My College Visit with Alicia Ch. 01

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My cousin Alicia and I have always been close, but never this close. Let me give you a little background information before I get to the hot stuff between us.

Alicia is 21 years old in some college in Providence, Rhode Island. She is about 5’7″ with beautiful long brown hair and blue eyes. She is probably around the lower end of a B-cup but what she lacks in tits she definitely gains in ass. Her ass is by far the best piece of ass I have ever seen. Its perky and round and so tempting to grab whenever anyone is around her.

I’m 19 years old fresh out of high school and not in college still stuck in my hometown of Boston. I’m 5’11” with an athletic build and some awesome black “hockey-hair”. I really have not had many girlfriends, but the few I’ve had tell me I have a huge cock and should show it off to girl more often to get some girls when i’m lonely.

When we were younger Alicia and I were always together, often times we were mistaken as a couple when we young teenagers. When we were really little, like when I was 7 or 8 years old, we would go in here room and we would play the game doctor. Alicia would close the door lay me in her bed and then shut off the lights. She would then lay next to me, whisper sweet nothings and rub my stomach and thighs. That’s when my affinity for her started. I would get so worked up sometimes getting a raging boner and all she would do was laugh and stop playing.

Before she left for college her and I had a sleepover at my house while my parents were away. Of course we had tons of alcohol and got really drunk but she said something that turned me on like crazy and made a newfound motivation for me.

“Mikey, how many girlzz have you been with in your life,” she asked with slurred speech.

“Only one or two. How ’bout you ya drunk,” I replied equally as drunk.

“None. I’m a virgin. Your hot and drunk cousin has never had a penis in her vagina. Can you believe that?”

I couldn’t help but laugh at her wording but the truth was I couldn’t believe it. She was practically perfect. She had two real boyfriends that I knew about, that were the horniest men I knew. How could she be a virgin.

“You’re lying. You’re so pretty you have to have been fucked at some point.” I eventually replied after finishing my last drink.

“No I’m serious. I’m a virgin and i’m going into college. Can you believe that.” She said sounding disappointed.

“Well sorry cuz i can’t help you with that one” I laughed.

“I know but it’s sad isn’t it. A girl like me is going to get fucked in college and be the tightest one at the parties.”

“It’s OK cuz, I’ll find someone to fuck you before college.”

Before she could respond she ran for the toilet and I knew her night was over.

Later that night I went to bed and was restless thinking about my virgin cousin. I came up with a plan that I would act like I was trying but couldn’t find anyone to fuck her. But when I told her I couldn’t find anyone to do the deed, I’ll try to do it myself.

With my plan devised I then pull out my laptop and down my pants and get ready for some awesome porn videos. Before i could find the right one I heard a slight noise from down stairs where my cousin was. I listen intently and again I heard it. I type in the website for the cameras in my living room that we installed after a recent break in. The website gives you live video feed of the room all the time.

The live stream could not have been more glorious. I fullscreen the video and start stroking my cock. My cousin was downstairs, with the lights on, şirinevler türbanlı escort completely naked and fingering her wide open pussy. Her legs were spread wide open and a clear two fingers deep in her cleanly shaven vagina. I zoom in her so I can get a better image of her pussy.

As she sped up the pace, I did too. I eventually closed my eyes and stroked my cock faster and faster, imagining I was fucking the shit out of my cousin’s perky ass.

“OHHH god damn right there, Ohhh ohhh ohhhhh” she moaned as she was vigorously rubbing and fingering her wet pussy.

I continued to pump my cock as she began to become more vocal as she, and I, reached our orgasm. My hot cum spurted up onto my chest and belly as I reach one of the best orgasms of my life.

It was such a turn on to see my older cousin masturbating that I didn’t even care about the mess made by either of us, i would just clean it up in the morning.

My motive was simple, fuck my cousin and make it a routine thing when she goes to college.

As for the present, I am on my way to visit her right now. We never did fuck but she has an apartment to herself this year so i plan to stay the whole weekend with her. This should be a memorable weekend for both of us.

