My Exhibitionist Nudist Daughter Ch. 08

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All characters are above the age of 18

As the four of us eat dinner naked Brooke looks up. “Wait. I just realized you didn’t cum, Sam.”

“I’m trying. It will happen when it happens. I hope soon.”

“So what was your idea,” I ask.

She turns to Brooke. “You down to take a walk outside?”

“I don’t know about that. Going to a nude beach is one thing, but walking around outside here? I don’t want to get in trouble.”

“I do it all the time.”

“And you got arrested!”

“True, but I wasn’t paying attention and I have not been caught in over a month since. Plus, I doubt anyone would care about two naked girls walking around. I just got unlucky the first time.”

“Whatever happened with that anyways?”

“I worked with a lawyer that helped us make it go away with a fine,” I reply.

“Well that’s good.”

“Yeah it ended up not being a big deal.”

“Where do you want to walk to,” Brooke asks.

“There’s a forest preserve not too far away. It’s about a 20ish minute walk, longer if we fool around along the way. I was thinking me and you could walk there while Nick and my Dad drive over to meet us.”

“It is all quiet neighborhood type stuff along the way??”

“Pretty much. There’s parts with nothing around, but there are places along the way to get out of view if need be. I think once you get going you will like the feeling of being completely naked and knowing you have nothing to cover up with anywhere near. I sure do.”

“And we wouldn’t bring anything with us just in case?”

“Well, you can probably guess the answer for me, but if you really want to I’m sure my Dad or Nick can give you something to bring with as I know you didn’t bring any clothes with you.”

Brooke looks at Nick. “It’s completely up to you, babe,” he tells her. “If you don’t want to that’s fine. If you do we will meet you guys there.”

“They’ll be naked too,” Sam says.

“We will, huh,” I ask.

“Hopefully. It would be hot if you guys to drive over naked and for none of us to have any clothes anywhere near, unless someone really does want something. I think it would be very hot if all of us were completely naked with no access to clothes, but don’t want to force anyone into something they don’t want to do.”

“What would we do there? Just walk there and then back?”

“Well, I’m sure we can find something to do,” Sam replies with a smile.

Brooke mulls it over in her head for a short while. “Ok, I’m in. I’m horny and it sounds like it could be fun.”

“Yay,” Sam says, tapping her fingers together in a mini clap. “We can go really late. There’s never anyone around after 1am.”

After finishing dinner we clean up and get back to the living room.

“That was delicious. Thank you very much,” Nick says.

“Happy to do it. Hoping for many more,” I reply

“Us too.”

As we chat for a bit Sam grabs my dick and starts to lightly stroke it. She leans in and kisses me. We make out and out of the corner of my eye I see Brooke and Nick doing the same. Sam climbs onto my lap.

“I want to feel you in me.”

She takes the dildo out of her ass, licks it clean, and sets it aside as I enter her.

“Go slow. I just want to feel you.”

She very slowly moves up and down while lightly kissing me. I look over and see Brooke on her knees in front of a standing Nick, sucking his dick as he watches me and Sam.

“I can’t wait to cum without my clit being touched, Daddy. It would be great if it was outside too.”

“I will do whatever I can to help.”

After another kiss Sam looks over at Brooke and Nick. “No cumming. Save it for later.” Nick gives us thumbs up.

As Sam continues to slowly fuck me I see Nick and Brooke switch positions with Brooke now on the couch. She lies down on her back and spreads her legs wide open. Nick gets in front of her and is about to insert his dick into her pussy.

“Put it in my ass again.”

Nick smiles and lines his dick up with its destination. He pushes slowly until he’s fully in. “I want to try what Sam does and not touch myself to see what it feels like.” Sam looks over and smiles.

I watch Nick pump in and out of Brooke’s ass slowly as she holds her legs up with her hands on the backs of her knees. Sam tongues my ear and continues to move her tight hole up and down my dick. After watching them for a bit I turn back to Sam and kiss her tits while she fucks me. I pull away and she looks at me as I slap her across the face with medium force.

She stares at me, seemingly waiting for another.

I slap her again a little harder as she moans. I then put my hand around her neck and choke her pretty hard. “You like fucking Daddy’s dick in front of our friends? Do you like being my little anal slut?”

Sam nods as she can’t speak.

“I want to rub my clit so much,” Brooke says, “but I kind of like having to restrain myself. It takes will power, that’s for sure.”

