My Brother’s Back Ch. 01

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*If you outlive your friends it hurts, but if they outlive you it could hurt more*

(Note: Combat is a bit over to top — just warning you)


We were considered brothers because of the neighborhood we grew up in since the seventh grade led us to always hanging out together. It was our thing. Dallas Aaronson was the closest we had to a jock, plus he was also pretty smart and his folks were kind of rich. He went on to a nice college but came back a chemistry teacher at our old school, a constant case of amusement to the rest of us.

Kris Thompson was always the Rich Kid. His grandfather ran the largest chemical plant in this part of the state. He’d gone of the college, gotten his degree and gone to work at the family business. He also been married and divorced all in a matter of three years. We always liked him the most and not because he came across the highway to be with us poorer kids. He was our charismatic front man.

Cowan Wilson was a poor kid like me. Right after graduation he was busted for theft and spent three years in prison upstate. To him it was a different kind of college and by the time I came home he had developed a frightful erratic reputation in the local underground. He never found a girl that worked, but always had tales to tell about his wild nights.

Alton Kitchener had been the greatest force behind us all graduating and graduating as high as we did. He’d gone on to a full scholarship, graduating in three years and a Masters in two before setting up his own business back in town. He was a total geek, but unlike most geeks he had gone through the high school experience without being picked on, or picked on without their bringing repercussions. He was our brother and we bled for him.

Our only non-brother brother was Jewel Lewis. Jewel had been our friend for so long we hardly thought of her as a girl. Like Alton, she was a brain and a geek. We weren’t really beating guys off of her growing up, but she was a really nice friend. She kept in touch with me all the while I was away, even letting me participate in her graduation from law school by video.

Lastly that left me, Christian Talle as kind of the odd man out. I was smart, but not smart enough for a good college so I entered the Service. The thing was, I wasn’t a rough-house fighter, or even a terribly aggressive guy. I had an even temper yet somehow I ended up going to foreign lands and killing people for my country. More than one of my instructors said I had a natural aptitude for it.

We all got together for a cookout when I got out of the service after nine years. I had some job offers from my buddies but it was clear to me that all they thought my experience in the military qualified me for was private security work though Cowan offered me a job as an enforcer. In the end I opted for a job as a personal trainer at a gym because I was sick and tired of violence.


Anyway, I have only been in town for three months when I get a frantic call from Jewel Lewis. She tells me to hurry up and meet at her place. It is three in the morning so I throw on whatever is handy and hurriedly over. I find Cowan standing around when I arrive. Inside Kris Thompson is sitting with his older brother, Jack. Jewel is running the meeting.

“Cowan, Christian; Jack’s only child; a son named Brandon has been kidnapped. They say if we don’t hand over three million dollars by mid-day tomorrow the boy will be killed.” I don’t like the way this is going. “If the police or FBI is contacted the boy will be killed as well.”

“What do you want us to do?” Cowan says carefully. There is a pregnant pause.

“Get my son back,” Jack pleads. This isn’t what we were looking for. We didn’t have to wait long.

“Cowan, Christian, get that boy back no matter what,” Jewel clarifies.

“Well Christian,” Cowan turns to me and grins. “Let’s go get some tools and pay some visits.” I nod and find my heart increasing a pace. These were my closest friends asking me for help and for once I can do something about it. My criminal friend and I turn and leave.

What follows is only a matter of Cowan hunting down who would be desperate enough to attempt this. If they are professionals we are pretty screwed. As it was, we have a list of possible suspects inside the knowledge of Brandon. We run some numbers and sure enough, someone has a serious gambling problem on the verge of being fixed.

I take over. He wants his lawyer and I explain that we aren’t the police. He wants to see the police so I shatter a finger with a hammer. In general torture isn’t very useful unless you know exactly what you are asking for. I want a contact number and one finger later we have it. We shove the bastard in the trunk of the car still crying for a doctor. Lawyer-police-doctor; this guy can’t make up his mind.

The number turns out to be a pre-paid cell, normally untraceable but we go to our buddy Alton at seven in the morning. He has us an address by nine. We gather up every tuzla escort gun that Cowan has on hand and go over to check the place out. It is a foreclosed home with an IR signature showing one person in the back of the house, three people up in the main room, and a big and small person in the basement.

