My Brother’s Visit

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Todd, along with his whole family, was back in Minnesota visiting our parents. I was anxious to see all of them again and so my son and I drove up for the weekend to join them. My husband opted to stay home this time and finish working on his latest project. Our parents live on a wooded lot on a lake and one afternoon after catching up with everyone, Todd and I took the boat out. It was a warm summer day and I took off my t-shirt covering my swimsuit and waited for the customary remarks about my thunder thighs or whatever that only a brother could get away with! Instead he remarked about the nice tan lines on my back. I had a skimpy suit on showing more skin than I usually would and therefore showing the tell-tale lines from previous days of catching the sun’s rays. It was quiet, bright and sunny and he steered the boat using the small trolling motor out to the center of the large lake. We talked and laughed catching up about our careers and families, but nothing too serious.

We reached a center point in the lake and there was little traffic that day. Our small motor was quiet and didn’t disrupt the sounds of nature too terribly. He challenged me to a game like we had played as kids on the lake many years earlier. We each stood on a seat in the small boat and locked our arms trying to dump each other over the side. I didn’t have a chance, of course, he’s several inches taller and much stronger, but I loved playing the game anyway. I put up a pretty good fight before he knocked me off balance and I went tossing over the side into the water. All my years of playing racquetball hadn’t done me much good I thought to myself. He jumped in after me…I’d like to think because he himself was off balance, but it was probably due to his lifeguard training and wanting to make sure I was alright.

But I think he had ulterior motives as well. He caught up to me and we laughed and he reached to pull me back to the boat, even though I could swim perfectly fine on my own. I felt his hands touch a little more of me than they should. All of a sudden I felt my swimsuit top being tugged and heard a snap as he pulled it from my body. I half screamed, half laughed…we were far away from anyone being able to see us. I felt his hands grabbing at my breasts. I started to feel a little uncomfortable but enjoyed the teasing as we both laughed loudly.

We swam back to the boat and he encouraged me to climb into the boat but I knew I wasn’t wearing a top any longer. He told me it didn’t matter. With his help I managed to haul myself over the edge of the boat before I felt him smack my rear end. I was shocked and gasped not at all too quietly! He smacked me again and I struggled to get into the boat but really had no leverage with my feet dangling in the water with him holding an ankle and my arms hauling myself over the edge of the boat. He reached up and spanked me again and again. I wiggled a little but really couldn’t move. More swats until I’m sure my bottom was red and was certainly warm now and not from the sunshine. I lay still waiting for another swat, I almost felt myself arch my back wanting to meet his hand. And I was not disappointed. He reached a little higher to grab my bikini bottoms and pull them up between my butt cheeks and he spanked me several more times before I was breathing heavy and getting quite uncomfortable hanging over the edge of the boat.

Finally I felt his hands smooth over my bottom, and I moaned against the gentle touch. Ooohh, it felt so good. şirinevler escort He splashed some cool water over my bottom and I shivered a little from the coolness of the water. Then he helped push me into the boat. Trying my best to pretend that spanking didn’t just happen and to cover my bare breasts, I managed to help him climb in after me. I sat very carefully on the middle seat after adjusting what was left of my bikini hoping my t-shirt would cover my bottom as well and I tried to make sense of what just happened. I reached for my t-shirt and he grabbed it and tossed it into the water. I looked at him shocked. He said he’d grab it for me if I did him a favor. I was thinking he owed me the favor by this point, but as we watched my shirt start to sink I knew I needed that to get back home non-naked, on top anyway. I looked at him and back to the shirt, now just under the surface of the water.

“Ok, ok,” I said to him.

“Are you sure?” he answered.

And I hollered, “Yes, anything” just hoping he would snag my shirt before it was too late. And he reached out with his long arms and grabbed it.

