My Curvy Lover

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When I was 18 years old I was finally introduced to the erotic and sensual curves of a BBW.

Because I had a much younger sister and both my parents worked, my older cousin named Dee spent her summer days with us. Dee was the daughter of my mother’s cousin and starting when I was 12 after my mother went back to work Dee basically lived with us for the summer except for weekends when my parents weren’t working. For as long as I could remember she always called me her boyfriend and joked that when I got older I was going to be her man.

Dee was 12 years older than me, and she was a very pretty, outgoing, bubbly, voluptuous and curvy woman about 5 feet 9 with long, slightly thick but shapely legs. Dee loved her body, and she loved showing off her curvy hips in tight jeans or short shorts and was proud to show her large breasts in tight low-cut tops. She also knew that men loved her curves, and her most admirable quality was that she was perfectly content at being curvy, and she exuded a great air of sexuality that could put fit, thin and athletic women to shame. It didn’t hurt that her curvy figure was accentuated by her long blonde hair, bright blue eyes and a pearly white smile that could light up a room.

I remember that Dee was frequently on the phone with men whom she had dated, men who wanted to date her, or men she was hoping to date. For her amusement and to torment my raging teenage hormones she regularly made a game of touching, hugging and flirtatiously teasing me with her sexuality. Just the idea of driving an 18-year-old boy crazy I believe made her even more insatiable but drove me to create fantasies of enjoying her hot curves in every imaginable position.

My little sister Jackie convinced our parents to let her join a summer day camp, so she could pursue her interest in riding and grooming horses. To me this seemed presumptuous of a child of her age when I was an 18-year-old boy overrun by hormones and other manly thoughts, but now years later I commend her for finding her passion early and pursuing it, as to this day she has a successful career in that field which started with that early experience.

Dee would get Jackie up and ready to go every morning and drop her off at the camp usually long before I even got out of bed on summer mornings, so most of my summer days were spent alone with Dee, who at most wore very short shorts, tight low cut tops or just caroused around our pool in a skimpy bathing suit which showed off all of her incredibly sexy, curvy body.

Because of my father’s military background which led to his employment, albeit as a civilian contractor on the local naval base we were still forced to live by certain strict regulations that became somewhat relaxed under Dee’s watch whenever possible, but the most obvious guidelines had to be kept intact.

The most loathed regulation in my opinion was that one of Dee’s summer chores regarding me was overseeing my “summer haircut” as it was referred to in an effort to down play the severity of growing my hair all year during school, but as soon as summer began it all had to be shorn away with a once a year drastic haircut.

This occurrence continued into my late teen years as had previously been the routine throughout my youth. I made a point to let my father know that as soon as I graduated high school and went off to college this would cease.

“That’s fine, but while your living in my house, my rules and regulations will stand,” was my father’s standard answer whenever I pleaded my case regarding this dreaded deed even when I became a teenager and tried to reason with him as an adult.

My mother, I will admit halfheartedly tried to help me in my plight but again his military sternness won out and she did as wives did in the days before liberation and agreed with her husband.

On a side note, her conceding so quickly always made me wonder about the sounds of sex that I remembered regularly hearing since I was very young coming from their bedroom wall that was adjacent to mine. So, I was treated at a young age to what I translated as my military dad wanting sex, my submissive mom not really sharing the same inclination, but she seemed to believe in that long-gone era where a woman thought that it was her wifely duty to give her man sex whenever and however he wanted it.

The standing buzzcut rule infuriated me to all ends because in those days it was way cooler to have long hair, so no 18-year-old young man wanted to have his parents make him get a buzz cut every summer like I had to endure since I was a child. My parents also didn’t understand that this led me to being laughed at by the neighborhood boys and strained any chance of making friends to hang out with during the summer school break, or most importantly at that age it hindered any chance of finding a girlfriend, so I stayed home, read books, jerked off and watched TV all night.

