My Daughter’s Roommate

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There seems to be a lack of mother-daughter incest, so I thought I would help fill that gap. Mom is convinced her daughter’s roommate wants to seduce her daughter. Mom has misread the situation, but with the best of outcomes. I hope you enjoy!

I didn’t like Rachel, my daughter’s college roommate and new best friend for life. I didn’t like her from the first time I saw how she looked at my daughter and then at me. My daughter, Karen, completely missed the hunger in Rachel’s eyes. No two ways about it, Rachel was an Alpha predator. I recognized it in the way she smiled while her eyes moved up and down my body, checking me out as completely as one of the creepy guys working behind the counter at the convenient store. It was obvious guessing the thoughts in her dirty, filthy little mind.

As Rachel helped us moving Karen into their tiny dorm room. I didn’t miss how often Rachel brought up the rear, following behind us and I knew why. She wanted to check out our asses. And don’t think I missed the way her eyes would try to see down my top or Karen’s every time we bent over, because I saw that, too. No doubt about it, Rachel was a predator, determined to seduce my precious daughter and introduce her to the joys of lesbian sex. And, if she had a chance, Rachel would try to do the same thing to me. How did I know? Because twenty years ago, I was the exact same way.

Rachel followed us back and forth to my car. When I offered to take Karen to the grocery store, my daughter instantly invited Rachel along, too. Of course Karen would do that. I raised her to be a nice girl. Throughout the shopping trip, I suffered through Rachel’s eager-beaver squeals every time Karen picked someone off the shelf. “OMG! You like those, too? I LOVE those!” Yeah, I bet you do, bitch.

Rachel was filled with compliments for me, too. She didn’t aim them directly at me, though. “Your Mom is so hot,” I overheard her telling Karen.

“She’s a yoga instructor,” Karen said with pride. “She’s always been hot. My friends are always checking her out.”

“I can see why,” Rachel said, smiling at me.

With a four hour drive ahead of me, I didn’t have time to linger after stopping at the grocery store. I hugged Karen close, holding her tight against me while Rachel watched and I saw the glimmer in her eyes. I just knew the horny little bitch enjoyed seeing Karen’s tight little body sandwiched against mine. “Be careful with her,” I whispered in Karen’s ear. “She wants you.”

Karen gave me a puzzled look. “I’ll be fine, Mom.”

I stared into Karen’s deep blue eyes, her pretty eyes matched the same eyes I saw reflected in the mirror every day. “I will always love you,” I promised her and kissed her on the cheek. “No matter what.” I couldn’t let go of her. I hugged her close a second time. “And you know you can tell me anything, right?”

“I know,” Karen said, giving me one more squeeze. “I love you.” She kissed me on the cheek and walked me to the car. Of course Rachel followed.

I said one more good-bye and started my drive with tears in my eyes. Leaving Karen behind felt strange and foreign. I turned up the radio, sang loudly to every song I recognized, and felt better after an hour of driving. Did it really matter if Rachel was going to seduce Karen? She wouldn’t do it on the first night.

I knew that’s not how it had happened for me during my freshman year. It had taken me nearly four weeks before Ginger, my roommate, had decided to risk letting anything happening between us and it wasn’t much. We masturbated together, and not even in the same bed! But we did watch each other and I can still remember the way Ginger stared at me, half embarrassed and half thrilled by the idea.

Two weeks later, I had coaxed my Ginger into letting me touch her, you know, just to see how it felt. That had led to our first kiss and a big orgasm from her. That first kiss is so important. Sex doesn’t mean much for a girl unless there are lots of kisses. Girls love kissing and after we had done it once, it didn’t feel funny doing it again and again. By the end of the next week, we were doing everything together, kissing, going down on each other, and making plans for a lifetime of lesbian love.

Getting Ginger’s Mom to join us had been the challenging part. I guess Ginger never knew how turned on I was by her Mom. I had wanted Ginger’s Mom the first time I saw that skinny aerobics instructor body of hers in a tight-fitting leotard and tights.

I can remember saying Rachel’s words to Ginger, “Your Mom is hot!” Ginger had laughed at me, but she had agreed, too. At Christmas, I went home with Ginger and had gotten my wish. In the shower room at the gym where Ginger’s Mom had worked, I made a pass at Mrs. Donner right in front of her daughter. Ginger had been so pissed at me!

