My first meeting…

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At 14 I made a decision about my life, i accepted that I was gay. It was a difficult thing to do, but i couldn’t try and hide it from myself any longer. I began to imagine sex more than ever, buti though i’d have to wait for years to ever have it, until i saw the news. THe news said that an increasing number of young boys were being met by older men over the internet and having sex. My heart jumped a beat… what if i could do that… why couldn’t I?

By the timeI was 15, I began to go on the computer every night searching for guys to come fuck me, i was desperate. The gay chatroom wasn’t at all what i expected, instead of being a meeting place for people who would love to be with me, it was just a place to market porn, ro have cheap cyber sex. Any guy i found in my area would hear my age and run off, scared I might be an undercover agent of some kind. After months of searching I finally found someone who seemed intrested. His name was Ken and he only lived an hour away from me. We talked for about an hour and set up a time for us to meet on the next day. I was so excited that nigh I hardly slept, looking forward to the next day.

When I woke up the next day i began to worry about what was going to happen that day. What if the guy was a rapist, a cop, or a murderer? No one would no where i was or what happened to me, no way anyone could save me, this was a huge mistake. I calmed my self down and began to watch television until noon. “I’m going out bike riding with the guys, mom”, i said grabbing my coat, canlı bahis “I should be back before dark.” “Ok,” she shouted back without caring, “stay safe”. That statement reminded me off what could happen, but I pushed forward and went outside.

The meeting place was going to be at a school near my house, it was a Sunday so no one should be there. I rode my bike up there and locked it up. I was there a little early, so I sat down on the curb and waited a few minutes until a car pulled into the lot and parked near the back. I walked up to his car and looked in to see a man of about 35 looking back at me. He opened the car door and motioned me inside. I was really nervous, as i showed him around to the back part of the school, where no one ever went. He pulled into the corner and asked me, smiling, “front seat or back?”
“ummm… i dunno, the back has more room,” I nervously replied. We got out of the car and got into the back, sat down,and looked into each others eyes…

He reached over on top of me and began to kiss my rapidly, while rubbing on my chest and theighs. His tounge was moving down my mouth, licking everywhere, I tried to do the same for him, but i was clumsy and messy. He broke our mouth embrace and began to move downto my neck, sucking and licking every inch. I just sat back letting him do whatever he wanted to me. He continued sown, removing my shirst slowy, without missing a beat. He began to tounge my nipples, he used his teeth, but I asked him to stop cause it hurt. I was begging to sweat from bahis siteleri excitement and he could tell, he skipped the rest of the foreplay and began to unzipp my pants. By this time I was already hard, at an average size of 5 1/2 inches I was funny sticking out from my underwear. He pulled my pants completely off and began to massage my cock through my boxers. He removed my boxer next, exposing my throbbing cock. He looked up at me and said, as calmly as can be, “I’ll suck you off right now If i get to fuck you.” I could barely talk, so i just nodded my head approvingly. He smiled and licked the tip of my dick. A burst of feeling erupted through me, this was the greatest feeling ever. He pushed his entire mouth onto me, swallowing my entire cock, teasing me witht he back of his throat. His hands were gently rubbing my balls, massaging them just hard enough to get a feeling. He licked up my right thiegh, causing me to shudder in pleasure. As he was bobbing up and down my cock i felt somethig stir up in my balls, I was cumming. I wanted to tell him, but It happened so fast and i felt so good I ouldn’t mutter the words. He moaned in approval of the young teen cum he was now drinking, after anpther minute I couldn’t handle anymore and told him I was done. He sat back up into his seat and said quickly, ” Get onto your knees, it my turn.” I obeyed and got into a doggystyle position, bending over, waiting…

I could hear him unzipp and remove his jeans, and then his briefs. I looked back to see his cock, he was pretty big at about bahis şirketleri 7-7 1/2 inches. I thought he would just jam it in my ass, but he was more gentle. He started my licking from my balls, down to my ass, moistening the area. He then took ou of his pants a small tube of lube, and started to put on his dick, and the entrance to my ass. He moved into position and rubbed the head of his cock on my ass, relaxing me slightly. He asked if i was ready, I nodded and he beagan to slowy insert his dick into my tight asshole. I had never had anything in it, and at first it hurt, but once he had it all in amd began to get a rythm going it began to feel good, then great. He begab to grunt loudly as he pumped himself into me. He reached forward and grabbed my cock from behind me and started jacking me off as he thrusted my ass. The feeling coming to me from both areas were overwhelming, and i cummed again after only a few minutes. My cock fell limp and he dropped in and began to rub my ass cheeks, squezzing them ever so often. I felt his cock swell inside of me as he began to cum. He began to howl and even slap my ass once, before falling onto my back and dismounting. My ass was driping with cum, and he ate it all up before somemore making out together.

After we were done he drove us back to the front of the lot, let me out, and said he’d be online tommorow and we could set up another meeting. I just smiled and replied, “That would be great, by the way my name’s Dillon.”He looked up and blew me a kiss before he drove away. I got on my bike and rode home, barely making it home before dark. I met up with that guy, and many other guys after that, but those are stories for another time…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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