When I finally got out of bed, I willingly helped Dee with some of the household duties, so our afternoons could be spent in the sun hanging ataşehir escort around our private pool which was one of the few perks I had during my strict upbringing. Dee tanned her voluptuous body, swam, played music and sipped on wine while I swam, laid in the sun and stared at her body behind my sunglasses. I intently studied her curvy ass and huge tits that showed through her collection of small bikinis, especially when they were wet. This helped to quickly educate me about what a camel toe was because her womanly slit was blatantly obvious through the thin fabric of her tiny, wet bathing suit.

When Dee’s body, bikini and the sun finally got to me, I would make an excuse to go in the house and stroke my hard dick to the thought of doing anything to her amazingly sexy body and I would quickly shoot streams of young cum into the toilet or bathroom sink.

The only bright spot of the humiliating summer haircut that I despised more than anything, was that after a couple summers and the help of teenage hormones, I realized that watching me get all my hair buzzed off made Dee excited and it seemed even hot and horny, which caused her flirtatious ways towards me to magnify greatly after my hair was taken away by the overly aggressive clippers run by the strange man, who ironically always sported an Elvis like hairstyle with gray hair while wearing a light blue smock. He seemed to take great pleasure in scalping boys for the summer. An example of Dee’s fetish for my haircuts was how she loved to hold my head close to her large breasts and rub my fuzzy head, she constantly told me for reassurance that most of the guys that she dated were in the military because the uniforms and haircuts were an amazing turn on for a woman.

When it was time to go to the barber shop for the butchering of my precious teenage hair, Dee would always wear a tight short skirt which magnified her amazing heart shaped ass and was short enough to show an abundance of her thick smoothly shaved thighs, I quickly came to notice that if I was turned right in the chair I could see up her skirt as her legs would be spread slightly as she sat in the waiting chairs while my hair fell like a ton of bricks to the floor.

I also noticed that her panties seemed to be wet during the butchering of my hair, but this detail may be pure speculation or fantasy on my part, but I do know that I saw far enough up her skirt to make this dreadful task slightly bearable and supply me with plenty of material for teenage masturbation fantasies.

One day early in the summer when I turned 18 Dee delivered the dreaded message.

“You know that your father told me that today we have to go to the barber shop to have your hair cut off for the summer,” She said knowing that a protest was about to start but before I could even speak she continued.

“I know how much this pisses you off and you really hate it, but I have to tell you completely honestly, and you know that I would never lie to you because ever since you were young you have been my special guy, and I have always believed in my heart that we have a special bond that we haven’t yet explored. But as a woman I think men who shave their hair off are very sexy,” she proclaimed, just the sultry tone of Dee’s voice made me hard as a rock.

“Really?” I said. Still not sure if she was bullshitting me, but the special guy speech was taken effect over my love of my hair. I couldn’t believe that a sexy woman actually thought this was hot.

“I’ll make a deal with you,” she said in a sultry low, whispery voice.

“If you go and get this done for me, when we get back I’ll change into my new white string bikini that you have been staring at all week and thought I didn’t notice,” Dee said with a girlish giggle.

My cock sprang to life as I tried to act casual but when she added, “And I’ll change into it in front of you,” I think I was out the door before her.

As usual she wore a tight little mini skirt and a low-cut top, so her legs, hips and boobs were on full display, and I tried my best at sneaking glances up her skirt and down her blouse as she got in and out of the car, I even continued this boyish act as we were waiting for my turn in the chair while an older gentleman got a simple clean buzz around the ears.

Next, there was a younger boy about 10 or 12 years old who was obviously very unhappy to be there with his impatient, stern looking mom, he grimaced noticeably when very directly she spoke up and told the barber to “take it all off.” This signaled the old Elvis looking barber to fire up his high-powered mower and efficiently removed all of the boys’ hair down to fuzzy stubble that I was very familiar with.

I was still trying to sneak a peek up Dee’s small skirt between her luscious thick, creamy thighs when the barber finally turned his attention to me.

“Next!” he barked as he pointed at me.

I could see his stare quickly move from me, as his next victim to Dees’ smooth bare legs while I took the seemingly long avcılar escort walk for my hair to meet its fate.

