My Cellulite Mistress

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I am 26 year old, 135lbs 5’8″, decent looking, a hard working guy with my life in order. At work I am assertive and ambitious but in my personal life I am very submissive and get off sexually on humiliation. This does not mean that I am not horny. I think about sex all the time!

At the time I did not have a girlfriend, so I would hit the dive bars on a regular basis after work. “Blue Collar” was a place close to my apartment that I loved to frequent. It had $2 beers and I could walk home in less than 15 minutes. I was a regular there. I knew the owner and all the other regulars, who were for the most part cool blue-collar workers who lived in the area.

This one time when I was there an older black lady sat down next to me at the bar. She was out of place because not too many blacks come into the Blue Collar, and there are not too many women patrons of the place. She was in her early fifties, weighed about 250 pounds and was about 5’6″. She was wearing a spaghetti strapped shirt and had shorts on. She was fat and at least half of her weight was cellulite! I could see the dimples and ripples all over her upper arms and thighs. Her tits were huge! She was one round woman. To her credit though she carried her obesity well and her flesh did not sag. She seemed to be more bursting at the seams and was nice and round. I could not stop sneaking looks at her huge thigh.

I struck up a conversation with her since I had nothing better to do than play on my phone. I learned that her name was Tonya and that she was celebrating the finalization of her divorce.

When Austin the bartender asked her what she was having she ordered a Budweiser and I told him that it was on me and paid for it.

Tonya was so easy going that we continued to talk. She told me that she was married at the age of eighteen to a lazy bum, but she stuck with him because she was pregnant and then had another two kids with him. Two years ago, her last kid moved out of the house and she started the divorce proceedings to get rid of him. He made it hard and contested so it took almost two years to finally get it done. She told me that this was the best day of her life now that the divorce was finalized. She said that the second best day of her life was when her ex was forced to move out about a year and a half ago.

This was the first time that she was in a bar in over canlı bahis ten years! I welcomed her and bought us another round of beers. I found out that Tonya was 53 years old and worked as a lunch lady in a local elementary school cafeteria. She had been working there for 21 years and loved the kids. In the divorce they had sold their home and she was now renting a small place down the block.

As the evening progressed Tonya laughed at my jokes and I genuinely enjoyed talking to her. Soon she started slapping and grabbing my knee as she laughed at my jokes. I popped a serious boner and I could tell that she noticed. I also put my hand on her huge dimpled thigh and she just glanced at it and smiled.

At about ten in the evening after 5 rounds of beer, I asked her if she wanted to come back to my place for some coffee to sober up a bit. Tonya readily agreed, and we left. I could not help but to put a hand on the small of her back as she got up. It was dimply but firm, all I could ever wish for!

As soon as I unlocked the door to my apartment and we entered Tonya pushed me up against the wall and started kissing me! Her black lips were so fat and juicy. Her huge tits, gut and thighs just trapped me against the wall. This left my arms free to rove and rove they did. I could not get them all the way around her, but I grabbed her upper arms, shoulders, sides and hips. I loved what I felt! Tons of soft but yet firm dimply rolls of cellulite! She was an assertive lady and this was the humiliation that I craved. Me a twenty six year old, college educated, white boy, in his prime, servicing this older fat, blue collar, black goddess!

We skipped the coffee and within a few minutes were undressing each other and jumping onto my bed. For the first time in my life I did not bother with a condom. Tonya had only had sex with one man for over 30 years and she was too old to get knocked up. She just pinned me to the bed and rode me hard until she squirted all over my pelvic region. She was so wet that I thought she had pissed on me and I had the most intense orgasm of my life.

We laid there in bliss for a few minutes with Tonya heavenly crushing me under her immense weight. When she rolled off me I went to make us the coffee. I came back five minutes later carrying two cups of coffee and was treated to the sight of Tonya laying on her stomach bahis siteleri with a satisfied look on her face. I was enthralled by her huge round ass globes and thighs! They were amazing, so round, full and dimpled with cellulite! They kind of reminded me of the sand at the beach where the waves have made ripples.

