My First ‘Company’ Christmas Party

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A lot of us can, (or can’t!), remember a ‘works’ Christmas party where we either made a fool of ourselves, or said, or did something, we didn’t intend to. And it was all down to alcohol. Mine goes back to the 70s, and this is how it happened.

In those days most students took up holiday jobs, particularly in the summer, and Christmas vacations. I’d got a summer job in a large printing company by virtue of an uncle who knew the boss. It was monotonous work, in an office recording invoices, in the days before computers.

The office was in two sections, and my supervisor was a Mrs Temple, Maggie, as older employees called her. She was forty-nine years young, (if she was fifty, she wouldn’t admit it). But she really did look much younger. She had curly blonde hair, blue eyes, ample breasts with a tight waist, and curvy hips and ass. Most of the middle aged men in the company lusted after her, and you could tell whenever she was around.

I was only twenty-two, and still fairly naive, but I was aware that I was reasonably fit, tall, slim, and got glances from girls of my age. Towards the end of my six weeks working there, I got to be on first name terms with Maggie too. The day I left, she actually gave me a hug, and a kiss on the cheek, much to the envy of all the men in the office. I think they thought she was ‘mothering’ me.

And then in November I got a call from my mum saying that the company had asked if I could work for the two weeks before Christmas. Of course I accepted the offer, and that’s how it coincided with the company Christmas party.

The venue was a Holiday Inn hotel close to the motorway so a taxi ride from town. I was dropped off by my mum, and I told her not to wait up.

By the time I got there, most other employees were present, and were well ‘oiled.’ I was welcomed with a pint of beer bought by one of the older guys, Guy, who worked at the next desk to me. It didn’t take long to down my first pint, and then a second. The men had tended to group together near the bar, and it was noticeable that most of their heads turned when Mrs Temple entered along with her fellow supervisor, Trish Fowkes.

Maggie looked stunning. Her black dress clung to her curves, and the low neckline revealed a cleavage to die for. Black stockings, and black high heels completed the fantasy of every male in the bar.

The company had booked half the places in the dining room, and had five of the ten tables, each seating ten covers. My table had me placed in between Guy and Trish Fowkes. Maggie happened to be sitting opposite me, between the luckiest men in the room, Bill from packing, and Glenn from sales.

The service was slow so the wine that the company had bought was very quickly consumed. By the time the starters were consumed, and the main course was served, everybody was in festive spirit.

A couple of times between chatting to Guy, and listening to Trish, I glanced across at Maggie, and caught one of those split second ‘eyes meeting’ moments. The third time it happened she actually half smiled. It was then, with my mind clouded by alcohol, that I realised she was perhaps ‘interested.’

Had I read it correctly? Surely not. After we’d eaten our dessert there came the moment when I would find out.

Various people were swapping places, or going to the bar, or loo. I was in conversation with Guy, when Maggie came round from her side of the table to talk to Trish. As she squeezed past me, between my chair, and the one at the table behind, her breasts brushed against the back of my head. It didn’t seem deliberate, but when she stood between me and Trish, and pressed her knee against my thigh, moving it subtlety, almost in a rubbing motion, I was pretty sure this was a sort of signal. Anyway I was drunk enough to test it out.

I was laughing with Guy, and Maggie was standing beside me when I placed my right hand on the calf of her left leg. No reaction. Maggie continued to talk to Trish.

I slid my hand to the inside of her knee, and slightly nervously scanned the people around the table. Everyone was oblivious to my low level adventure. As my hand was enjoying the texture of the sheer nylon stockings, I was preparing to feel Maggie’s hand removing my arm. Her knee was still pressing my thigh, and my hand was still resting inside her knee, when I inched my hand upwards a fraction, she quite deliberately spread her feet apart.

My fingers slowly reached the soft flesh above her stocking tops, when finally Maggie turned her head towards me, and leaned in, until our faces were inches apart. She gently placed her hand on my arm and whispered, “You’re a naughty boy, Mark,” and after a few seconds, “Later!”

I hurriedly removed my hand and blushed, although no one saw me, they were all too inebriated by this stage of the evening. Maggie seemed to make sure that as she returned past my chair, her body made as much contact with me, without attracting too much attention. I glanced over at her, and she held my gaze antalya escort and mouthed, “Later,” once more.

I was gobsmacked, and wasn’t sure what ‘Later’ meant.