“Yes it does,” Sam replies as I loosen my grip. “I love knowing I can touch it at any time, but don’t.” She turns back to me. “I just had a thought.”

“Here özbek gaziantep escort we go,” I reply jokingly,

“I’ve decided that I will extend not touching my clit or having anything in my pussy to one month. It’s already been just over a week so a little less than three more. I’ve been thinking about it all day.”

“Are you sure?”

“Absolutely. I don’t want a single thing touching me anywhere down there except your dick or toys in my ass until then”

“Whatever you want.”

“Actually, a better idea just popped into my head.”


“I want you to be the only one that allows me to do either. It will be your decision, not mine.”

“Really? For how long?”

“Indefinitely. The only part of my body that will have anything in it or touching it will be my asshole until you tell me otherwise. And to go even further, my hands won’t be touching my body in a sexual way anymore unless it’s ok with you. All I will be doing with them, other than normal everyday things, is inserting or removing anal toys. I will not fuck myself with the toys either. I will only be taking them out as needed and putting them back in. When it comes to my own sexual gratification they are not my hands anymore, they are yours.”

As I listen to her tell me all of this something is triggered in me. I have loved having mainly anal sex after hardly having it most of my life. I prefer it myself now. “I will do this, but only if you tell me that you are absolutely sure. I will only be allowing your hands to touch any part of your body once in a while and there will be long gaps in between.” I think to myself that I really will push the limits as I know that’s what she wants, what she needs. I will not let up. She doesn’t yet know it will go past her original one month goal.

“I am absolutely, one hundred percent, sure. My opinion no longer matters when it comes to how often you allow it. It will be your decision, and your decision alone, from here on out.”

“I don’t even want you asking about touching your body. Understood? You will wait until I say it’s ok.”

She nods while biting her lower lip. “I will.”

“One more thing.”

“Anything, Daddy.”

“Your hands are to be visible at all times going forward when we are together. They are never to go anywhere near your pussy, or even your tits, unless I give you permission. When we are fucking, you will keep them out to the sides or above your head unless they are supporting you.”

“Fuck, that’s so hot. Yes.”

“This applies when you are not with me, too. Your hands are only to be used as you just said when it comes to your body. When it’s just you and Molly, or it’s all of us together, you can do whatever you want to her, but she cannot touch your pussy, your clit, your ass, or your tits unless I say it’s ok. She is only allowed to kiss you.”

“As long as I can do things to her, ok.”

“Yes, just nothing for you. Tell me one last time this is what you want. There’s no turning back if you say yes.”

“Yes, this is what I want.”

“You promise you won’t cheat when I’m not around? You’ll let Molly know this is how it is now?”

“I promise and give you my word. The only time my body will be touched in a sexual way, other than Molly kissing me, is when I’m with you and you allow it.”

“What if you aren’t able to cum without touching yourself?”

“If I cum, I cum. If I don’t, I don’t. I really do think it will happen soon, though. My body needs it. I need it. It will be on these terms, though.”

“Since you won’t be touching yourself much from now on you better learn how to cum from only anal stimulation.”

“I will learn, Daddy.”

“Then it’s a deal?”

“Yes, it’s a deal.”

“Let’s start this after Brooke and Nick leave. Enjoy yourself how you want the rest of the time they are with us.”

“Ok. Mmmmppphhh,” Sam lets out as she takes my dick as far as it will go. I will let everyone touch all of me except anywhere near my pussy as I want to keep that going. Starting tomorrow no one will do anything to me unless you say it’s ok.”

“I love you baby.”

“I love you too.”

We look into each other’s eyes and share another kiss as Sam continues to fuck me. I peek over and see Brooke position herself on the couch, on her knees, and tell Nick to put it back in her ass again. She is still not touching her clit.

“Get on your knees, baby.”

Sam pulls off of me and gets on the floor on her hands and knees. I kneel behind her, grab the sides of her ass, and resume fucking her. I speed up until I am going almost as fast as I can.

“Call me a dirty slut, Daddy.”

“You are such a dirty fucking slut. I love fucking your perfect little hole. I may never want to fuck your pussy again.”

“Fuuuuccckkkkk,” Sam moans.

“It was made for my dick.”

“Yes it was, Daddy. Give me every single inch of it.”

I wrap her hair around my hand and pull back as I bury myself as far as I can go. “Touch your tits while I fuck your ass.”