My hormone enraged cock came to life again when she firmly instructed the barber to keep me facing her during the haircut. My head rattled from the vibrating of the mower and my precious long hair fell mercilessly to my lap and the floor but my eyes stayed fixed on Dee and her thick sexy legs that were always shaved perfectly smooth. Halfway through the haircut she opened her legs only slightly more, but it was just far enough for me to catch a glimpse of what I had long hoped to see.

The view was all the way up her skirt and she wasn’t wearing panties, her beautiful pussy was shaved smooth, bald and clean as could be.

I had only previously seen gorgeous sexy pussies like this in magazines, and I’m sure the barber saw what I saw because the pace of my haircut slowed considerably, and he reached around my head to finish so he wouldn’t have to move from his spot, and his view of this heavenly sight.

When I did finally look up briefly from the long-awaited view up her skirt that instantly caused my cock to strain against my pants, our eyes connected. It was as if in those blue eyes I could see into her beautiful loving soul, and she smiled with the sexiest smile that exposed all her mischievous intentions and spoke volumes to me without a spoken word. Looking deep within those bright blue eyes I knew that I was in love.

When we got back home she kept her promise when she said, “Come on, you need to take your clothes off, so you can get in the shower and wash all that hair off your neck and back but let me get out of my clothes, so I can help you”.

Needless to say, I was fully erect, and she could see it, but I didn’t care. I had just given up all my hair, but in the process, I just had a view of the first real pussy in my life and it was the most beautiful pussy I could imagine. It excited me way more than any that I had seen in the adult magazines that my one nerdy friend had acquired or stolen from his father. And most importantly the sexy woman that this shaved pussy belonged to was flirting with me.

She took off her tight, low cut sleeveless top and I saw her large sexy breasts in a lacy black bra, she then slowly unhooked the bra and let it drop from her breasts. The minute I saw her big round, firm looking breasts I thought I was going to shoot my load right then.

Her deviously sexy smile continued as she dropped her hands to her short, tight skirt. She turned her back to me and unzipped it and let it fall to the floor exposing the sexiest round, plump ass I had ever seen. Then she slowly turned around and showed me her smooth, shaved pussy and just seeing the silky, soft looking mound had me dripping with pre-cum.

“Do you want me to put my bikini on like I promised or is it okay that I’m naked?” she said mockingly.

“That’s perfect the way you are,” I stuttered still in disbelief of what was happening.

“Ok, now you need to get out of those clothes,” Dee said again in the low, sultry, whispery voice that would soon become her new way of speaking to me.

I almost exploded with excitement when she stepped in and took over. She proceeded to pull my shirt over my head, unzip my jeans, and pushed them onto the floor clearly showing her experience and intentions to get what she wanted.

Her next move put me in a dizzying state when she leaned in to my face and softly kissed me on the lips as she whispered.

“Thank you for doing this for me today lover, A man who gets a haircut like that for his woman deserves a reward,” She said knowing full well that she was driving me crazy.

She next slid her fingers in the waist band of my underwear which also quickly hit the floor, and in a flash her soft hands were making their way around my rock hard fully erect, raging cock.

“MMM,” she purred.

“I love young hard men” she said as she firmly grabbed my cock and leaned in and kissed me more as her soft hands stroke my hard tool.

“I have been waiting for the day you became a man, so I could make you my man,” she moaned in my ear with her hot breath having a wild effect on my already out of control hormones.

Without pause she again leaned towards my face and started kissing me, first firmly on the lips like the first soft kiss, but then our lips parted, and her tongue darted into my mouth and collided with my tongue, this amazing sensation caused a surge through my entire body like an electrical jolt in me that to this day is unexplainable.

Our connection seemed magical, like maybe this was destiny, meant to be and we had both waited for this day… or maybe it was just my first erotic make out session with a hot, experienced older woman that had just stripped for me, and was now squeezing my hard young cock, that made a guy think crazy thoughts, but who knows.

Dee continued the passionate kissing on my mouth and neck while also vigorously sucking my tongue, while she avrupa yakası escort skillfully squeezed and massaged my hard cock, starting first at the base of the shaft, then slowly but firmly she worked her way up to the head where her fingers worked some sort of magic that I would have never discovered during my teenage masturbation sessions.

