My Daughter’s Friend Ch. 04

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I woke up to muted sunlight straining through the closed blinds. The strong scent of sex still hung in the air. I smiled at that thought and rolled over with an outstretched arm only to find the other side of my bed empty. I looked around in disappointment and saw no one in the room. I flopped back onto my pillow briefly before pulling myself up and swinging my feet onto the floor.

Wiping the sleep from my eyes I shuffled my way down the hall toward the kitchen. The smell of fresh coffee floated through the air. I leaned against the doorframe and absorbed the sight of my daughter, Heather. She had her elbows resting on the countertop, her ass pushed outward seductively. Her face was perched in her hands and she was staring at the percolating coffee maker. She was wearing only a hemp anklet, tied loosely just below a tattoo of a hummingbird.

“Mwhat day is it,” I asked, still groggy with sleep.

Heather turned her head over her shoulder and flashed a angelic smile.

“Wednesday,” she answered, sarcastically.

“Oh, crap,” I played along. “I’m late for work.”

“Very funny, Dad.”

I stepped behind her, pressing myself to her, wrapping my arms around her waist. My flaccid penis nestled into the crevasse of her ass. She straightened up, pressed her back to my chest and reached her right arm behind my neck, holding me. I lowered my head and slid my tongue along her shoulder, up her neck, then nibbled her earlobe. She swayed her hips and clenched her cheeks around my shaft.

“Merry Christmas, Baby.”

She turned her head to the side and we kissed, closed mouthed.

“Merry Christmas, Dad.”

I ran my hands up from her stomach, over her full breasts, rolling her nipples under my fingers.

“How long you been up,” I asked.

“Jus’ long enough to start the coffee,” she replied.

I returned to nuzzling her neck and shoulder, lapping generously at the salty taste that lingered on her skin from a long night of energetic loving. She reached her left hand between us and was gently fondling my penis, bringing it to life, feeling it fill with excitement. I placed a hand on her shoulder and gently guided her back to her original position.

“Be gentle,” she pleaded. “I’m a little sore this morning.”

Holding my penis in my hand, I guided the tip between her lips. She was sopping wet, not only from her current arousal, but also from the previous night. We had only slept for two hours. My cum still filled her vagina and was oozing out in droplets each time she relaxed her muscles. I positioned the head of my cock at her entrance, and delicately sloshed into her. She emitted a soft, low moan.

Slowly, I pushed myself deeper into her, until I was completely engulfed. I bent over her, kissing the smooth surface between her shoulder blades. I stayed that way a good while, my face resting on her back, my cock embedded in her pussy. I savored her soft warmth. Finally, I stood upright, my hands on her hips, and slowly began pumping in and out of her. Immediately, the scent of her heightened arousal filled the kitchen, overpowering the brewing coffee.

She pushed back against me with each inward stroke. With one hand, she massaged her breasts, rolling her nipples between her thumb and forefinger. With varied strokes, we made slow love standing in the kitchen. Neither of us was in a rush, and both were still a little sore.

I kneaded her taut ass cheeks with my thumbs, parting them occasionally to peek at her tight pinkish asshole. She slid her hand from her breasts, down her belly to her pussy. She made slow, looping circles around her swollen clit. As she drew the circle tighter her arousal grew. Her breaths became ragged and deep. Her moaning became a steady low drone.

Heather looked over her shoulder at me. I met her gaze. She mouthed the word ‘faster’. Gradually, I increased my pace, using the entire length of my cock with each stroke. Her moan changed to a soft grunt with each thrust.

“Faster,” she whispered.

I obeyed and picked up speed again, but only slightly. With her fingers, she rubbed her clitoris quicker, flicking the large protruding nub. Her grunts became a still louder vibrato moan. I slid my hands over her ass, massaging her. I worked my thumb into her crease toward her puckered asshole.

As I grazed my thumb over the hole she drew a sudden breath and pushed back at me earnestly. Her hips were rolling beneath me, my cock raking along the upper rim of her pussy hole.

“You like that, Baby,” I needled her.

“It feels good,” she groaned.

I increased the pace of my fucking yet again, still using my entire length with each stroke. Her fingers worked frantically over her clit, rubbing, flicking, pinching, tugging.

“Oh God, Dad,” she breathed. “I love your cock in me.”

I drew my hand to my mouth, lavishly licking my thumb, then returned it to her tight pink asshole, playing it in circles around her opening. Her breathing was frantic; she lightly slapped at her pussy, her fingers smacking softly onto her clit. beşiktaş escort With mild pressure, I pushed my thumb against her asshole.