Sam gaziantep özbek escort grabs and squeezes both of her tits as I hold her up by her hair. I smack her ass cheeks very hard a few times with my free hand as she lets out little moans.

“Come here and taste yourself.”

Sam pulls off of me, turns around, and takes my dick into her mouth, looking up at me while she cleans herself off of it.

“I love watching you taste your ass as much as you love doing it. The sign of a true anal whore.”

We all continue fucking for a few more minutes before Nick speaks up and pulls out of Brooke’s ass. “I have to stop if you want me to save it.”

Brooke looks back at him over her shoulder with a fake pouty face.

“I promise to fuck you silly later on.” She smiles. They sit on the couch by them.

“I need to stop too,” I tell Sam. She looks back at me over her shoulder and starts to slowly pull away, but instead slams back and forth hard two times with an evil smile on her face.

“No more of that if you don’t want me to cum right now.” She finally pulls off of me and turns around to suck my dick clean before putting her dildo back in. We sit back on the couch.

“Can I use one of your plugs, Sam?” I want to feel something in my ass while no one is in there.”

“Of course! Let’s go find you one. I guess I’m creating another anal whore.”

“I like it more than I thought I would.”

They stand up and Sam leads Brooke upstairs while holding her hand.

“I really appreciate you guys being so open with us,” Nick tells me.

“We appreciate that both of you are so open as well. We were a little afraid we’d freak you out.”

“When Brooke told me she thought you were Sam’s father my first thought was that it would be weird, but we’re both so kinky and open that it quickly faded. What people want to do is up to them if no one is getting hurt.”

“Exactly,” I reply. “Had you told me two months ago I would be living with my nudist daughter and fucking her ass daily I would have laughed in your face, maybe even punched you, but here we are. Her getting in trouble was the best thing that’s ever happened to me. It’s our business and we can share it with who we want. We’re not hurting anyone.”

“I’m very happy for you both. You seem very in love.”

“We are. I never want to be away from her. I just hope we find more things for her to do with her new lifestyle.”

“Would you guys ever want to go to a swinger’s party with us?”

“I think at some point, yes. I know Sam wants to. I just have to be comfortable enough to make sure no one we know will be there.

“I highly doubt it, and it’s further from you than we are, but I get it.”

“Would it be a problem that Sam comes nude?”

“Not at all. Nothing is off limits.”

Nick and I chat about our lives until the girls come back down. They look flush.

“Enjoying yourselves up there?”

“Sam helped me put a plug in and gave me a hell of an ass licking beforehand. It felt amazing.” They each sit next to us.

“We have a few hours before it’s time to venture out. I honestly don’t think I can take any more teasing right now if you want me to save my cum for later,” I tell Sam. “What should we do until then?”

“You guys want to watch a movie or something,” Sam asks Brooke and Nick? “We can pretend we’re not naked and just hang out like normal for a bit. I can make some popcorn, too.”

“Sounds good to me,” Brooke replies. “Babe?”

“Works for me,” Nick adds.

“Great. You guys pick something and I’ll get the popcorn ready.”

Brooke and Nick pick out a comedy after some looking as Sam comes back with a big bowl of popcorn for each couple. We turn down the lights and watch the movie, chatting throughout. It’s pretty much as if it’s just two couples hanging out normally. As we are watching I notice Sam’s hands are spread out, one on the arm of the couch on the side furthest from me and the other on the couch behind my head.

“You can wait until tomorrow to keep your hands away from yourself.”

“I know. I want to start that part tonight, though.” During the movie she shifts around here and there, but her hands never come near her pussy.

After the first movie ends we decide to watch one more. After that it’s almost 130am. We hang out and talk for a bit before Sam tells us it’s time to get going.

“Ok, just to confirm. Brooke and I will walk to the forest preserve and you two will drive there, naked if willing. Leave about an hour after us so we have a little time for ourselves,” she says with a smile at Brooke. “When you get there flash the lights three times so we know it’s you. After having some fun at the forest preserve maybe we can drive around the town.”

“Sounds great,” Nick replies. “The park part at least. Not sure about all of us driving around town naked.”

“We can figure it out later,” Sam replies.

“I’m nervous about walking that far naked, but I think it will be fun,” Brooke says.

“Oh, it will be,” Sam gaziantep özbek escort bayan replies. They stand up and the girls give us a kiss before they head out the front door.

Sam and Brooke

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” Brooke says.

“If at any point you want to turn back let me know.”