The effects of everything that she was doing to me at the same time overtook me and I blew a huge load of three or four squirts of cum all over her luscious creamy, smooth thigh.

Dee smiled lovingly at me but never loosened her grip on my cock as I was drained of all the built-up sperm in my balls, instead she immediately pulled our bodies closer and rubbed my cock around her thigh that was now covered in young cum.

“MMM,” she purred. “That’s a nice big load, do you feel better lover?”

“Oh yeah,” was all I managed to say while regaining all my senses.

“Now we definitely need that shower, don’t we?” she moaned.

As she pulled me into the hot shower we were still kissing and sucking on each other’s tongues, which at this point I was just trying to copy what she was doing to me to keep up with her intensity. Her sexy, sultry moaning had me believing that I was doing it right.

Once we were both wet from the hot water she started covering both of our bodies with hot soapy suds, and of course she started soaping my freshly cropped head and moaned deeply as she rubbed the short fuzz.

I was still fixated on the deep kissing and was enjoying keeping her tongue in my mouth when she finally broke free just long enough to speak.

“Don’t you want to soap my body?” Dee asked coyly.

Without any hesitation my hands started on her back and quickly worked down to her sexy, round, incredibly squeezable ass. Dee skillfully worked the soap from my back down to my butt cheeks and then into my ass crack and even made me twitch and gasp with excitement when her fingers briefly applied pressure to my asshole.

This was something I had never experienced, or even thought about experiencing at that young point of my sexual life.

“Oh, I think I hit something there,” she giggled in response to my reaction.

That reaction only inspired her to forge ahead and see what other erotic buttons she could push. Switching from reaching around to the back of me to soap my ass she brought her hands around front deep up in my crotch between my ass and my balls, she skillfully picked up at the exact spot that she left off from the rear and continued towards my balls where she slowed her pace considerably when her hands became full of my testicles.

I was desperately trying to be as adept at showering a partner as she obviously was, although I loved squeezing her plump ass I finally brought my hands up to her large breasts that I had been admiring for years since I was young and first realized that women’s breasts made me quite excited. Her large round breasts felt amazing, Soft but firm just as I had always imagined they would feel.

She slowly massaged my now soapy balls and worked her way to my cock which was now erect and rock hard again.

“I knew I could wake this up again,” she whispered in a sexy tone.

“That feels so good,” was all I could respond.

“Well slow down lover because we’re just getting started,” she added firmly.

She bent over to soap my leg and bent farther and farther down until her face was right in front of my cock and her intentions were obvious.

“Oh my god!” I yelled when her hot, wet mouth covered my cock.

The warm, wet sucking feeling was so incredible it almost made me dizzy. She alternately licked, sucked and kissed my cock while stroking and squeezing my shaft with one hand while the other played with my balls.

Our special connection showed itself again, when without any words being spoken she must have know that another 30 seconds of this act would have caused me to explode with pleasure for the second time.

“You like that, don’t you baby?” she said in my ear after she took her mouth off my cock, she then stood up and went back to kissing my neck and ear.

“That was incredible, you are so hot,” I gushed, accepting the fact that I was instantly, madly in love with this amazing sexy woman.

“You’re so sweet lover, but we’re still not done,” she added sounding quite determined.

She returned her hands to my swollen cock and used it as a leash to pull me towards her as she backed up to the shower wall. With her back against the wet tile we returned to the heavy kissing and tongue sucking that quickly became (as Dee learned during that summer) one of my favorite activities.

Taking complete control, she centered herself between my hard cock as if it was just a toy, she rubbed it around her clit and the entrance to her pussy. Up until this moment having her soft hands form a tight grip on my hard cock was just a fantasy, but now I had her backed against the shower wall with hot water spraying on our naked bodies and my cock was rubbing her hot, wet pussy while still being squeezed tightly.

When she got it set at the entrance to her wet, warm womanhood she took her hand off my cock and quickly transferred both her hands around to my ass cheeks and pulled me in towards her, helping my cock to easily glide inside of her.

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