My Ex-Girlfriend’s Mother

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I started noticing how sexy Janet was about eight years ago. It all started when I was dating her daughter and eventually moved in with the both of them. The three of us shared a small two bedroom house.

Janet was not a knockout by all means but had a nice looking body for a forty year old women. She is about 5’5”and weighs maybe 120. Brown hair and brown eyes. Her breasts were the right size in my opinion. 36cup. Nice set of legs too, not too skinny but not to thick, just right. I really became attracted to her when one day she came into the bedroom where I was sleeping to get something. She always had Fridays off and I worked the night shift at the time. My girlfriend was at work, so we were all alone in the house. I heard the door open (knowing it was her I barely opened my eyes to see what was going on) and she walked over to the dresser and grabbed the hairdryer. She was wearing only her night-gown. As she turned to leave she looked over to me and stared for several seconds, and began rubbing herself between her legs, she then left the room. I then realized that the sheets were not covering my naked body. My dick was hard as a rock and totally exposed.

It made me so horny watching my girlfriends mom rub herself as she gazed at my hard cock. From that day on, I wanted to fuck her so bad. I have fantasized about us having sex a lot over the past few years. Her daughter and I broke up after dating for about another year and a half.

About a month ago, Janet and I started to e-mail back and forth with just some boring messages. We decided to meet for lunch one day and do some catching up, since we had not really talked a whole lot after I broke with her daughter. I just knew this was my chance to finally see how far I could get with her.

Lunch seemed to take for ever, as all I could think of was getting her into bed, but how could I even get her alone in the same house. Then I had an idea. I suggested we rent a movie and go to her house to watch it. She had no complaints. As we drove back to her house she keep putting her hand on my leg whenever she laughed at something I said. This made my dick slowly become erect. At one point I saw her looking at the bulge in my pants and she moved around in her seat causing her skirt to slid up to give me a peek of her silk panties. This was killing me. I had to fuck Janet today.

Once inside her house she put the movie in and we sat on the couch. Janet’s couch was not very big at all, almost like a love seat. As we sat there our legs kept rubbing together. Janet made no attempt to shift antalya escort over.

After the movie was finished we started joking around a little bit and I decided to make my move. I reached over and tickled her on her side. Janet jumped and said “Don’t, I’m really ticklish Chris”

“Are you?” Then she reached over to try and get me but I tickled her first. In an attempt to stop me she threw her legs over top of mine. I leaned over and kissed her on her lips. Janet was shocked at first and did not respond but after a second or two she began kissing me back. She put her hand on the back of my head and stuck her tongue in my mouth.

I started rubbing hers legs as we made out on her couch. I finally had her where I wanted her. We kissed passionately for several minutes. She suddenly got up off of the couch and said “Chris we should not be doing this”

“I want to but…”

I stood up and walked over to her, “Janet I have want to do that for so long”

“let’s not stop now, I know you want it too, I saw you in my room that day rubbing yourself as you look at my hard-on.”

“Oh my god, you did!” Janet said. “You looked so good just laying there, I wanted to have you right there, I couldn’t help myself.”

I reached over to her pulled her to me and kissed her again. She put her arms around my neck and held me tight. I could feel her tits push into my chest. With my right hand I started grabbing her ass and pulling her into my hard cock. Janet let out a soft moan.

“oh Chris, you fell so good.”

We moved over to her desk and I sat in the chair. I pulled up her skirt as she straddled me. We were kissing very heavily, darting our tongues in and out of each others mouth. Janet had her hands on my face not letting me move while I went further up her skirt rubbing her ass and moving her back and forth on my bulging cock. My hands found their way up her sleeve less shirt. I started massaging her tits over top of her bra and I could feel her nipples getting harder the more I rub them. We both were moaning as she kept grinding her crotch on my cock.

“Janet I want you so bad”

“I have been waiting for this day for along time, I have to have you” I whispered in her ear.

“I want you to Chris, but lets take it slow, I want it to last all day.”

I slid my other hand inside her panties and realized she was soaking wet. I rub my fingers all over her almost hairless pussy. Janet was moaning as I fingered her wet pussy.

“Mmm, that fells so good,” Janet said.

“Chris I cant lara escort do this!”

“If Melissa finds out we have fooled around she will be so mad at me. I cant be with a guy my daughter has been with.”