The evening became an even more drunk occasion with a variety of dancing, courtesy of music from the resident DJ. Various kissing, and gropings were apparent but I stayed out of the way of lecherous women who I only vaguely knew.

Guy had been talking to Trish for most of the evening since the meal, so when they were suddenly nowhere to be seen I wondered about my ‘Later’ promise. Maggie had been in earnest conversation with the boss and his wife, but suddenly she appeared by my side at the bar. Again her words were brief. “Room 154, knock four times in about fifteen minutes time.” And then she was walking away from me towards the lift, her ass swaying from side to side as though she knew all male eyes were following her.

I was suddenly very nervous, and suddenly almost sober. I looked at my watch, I went to the loo, and tried to drink some water as if to persuade my mouth to moderate it’s obvious beer breath.

After precisely thirteen minutes I got the lift to the first floor. Room 154 was right at the end of the corridor. I tapped four times as hard as I thought I ought to. A couple of seconds passed, and the door opened, seemingly on its own, as no one was visible. The room was dimly lit by a light above the mirror on the dressing table. A voice from behind the door said, “Come in.”

I stepped two paces into the room, and the door closed behind me. I turned, and there in the half light was Maggie. She had removed the black dress she had been wearing all evening, and was standing in just her black lingerie. A bra, lacey panties, a suspender belt, her nylons, and finally her high heeled shoes. I drew a deep breath.

Maggie put her finger to her lips, making the gesture to be silent. She stepped towards me, and very gently guided me backwards towards the double bed. Her face was inches from mine, I could feel her breath, hear her breathing. I was wondering if she could hear my heart pumping, but there was quiet music playing on the radio part of the tv.

Slowly she slipped off my jacket, and laid it on the chair behind her. She unbuttoned my shirt cuffs, and then starting at the top, she slowly began to undo the rest of my buttons. Her fingers were soft, delicate, but with long red nails. Slowly she reached the last button before my waist, and tugged my shirt up from my waistband, and pulled it open. Her hands spread themselves over my chest, her palms running over my nipples, until she let my shirt drop to the floor.

Softly, but deliberately, she pushed me so that I sat back on the bed, and then onto my back. As she removed my shoes and socks I stared up, as her breasts spilled forward, overflowing her bra. I was spellbound as this wonderfully, sexual, woman, old enough to be my mother, and who was about to use me, as a means of satisfying her lust.

Unbuckling my belt, and unzipping my flies, she tugged my trousers down and off. By this time my cock had swollen, and was obviously straining the cotton of my y-fronts. Maggie softly placed one hand on the mound, and squeezed ever so gently. I heard her sigh quietly under her breath. As she pulled my y-fronts down, I lifted my hips to make it easier, and was almost surprised when my cock boomeranged upwards, and stood to attention.

Maggie took a moment to take in the view of my body. Gesturing, she made me move up the bed and lay on my back. Expecting her to join me I was both surprised and fascinated when in time to the background music she began to gyrate. As she moved, her eyes were fixed on mine. It was a moment of high sexual tension.

Reaching behind herself she unclipped her bra, and let it drop. Those breasts fell to their natural shape, full, plump, with large nipples the size of small olives. As she swayed to the music, so did her breasts. Slipping out of her high heels, she lifted one foot up onto the bed, and unclipped her stocking from her suspender belt, rolling it down her leg, revealing more of the soft white flesh I had touched briefly, earlier that evening, at the table. Swapping legs she slowly removed the other stocking, before unclipping the suspender belt, leaving her in only her black lace panties.

By this time my cock was almost hurting, it was so hard.

Finally, as the music continued she wriggled her ass out of the panties, and slid them down her legs and smiling, dropped them over my rampant cock. With a tiny giggle, she raised one leg onto the bed once more, this time revealing the swollen lips of her pussy. Again, very slowly, she placed the fingers of one hand between her pussy lips, and slid them through the glistening juices. As she did this, her eyes closed momentarily, and her mouth opened. She seemed to gather up some of juices, and raised her fingers up to her mouth, and sucked them as sensuously as she could.

My mind was gone, the teasing kepez escort was excruciating. But the wait was over. Maggie removed her panties from my cock, and climbed astride my body. She knelt astride my abdomen with my cock behind her, and still intent on mischief she pushed her panties into my face. I’m sure they were damp, they certainly had the most marvellous musky, pussy perfume. As soon as I’d inhaled the aroma Maggie threw them on the floor beside the bed.

