My Fantasy Weekend Ch. 03

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This is the third chapter of “My Fantasy Weekend”. You might find it beneficial to read chapter 1 and 2 because all these chapters will lead into the next.


Our little surprise shopping excursion into the lingerie department was initially stressful, but ended up being a success. I have to pat myself on the back for not running out of there when I wanted to even though I was hopping mad at Julie for springing it on me, and then, embarrassing me in front of the sales girl. In the end, it turned out much better than it could have. I wasn’t even upset that Cathy, the sales girl, now knew for sure that I was a panty kind of guy. I mean, why would any of it matter now given the fact that she helped me pick some out. And besides, I got a nice blow job in the dressing room to cap it all off. So, as far as I was concerned, the shopping trip was a definite success.

As we walked through the mall, Julie suggested we stop at the Food Court for some fries and a cold drink before we headed back home. Heavens knows, I could use a rest after what I had been through, so, we strolled into the food court and waited in line to get a snack and a drink. There were a lot of people in line, so we just chatted about work and general stuff until we got to the front to make our order.

When our order was done, we found a table and sat down to eat. After a few minutes we were joking about buying the panties, trying them on, getting a blow job and our new friend, the sales girl, Cathy.

“Greg,” she asked, “Let’s just say I told you to go into the dressing room with Cathy to try on your panties, would you have done it?”

“That’s an unfair question,” I told her, “you heard her say guys weren’t allowed to go into the women’s fitting rooms.”

“I know,” Julie said, “but, she also said that women CAN go into the men’s fitting rooms. After all, I did. That’s how you got your blow job, remember?”

“Yeah,” I answered, “it was a good one, too. By the way, thanks.”

“So, back to my question,” she said, “hypothetically speaking, since she’s a lingerie professional, would you have gone in there with her if you could have?”

“I don’t know.” I said. “Maybe, it all depends. Would you let me do that?”

I reminded her that I would have to be partially naked in front of her. Not to mention the fact that that I would undoubtedly have a hard-on.

“You know, Greg, it would be a safe way to live out your exhibitionist fantasies. Think about it – if she willingly went in there with you under the pretense of you trying on panties, doesn’t it stand to reason that she’s accepting the fact that you’re going to be naked in front of her?”

I saw where this was going and decided I wasn’t going to spar with her on it. We had talked about my exhibitionist fantasies before. Quite recently, too. She dared me to let her friend catch me naked when she spent the night with us last week. Julie went as far as to tell me she would set it all up so it looked like an accident and was sure her friend would take it in stride. And, I almost went for it. The only thing that held me back is that we see her all the time, I mean usually twice a week, sometimes more.

Of course, Julie said because she was there so often, that’s exactly why it would work. In fact, it was almost inevitable something like that would eventually happen. Her reasoning was actually very logical. The more times she was over, the greater the chance of an ‘accidental exposure’. All I had to do was play along. I was still reluctant, so she backed off and nothing happened. But, she didn’t drop it.

She kept bringing it up. Since it is one of my favorite fantasies, I didn’t mind her talking about it at all, in fact, I wanted her to keep brining it up. We started talking about it every night in bed. She used to say “I know she would love it.” or “I bet she would love to see you masturbate.” Julie even told me about a conversation they had where Julie told her I had a big cock and this girl said “I’d love to see it sometime.”

Between the strap-on, the panties and her teasing me about exposing my self with her help, I was living large and walking around with a hard-on all day. We were having more sex than we ever had, and it was better than ever before.

So, I answered her question. “Yes, sure, I’d go in there with her. I would undress in front of her and I might even jack off if I thought it was okay to do that.” I said. “That is, providing I knew it was okay with you.”

“What if I told you right now that it was okay?” Julie asked. I could see she was serious. I could tell by the absence of a smile and the look in her eyes.

“No problem, Babe,” I said, “you set it up and I’ll go for it. In fact, for that matter, next time your friend comes over, I’ll let you guys walk in on me while I’m stroking my cock. And if anything comes up, I’ll just let you deal with it.” Even though I was trying to call her bluff, I meant every word I said. If she was going to set it up for me, why wouldn’t I go canlı bahis through with it?

“Whoa, hold on there big boy. That’s awful close to a dare and you know I can’t turn down a dare.” She said.