Janet then stood up and turned her back to me while she faced the desk. I walked up behind her and lifted her skirt. She had a really nice ass, so I started to rub it with both hands. I pulled her cheeks apart and she spread her legs for me just enough so that I could finger her from behind.

I started grinding against her and she could fell my stiff cock threw my jeans. I leaned froward and began kissing her shoulders and the back of her neck. As I cupped her breast in both of my hands, she reached around and squeezed my pulsating dick outside my jeans. She turns around and starts unzipping my jeans and pulls my pants and my boxers to my ankles. Janet lowers herself to her knees and grabbed my dick with her hand. After stroking it a few times and she says, “Wow, it’s bigger than I thought it would be. “

“Do you want me to suck it.” Before I could answer, she put me in her mouth, sucking the entire seven inches of my dick. I could fell the head of my dick touching the back of her throat. As she sucked on my dick she was stroking me up and down.

“I can’t stand this anymore, let’s go into my bedroom. ” Janet said as we she grabbed my hand and lead me to the bed room.

When we got to her room she closed the door, I pulled off her shirt and bra and slide off her skirt and panties. There she was, standing before me totally naked. I sat on the edge of the bed and pulled her to me. I started to kiss her chest between her tits. I sucked her left nipple into my mouth and then her right nipple as I fingered her pussy again.

Janet was going crazy. “oh… oh.. that fells so good Chris.”

“Take your clothes off and lay on the bed.” Janet whispered in my ear.

As I laid on her bed naked she climbed over top of me and lowered her head over my cock and sucked me into her mouth.

Her head was bobbing up and down as fast she could. Janet sucked my dick better than any woman ever had before. She sucked my dick for almost ten minutes. I felt myself starting to cum and I said “Janet I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” She did not say a word as I blew my load in her mouth. Janet kept sucking and swallowing everything I had to give her.

As she lifted her head up I could see some of my cum on her lips and she licked them ever so slowly. Janet then laid beside me and said “I hope you are not done side escort for the day because I have plans for you honey.”

“I have been waiting for this too long to give up after one orgasm. “

“I just need some help to it hard again.”

She laid back on the bed and kissed me as she stroked my dick. I told her to lay on her back. It was her turn to cum. Janet laid on her back and spread her legs. I moved between her legs and started to kiss her inner thighs. She laid there motionless as I worked my way to her wet pussy. I licked her clit and her pussy lips. Janet was squirming in the bed as she lifted her hips to meet my tongue. I stuck my tongue inside of her and tasted her for the first time, she tasted so good.

“Oh god, lick me Chris, oh… oh… lick my clit.”

I licked Janet’s clit liked she wanted. I could feel her juices all over my chin. Janet then put one leg over my shoulder and lifted her ass up off the bed into my face. I ate her pussy until she started bucking and put her hands on the back of my head and shoved my faced between her legs into her warm wet cunt. Janet came all over my face and laid there trembling.

“I have never been ate out like that before.”

“I want to make love to you Janet.”

“I don’t want you to make love to me Chris, I want you to fuck me. I want to feel you deep inside of me.”

I slide up her body licking her nipples on my way up. As I laid on top of her kissing and biting her neck I could feel my dick settle between the lips of her swollen pussy. I sat up and she grabbed her legs and spread them apart to give me access to her waiting vagina. I slowly slide my cock into her cunt and she whimpered. As I slammed my dick all the way into her, she cried out “Oh yes Chris, fuck me… fuck me.”

I could not believe I was finally fucking Janet after all these years. I pounded my dick into her pussy over and over. I could hear our bodies slapping against each other as I fucked her. As I looked down at her I saw her tits shaking back and forth as I pumped my dick in and out of her. She was moaning and calling my name, I knew her neighbors could hear her screaming. We must have fucked for thirty minutes or better.

“I think I’m going to cum Janet.” I cried out.

“So am I Chris”

“I want you to cum in me, please.”

I released my load deep inside her as she grabbed my ass and pulled me all the way in her. We both came at the same time. It was the best sex I had ever had. I slide my dick out and laid beside her. Janet cuddled up beside me and said “I have never cum so hard in my life. You were great Chris. “

We laid there talking about what we would do the next time we had sex. She told me she wanted me as much as possible. We feel asleep next to each other, but never letting go.

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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