Looking down at me she could see the yearning in my eyes, in fact I could see the desire in hers. She leaned forward to kiss me for the first time, her lipstick tasted divine, and her tongue probed deeply into my mouth. Breathlessly she pulled away, and raised her hips. Her breasts swung forward, and my eyes were distracted briefly. However, as I looked back up into Maggie’s eyes she smiled, as I felt her hand go between her legs, and grasp my cock. Placing it between her slippery pussy lips there was a long soft moan, as she slid down onto its length. As she started to raise and lower herself, I knew that after all that anticipation, and teasing, I was not going to last very long. Maggie realised it too, and stopped moving. She didn’t want me to cum before she did.

She dragged her body towards the bed head, still straddling me, and placing her knees either side of my head, it enabled her to push her pussy down to my mouth. As her thighs squeezed in on my head, and my mouth was engulfed by luxuriant pussy juices, I tried hard to adjust to something I was unfamiliar with doing. I’m a quick learner.

Almost in a panic, and struggling for oxygen, my tongue began to lap its way deep into the sumptuous, slippery folds of Maggie’s pussy. Out of necessity I dragged my head upwards which brought my tongue into contact with her clit. This brought an immediate response. Even with my hearing impaired by Maggie’s thighs I heard her cry of, “Oh my god.”

I didn’t know much about clits, but I soon realised that this was a special one. It was such a sensitive bud, about the size of peanut, but rubbery in texture. Each time my tongue passed over it I heard a cry from above.

Maggie’s breathing was starting to come in short pants, and it was then that I found the absolute trigger. I took the bud between my lips and started to suck it. I felt her thighs starting to tremble slightly, and then they squeezed me more tightly. The trembling became more of a shaking, and I could hear her panting, interspersed with cries of, ” Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh…god, I’m cumming!…oh…god!” Suddenly there was a gush of juices which covered my cheeks and chin. Maggie lifted herself backwards, and once again straddled my chest. Leaning forward she started to kiss my face, almost licking her own juices from my skin. And then she she sank back on my cock.

She moved very little, but I felt her pussy start to squeeze me. Maggie knew what effect it would have. I heard myself groan quietly, and at last I started to pump my spunk into her cunt in a series of long spurts.

Both of us were exhausted, and as my cock slowly slipped from Maggie’s pussy we drifted off to sleep. The alcohol had caught up with me.

I was used to waking up in the early hours with a stiff cock, I was not used to waking up in the early hours with a woman sucking it. But as I quickly took in my surroundings, and my dry mouth, it all came back.

“I wondered how long it would take, to wake up I mean.” Maggie’s voice had a tinge of humour. She moved up the bed and kissed me. We lay side by side, facing each other, feeling the heat from our bodies, the vague aroma of sex in the room. It was still dark outside, I guessed it was about two or three o’clock, and it was silent apart from the quiet sound of our kissing.

Maggie whispered, “Mark, you are a remarkable young man, I’m sorry if I’ve taken advantage of you, but you remind me of someone I was once in love with in my youth. Oh god, I shouldn’t be so honest, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be so silly Maggie, I wanted you too, you’re a truly sexy, irresistible woman.”

No more was said, as we kissed again. Maggie could feel my cock pressing against her tummy. I lifted myself onto my elbow, and looked down at her in the half light. As I lowered my head to kiss her once more the quietness was disturbed by a sound from the room next to us. As we kissed we both heard muffled talking or so we thought. When it gradually became clear that two people were having sex we stopped kissing, and giggled.

“We’re not the only ones,” was all that Maggie said.

As I lifted myself above her, her arms reached up around my neck, and her legs wrapped around my buttocks. It only took a small movement of my hips to find my way into her pussy. I think she must have gasped just at the same moment as there was a little cry from the next room. But that was all forgotten as we kissed, and both our bodies adjusted to being as one again. We stayed still for many minutes manavgat escort enjoying the sensation, and indeed the eroticism of it.

And then I felt Maggie move her body imperceptibly, but unmistakably wanting me to move too. I very slightly moved backwards and forwards, but it was enough to make us both want to just fuck. I started to thrust into her, and was encouraged by her murmurs and quiet moans.