“Julie, if you put me in that position and give me that opportunity, then I’m going to take advantage of it.”

Just then our private conversation was interrupted with “Hey, you guys!”

We both heard and turned to see Cathy, our lingerie sales girl, standing there with a tray from the food court.

“Oh, Hi,” Julie said, “Isn’t this a coincidence. We were just talking about you.”

Cathy apologized for interrupting and tried to excuse herself, but, Julie invited her to sit with us. I sort of picked up on the fact that Julie was trying to make me feel uncomfortable, especially after the panty buying experience. We chatted about the mall, and she told us all about working for a large retailer and how she was gong to school during the day and working from two o’clock until the store closed.

After about 10 minutes of just general conversation, Cathy told us how glad she was we came in today. “It was so boring before you came in,” she told us, “I had fun helping you. I really think it’s great when guys come into our section. We don’t get that many, except close to Valentines Day and Christmas, that is.”

“Really?” Julie asked. “You don’t get many men in there?”

“Well,” Cathy said, “Not alone, I should say. We do get some guys that come in alone, but, they usually say they don’t need help, or they turn and walk out when we come over to help them.”

“Do you think they are shopping for themselves?” Julie asked?

“I don’t know, I’ve never really asked a man that.” Cathy answered, “Actually, I think that’s kind of cool, though.” Cathy looked down into her plate and scooted her food around while we all sat there silent for a second or two. Then she said “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.”

“Oh, there’s no need for that,” Julie said, “When we left we both said how much we enjoyed having you help us. I think Greg enjoyed it, too. Didn’t you honey?”

I nodded my head and smiled at Cathy.

“In fact,” Julie went on, “Greg was saying that the experience he had with you was so good that he felt like he might even come in by himself some time. Maybe you can give him some fresh ideas.”

Cathy perked right up when Julie told her that. “Oh, that would be great, I can show you all the really cute things we have.”

“Greg, would you see if you can get me a strawberry shake over there for the drive home?” Julie said, pointing to an ice cream station in the food court.

“Sure, no problem.” I said. Without thinking about it, I got up and started to walk across the food court. After I was about 20 paces away, I started to think about the conversation Julie and I were having about trying on panties with Cathy when the girl walked up to us. I wondered if Julie was just trying to get rid of me for a while so she could try to arrange something. Seeing the long line for the ice cream station, I almost went back to the table. But, thinking better of it, maybe this was a good thing. Maybe the best thing I could do would be to stay away for a while and see where this leads.

I stood in line for a good 10 minutes before I got to the front of the line for Julie’s shake. Every now and then I nonchalantly glanced over to see what they were doing. Sure enough, they were chatting, smiling and laughing. Then, it looked to me like Cathy was writing something down. Now, that’s interesting. What would Julie be telling her that Cathy would be writing down? I finally arrived at the head of the line and ordered the strawberry shake. I turned and saw them talking again, but now they were bending in close together and my heart started to beat quickly. Was Julie setting me up?

I finally got the shake and made my way back to the table where Cathy and Julie were sitting. “Hey, Sweetie,” Julie said, “thanks for waiting in line for me. Guess what? Cathy told me she would do some looking around to see if she can find some different things you might like from the lingerie department! Maybe you can get some new ideas on styles, colors and things.”

I wanted to make sure I played this exactly right. What could I say that was supportive, appreciative and left the door open for me?

“Cathy,” I said, “that’s very generous of you and I don’t know what to say. This whole thing is a little, well….. embarrassing for me, and it’s nice of you to offer to help. Thanks a lot. Really, I mean it, thank you.”

“Oh, don’t mention it, Greg. It will be a lot of fun and we’ll see if we can find you some really cute things.” She said. Looking at her watch, she started to quickly gather her belongings saying that she had to be back to work in five minutes.

We said our good-byes and she turned to leave. As she walked away, Julie turned to me and smiled. “Well,” she said, “I think the ball is about to be in your court now, Sweetie.”

“What bahis siteleri are you talking about?” I asked her.

“Cathy and I had a little talk while you were kind enough to get my shake.” She said.

“Well, I figured that part out already.” I told her.

Julie proceeded to give me the blow by blow detail of their conversation. I listened patiently as she told me everything.