I arrive at the train station and find my cousin standing there waiting for me, it is such an amazing sightseeing that beautiful women standing there.

She is wearing a really short skirt, barely covering her corpulent ass, with a low cut red blouse. The blouse tight to her body showing every curve she has. She presumably had a push-up bra on because her tits were practically popping out at me in her tight shirt.

Just the sight of her was enough to get the dirty thoughts into my head. I imagine coming toward her, dropping my bags, and start kissing her passionately, slowly moving my hands down her back to meet her fine ass and grab it firmly.

But the thought was quickly dismissed when she ran up to hug me. As she ran her tits jiggled accordingly. Damn she was beautiful.

“Mikey!” she exclaimed, “i’m so happy to see you. You ready for a good time this weekend?”

“Of course I am. What’s the plan for tonight?” I said breaking the hug, picking up my bag, and proceeding to her car.

“Well actually I wanna let you relax and get used to my apartment tonight. Mostly to give your liver the last day off before we start boozing it up.”

“Oh okay sounds like a plan.” I said trying to keep a happy face, but couldn’t help hide my disappointment.

Back at her apartment she shows me the coach that will be mine for the night. Alicia said that if i’m good i can sleep on the second twin sized bed in her room that her old roommate used before she graduated. I was the most polite the rest of the day just so I can get the room.

“Wow you must really want the bed tonight.” I nodded my head in agreement.

“Well, my feet have been hurting the past couple days so you’re going to have to give me a foot rub to get the bed.” She said with a huge smirk on her face, knowing that I would do it.

I gathered the lotion and slapped it on my cousin’s newly pedicured feet and calves. I rubbed the lotion in and went to town. “Ohh yeah that feels nice, mikey,” she said in approval. Each time I dug my thumbs in her soles she let out a little moan, signaling that I was doing a great job. I worked my way up to her calves and the back of her knees.

“You might as well do my entire legs if you really want the room, mikey.” I said nothing but to şirinevler ucuz escort show my agreement I put some more lotion on her lower thighs up to the bottom of her skirt. I moved my fingers around the inside of her thighs and when I finished the back of her legs I made her switch forward to get the front of them.

More lotion in my palm and continued rubbing her thighs, gently caressing her inner thigh with the ends of my finger tip. I continued moving up past the end of her skirt and moved it a little with each rub, a little further than the last.

Eventually I made it far enough to see her red panties glistening with moisture. Am I turning her on? I sure hope so. I kept massaging her legs a little harder to relax her stiff muscles, eventually she started moaning in approval again, “Ohh yeah your the best. You might be getting my bed if you can do this more.”

In one bold move I repositioned her on her stomach again and moved her skirt more. I was working up to the beginning of her firm ass. Each rub I could feel the firmness of her muscles under her skin. She turned me on so much.

I must have bored her because she eventually called it quits and hopped into the shower and got ready for bed.

It was a normal night after that, I was showered and was in bed. Wide awake. I start thinking about how I could convince my cousin to fuck me before I leave. Just the thought of her big perky ass in my face while she screams in pleasure is such a turn on for me that a bulge starts to form in my pants. I need relief. I’m in the mood for something weird so instead of looking at some porn, I get up and make my way to my cousin’s room. It’s late so she is sleeping heavily.

I make my way over to her sleeping body and move the couple strands of hair that were in her face. I wanna find out what is making my cousin’s tits so big so I move the blanket down enough to see she’s not wearing a bra, but her tits still look huge. It puzzles me for a while but I figure she had to get an implant to make her tits that much bigger since I last saw her. I need to now.

Careful not to wake her suddenly, I pull down her loose night shirt enough for me to see her nipple. I slowly began to massage my cousin’s breast and realize that she did indeed get an implant. She was even hotter now.

I lean in close to her and slowly lick her nipple making it poke out in excitement. I now full on suck her breast. The bulge in my pants is throbbing for attention so I throw a hand in my pants and start to stroke it.

Suddenly Alicia takes a deep breath and I jump back in fear that she will wake with me on top of her and sucking her nipple. she lets out a slow snore which gives me the go ahead to keep going.