“Oh fuck, Mark, that feels so good, don’t stop.” And I didn’t. We must have spent the next half an hour fucking in every position possible. I was so in control of my own body that Maggie came three times before I was ready to push myself. When I finally came it was in a rush, and Maggie was shouting at the top of her voice. We didn’t care if the whole hotel heard, and they probably did.

In the next room the loud “Ahs” and moans had died down, and we both fell asleep once more. It was the dawn light underneath the curtains that woke me. Maggie was quietly snoring, which amused me, as I went to the loo. I stood a moment on my way back to bed to take in the room, and fix it in my memory. There were items of Maggie’s lingerie scattered on the floor, the bedclothes were dishevelled, and Maggie was laying on her back, one leg bent at the knee, her breasts spread, and one hand up to her chin. She looked so beautiful, but I thought that she wouldn’t agree. Her curly blonde hair was tangled, her eye liner had spread down her cheeks as though she’d been crying, her inner thighs were glazed with my dried semen as it had oozed from her pussy.

I sat on the edge of the bed as she awoke.

“What time is it?” she asked.

“About eight thirty,” I replied.

“Thank god, I told Ed I’d be home by ten.”

It was the first mention of her husband, and I looked down guiltily.

“Hey, don’t worry Mark, we have an understanding, I won’t bother to explain, but it’s ok.”

I didn’t say anything, but simply took her hand, and kissed it.

She smiled and said, ” I’m going to have a shower, I smell of sex,” and got out of bed to pick up all her clothes. I watched her, naked, collect her toiletries, and go into the bathroom. It was one of those en-suites with a bath, an overhead shower, and a curtain.

I heard her turn it on, and I went to look out of the window. Coincidentally, at that moment, I saw a taxi arrive, and Guy got into it to go home to his wife. I wondered where, or who with, he’d spent the night, it occurred to me it might have been Trish.

The taxi drove off, and I turned back into the room, and I couldn’t help listening to Maggie in the shower. The temptation was too much. I slipped into the bathroom, and asked quietly, “Room for one more?”

Maggie pulled the curtain back slightly, and smiled. She was covered in soap suds, and as I stepped over the edge of the bath, she immediately started to soap my chest. Of course the kissing started, and the feeling of both our soapy bodies sliding against each other was heaven. I became hard straight away, and Maggie took great pleasure in sliding her soapy hands up and down my shaft.

She was in a playful mood, pinching my nipples, squeezing my balls, and stroking my cock. Her hands were everywhere, and I was taken aback that as she massaged my testicles, one of her soapy fingers started to stroke along the crack of my ass. It was a new sensation to me when her fingertip slid inside. I must have flinched slightly because she withdrew it, but then she tried again. My “Ooooh,” must have encouraged her, because this time her finger went deeper. It wasn’t a long episode, but somewhat pleasurable, before she turned round herself and bent over, her hands leaning on the end of the bath.

“Fuck me again Mark,” she asked.

I needed no further invitation, and the soapiness helped me slide straight inside her pussy.

And then came a total shock to me, and I was not ready for it at all.

“Mark, fuck my ass…please.”

It took me quite a few seconds to process that request, and Maggie seemed to want to reassure me.

“It won’t hurt if you go slowly, but I’d like you to.”

Her voice indeed reassured me, but it also had that wonderful tone of sensuality that I was beginning to recognise.

I withdrew my cock from Maggie’s pussy, and clumsily tried to find the right spot. Maggie bent her knees, and her hand directed my cock to the right place. I pushed slowly, not believing it wouldn’t hurt her. She did in fact groan, “Oh fuck,” as the tip of my cock felt her sphincter open.

“Ahhhhhh, yes, now all the way,” she gasped.

And I did go in, all the way. It was a totally new sensation, much tighter around my cock, and I wasn’t sure whether I was supposed to fuck her like I would her pussy. I didn’t want to do any harm. But I shouldn’t have worried, the soapiness helped, and Maggie was insistent now.

“Go on, fuck me Mark, fuck my ass, I want you to cum inside me.”

And I did fuck her, and she did make me cum, and when I did, Maggie screeched at the top of her voice, ” Fucking hell, oh fucking hell.”

I wasn’t entirely sure if what I’d done made her orgasm, was that possible? But it certainly pleasured her. My cock slid out, and gasping she stood up, and turned around towards me.

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