My Fingers Do The Walking

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“Heather, I’m going now. Have a nice day, and don’t do anything too stressful.” Heather awoke to these words from her father, as he left for work. She lay awake and listened to his car leave the drive. She was glad she’d finished her exams, but the long summer holiday was quite boring. It didn’t help that this was the hottest July since records began. She threw off the covers, and lay on her bed, trying to cool down. She didn’t really want to get up.

Staying in bed seemed like a good idea. There was nothing else to do. She lay back, and within a few moments she fell back to sleep. Her dream was far from normal, though. For no particular reason, she was running, naked, through a field of shoulder-tall grass. She could hear someone behind her, but she was not running from fear. She fell, and her pursuer was on her in seconds. Throwing himself down onto her, she felt her crotch get very hot, very quickly. The sun, high in the sky, eclipsed the man’s face and Heather could only make out his tanned hands, as he deftly massaged her breasts, her red nipples going rock-hard. Heather gasped as she felt this mysterious man’s cock stab into her depths, harder, and harder. Faster and faster. Heather could feel the pressure building up inside her. She willed herself to cum, but couldn’t. The man kept fucking her so fast that she thought her cunt would burn up. The man kept silent as he shot hot loads of cum into Heather’s depths. She screamed out loud with a mixture of pleasure and pain… and woke up. She lay awake, breathing heavily, her crotch wet and sticky with the orgasm she’d had from her dream.

Heather lay on her bed, trying to make sense of what had just happened. For no reason, she’d dreamt about sex, which she hadn’t done for some time. She’d forgotten how good a dream could be. The more she though about the mysterious stranger and the pleasure he’d given her in her dream, the more her cunt became warm and moist. She peeled off her soaked panties, and looked down at her tight, little hole, the hair already matted from the earlier orgasm. Her right hand gently stroked the surface of her pussy, sending Bahçelievler escort shots of pleasure into her crotch. Ever so slowly, her middle finger penetrated her pussy, and was swallowed up by it. Reluctantly, she slowly took it out, doing her best to ignore the raging feelings in her cunt. If she came in bed, she could be in trouble. That was the reason she’d taken to wearing panties, so that in case she came in her sleep, the cum would stay in her underwear, and not get onto the bedclothes.

Heather tore herself away from her bed, and headed for the shower. She climbed into the cubicle and turned on the water. Her cunt still ached for attention, and soon Heather found her fingers playing over its surface and teasing her clit. Heather sank to the floor and opened her legs. Her left hand enclosed her cunt, gently pushing her middle finger into its depths. Heather closed her eyes and sighed at the pleasure she was getting. Her right hand began stroking the spot between her cunt and ass, magnifying the sensations. Another finger joined the first in her cunt, and then a third. Heather began thrusting against her hand in time with her pushes in. The splashing water heightened the mood, and soon Heather was lost in the build up to orgasm. Her right hand found the mysterious A-spot between her legs, and rubbed that. Heather’s right thumb found her G-spot, and her index finger found her clit. At the same time, all three locations spasmed, and Heather screamed out loud with delight as she came, hard and fast. She didn’t stop finger fucking until her cunt became quite dry. She sat back in the shower, panting and groaning. Never before had she cum that hard for so long. It felt fantastic! Getting to her feet, she dried herself, and staggered out of the shower.

Lying back on her bed, Heather found herself exhausted from her last orgasm. Her cunt ached, and her fingers were stiff from the fucking; yet she still felt horny! “I’ve got more sex drive than a fucking rabbit!” she muttered to herself. As she was lying on her bed, Heather caught sight of herself in the mirror. Bahçeşehir escort bayan She was covered in a layer of glistening sweat and her chest was heaving up and down, lifting her nipples high into the air, and back down to ground again. Heather looked into the reflection of her eyes, and moved to sit on the edge of the bed. Her eyes moved to the reflection of her cunt, as a finger gently worked it’s way inside. Heather groaned at the familiar, but still pleasurable sensation, and very nearly came then and there. She could feel that her cunt was still very wet and creamy inside, but her pussy lips were very dry, and ached each time she pushed her finger into her depths. She levered herself off the bed, and headed to her sister’s room.

Creeping quietly into her sister’s room, Heather began opening drawers and looking in cupboards. “Come on,” she told herself, “I know she’s got loads of sex toys in here. But where the hell are they?” Being careful not to disturb anything, Heather went through all of her sister’s drawers, but only found some sexy underwear. Heather stood up. “OK,” she muttered, “If I was my sister, where would I store my collection of kinky sex aids? And if I was a collection of kinky sex aids, where would I be?” Heather smiled as her eyes fell on the wardrobe. Rummaging at the back, she found a locked, metal filing box. Pondering for a moment, Heather input her sister birthdate on the combination lock, and grinned when it fell open. She opened the box, and whistled at what she saw. She recognised very few pieces, but she saw her sister kept at least four vibrators of different sizes, and an assortment of dildos. Heather took one of these back to her bedroom.

Lying back on her bed, Heather had no need to moisten her cunt, as it was already dripping in anticipation. She swallowed the dildo to coat it in saliva first, to make the entry easier, and slipped it inside her. The thick rubber shaft slid in easily, causing a shot of pleasure up Heather’s spine. She opened her legs and pushed the dildo in further, enjoying every sweet second of Escort Bakırköy the experience. When she was filled, she pulled out the dildo to nearly it’s full length, and slipped it in again. Her pussy was raging now. It wanted cock, fake or not, it didn’t matter, it just wanted to be filled! Heather began breathing deeply in time with the pushes. She wanted to go slowly, but her cunt was screaming to be fucked hard and fast.

Grinning softly, Heather took the dildo out of her pussy and, using the sucker on the back of it, stuck it to the wall at crotch height. Smiling, she pushed herself onto it, loving the transition between hot cock and cold wall when she had taken the entire length inside her. She braced herself on the wall and began fucking the dildo as though it were a real cock, pushing onto it, and pulling off of it until just the tip remained in her. This, she could only do softly, so she was enjoying every second of it. As she pushed onto it, her tits were pushed against the wall, and her nipples shot to attention due to the cold temperature. One of her hands moved to massage a nipple, magnifying the sensations, but Heather knew she couldn’t keep this up for much longer. Pulling the cock off the wall during an ‘in’ stroke, Heather kept the slow fucking whilst she walked into the bathroom. Straddling the side of the bath, she stuck the dildo onto the side, so that it pointed skywards. She began lowering herself onto it, letting her weight dictate how fast she went down. This was a pretty good way to fuck, but it lacked imagination, she thought. Climbing off the bath, still making sure to keep the dildo moving, she lay on her front on the floor, one leg each side of the sink column. The dildo stuck to the column well, and Heather was able to push forwards and backwards using her legs and arms. Her tits brushed the carpet, exciting her nipples to complete bliss. Soon, she was lost in a sexually ecstatic world, the long, slow strokes of the dildo magnifying the experience. When she thought she could stand no more, Heather let go, but was surprised when she didn’t cum. She carried on regardless, and it was over two minutes of long, slow fucks later that Heather came. She screamed with delight as the cum forced it’s way out of her. For over five long minutes she continually came, flushing out as much cum as she could find. Getting up, she staggered back to bed and fell asleep almost at once, with the dildo still inside her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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