“Yes… Dad… ” she moaned with each thrust of my cock. “Do it. I like that.”

I eased my thumb into her tight gripping sphincter. When I sunk my entire thumb into her, she pushed back hard onto me. My cock buried deep into her pussy. I held her hip with one hand. With my other I held her asshole. I pumped my cock faster and harder into her.

“Oh jeez, Dad,” she breathed.

She was fighting to hold onto the counter with one hand. With her other she worked her clit wildly, pinching and pulling at it, then slapping it, harder than before.

“Oh fuck me, Dad,” she whimpered. “Fuck me like a slut.”

I was pounding forcefully into her pussy and, at the same time, working my thumb in and out of her asshole.

“You like that, Baby,” I needled her again. “You like both holes filled?”

“Oh, God yes.”

“Say it. Tell me what you like.”

“I like you in both my holes… I like your finger in my asshole… while you fuck my pussy.”

“I like doing this to you, Sweetie.”

“Treat me like a slut, Daddy. I like being your little slut.”

I jabbed my thumb deep into her asshole and jack hammered her pussy hard.

“Oh God, Dad,” she screamed, her mouth quivering. “Fuck me ha-a-a-ard. I’m gonna cum.”

“Cum with me, Baby,” I commanded.

We were lost in the frenzy, both of us groaning and moaning loudly, our voices bouncing off the walls of the kitchen. Heather slapped and spanked her clit until it glowed red. I pummeled both her holes from behind. Pulling my thumb quickly from her asshole, I gripped her hips firmly, and rammed deep and hard into her.

“Fuck… my… cunt… ” she gasped between thrusts.

I felt her vaginal muscles grip my cock tightly. Her body spasmed as her orgasm overtook her. I lost my grip on my own and began pumping my semen into her.

“I’m cumming,” we both cried out together.

Mostly, I’d been drained the night before, but I held her tightly against my pelvis as I pumped what seed I had left into my daughter. With the walls of her pussy, she milked all I had from me. The instant her orgasm began to diminish, she pulled herself free of my cock with lustful abandon, turned and knelt before me.

Immediately, her mouth was around my softening cock, hungrily milking me with her lips. A final burst of cum erupted from me into her mouth. She swallowed it down and continued sucking and nursing my deflating cock, savoring the sticky tastes from her own pussy. Satisfied, she stood up but with her knees slightly bent so her pussy was somewhat spread open. She had her hand clutched between her legs.

When she pulled her hand down and held it beneath her, she contracted and relaxed her pussy, pushing with her stomach muscles. Thick white cream and froth flowed from her. Most of the cum that I’d fed into her over the past twelve hours rushed from her body, over her hand. I watched her in astonishment as she smeared the goo all over her swollen red lips. She was watching my facial expression intently as she fouled herself with my seed.

“I’m such a slut for you, Daddy,” she breathed in a low, heady voice. “I wanna be so nasty for you.”

I was stuck in too much amazement and arousal to say anything. When she finished lotioning her pussy with my cum, she held her arms out to me. I wrapped mine around her and held her tightly before leaning down and kissing her deeply.

“I think the coffee’s ready,” I finally said to her, breaking the mood. She giggled.

Samantha, at the request of her mother, was spending the day with her family. She said she’d try to get away in the evening because she had some gifts for Heather and me. I was due to pick up Rebecca at four o’clock so the three of us could have dinner together and exchange gifts. In the mean time, Heather and I lounged around on the big sofa, opening the presents we’d gotten for one another and lightly playing with each other.

When the presents were opened, I surveyed my stack: two new Griffin novels, ratcheting wrenches, new Llama boots and three adult movies. Heathers stack was somewhat larger: four new books, a CD player for her car, a dangling piece of diamond jewelry for her belly button, a pair of pearl earrings that I said would look fantastic in her pussy lips (she shot that idea down), a leather coat, a vibrating egg, a seven inch vibrator and a small pocket vibrator for the long car trips she’d be making someday when she went off to college to finish her degree.

As we lazed about, she had put the batteries in her toys and was testing each one of them. The egg fascinated her. Holding it by the cord, near the base of the egg itself, she ran it down my chest to my penis. The low vibrations felt good through my groin. My cock lurched and began to stiffen.

“Getting hard again,” she asked in disbelief.

“I’ve never been able to get hard as much as I can with you,” I confided.