Our plan is simple. We will sneak in the back, Cowan will go down and rescue the boy and when he tells me we have the right kid, I will deal with the rest of the people in the house. We never actually talk about killing anyone; it is a given.

The first round is standard operating procedure; I tap lightly on the back door. When the kidnapper comes to the door I put two silenced rounds to his head through the wood. Cowan has the door sprung before the first person in the main room has finished asking if something is wrong. Cowan races for the downstairs while I put the pistol away and pull out the shotgun and walk into the main room.

Clearly this is where they’ve been camped out all night drinking, playing games, and watching Blue Ray. The four of us stare at one another for several seconds. They are waking up and shaking off the fatigue of a long wasted night and I am waiting on my cue.

“Yo Man, we can talk about his,” the leader, a black man in his early twenties smiles at me.

In fact, all the hostiles here seemed to be black. I file that away for later. I can see them fidgeting because they haven’t a clue until shots ring out from downstairs. The leader dives to the floor. The bigger of the other two men goes for the assault rifle next to him and I put one blast right beneath his heart. I turn and shoot the other man in the same location a second later. His pistol flies from his nerveless hand.

“Oh fuck,” the leader exclaims. “Listen man, this has all been a terrible mistake. I kept my gun pointed at him while I hear Cowan pounding up the stairs.

“Got him, Brandon’s okay,” Cowan breaths. As he rounds the corner he groans.

“Fuck, that’s Jesse Foster. His old man is a big fucking wheel is town,” Cowan explains.

“That’s right, my old man is powerful. You boys best be backing up now,” the last survivor threatens. I shrug.

“Too bad he’s seen our faces. Take the kids outside,” When I hear them exit I blow the last guy’s head off; fucking kidnappers.

“Oh Fuck that’s hardcore,” Cowan chuckles as I join him and Brandon in the kitchen.

We quickly exit the property and made our way back to Jewel’s with almost an hour to spare.

“Was there any trouble?” she asks quietly once father and son had been reunited.

“You know the Fosters?” Cowan asks.

“Cedric Foster runs most of the organized crime rackets on the East Side. Was he behind this?” she wonders.

“His little boy Jesse was and Christian blew his head off,” Cowan informs her.

“Oh damn it,” she mutters. “If he ever figures it out, there will be hell to pay. Still, that dumb asshole messed with the wrong group of people,” she grins fiercely.

“All of this is fine, but I have to get to work at noon,” I tell my two friends. I still have bills to pay.


Cowan comes by to pick me out when I get off of my shift at the gym.

“Let’s go out and celebrate,” he greets me. I am not sure what to celebrate; we have killed five guys and saved a boy but we’ve still broken the law. “Let me show you the town.”

“Fine,” I accept his good natured offer.

I find myself going through the part of town my mom and dad would have tanned me for having gone through. Cowan is looking for something and when he finds the target of his search it turns out to be hookers — two hookers in particular. I think Cowan is touched in the head if this is what he thinks I want.

The girls aren’t bad looking, closer to thirty than twenty in my estimation, but there were better than most in this area.

“Hey ladies,” Cowan calls out. I can tell that their enthusiasm for Cowan is strained, “how much for the both of you for the night?”

They look me over and tell him $300 each. Cowan laughs and they get into the back but the drive to Cowan’s place is done mostly with him talking. We get the party off without preamble with Cowan ordering the girls to strip down and get on his bed. He offers me my choice of hookers as we put on our rubbers.

I size them up; one has everything in more womanly proportions, larger C-cup breasts, a curve to the belly and hips and thick, curvy light brown hair but she seemed a bit dull-eyed. She does have a nice tattoo of a ghostly reaper that runs along her waist line aimed at her clean shaven crotch.

The second girl has smaller proportions everywhere but her eyes seemed more alert and soulful and she has an extensive tattoo of a one-winged angel that runs over her shoulder and onto her back. Her hair is a much darker brown and she has very distinctive full eyebrows that were oddly familiar. This is the one I reach out and touch.

“What do you want?” she says bağdat caddesi escort with as much pleasure as she can muster.

“On all fours,” I dictate evenly. She slowly complies and has the good professional sense to look over her shoulder at me and give a weak smile as she shakes her hips invitingly. I image she hopes I will get it over with soon.