“What?” I had asked so innocently. “Your Mom is gorgeous. Why shouldn’t I want her, too?” Mrs. Donner had been so surprised with how I had worded that. She had caught the way I had said, “too,” beşiktaş anal yapan escort and instantly knew what that meant.

Mrs. Donner smiled as she immediately asked her daughter, “Is that true? Have the two of you been fooling around?” Ginger had been so embarrassed, but I could tell Mrs. Donner hadn’t felt that way. Everything about Mrs. Donner’s smile and the eager look in her eyes had said she approved. “Show me,” she had said and I never hesitated. I walked right over to Ginger and had kissed her shocked mouth right in front of her Mom. “That’s so hot,” Mrs. Donner had moaned, fingering herself as she watched us together.

Trying as hard as I did, I never did make love to Mrs. Donner, but I have never forgotten the thrill of making love to Ginger in front of her. That’s why I recognized the hungry look in Rachel’s eyes. Years ago, I had given my roommate and her Mom the same sort of hungry look.

Glancing at the clock on my dashboard, I groaned as I saw two more hours before I would be home to my bed and my drawer full of toys. I felt so wet remembering Ginger and Mrs. Donner. I never had a reason to suspect they had done anything together, but I had often wondered about it. Mrs. Donner had been so accepting of her daughter’s sexuality. I wonder if Mrs. Donner ever knew how that experience had changed me? She had shaped the messages I gave my daughter, telling Karen it was okay to have sexy thoughts and giving her the privacy she needed to explore.

I never pushed a sexual agenda or orientation on Karen nor had I hidden my own sexuality from her. She knew about my drawer full of toys. Karen knew I dated and what it meant if I spent the night somewhere or if someone had spent the night in my room. Twice, she had come downstairs and found me having coffee with a woman who had spent the night. I’m sure she had figured out that meant I had spent the night doing the same thing with a girl as I might have done with a man.

As I fought against the urge to play with myself while I drove, a new thought suddenly jumped into my head. What if Rachel was more like me than I guessed? What if Rachel wanted both me and Karen? I sat bolt upright behind the wheel as the thought surged through me, both exciting and terrifying me at the same time. No, it couldn’t happen, could it? And what if it did? Could I be like Mrs. Donner and only watch?

Visions of Rachel and Karen together began filling my fevered brain as miles drifted by without notice. At least Rachel was pretty with her dark, curly hair and cute little dimples dotting each cheek. I wonder if she had matching dimples above each of her ass cheeks? I know Rachel had said I was hot, but so was she. Her tight tanktop and sports bra suggested that she worked out, too. I found myself wondering how big her tits might look without being squished by Lycra and Spandex? Probably not any bigger than Karen’s boobs. Like me, Karen was busty enough to show-off some cleavage when she wanted to.

Truthfully, I had no idea how sexual Karen might be. That’s a funny thought, but I could never tell if she was more than just friends with her cheerleading buddies. Probably not. Cheerleaders could be so damn judgemental against girls who fucked around or went both ways. Especially that little Schneider girl. Fuck, I hated her. Yes, she was cute as could be, but I could tell she was uptight and more than anything, she needed a good strap-on shoved up that tight ass.

I was a horny wreck by the time I pulled up to my empty house. I couldn’t get naked fast enough as I ran upstairs to my bedroom. Leaving my door wide open felt funny, but what difference did it make? Karen was gone and wouldn’t be home for months. I had the house to myself. No way would I embarrass her. I got completely naked, sprawled out on my bed, and began fingering my pussy. Midway through the quick climb to my first orgasm, I had a vision of Karen and Rachel standing at the bedroom door and watching me. Gasping, I came without warning, moving from about halfway there to all the way there faster than I thought was possible.

* * * * * * * *

Throughout that first semester, I fished for information about Rachel every time I talked to Karen. “She’s fine,” Karen would say, nearly dismissing the topic as soon as I brought her up. Meanwhile, I listened for stories of the things they did together. Did either of them have a boyfriend? (No one serious.) Did they hang-out together a lot? (They seemed inseparable.)

I waited until two months had passed before I just asked her about it. “Has Rachel tried putting the moves on you yet?”

“Mom!” Karen groaned.

“I’m just saying, she struck me as that sort of girl.”

“Well, she’s not,” Karen insisted. “Not everyone is like you.”

“I know, dear,” I said, unsure how to take that. “But I saw how she looked at you.”

“And you,” Karen pointed out.

“Yeah, I know, and that’s why I’m asking.”