I guess it started out by Julie telling Cathy how much she appreciated her giving me a good shopping experience today. In return, Cathy told her she thought it was really fun to help a male customer that was shopping for himself, and added she would love to do it again. Julie told her that I was starting to wear panties everyday and we were having a bit of a hard time finding panties that would hold me in all the time. At first, Cathy didn’t understand, but Julie told her that I was ‘bigger than average’ and I always seemed to have problems keeping my ‘private parts’ inside the panties, which is actually the truth.

Cathy asked what style I had been wearing and Julie told her that up to now, I had been wearing her bikini style panties. Cathy told her that maybe what I needed was something with more coverage, something bigger than a bikini. Julie told her that she liked it when I wore the bikinis around the house because it shows me off better, especially when I get hard.

I thought Julie was BS’ing me and I asked her if she really said that. She told me she did, and according to Julie, Cathy thought it was hilarious. But, Cathy also told her she totally understood, and maybe what I needed was a style I could wear to work under my regular clothes, and then some I could wear at home when it was okay to be more daring. Julie fully agreed. What I really needed, she said, was a full supply of my own undies – some for work and some for play.

I was shocked when I learned she told Cathy that I might be “discovering my feminine side” and she wanted me to feel free to explore that. Additionally, she confided in Cathy that I was extremely embarrassed to shop by myself. What I needed was someone who knew about lingerie, someone I could talk to openly about what I wanted to wear and someone who would understand the sensitive nature of a man going through all of this. Lastly, Julie told her that even though I couldn’t admit it yet, she thought I needed to explore all the offerings of the lingerie department and not just concentrate on the panties.

Julie admitted to me that she stretched the truth a little bit. “A little bit?” I asked. “My feminine side? Where the hell did that come from?”

Julie reached out to put her hand over mine and said something which I totally feared. “Honey, well, it kind of makes sense, doesn’t it? You’ve graduated to wearing panties everyday, and now, you’ve bought some of your own. You’ve been enjoying the strap-on and you told me that you’ve had some bi-curious thoughts. That sure sounds a little feminine to me. Now, don’t get me wrong, Sweetie, I don’t mean any of that negatively. The truth is… I’m actually pretty damn proud of you.”

I looked directly at her. In the brief instant that it took me to replay the significant events of the last several months in my head, I had to admit that it might look that way. But, was it true? Did all this add up to mean I had a feminine side and was trying to discover it?

Julie told me that Cathy immediately volunteered to help, saying that we could come in anytime she was there and she would dedicate herself to helping me fill out my wardrobe. That was exactly what Julie wanted to hear, but, “There’s still a small problem” Julie told her.

“What’s that?” Cathy asked.

Julie told her she felt it was better if I did my shopping alone, so that Julie didn’t influence my interest and selections. “No problem,” Cathy said, “just send him in and I’ll take care of him personally.”

“That’s great,” Julie said, “But, does that mean you’ll go into the fitting room to make sure everything fits for him?” Cathy reminded Julie that men weren’t allowed in the fitting rooms.

Julie suggested she might have to go into the men’s fitting room with me. “Oh, no,” Cathy told her, “I can’t do that. It’s against store policy. If one of the men’s department associates saw a woman sales associate go into their dressing room with a male customer, I could be fired on the spot.”

Then Julie asked “Well, how about a different store, then?”

Cathy started to catch on now. She asked Julie if there would be any problem with her doing that – being in the fitting room with me while I tried on different things. “I don’t see why not,” Julie answered, “If it’s standard policy across most stores to allow women that are shopping with men to go into the men’s fitting areas, I guess that will work. That is….. unless that’s too weird for you.”

Cathy asked her straight out “Let me make sure I understand this, you’re telling me it’s going to be okay if I’m in the fitting room with your husband while bahis şirketleri he’s changing clothes – trying on panties? You know he’s going to be, uh, uncovered?”

“Yes,” Julie answered, “I realize that, and it’s fine with me if you’re willing to do it.”

Julie told me Cathy’s eyes lit up and she started to smile. As Julie hoped, Cathy couldn’t agree fast enough to be my personal lingerie consultant. She was beaming at the whole idea and even asked Julie if this was on the level.