Cowan slaps the ass of his ‘date’ and she was soon on all fours so that she was side by side with my girl, heads in opposite directions, he is grinning wildly at me, and he is fucking her brutally.

“Next step,” he grins. He pulls out and takes some lube from the night stand. The other girl grimaces but waits without protest. Cowan rams a finger into her ass followed by another.

He doesn’t even warn her when he drives his cock deep into her ass with one shove. She cries out and tears well in her eyes as she falls forward. Cowan doesn’t wait a moment before grabbing a handful of hair and pulling her back onto all fours.

“No you don’t bitch,” he gloats as he keeps at it. I’m not sure why he hates this woman but he does.

After a few more thrusts he pulls out and tosses his girl to the side where she flops down. Cowan moves forward and shoves his cock straight from the first girl’s ass into my girl’s throat. She chokes but says nothing. Soon he is grinding his pubic hair into her nose still grinning like a madman.

“You don’t know who these bitches are, do you?” he asks. I know them for somewhere but couldn’t place the faces. “I’m fucking Shelia Miles and you are nailing Regina Blackburn.” Shelia Miles was a terrible cock tease in high school, kind of a wild woman. That she has become a prostitute wasn’t impossible.

Regina Blackburn was a totally different picture; she was one of the brightest and most popular girls in my graduating class. She was motivated, attractive, and going places. When I had last heard of her she was headed to university on a full scholarship. I can’t imagine a situation that led her to become a drug addict and whore and how I’ve ended up with my cock in some place I have never dreamed to be possible is beyond me.

My surprise must show on my face.

“I love fucking these stuck up bitches,” Cowan gloats. “Tell me we could have hit any trim this good back in high school.” Before I could think of a response Regina moans and wiggles against me in a move I doubt is authentic. Cowan must be feeling the same way. He turns back to Shelia and gets her back in position. As he savagely penetrates her ass her she cries out again.

I lean over Regina’s body pressing my body down on her back.

“Don’t say anything,” I tell her. She starts slightly when I run my hand through her hair so that I could get access to her ear. She could use a shower. I nibbled on her ear. Propped up on one arm and her back I reach underneath and begin to play with her nipples.

I now remembered that one breast looked a little more inflamed than the other one, probably bitten too vigorously; I choose the undamaged one. I start going at her with slow even strokes and soon she starts to react. Cowan finishes in Shelia with a shout. He slaps her ass hard enough to leave a handprint and pushes her forward. He pulls off his condom and has her clean him up.

Cowan and Shelia find themselves watching the two of us still fucking. By now Regina is tossing her head back and forth and she’s moaning. I move my hand from her breast to her pussy, locate her clit, and start making small circles on it. Regina starts gasping for air until her whole body shuddered and she gave out a primal scream. She started to fall forward but I catch her and pull her close right as I shoot into my condom.

“Bitch,” chuckles Cowan to Regina, “you’ve been holding out on me with those ‘Oh my God’ orgasms of yours. You are going to pay for lying to me.”

I can’t read Regina’s expression from this angle but I can do something. I nibble on her neck and rub my palm on her smooth stomach. Her tension bleeds out and she relaxes against me.

“Let’s switch,” Cowan suggests. I am thinking it over when he chuckles.

“Regina, who just fucked you? I’ll give you a hint; you graduated with him,” he smiles evilly.

Regina tenses again. I can tell because my cock is only semi-deflated inside of her. She struggles for nearly a minute before letting her shoulders drop.

“Christian Talle,” he taunts her. “Christian, why don’t you fuck this arrogant bitch up her ass? They both love it.”

I can tell that Shelia doesn’t seem to love it, or at least the way he does it. Still, she can’t even remember my damn name.

“Regina clean me off and then get me another rubber,” I tell her coldly. She scoots around and the thing that sticks to me most is that she is emotionless. She isn’t embarrassed or afraid or even resigned — she doesn’t care at all. Cowan has Shelia get him hard again before putting on his rubber.

Regina gets me ready and she even gets into position bostancı escort without comment handing me a tube of lube. It think about Cowan for a second and decide there were some places I didn’t need to go.

“Lube yourself up,” I command her. She looks back at me then rolls back onto her shoulder and begins slowly inserting a finger nice and slow.

“Regina you whore, speed it up,” Cowan insists.