Karen surprised me by taking beşiktaş bdsm escort it in a different direction. “Do you have a thing for my roommate?”

“No!” I gasped. “I just, well, I know how college can be.”

“She’s a good girl and she won’t even get naked in front of me.”

“Then I guess that’s a good thing, right?”

“Yeah, sure,” Karen said, clearly unhappy with the conversation.

Karen came home alone for Christmas break after that first semester. I fished, but came up without a bite. “Are you sure you’re my daughter?” I asked.

“Why?” she asked, laughing at me before I could even give an answer.

“Because I know how I was my first year at college and I was a little horn dog.”

“Did you do your roommate?”

“Yeah, I did,” I said, leaving off the part about how I had almost done her Mom, too.

“Well, if Rachel wants me, it doesn’t show.”

“What if it did?” I asked, curious if my daughter would even go there.

“Mom!” Karen groaned, clearly exasperated with me. “Why don’t you go play with your toys or something, because I promise you, Rachel is not interested in me in that way.”

“Fine,” I said, more surprised that I had misread Rachel than anything else. I dropped the conversation and headed upstairs.

“Going to play with your toys?” Karen asked, giggling.

“Actually, I was going to grab a load of laundry,” I replied. “But you know what it means if I shut my door.”

“Trust me, I know,” she said, flashing me a big smile.

When I took Karen back to school for her second semester, I still got the same vibe from Rachel. There was something about the way she watched me and looked at my daughter that set off my gaydar. If that hot little piece of ass didn’t want my daughter, then I had to really question my ability to read people.

* * * * * * *

I stopped fishing during the winter semester. I wasn’t sure what I had missed, but it felt unfair to Karen for her Mom to keep asking about her sex life. It was good enough that she had found a friend in her roommate, wasn’t it? It occurred to me that I should be relieved I had it wrong. Who would want their daughter to have a pushy lesbian as a roommate?

Karen asked if Rachel could come to our house for Spring Break and I was all for it. Maybe a week together would help me get a better handle on their relationship. During the four hour drive home, they two of them shared the backseat, laughing and sharing things off their cellphones. They barely talked. Instead, they kept sending each other text messages. Every time I glanced in the rearview mirror, Rachel would catch my eye and smile at me. Damn it, I just knew there was something more behind her smile!

That first night, nothing special happened, except I couldn’t shake feeling that something was up. Was it me? Was I reading into their smiles and the way they stayed so close to each other? I seriously began doubting myself.

The next morning, I found the two of them sleeping in the living room. Karen had fallen asleep in the recliner while Rachel was stretched out on the sofa. I smiled and started a pot of coffee before spying Karen’s cell phone charging on my counter. I’ll admit I snooped, checking her text messages and coming across the chain of messages they had been sharing during our drive.

“Your Mom keeps checking me out,” Rachel had said.

“I’m sorry,” Karen wrote back.

“It’s okay, I think she’s hot.”

“Hotter than me?”

“Hot just like you,” Rachel replied, being very diplomatic.

“OMG, you have a thing for my Mom!”

“No I don’t!” Rachel wrote, adding a frowny face. Before Karen could reply, she wrote, “But she is hot.” That text included a little flame emoticon.

“U want to do my Mom and not me?” Karen asked an angry face emoticon.

“Can I do both of you?” asked Rachel. I couldn’t tell if she negotiating or playing the diplomat.

“At the same time?”


“Pervert,” Karen wrote, though she added a laughing emoticon. I guess that meant she was kidding? On another line she added, “My Mom goes both ways.”

“Like mother, like daughter,” Rachel wrote, adding a smiley face.

“If you do my Mom, you have to do me, too.”

“Will you do her with me?” Rachel asked. Karen replied with a question mark and Rachel spelled it out. “Would you go down on both of us?”

“I would still kiss you after you went down on Mom.”

“Everyone has to do everything.”

“You are such a pervert!” Karen added a rolling-on-the-floor-laughing emoticon.

“That would be so hot and so wrong at the same time!”

“I would do it if I could be with you” Karen said.

“Would you?”

“Yes!” my daughter replied.

I could see how Rachel was manipulating my daughter and part of me approved. Karen had always been so uptight about sex. I wondered how far I would go and thought about Ginger Donner and her Mom. How far beşiktaş elit escort did I want them to go? I knew I wanted them to go all the way. Now that the shoe was on the other foot, could I do what Mrs. Donner wouldn’t?