I throw the blanket down even further and reveal her panties, all she was wearing was her panties! How hot! I spread her legs a little and start to feel her pussy. It gets a little moist and then… “What the fuck?!” she yells in disbelief, “Mikey, you wanna explain what you were doing while I was sleeping?”

I was in such a state of shock and embarrassment that I didn’t even take my hand out of my pants, but I did take my hand off of her crotch. I just sat there with a blank stare on my face while she waited for an answer.

“So are you just going to sit there with you hand in pants or are you going to answer me”

“I’m going to be honest with you, I thought it would be kinky if I jerk offed next to you while you slept.”

“Well why did I feel you rubbing my pussy? Tell me the truth, were you şişli escort rubbing my vagina while you stroked your cock?”

“Yes” I said as I took my hand out of my pants disappointingly.

“Well that’s actually kinda hot, but you need my permission. Mikey I’m still a virgin so i’m almost always horny, if needed to rub one out while you were here all you had to do was to ask me. I may have even let you finger me if you would have asked” she said with an honest look on her face.

She then came close to me and kissed me passionately on the lips, parting her lips allowing me to stick my tongue in her mouth and allowing our tongues to meet. She whispers in my ear, “You got me all wet now so I want you to do whatever you want to me. No strings attached. If you so desire I have a bunch of toys in the drawers over there.”

I didn’t hear the last part because my heart dropped and my cock almost exploded when she said I could do whatever I want. I stare blankly in her eyes and she shakes her head as if to answer a question, but all I did was kiss her again before she can take back her offer.

The deep kiss filled me with warmth and happiness. I rip off her shirt and suck on one nipple and pinched the other. “Ohhh Mikey, that feels awesome” she moaned softly in my ear. I took off my clothes and took my cock in my hand and guided up to her tits. “Oh you wanna fuck my tits…There fuck them hard and cum all over my chest.” as she said that she spit a wad of her saliva all over my cock giving it some lubrication for her tits.

I pumped my thick cock in between her tits giving me immense satisfaction. I continued pumping until I began to feel the need to blow my load all over. I stopped immediately and shoved my cock in her mouth. I was now throat fucking my cousin. She gagged multiple times trying to take it all in her mouth but she just couldn’t do it.

Within seconds I was blowing my hot cum, load after load down her throat. She forced

my dick out and allowed the remaining loads of cum to splash on her face and chin. The sight of my cousin holding my dick in her hand with loads of my cum on her face turned me on even more. I wanted more than that.

She kissed me again passionately, allowing some of my cum to slip into my mouth. We part lips and I realize I’m still hard.

I look down at her crotch and see her hand slowly playing with her soaking wet pussy. I then guide my penis near her pussy and she doesn’t stop me. I slowly put my cock into her tight pussy and wait just to get her used to my size. Her muscles inside of her vagina contract against my cock, exerting pressure and pleasure, but eventually relax. I move in farther and she lets out a yelp, “Ohh Jesus Christ Mikey I thought you were already all in but you’re cock is just so damn big. Keep going I want all of your dick inside me. I want you to fuck me hard. I want you to make me cum all over your dick. Ohh yeah fuck me Mikey.”

Her words were music to my balls because I wasted no time fucking her till she came. My balls slapped her ass as she spurted her juices all over my throbbing cock. I slow down and wait for her orgasm subside. Once it subsided I pulled out and turned her over.

I used her juices as lubricant to fuck her ass. I wasted no time for her get used to me dick. She shouted, ” Oh Fuck mikey! that feels so weird but I fucking love it! Fuck my ass I need you to cum in my ass. I fucking love you Mikey, Fuck me like you would fuck your girlfriend. Ohh yeah baby, I need your dick.”

Her words put me over the edge and I came in her ass and was filled with lust and desire for her love. I slowly pulled out my cock and collapsed next to my cousin, both of us completely naked, and fell asleep next to her.

I slept like a baby that night. No one could tell what the next couple days would hold, but I knew for a fact I was going to fuck my cousin again before I leave for home.

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