As I reached for it, he set it behind the bench he was sitting on. I could see the bulge in his shorts as he set the t-shirt down. He put his hand along his hard dick and said, “Remember when we were teenagers and I’d show you my hard-on through my jeans?” I smiled and nodded. He told me he wanted to feel my mouth on it now. That he’d waited a long time to feel that. I squirmed a little in my seat, my butt still sore and warm and he lightened the moment with a few quirky remarks and reminded me I still needed my t-shirt to get back to the dock with any dignity.

I slowly got to my knees in the boat, the bright sun shining down on us, between his legs. Felt so odd to be out in the open and yet very alone, and nice with the sun warming us and cool water still dripping off each of us. My hands were cold from the water and I wasn’t sure if I should touch him with my fingers, but I knew my mouth would feel warm and wet covering his long dick. I reached to pull down the elastic from his shorts and glanced up at him, saw him smiling watching me. He leaned back on his elbows and continued to watch but not offering to help or move in any way. I pulled the elastic over his hard dick and gasped a little seeing it spring into the sunshine. He chuckled. My natural instincts took over quickly and I wanted the cock in my mouth, but I wanted him to enjoy this too.

I leaned over trying to hide my eyes and my face somewhat when my hair fell over my face. But he reached down to pull my hair to the side and I’m sure saw me blush. Still without using my hands and with the elastic from his shorts somewhat in the way, I first licked with my tongue from the base of his dick to the tip on the underside. And then the same along the side and again and again, long licks. I think I was an anxious as he was for me to take the entire shaft into my mouth but I wanted to make him wait after he had put me in this predicament. I licked the head of his dick with quick flicks of my tongue, dipped the tip of my tongue in the tiny slit on the end. Licked around the head in circles, then nibbled down the length of it to his balls. I reached now with my cool fingers to hold his cock while I licked his balls. I heard him hold his breath when I grabbed him.

I held his dick without moving my fingers and lapped at his balls. I tugged at his şirinevler elit escort shorts to give me more room and eagerly licked and sucked and nibbled at all the spots I could reach. I took one ball into my mouth and swirled my tongue and he leaned his head back and groaned. I took the other in my mouth carefully. I reached with my other hand to cup his balls playfully and slid my hand over his dick now. I needed to feel it in my mouth. Finally I leaned down and took as much as I could into my mouth quickly sliding my lips down the length as I did. I knew my mouth would feel warm and wet. His hardness filled my mouth as I pressed over its length before pulling back and sliding over it again. His hand reached to grab my hair and I felt an urgency in him. I had just started though and tried to slow my actions but he reached with both hands now and held my head as he moved under me faster and harder.

I steadied myself with my hands on his thighs and let him fuck my face. I heard his breath quicken and become uneven. He groaned loudly and I waited for the taste of his cum in my mouth. He thrust into me so hard that I struggled not to gag. I felt his body shudder a little and then he slowly relaxed and slowly lessened his grip on my head as I slid my mouth off his cock. I leaned my head against his thigh as I licked at it gently and softly kissed it listening to him tell me how great that felt.

After a short time we sat up and started to talk and laugh again about how awful we had just been. As I faced the wind on the way back to the house with my wet t-shirt now clinging to my body, I kept licking my lips making sure all signs of our activities were gone. Oh, but I was aching now for an orgasm like he had just had. Feeling it in my mouth was wonderful, but I wanted it in my cunt now too.

As we reached the dock, our kids ran up to great us and we all swam a while. My t-shirt seemed to be effectively covering me. Mom and Dad sat on their lawn chairs enjoying having the family together. Later that evening we had a nice cookout and sat around playing cards on the deck. The younger children had been tucked in bed earlier and eventually the card games ended and we just visited. I twisted in my seat thinking about what happened earlier that day and glancing at Todd every chance I got wondering if he was thinking the same. Wondering if his wife had even the smallest inkling of what happened. Wondering if I had ever satisfied my husband as well before. And yet that spot between my legs still ached.