I put the coffees down and got onto the bed and just started groping and kissing her ass and the backs of her thighs! I was in heaven. It was so humiliating to be doing this but I was hard again! I progressed to spreading her ass cheeks and kissing in between. Tonya sighed contentedly and helped me out by spreading her huge dimpled thighs apart. I licked and kissed in between her huge cheeks an ran the tip of my tongue across her pucker. It had an earthy flavor and was as large as most of the pussies that I have fucked in the past. I loved it and knew that I had found my place worshiping this woman’s asshole! Soon I had my tongue wiggling into her hole and she was squirming like a worm.

Tonya let me worship her ass for a long time before she knocked me over and sat on my face. I was smothered by the biggest wettest pussy that I had ever encountered. Her large thighs shut me off from the world. Now my whole world was her wet juicy cream-pied gash! I had never tasted my cum before but knew that I would drink a gallon of it to enjoy her succulent pussy! I just licked, slurped and sucked in as much of her wetness as I could! Tonya ground her fat pussy into my face and soon she was in the throes of another orgasm. Thank god she was so fat or she would have crushed my skull like a walnut if she did not have all that extra padding! She clenched my head so hard between her thighs that it felt like she was sucking it up into her huge gash! She also flooded my mouth and face with squirt juice again!

When she relaxed and calmed down I did not stop. I slowed down a bit and just gently licked her and then picked up the pace and pressure once she had recovered. I ate her through four earth shattering orgasms until she rolled off me satiated.

I nestled up to her laying on my side with one arm under the nape of her neck and the other arm wrapped over her large abdomen grabbing a roll.

Tonya thanked me for the much needed release and asked me why I would be interested in an older fat lady like herself as we nestled.

With bahis şirketleri big embarrassment I admitted to her that I am submissive and crave humiliation. I asked her not to think bad of me, but I considered servicing her cellulite riddled body such a humiliating turn on!

Tonya hugged me hard and kissed me even harder.

“Oh Baby, don’t you worry about that!” She exclaimed. “It has been so long since I have had sex with anything but my fingers that I will take whatever I can get! I totally get it and am not angry that you used me to fulfill a fantasy. I am just so happy that I got to have great sex!”

I told Tonya that it was not like that and that I hoped to have many more sessions with her.

She stayed the night and the next morning we had some quick sex before we both darted off to work.

Tonya and I started meeting just about every night after that. In just a month she had moved in with me. We really do love each other, and I feel more content and satisfied than ever knowing that I am serving a woman that most other men would look at with disgust. I pop a boner every time I catch incredulous stares from people as we walk hand in hand or holding each other or are caught making out.

Tonya loves my fetish and enjoys finding new ways to humiliate me every day. She now makes me wear panties all the time. At home I do all the cleaning while dressed in a frilly French maid’s uniform. I serve her breakfast in bed on the weekends.

One time she made me suck on her pussy through her panties. I was on my knees enjoying the task when I got flooded with her piss! It ran through her panties and into my mouth and all over my face! I attacked her pussy like never before and came without even touching my cock. Just the humiliation of it set me off! After she came, Tonya made me take my cum filled panties off and suck all my ejaculate out of them. So deliciously humiliating! Since then, she has been making me eat her out while she pisses on my face a lot.

Tonya also makes me wear pampers on some days. She does not let me use the bathroom and I have no choice but to wet in them. I then go about my business in the apartment wearing a warm, wet, soggy pamper. Occasionally, Tonya will slap my pampered ass and check on the wetness.

Sometimes I cum in my panties, without even touching my cock, just from the humiliation of the degrading act I have just performed. When that happens, Tonya either makes me suck out my cum and swallow it down or she makes me continue wearing the sticky messy panties for the rest of the day! Either way I love it!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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