“No, I like to watch,” I lie. Regina looks at me once more. It takes her three minutes before she gives me a nod and I move up behind her. Sliding in is no problem what so ever though I still take it easy.

“Shelia, move underneath her and tear that pussy up,” Cowan directs. Sheila sixty-nines with Regina, licking her pussy from clit to ass including licking and sucking my balls. Cowan hooks Shelia’s legs up and began pushing into her at a steady pace. From time to time he pulls out of Shelia’s cunt and rams his cock down Regina’s throat. Apparently Cowan likes being deep throated but I am not sure it is a pleasurable sensation or revenge, or both.

Regina climaxes first and Shelia laps her up hungrily, as if the comfort they can give one another is all they have. Cowan drives her on and Regina’s clit continues to be attacked. Cowan shoots off next pulling out of Shelia and sitting back on the bed exuding vengeance. I reach beneath Regina and move my fingers over Shelia’s mouth letting her suck on them instead of Regina and giving Regina a few moments to recover.

“You bastard,” jokes Cowan, “how long does it take you to cum? Bang these bitches; we have them all night.”

“Regina,” I ask her, “do you want me to come?” She hesitates then shakes her head. “Then go down on Shelia. Make her scream.” She nods and goes to work.

Cowan must have pushed Shelia close earlier because she rapidly begins panting and heaving her substantial bosom around. Regina responds too and this is my clue to picking up the pace. She proves she still has good muscle control by pushing up against me until she is resting and gyrating in my lap. I fire off into my condom in her ass and Regina pulsates faster and harder until she comes too.

Shelia rolls over and up onto her elbows to look at me and Regina. I let her untangle herself from me and fall to the other side.

“Christian you get off faster if you bang them harder,” Cowan jokes.

“Boys fuck, men have sex,” I instruct him. “You learn that in the service.”

Cowan looks at me then laughs some more. I am pretty sure he’s lost his mind.

“You make this too complicated. You pay for a date, you fuck the date, and you drop their ass off then get breakfast,” he explains. “These two particular bitches are a bonus.”

“We are right here you know?” Shelia said in in a voice tinged with anger and exhaustion.

“You want some blow? I have some in the nightstand,” Cowan teases. That gets the two girls’ attention. Shelia crawls over to the table and opens the drawer pulling a baggy, a straw, and a marble cutting board.

“Cowan, I can’t believe you are using? That is fucking stupid,” I rumble. We had all stayed out of drugs through high school.

Cowan slaps Shelia on her ass,

“The bitches like that, don’t you Shelia and Regina? A little blow and you wouldn’t imagine all the kinky shit Ms. High and Mighty Regina Blackburn won’t do for you. Hell, we broke into school and I had her blow me at center court. Ms. Student Body President is a good little cocksucker,” he informs me.

I have to admit the thought of Regina giving me a blowjob at the site of so many of her speeches when she in high school looking so sexual and powerful and unobtainable at the same time is exciting. It makes my cock twinge yet again. I sit back and watch the three snort up some coke and bask in the drug induced afterglow.

The sex that follows is enthusiastic but uninspired. Cowan gets silly and has a hard time performing with Regina while Shelia acts like … well a whore. I take them back around two in the morning to their street corner. At that moment I am happy this whole episode of my life is behind me. Then next day Jewel comes by my apartment and gives me ten thousand dollars in cash for my part in the whole kidnapping affair. I tell her it isn’t necessary but she insists.

(Two weeks later)

I find myself doing a favor for Cowan that brings me back to downtown. All he needs me to do is act frightening and stay out of the way. It turns out to be a drug deal and the only person I feel like shooting is him. When we get out of the meet he pulls me aside and presses two thousand dollars into my hands and tells me what a good job I’d done.

I want to know exactly how I was supposed to kill the five guys with guns we were facing. I wasn’t fucking Rambo. He reminds me that I was Special Forces. I curse him out in the four foreign languages I’d learned while in service, none of which could kill at a glance which leads me back to facing down five guys with guns if things had gone bad.

I’m cruising back to my apartment when I suddenly spot Regina on her corner. Shelia is nowhere in sight. For some strange reason I choose to roll up and say hi.

“Regina, what are you doing?” is my lame line.

“Looking for you,” is her equally lame reply. I’m not sure why I say what came next.

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