My Brother’s (Ass) Crack Addiction

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I was a bitchy sister to my brother Ben back in the day. When I was 19 and he was 18, we both still lived at home and I found myself bored often, despite taking menial community college classes. I was really loud and difficult for Ben to deal with. I guess I was a bit of a bully as an older sister. I did a lot of things that older brothers would do, in such a role, like sit on him and fart and boss him around. Most of my friends had moved away the year before to go to more prestigious universities while I stayed behind, so I found myself alone at home often, pestering the shit out of my brother when I was bored.

As a natural brunette whose hair turned a shade of dirty blonde when kissed by the sun during the summers, I’m 5’4¨ with a big bubble butt and small boobs. Needless to say, my butt got the attention from the opposite sex. Around this era, I teased with the idea of saving up the money to have breast implants inserted, but eventually I realized it would be a waste and that I was fine living with a fat rump, kinda like the Jay-Z, Rihanna and Kanye West song (“she’s got an ass that can swallow up a g-string, but up top? Two bee stings). I digress.

It was oftentimes easy to tell when Ben was masturbating. His room would be quiet all of a sudden. He would usually always have his TV going or music playing, but when he would masturbate everything would be super quiet. One time, I snuck up and purposely caught him in the act. I loved embarrassing him! I teased him and told him that he had an ugly cock, even though it was quite average sarıyer escort in the grand scheme of things, from what I could tell. I just liked riling him up. Hey, I admitted in the first line of the post that I was a bitchy sister.

One day, when our parents were gone, I was napping on the couch and awoke. I wanted to get on the laptop, but I couldn’t find it, so I hurried to my brother’s room as I knew he had to be on it. Silence was the sound, if it were a sound. Heh. I knew what was going on. I busted into his bedroom while knocking and upon entry I told him I was bored and wanted to go online. He was only wearing his boxers. I could see Ben was sweating from the forehead and looking nervous. I couldn’t help but smirk. He snapped at me and told me to get the fuck out of his room, that he was busy. Of course, there was no way that iteration of me could be nice. I had to upstage that brotherly defiance, and I don’t know what got into me, but I walked over to him and dropped my fat ass right down on his crotch with all my weight crushing down. I knew he had been masturbating. I guess I just wanted to embarrass him further. I felt his boner aching in the crack of my ass.

Now, mind you, I’ve never thought of my brother in any kind of sexual way. He’s my brother. Maybe if he were more physically attractive. I’m just saying. Attractive people like to fuck one another. He was a bit of a dork and submissive in many ways, traits that I’ve never cared for. Still, he somehow had attracted a girlfriend in the past sefaköy escort six months. Anywho, I was wearing a pair of skimpy shorts with my ass cheeks hanging out of the bottom of them. Full disclosure: I had not showered in two days. It was a Sunday. I knew I’d be home all weekend and just didn’t bother bathing, because hey, I was just lounging around the home. Still. I bet my shithole stunk to high heavens. Remember, I have a big ass. I had one then, too. All that cheek meat closing up a rosebud causes musky, pheromonal odors to form rather quickly.

I asked Ben what he was doing in the most sinister tone I could muster. A rhetorical question, indeed. I leaned over and hit the backspace and a clip came on the screen of a woman going reverse cowgirl on a guy. I started to laugh. I turned around and grinned the most evil grin I could physically conjure. He snapped again, telling me to get the fuck up as he shifted. He was making strange noises. I wonder if he had been close to nutting. I leaned forward, easing the pressure from his cock that it had been under due to my round rump, reached my right hand back there and rubbed my fingers against where my asshole had been pressed into the fabric of my shorts for a few seconds before reaching the same fingers to his nose and telling him to smell them. “They fucking stink!” he blurted out. “Oh my goodness!”

I giggled like a contriving villain before returning to my assumed position of my ass on his pecker. I started wiggling my ass on his penis and making silivri escort a licking gesture with my tongue across my top lip. Out of nowhere he grabbed my hips and started grinding his cock into the crack of my ass, pushing my shorts that were shrouded in the sweat-settled musk of my shithole deep into my crack, and he started grunting, “OOOOOOOOHH…OOOOOH.” I didn’t time it our anything, but I swear his orgasm lasted from 15-25 seconds as the stimulation of my warm, meaty sisterly ass cheeks hugged his exploding manhood as he humped his dick into my nasty ass crack.

I finally stood up after a minute of him stopping, while he was still breathing heavy, and I reached back on my shorts and showed him the wads of cum that had leaked through his boxers and tainted the fabric that pressed into my butt cheeks, spreading my fingers and my brother’s semen that was connecting them. I wiped it on him and laughed, and told him he had to sniff my butthole and proceed to kiss it or else. I didn’t plan on doing anything at all. I just liked teasing and being bitchy. I pulled my shorts down just enough so I could bend forward and expose my 48-hour unwashed shithole to my brother as he leaned in and pressed his nose against it. “That’s right, Ben,” I said. “I haven’t showered in two fucking days. Smell that fucking butthole.” He sniffed it for about 20 seconds before I told him to plant a kiss on it. He did as told, and it kinda tickled. The thrill was spectacular. I reminded him of how repulsed and disgusted Ashley would be to find out that he came on another woman, let alone his very own sister’s ass crack.

This wasn’t the end of things. One day I got on the computer, saw that he had not deleted his search history.

My brother had been looking up ‘ass sniffing porn’ and ‘sister facesitting’. Heh. I must have given him a fetish.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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