“Yes, Cathy,” Julie said, “I’m being totally honest with you. I know he’s going to be exposed, but, I trust him, and I think I can trust you, too. Oh, one thing you do need to know is that he’s almost always ‘excited’ when he’s wearing panties.”

“You mean ‘excited’ as in ‘erection’?” Cathy asked.

“That’s exactly what I mean, Cathy. Would that bother you?” Julie said.

“Heck no,” Cathy answered, “that wouldn’t bother me at all, not one bit! That would be just so cool.”

“Look,” Julie added, “he knows how to take care of that if it gets to be too big of a problem. If you feel uncomfortable, just tell him. He knows what to do.”

“OH MY GOSH!” Cathy exclaimed. “That would be amazing! I swear I would be totally okay with it. I’ve never seen a guy do that, uh, all the way. Are you sure he’ll do it in front of me?”

Julie told her I had something of an exhibitionist streak in me and she was sure I would be completely willing to be naked and masturbate in front of her. She also promised she would talk to me about not being a problem and doing exactly what Cathy said while we were out.

Julie told me that Cathy was more than excited and eager to help out, in fact, now she had a lot more questions. She asked if it was okay for her to touch me while I was trying on clothes in order to check and adjust the fit. Julie told her that was fine. “Even if he’s trying on panties?” Cathy asked. “Of course,” Julie answered, “He needs to get the right size and we need to make sure his balls won’t come out of the leg holes and that his wienie will fit inside.”

“He’s bigger than average?” Cathy asked.

“Yes,” Julie said, “and that’s been part of our problem, he’s got a lot down there. When he gets hard, it’s worse, so you’re going to have to check for that and take his size into consideration when you’re checking for fit.”

“And, you’re sure he’s going to be okay with all of this?” Cathy asked. “Even, jacking off, uh, I mean masturbating in front of me?”

“It’s okay to say ‘jacking off’, Cathy, and trust me,” Julie answered, “he won’t complain a bit. He might be embarrassed at first, but that won’t last long. “

Julie paused for a minute and then asked “Cathy, I hope you don’t mind if I ask this, but, do you have much experience with men? How old are you, can I ask that?”

“I’m 18, and no, I don’t have a lot of experience.” She sighed and told Julie that with school, working and her irregular personal schedule, she didn’t date much. “But,” Cathy said, “I’m not a virgin if that’s what you mean.”

Julie told her it wasn’t that at all, but, she was kind of surprised that Cathy hadn’t seen a man masturbate to climax before, finally telling her. “Cathy, the more you’re around men, you’ll find out they masturbate, or, jack off, a lot. So, don’t be surprised about that – ever, and don’t be surprised if they want you to watch. And, I’ll tell you this…. you can learn a lot by watching them.”

“Like what?” Cathy asked.

“Well, for example,” Julie said, “how they really like to be touched. If you watch them, you’ll know how to touch them yourself. Personally, for me, I’ve never turned down the chance to watch any man stroke himself, and especially with Greg. I’m sure you’ll see what I mean. Besides, it will make him cum faster if you do.”

Finally, Cathy asked why Julie wasn’t the one shopping with me and why it seemed Julie was so willing to let me be naked and jacking off in front of her.

That was something I wanted to hear about, too, but, hadn’t asked up to now and I wasn’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth, so, I just kept my mouth shut.

“Cathy, I’m going to tell you this in confidence, okay? And this is the complete and honest truth.” Julie told her.

“Okay. I understand.” Cathy answered.

Julie told her that she loved me very much, more than any other person she ever knew. Then told her how we had been experimenting with fantasies and different kind of things to keep our sex life fresh and new. About how I had granted her two of her greatest fantasies and frankly, she wanted to allow me the chance to try out some of the things I had fantasized about. Julie didn’t want me to go out to find a hooker or a mistress to do these things, so, she decided to take it upon herself to give me these opportunities so I wouldn’t have to go somewhere else for them. She added that if Cathy was willing, she could be a part of it.

My heart sank as she spoke. Everything came into focus and I saw my wife, my darling wife, sitting there with a tear in her eye as she touched my hand and said “Greg, I do love you more than you could ever know, and what I just told you is exactly what I told Cathy and is the honest truth.”

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