She beşiktaş eve gelen escort grazed the toy down over my scrotum, causing it to tighten up.

“Let’s just be gentle for now,” I said. “I’m a little sore, too.”

She laid down flat on her stomach on the sofa, her delicate feet bent into the air, and continued to play with the vibrator over my genitals. It wasn’t long before my cock was full and straining. With copious amounts of saliva, she licked from the base to the tip, then back down again. It seemed like forever that she played like that.

“Did you like that, earlier, Heather,” I asked her

“You mean… ” she asked, nodding toward her backside.

“Uh-huh,” my face showed genuine curiosity.

“You’ve haven’t played with me there since that first night.”

“I know.”

She seemed to think about what she’d felt earlier. I noticed her hips rising and falling, pressing her pussy against the cushion. She slipped the tip of my cock into her mouth, her saliva drooling down the shaft.

“I did like that,” she finally replied once her mouth was no longer full. “Is that okay?”

She batted her eyes like a child that isn’t sure whether she’s done something wrong.

“Honey,” I comforted her. “Whatever feels good to your body is perfectly okay. It doesn’t matter what I, or anyone else, thinks.”

She smiled up at me and reached for the seven-inch vibrator. Turning it on, she switched it with the egg and continued sliding it around my penis and scrotum. After several minutes of the massage, she rolled over and sat back against the arm of the sofa.

I watched her as she spread her legs and guided the egg into her pussy. She was slow and gentle about it. I could see the bright redness of her lips and clit. She was still covered in the slippery slime from earlier. Finally, the egg slipped into her and disappeared. Only the cord trailed out. She used the control to turn the dial to the slowest speed.

She looked up at me with a squeal, her smiling eyes wide with wonder.

“Oh, I like that,” she announced.

I smiled back at her as I turned off the other vibrator. She held out her hand for it and I gave it to her. She turned it back on and pressed it to her clit. Within seconds she turned it off, declaring that she was too sensitive for that. I asked if she wanted more coffee as I got up from the sofa. With her eyes closed, she moaned a softly:


When I returned from the kitchen she was lying flat on her back, the cord still leading into her pussy. I set a mug of coffee near her and returned to my seat, holding her outstretched feet in my lap. Her eyes were still closed and her head was turned to the side. She was frantically massaging her tits and pinching her large nipples. She grimaced as she bucked her hips into the air at nothing. I could hear that she’d increased the speed of the toy while I was away.

She exhaled in a wheezy shrill then quickly inhaled, holding her breath. Her abdomen tightened as her hips kept rising and falling. Another loud exhale and inhale and she gripped the side of the sofa cushion, her knuckles turning white. Her other hand stayed clenched to her breast. She thrust her hips upward, her pussy riding the air as she held her breath and tensed her body.

She dropped back to the sofa, wheezing in loud deep breaths and immediately shut off the egg. She opened her eyes into heavy slits and stared at me with a glazed look.

“Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho,” she belly laughed, looking at the egg’s controller. “I think I’m gonna like that present.”

I set my mug on the coffee table and laid down next to Heather. She rolled onto her side, facing away from me. I pressed myself against her, adjusting so my cock was nestled between her cheeks. I closed my eyes and wrapped my arm over her. Every nerve in me tingled at the sensation of spooning naked with my daughter. She sighed in contentment.

“Dad,” she said, after several minutes had passed.

“Mhmm,” I replied, feeling myself growing sleepy.

“Did you like really it earlier, when I was naughty.”

I opened my eyes but didn’t respond.

“Did it bother you when I did that,” she continued. “You know, with all that… cum?”

I kissed her softly on the nape of her neck, letting her know it was okay.

“I held it in me all night,” she continued, “while we fucked, and then while we slept. I liked having your cum inside my pussy. I could feel it swishing around at times; I was so full. When I got up, I held my muscles tight, keeping it in me. Sometimes I had to use my hand to literally plug myself up. I didn’t want to lose it.”

My cock was growing in size between her cheeks. She waggled her ass against me.

“I didn’t plan to do that. Y’know, let it out like I did. I didn’t know what I was gonna do,” she explained. “It’s just that I was feeling so slutty. You’ve haven’t played with my butt for so long like that, and I wanted to do something so wild. It didn’t bother you when I did beşiktaş grup yapan escort that?”

“Honey,” I breathed softly into her ear. “I like it when you’re naughty. You know it turns me when you are. If I hadn’t been so spent, I’d have thrown you onto the kitchen table and fucked you all over again.”