Dad, wanting to be the center of attention as usual, began telling his jokes. We all groaned when he started and knew we had probably heard many of them already before, but still listened and laughed at each and every joke. But eventually I ducked inside to get something to drink and fill the bowl of popcorn. I didn’t even hear Todd come in behind me until his hand was between my legs while I stood at the kitchen counter trying to fill the popcorn. I was almost panting immediately; I so badly wanted to feel him inside me. Aware that anyone could see us thru the windows though I couldn’t even close my eyes and bite my lip. He told me to hold still, that someone might come inside. I started to shake a little and managed to wiggle away from him hands. I knew I couldn’t stay quiet or still if he continued. He chuckled softly when I wiggled out of his reach and swatted my rear. I jumped and gasped remembering the afternoon şirinevler escort and quickly looked out the patio door to see if anyone heard the swat. Oh god, I needed his cock in my pussy right now. I turned to him and said in barely a whisper, “Please, fuck me, now.”

He smiled and told me to go downstairs and wait for him, to stay dressed but just lean over the foot of the guest bed. I nodded and quickly walked downstairs not really thinking about if anyone would wonder where I was. It was late; surely they’d think I just went to bed. I stood next to the bed peeking upstairs wondering if Todd was coming down now too…how long would I wait…if he’d really join me or was just teasing me. I wasn’t going to lean over the bed and stand there waiting without knowing when he’d come down or if he really would. I sat on the edge of the bed running my hands over my thighs and along my arms. I decided maybe I should wait as he wanted me to. Besides my butt was still a little sore sitting. So I stood at the foot of the bed and leaned over and waited. I leaned my face against my arm and closed my eyes. How long should I wait?

After a bit, wasn’t sure how long, felt like an hour to me, I heard him walk up behind me. I turned to look to make sure it was him and he quietly told me not to move and asked why I sat down first. Oohhh, was he watching me? Did he follow me the whole time to see if I’d do it? I fumbled to say something to answer him, but as I tried, his hands reached around to unbutton my shorts. I tried to stand up and turn around, but he pushed me back to lean over the bed. I felt his fingers reach into my shorts and I was desperate for his touch. I was so afraid someone would see us or hear me. I was already biting my lip. He let my shorts drop to the floor and he tugged my undies down and glided his hands over my butt and I swear I could feel him smile. I asked again…please fuck me. His fingers reached to feel my wetness and went deep inside me as I felt my legs start to shake.

All of a sudden I felt him enter me with one long swift motion. I reached to put my knee on the bed for some support but my legs were tangled in my shorts at my ankles. He continued to move in and out of me with long hard strokes…all the way in and all the way out and over and over again. I thought I would explode. I leaned down onto my elbows and grabbed at the covers on the bed. My legs shaking and feeling his hands on my ass, playful slaps again reminding me of its bright red condition earlier today. His hands were holding my hips now while he continued slamming into me and I couldn’t wait another second….my whole body tensed as I felt my orgasm crash over me. He must have felt me cum and thankfully slowed his motion and let me feel every last wave creep through my body. I slumped to the bed spent.

Slowly I came to my senses and started to wonder if anyone had heard that, if I had even been able to keep quiet. He must have sensed my worries and leaned over whispering…shhhh, shhhhh…as he started to move faster and harder into me again. I started to grab at the covers in front of me and buried my face in the blankets and let him fuck me hard, my own excitement growing rapidly again. I moved against him matching his rhythm. And then I felt him thrust hard and stay there. He was silent but I felt him cum. His hands grabbing my hips hard and his fingers digging into my skin.

Slowly I feel him withdraw from me but I’m so exhausted I barely move. He helps me onto the bed, pulls my shorts and undies from my ankles and covers me with the blankets I had been crushing in my hands earlier. I hear him pull up his jeans and zip them and I gladly curl up on the pillows and under the warm blankets. He gives me a soft kiss on my cheek and tells me to sleep well.

“Good night, Sis.”

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