I wasn’t feeling myself today and I really appreciate what you have done.” She smiled. This time her smile didn’t seem the same smile he’d always seen on her lips. There was something different in it, but he couldn’t put his finger on what exactly it was.

“Oh come on sis, it’s no big deal. I’d do everything I could to make you feel better. Now be good and enjoy your time out if you really make it there.”

They sat there a few moments more, he ran his fingers in her hair brotherly solacing her, kissed her on her cheek, got up and said good day before grabbing his car keys and going out the door.

After Joe left, Katrina drifted off into her own thoughts of college life and her ex boyfriend. The time they spent together as lovers, the love they felt in each other’s arm, the comfort they got in their relationship. She thought of the arousal she felt from his touch and the movie nights with no panties under her skirt along with the fun they had undressing each other. The long love making hours, sometimes spending a whole night sleeping together naked in bed playing with each other’s secret body parts, the touch of his fingers on her erect nipples – all went through her mind.

She shuddered thinking of the feel of his tongue on her wet pussy lips, the sweet and salty taste of his semen when she gave him a blowjob and the feel of his penis sliding in and out of her. The ecstasy she felt when he made love to her, the panting she felt in her body when she came, the joy she felt when he ejaculated deep inside of her tunnel and the stickiness she felt when his white sperm dripped out of her love hole. All this along with their planning a life beyond college, committing to a long term relationship, the apartment they were to share, the planning of how many kids they should have, the life beyond the horizon. All of this should have made her pussy drip with her juices, but…

FUCK! It was all fake.

All of her dreams were baseless. There was no concrete base and the foundation she built her dreams on was nothing but a pile of wet sand. Instead of arousing her, her pussy started to dry out. The wetness she felt while hugging her brother was leaving. The smoothness she had felt against her panties was fading away, and she didn’t like that.

She knew it was simply wrong to get aroused from his brotherly hug, but she couldn’t help herself. First, he hugged her in the kitchen after they’d lunch and the second time on the couch. It felt so amazing. She never felt such closeness as she had felt with her brother. His compassionate eyes, his eye-catching handsome body, his strong arms wrapped around her shoulders and his crotch touching her side. “Hell, what is happening to me? Am I lusting for my brother?” She thought to herself. “That is so not right. I need to stop thinking about my own blood. It’s just not right.”

Trying to put it out of her mind, she started thinking about her ex boyfriend again. The pre-final party held at their friend’s apartment. There were twenty guys and girls. A few were couples like her and her beau, and rest of them were single, just trying to hook up for a little fun before sinking their heads in the books to start gearing up for the finals.

The music blew, a few guys hitting on her and other girls, the beer flowing freely. Nobody knew who has had how many bottles of beer and her boyfriend nowhere to be seen. Two guys came over to sit, one on each side of her on the couch and started running their hands over her legs; she pulled her skirt below her knees and pushed them away. She wasn’t so drunk as to let other guys apart from her boyfriend run their hands on her body. She looked around for her boyfriend, but couldn’t find him. She then got up and went over to the bar, grabbed a beer and sat in the chair nearby. The guys who had been touching her were now looking at her with hungry wolf eyes.

She got scared. A girl appeared from nowhere and sat on one of the boy’s lap and they started making out. One guy pulled her skirt up and pushed his hand between her legs cupping and pinching her mound. She moaned loud and drove her pussy onto his hand more. The other guy started going down on her fat brown nipple. What a slut she thought.

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