She wrapped her arm over my arm and squeezed. I drew her tightly against me.

“I’m glad,” she whispered.

Within minutes we were both asleep. When I awoke, the clock on the VCR read 10:30. My nose was pressed into Heather’s soft hair. I felt her breathing against my chest; chest rising and falling in long steady pattern of someone asleep. My cock was rock hard and nestled between her thighs, butting up against her crotch. I delicately stroked my fingers over her belly and breathed in her scent. I fell asleep a moment later.

The next time I came to, something had awakened me. My cock was still hard, harder than before even, and still nestled between her legs. There was a humming sound in the air and I felt a vibration between my legs. Heather was whimpering softly. She still had the egg embedded in her pussy and had turned it on low. Seminal fluid leaked from the tip of my cock, pooling onto her thigh. I kissed the back of her neck.

“Enjoying yourself,” I asked quietly.

“Mhmmm,” she responded, lazily.

“Well, don’t let me stop you.”

I glanced up; the clock read 11:40. I continued to kiss her neck, moving my lips from her hairline down to her shoulders, from one side to the other. I felt her increase the speed of the egg. It vibrated her pussy completely, down to my cock and into my body. Clear liquid oozed steadily from me. With her index finger, she traced circles into the puddle, spreading it out on her leg.

I began licking her neck and shoulders. When I nibbled her ear, she increased the speed again. She was whimpering like a puppy, rolling her hips back and forth. Her movement caused my cock to slide between her legs, like I was fucking her. The fluid leaking from me served to lubricate the tight gap.

All at once, she pushed back into me and tightened her thighs around my cock. She let out a stifled cry and lifted my arm to her mouth, bringing her teeth down gently onto my skin. She held that position, biting my arm, clamped onto my cock, for more than a minute as her orgasm continued, then led into another, tapered off and was replaced by still another. She never became loud, only emitted stifled moans and cries.

Finally, she relaxed, releasing her grip on my arm and cock at the same time. She lay with me, panting. I felt the vibrations between my legs stop and I drifted into sleep once again.

At 12:14 I awoke to Heather gently caressing my cock. She had lifted one leg up to allow access to it and was playing her fingers up and down its length. I squeezed her to me and kissed her neck.

“You’ve been hard this whole time,” she observed.

“You have that effect on me,” I told her.

“I want to do something to help you out,” she said. “You’ll hurt if you don’t cum.”

“I’ll be okay,” I said. “I don’t want to hurt you any.”

She rolled over in my arms and faced me, looking deep into my eyes. She held her hand on my cheek before kissing me tenderly, deeply, probingly. She asked if I was still sore. I told her I felt all right. She kissed me quick on the mouth and rolled back over, pressing her back to me.

“Do you really like it when I’m naughty, Dad,” she asked

“I told you, Honey, I do. It turns me on.”

I sensed that she was smiling.

“You know,” she said softly. “Only my pussy’s sore”

“Heather,” I asked, seeking confirmation.

“I wanna feel you in my other hole,” she explained.

I tried to tell her it was okay, not to worry about me, but she persisted.

“I want it, Daddy,” she said, sounding like a little girl. “I want you to be satisfied. And I want to feel you in there. We’ve never done that before. I’ve never done that before.”

“You’ve played around down there before,” I said. “What about the beads?”

“Yeah, that,” she replied. “Sam’s finger a few times; and yours too, twice. But, I’ve never had anything bigger than that in there before. I wanna know what it feels like.”

Now my need for relief was building, or Heather was causing it build.

“Where, Honey,” I probed. “Where do you want to feel it?”

“Back there,” she said trying to be suddenly shy. “In my ass.”

That’s my girl.

“You sure?”

“I am. I want you there,” she said again, briefly feigning innocence, and then, “I want you to fuck my asshole.”

I lifted her leg up, prompting her to bend her knee, so that she was opened up to me. Without speaking, I licked my fingers and smeared saliva between her cheeks. I repeated the process, leaving a large dollop of saliva on my fingertips. I rubbed it around her tight asshole, poking my finger into her just briefly. She drew a quick breath of anticipation.

I was steadily oozing clear fluid from my cock and Heather rubbed my tip around in the liquid. I motioned for her to incline away from me slightly. She reached back and spread her cheek open. I gripped myself in my hand and lined up at her entrance. I told her to roll back onto me when she was ready. I wanted her asshole at that moment more than I’d ever wanted anything, but, not at the expense of her comfort.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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