My Cousin Sandra Ch. 03

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As I sat there on the shower stool recovering from what was sure to be the first of many 3somes, Sandra and Cindy slowly started turning the showers off. As I grabbed a towel, Cindy said, “damn, Cassandra is gonna be pissed we took so long here. We told her we’d have him back at my place half an hour ago!” “Wait, Cassandra’s at your house? Expecting you two to bring me back?” I said as both Cindy and Sandra started drying off their wet naked bodies.

“Yeah we made her wait at the house. Figured we didn’t want to completely blow your mind right off the bat” Sandra said as she pulled on a tiny thong and slid her jeans over her full, tight ass. “Think you can handle three of us?” Cindy asked as she slid her jeans on without any panties. “Who knows?” I replied, “but I’ll die trying!”

The three of us dressed quickly and headed out into the blizzard, thankful I had my four wheel drive Chevy in the lot. “I’m never going to be able to look at the Y the same ever again” I mused as I unlocked my truck. Cindy and Sandra climbed into the truck as I brushed about a foot of snow off the windshield . As I looked in my truck I couldn’t help but laugh. Cindy and Sandra were making out like there was no tomorrow. After the windshield was finally clean, I climbed into the warm truck and headed towards Cindy’s house. As I drove I had a hard time concentrating on the road. Luckily we were the only vehicle on the road after the insane 36 inches of snow that fell in less than 24 hours. I couldn’t concentrate because Cindy had her hand up Sandra’s shirt and was lifting it up to suck on her tits. “Can’t you keep your hands off each other for the five friggen blocks to Cindy’s?” I said laughing.

“Just shut up and drive and enjoy the show,” Sandra replied between moans. Urging my truck to pick up a little more speed, I snuck peeks as I drove the five blocks to Cindy’s, getting us there in bursa escort bayan less than ten minutes. As Sandra straightened up her clothes, Cindy jumped out of my truck and ran into the house. “You ready for this cuz?” Sandra asked before leaning forward and french kissing me. “Born ready, remember, I’m related to you!” was my only reply. I quickly shut off the truck, and walked into the house with Sandra, still not fully expecting Cassandra to be there. “Surely she wouldn’t be here,” I thought to myself. Boy was I ever wrong.

Sandra and I walked into the house, kicking off our snow covered boots looking at the trail of clothes Cindy obviously left on her way to her bedroom. “Let’s add to the pile,” Sandra said as she pulled her shirt off, revealing her perfect tits. Tossing it on the floor, she took a few steps before slipping her jeans down, bending over and giving me a nice look at her freshly fucked ass not covered at all by her tiny thong. “You coming,” she said as she walked to Cindy’s bedroom wearing just that tiny thong.

I quickly slipped off my shirt, and dropped my jeans to the floor. I hadn’t bothered with boxers when we left the Y. Walking towards the bedroom, my already hardening cock was bouncing around, eager to fuck some more. As I looked in the door I stopped and stood there mouth open wide. “You think we were lying?” Sandra asked as she stood by the bed, watching as Cindy and Cassandra lay on the bed sharing a double headed dildo.

My cock instantly hardened, and Sandra took notice. She walked over to me and guided me to the bed by my cock. Cassandra looked up, eyes wide. “Fuck, you weren’t kidding Cindy, he’s huge! I’ve got to have it in my mouth.” As she said that, she laid her head back off the edge of the bed, whispering, “oh yeah, I have no gag reflex” as she opened her mouth wide and Sandra took hold of görükle escort the dildo and started sliding it back and forth between their pussies faster and faster.

I slid to the side of the bed, my cock bouncing as I walked. Cassandra reached up as my cock neared her and guided it to her lips. As she flicked her tongue over my cockhead I watched as Sandra let go of the dildo and walked over to Cindy’s nightstand. As she pulled the bottom drawer open, all I could see was sex toy after sex toy. She rummaged through the drawer as Cindy slowly straddled Cassandra, riding the double headed dildo. Forcing it deeper into her own pussy as well as Cassandra’s. As she did this, she added her own tongue to the tip of my cock.

As the two of them dueled over my cock, I looked up to see Sandra tightening the straps on a strap-on as she slipped behind Cindy while holding a bottle of lube in her hand. I watched as she drizzled some lube over Cindy’s ass and then squirted some in her hand before stroking the strap-on with her lube covered hand. As Cassandra and Cindy took turns deepthroating my cock, Sandra slowly pressed the strap-on into Cindy’s ass.

As the strap-on slid into Cindy’s ass, all she could do was moan. “Fuck yes, fill my ass,” she purred back at Sandra as she took my hands and guided them to her tits. Cassandra was busy deepthroating my cock, and her hands wandered to my ass. First squeezing my ass cheeks then running her fingers up and down my ass crack as if she was gauging my reaction. As she stared up at me mauling Cindy’s tits, it was apparently the reaction she was hoping for because as she deepthroated me, she slowly slipped a finger into my ass. I watched as Sandra started fucking Cindy’s ass harder, slapping her ass a few times as she buried the strap-on in her ass. My eyes moved up to Sandra’s tits and I watched as they jiggled bursa escort bayan and bounced as she continued her assault. “Enjoying the show cuz?” she asked as she thrusted in deeper. “Is this heaven?” I jokingly asked, setting her up for her answer. “Nope, it’s Iowa,” she laughed, quoting Kevin Costner’s character in “Field of Dreams.”

Cindy and Cassandra just gave us weird looks and Cindy added, “well if I didn’t already know you two were related, that would have totally tipped me off.” Sandra’s only response was to give her ass a slap and slam the strap-on in hard one last time.

Sandra slowly pulled the strap-on out of Cindy’s ass and Cindy rolled off Cassandra and on top of Sandra. As Cindy slowly worked the strap-on back into her ass, Sandra was stroking her clit. Cassandra in the meantime had pulled the dildo out of her pussy. “Come fuck me Jery,” she moaned as she stroked my cock. I didn’t have to be asked twice and was soon between her legs, running my cock up and down her slick slit. Cassandra lay right next to Sandra and as I slid my cock into her pussy she leaned over and the two of them started making out. I glanced over at Cindy and she just shrugged he shoulders and leaned towards me. We kissed hard as she rode the strap-on Sandra was wearing, and as I slipped my hard cock in and out of Cassandra’s pussy.

Half an hour later as Cassandra was writhing underneath me, and as I was shooting my hot cum into her pussy, Cindy’s phone rang. None of us moved to answer it, and after the answering machine picked up we heard our boss say, “hey Cindy just wanted to let you know the Y is going to be closed the next two days, stay inside and stay warm.”

“Think we can survive without leaving the house?” Cindy asked. “I don’t plan on leaving this bed unless it’s for food or to go pee,” I replied laying back on a pillow, staring at the three naked women right in front of me. The three of them simply shrugged and dropped their heads between my thighs. I could only manage a moan as I felt three wet tongues attacking my cock.

“It’s fun to stay at the Y…” I started to sing, but I quickly found a better use for my mouth as Sandra straddled my face.

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