“And you’re sure you don’t want to bring Nick’s jacket or something? I don’t want to push you into anything you’re not comfortable with.”

“If you’re going to be naked then I’m going to be naked.”

“I’m very happy to hear that. Ok, let’s go,” I grab Brooke’s hand to guide her.

“So we’re just going to walk right on the sidewalk?”

“Yes. If we see some lights on in a house, or a car or something, we can find something to duck behind or worst case scenario lie flat on the ground. I have walked around this neighborhood quite a bit and hardly ever see anyone. I’ve only had to hide from cars a couple of times.

“I’m not gonna lie. It feels really great to be walking around like this in a quiet neighborhood, past people in houses that have no idea what is going on right outside and knowing my clothes are hours away. It’s so much different than a clothing optional beach where it’s allowed.”

“I told you. I love the feeling and love knowing someone might see me. I know that part doesn’t excite you like it does me, though.”

After a few minutes Brooke turns to the side. “Hey, I think there’s a car coming.”

“Shit, you’re right. I can see the headlights. Let’s get behind the car in this driveway.”

As we get behind the car we realize the front of this house has motion detecting lights that come on, illuminating the entire driveway.

“Shit,” Brooke says. “What now?”

“Follow me.” I grab Brooke’s hand and lead her into the house’s back yard along the side of the house. When in the backyard we look around. No one is peeking out of the windows. I look at Brooke before leaning in to kiss her. Brooke returns the kiss and we continue for a minute before I pull away.

“Sorry, you just look so beautiful right now. I couldn’t help it.”

“Nothing to be sorry for.” She leans in and kisses me back. Not long after we pull away from each other.

“Over here,” I say while guiding Brooke to the back porch of this house. I position Brooke in front of the stairs and push down on her shoulders, signaling for her to sit on them. Brooke does and looks at me as I kneel down on the ground in front of her.

“What if they hear us or come out?”

“Then they can watch or we can run.” Brooke smiles before I start licking her clit. After a while Brooke’s breathing starts to get a little heavier. When I sense an orgasm is close I pull away, much to Brooke’s chagrin.

“But I’m so close.”

“Good, stay that way for the rest of the trip.”

I stand up and Brooke joins me. We walk along the side of the house back to the front and there is no sign of anyone or any cars so we continue our walk. It’s uneventful the rest of the way. We walk along the sidewalk until we get to the forest preserve. There are no cars in sight, much to the delight of Brooke and a bit of disappointment to me. We walk around for a bit, enjoying the night air on our nude bodies and the feeling of the grass on our bare feet, before ending up at the rock I was fucked on previously.

“So where were we,” I ask.

“I think it was something like this,” Brooke replies as she lies down on the rock on her back, legs spread, and feet up on it.

I kneel down and start to lick her pussy and clit again.

“I feel bad that you’re not getting any of this kind of attention since you don’t want your clit touched at all.”

“It’s totally fine. I love doing this and am getting super horny anyways.”

As I am going down on Brooke we hear what sounds like someone walking near us. Brooke lifts her head up and looks around with a little panic on her face. I smile and keeps going.

“I think someone is out there.”

I pull away. “I have a little surprise for you.” Molly walks toward us from the darkness. As we look we realize she is completely nude. It’s no surprise to me as I told her to come like that. All she has with her is a small grocery bag. Brooke is frozen and staring at a naked Molly.

“Brooke, meet Molly. Molly, meet Brooke.”

Brooke relaxes her very tense body and lets out a sigh of relief knowing who it is. They have never met, but I have told Brooke everything about her. “You jerk. I thought I was gonna have a heart attack.”

“Sorry, I thought it would be a fun surprise.”

“Very nice to meet you,” Molly says. “You are even more beautiful than Sam described.”

“Thank you.”

Molly sets her bag down, walks up to me as I stand up, and we share a long kiss.

“Missed you baby. A few days without seeing you is too long.”

“Missed you too, and yes it is,” I reply.

Brooke gets up and stands near us. She leans in and gives Molly a hug, their tits pressing against each other’s. “It’s nice to meet you too. You are also more beautiful than Sam described.”

“Why thank you.”

Brooke pulls away. “What’s in the bag?”

“I brought a dildo with a harness thinking it may come in handy.”

“Thanks babe.”

“Did you also walk here,” Brooke asks Molly.

“I parked a little bit away so I could walk outside naked for a bit, but drove here. I live a little further away than Sam. It’s a little too far to walk and a little busier.”

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