There was more, except I heard the girls waking up. “There’s coffee,” I called, quickly blanking Karen’s cell phone screen and putting it back on the counter. Rachel appeared first, offering me a sleepy smile. I caught how her gaze had roamed across my chest before she smiled. I don’t know if I looked as flustered as I felt, but I felt my heart racing and I could feel my nipples aching.

“You and Karen really look alike,” she said with an easy smile.

“Sometimes people think we’re sisters, but I’m sure they’re just being nice.”

“No way,” Rachel insisted. “If I didn’t know you were her Mom, I wouldn’t be able to figure it out. You don’t look old enough to be her Mom.”

“Thank you,” I said, smiling at her. I wasn’t sure how to reply. Was she hitting on me or just being nice? “So, what’s it like having my daughter as a roommate?”

“Interesting,” she said, blowing across her cup of black coffee before sipping it. “She’s fun, but she always wants to get her way, too.”

“Sorry,” I said. About that time, Karen wandered into the kitchen. She asked what we were doing and I said, “Talking about Rachel’s bossy roommate.”

“Oh, you love it,” Karen said with a big smile. Looking at me, Karen asked, “Are you cold?”


“Because your headlights are on full beams,” she said, nodding at my chest before stepping past me for her coffee.

“Oh-my-God! I can’t believe you just said that!” Rachel cried out with a shocked and surprised laugh. I felt the same way.

“I’m just saying,” Karen said with a shrug. “You can put an eye out with those nips.”

“Jealous much?” I replied, carrying my coffee upstairs. I had no idea what to make of my daughter’s comment and my mind was still reeling from reading the chain of text messages they had swapped during the ride home. I had raised Karen a sex positive attitude environment though she had never expressed much of an interest. Even after I warned her about Rachel, my daughter had shrugged it all away.

Of course, as a parent, you always have blind spots. Your kid is always the best dancer in the group, the prettiest girl at the ball, and smarter everyone else assigned to the group project. A parent’s blind spots extend the opposite direction, too. Kids are master manipulators who know best how to fool their parents. While Karen always appeared uninterested in anything sex related, that didn’t mean she really felt that way, did it?

When I went back downstairs, the girls sat on the couch drinking coffee and working their cell phones. “I need a shopping list,” I said, announcing a trip to the store.

Karen asked if I was heading to the Supercenter and I said I could. “Cool, we’ll text you a list,” she said, not even looking up from her phone.

As I pulled out of the driveway, I wondered what I might find if I suddenly forgot something and went back inside the house. All too well, I could remember being their age. I could remember how desperate I was to be in Ginger’s arms. Every time we had a moment alone, I would try to kiss her or more. By asking where I was going, Karen knew I would be gone close to two hours. If I drove around the block and walked back into the house, what would I find? I smiled. I’m sure Rachel was already on top of my daughter. My phone beeped with a shopping list full of junk and comfort food.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

I had no idea what they did while I was gone. When I got home, they were showered and helped carry in the groceries. I saw how Rachel kept checking me out.

“Seriously Mom? Again?” Karen asked, looking at my chest. “Why do you even bother wearing a bra?” Rachel gave a naughty snicker, blushing as she noticed the twin points that had managed to make themselves known through my sports bra and tight fitting tank-top. “Do you get like that during your yoga classes, too?”

“Probably,” I said, trying not to let their lecherous stares get me more worked up. “I’ve been thinking about offering a naked yoga class.”

“Would everyone get naked or just you?” Rachel asked with very wide eyes.


“Will it be a coed class?”

“That’s the sticking point,” I said, having already talked to the gym about my idea. “I want to do both genders, but the gym is afraid it will turn into a fuckfest.”

“I don’t know if I could do that,” Rachel said.

“I could,” Karen said and I laughed, which drew a narrowed eyed glare from her. “What?”

“You’ve always been so shy about your body,” I pointed out.

“Oh really?” Rachel asked, looking surprised again.

“I thought you liked seeing me naked,” Karen snapped at her roommate and I was the one who felt surprised. Rachel blushed.

Karen’s defensive tone worried me. “There’s nothing wrong with being naked, is there?” I asked, hoping to diffuse any tension before it grew too big.

“Then why don’t you go for it?” Karen asked in a belligerent tone. “It’s not as if you’re hiding anything.”

Rachel and I both gasped, but unlike Rachel, I wasn’t going to be pushed around my little slip of a daughter. “Because you’d freak out if I did.”

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