My first Time_(30)

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I was on my back naked. My legs spread in the air. My arms wrapped around them, holding them in place. I could feel a tongue swirling around my ass hole, pushing it way in, then out. I then felt it sliding up across my lower scrotum. I shuttered and moaned as first my right, then left nut were sucked into a warm, moist mouth. I then felt the tongue slide up the under side of my rock hard penis. I then thrust and bucked as I felt lips close around the head of my dick and felt myself slid deep into a warm, moist mouth as a head pushed deeper between my widely spread legs till I could feel a chin resting against my balls. Oh my god, I thought to myself, this can’t be happening, I’m having my dick sucked by a man for the first and I’m loving it, and worst of all, I can’t what till he fucks my ass for the first time! Roger starts bobbing up and down, stopping just before the head of my penis leaves his mouth, before slamming his head back down forcing the head of my dick nearly down his throat. I know I won’t last much longer at this rate. Suddenly I feel myself go deeper in Rogers mouth and exploded. Roger sucked me dry before sitting up, and flipping me over on my stomach. I lay spent, wondering what to expect next.
I didn’t have to wait long as I felt his hands forcing my legs apart, as Roger climbed between them, using his weight to keep them spread wide. I could feel a cool breeze blow across my virgin ass. That cool breeze was short lived as the first cold drop of oil hit my little puckered entrance. Then I shuttered once again as I felt the syringe pushing in my ass, and more cold oil, this time as it was shot up in my ass. That will help a bunch Roger said as he withdrew the syringe, quickly replacing it with his thumb.
He continued rubbing oil in and around my virgin hole for several more minute’s. Shifting his weight on the bed. I could feel the head of Rogers dick rubbing against my hole, slowly pushing its way in my virgin ass. I could feel my tight virgin pucker hole slowly beginning to stretch as Roger slowly pushed into me. He stopped and asked if I was ok. Yes, I moaned, keep going , I’m ready I replied. Roger resumed pushing in me once again. Suddenly I felt my ass open as Rogers dick plunged in my formerly virgin ass. I sucked in a deep breath and let out a short grunt at the pain, but that was quickly replaced with pleasure. He slowed for a moment, and I felt something cold and wet run down my ass, as I realized Roger had squirted a bit more oil in me. Here we go he said as he resumed pumping my ass. I could feel him getting deeper and deeper, till I could feel Rogers balls slapping against my crotch. This is awesome I thought to my self, I had never felt so full, so much pleasure. Roger started pumping harder and deeper, and faster, his balls now smacking my ass. I wondered if the bed would hold as we both bounced up and down. He would let the head of his dick get just to the other ring of my ass before he would slam it back in, deep up inside me. Roger went at me for what felt canlı bahis like hours, but after about ten minutes, I heard him start breathing heavier, then I felt him swell up a bit more. Are you ready he asked? More then ready I moaned as I felt him unload deep inside me. Roger pumped about 5 or 6 times before collapsing on top of me. We just laid there for several minutes till he popped out. Roger went to clean up while I laid on the bed enjoying the feeling of warm cum dripping out of my gapping ass, down to my balls then on to the bed. Usually I don’t like to lay in the wet spot after sex, but I was still coming down from the hi. It was about then I realized part of the wet spot was my own. I had enjoyed my first ass fuck so much, I had shot my own wad. Roger walked back in the room and asked if I was ready for round two. Boy was I, but a bit scared, after all, now it was time for me to please him, another first!
I rolled off the bed and stood, Roger pushed me to my knees, turned and bent over the bed, presenting me with his ass. Your turn he said. I slid forward, grabbed Rogers hips and plunged my tongue in his ass, and began swirling it around, pushing deeper up inside him. I started really getting into it was using my mouth, as well as tongue to eat Rogers ass. I couldn’t get enough, I was slobbering in his ass, I was feigning for him, I couldn’t lick fast enough! Enough he cried as he turned and stood, then climbing up on the bed, he laid back, and spread his legs, presenting himself to me. I climbed between Rogers legs and went to work on his ass once again. I wrapped my arms around Rogers legs, pulling them apart so I get to his ass again, only this time, I had something new to play with. Rogers penis stood straight up in the air, beckoning to me like an old friend. I started stroking his dick with one hand as my tongue worked its way up to his balls, sucking first the left, then the right, just as he had done for me. I then licked my way up the under side of Rogers shaft, circling his sensitive head several times before opening my mouth as far as possible, and enveloping his manhood deep in my Mouth. I forced myself over him as much as I could without gagging, then I closed my lips around Rogers shaft, and started sliding up and down. I was hooked, I never wanted this feeling to end. The ridge’s and veins, the feel of his mushroom like hood, it was all wonderful. I started sucking harder, deeper, tighter. I went faster, slamming his dick into the back of my throat. I was taking him so deep, I could feel his balls on my chin. Roger started squirming under me, and his moaning was almost a scream now. I felt him tense up and then I got a mouth full. I so wanted to be able to take all of his cum, but I couldn’t, there was just to much. I swallowed as much and as fast as Ifeel could, but some still dripped out of my mouth. I caught the globs with my hand and was so turned, all I could do was rub it all over my ass, and stroke my own raging boner. I sucked till I couldn’t breath and pulled away gasping bahis siteleri for air. Roger was still shooting, and several globs hit me in the face, several even hit my lips. I liked my lips and swallowed several more globs and sighed. I was in heaven. My ass had been filled, now my mouth was full. I pulled away and sat up. Roger rolled over and smiled at me.
Rogers next move surprised me as he got on all fours and wiggled his ass in my face. I dove in licking him from stem to stern, stopping only to push my tongue up his ass. I pulled has checks apart as far as I could and pushed my face deeper in his ass, forcing my tongue farther inside. I got back in to eating Rogers ass with a passion, licking, sucking, nibbling and pucker ends, pulling it with my lips. I couldn’t believe it, but I was rock hard already and ready to go. I grabbed the oil off the table and squirted some on his hole and rubbed it in. Just as I was reaching for my dick to lube it up, he stopped me. I want you dry he said.
I crawled up the bed, and mounted him from the rear. Taking my cock in my hand, I rubbed the head up and down his crack slowly pushing it in, then out. Stop teasing me he yelled, and shove it in. So it pushed the head just enough to hold it there, shifted my weight, wrapped my arms around his waist and rammed my dick up his ass. Roger shuddered and moaned as I increased the pace and started pumping his ass for all I was worth. I thought being on the receiving end of a good ass fuck was enjoyable, boy was I wrong! His ass was the tightest place my dick had ever been, even tighter then those little virgin pussies I nailed in high school. I pumped him with a frenzy. Soon like he did, my balls started slapping his ass. I felt myself ready to explode as I continued ramming myself in and out. Suddenly, I couldn’t hold it any longer, and with a scream, I unloaded deep within his bowels. I kept pumping Rogers ass till my limb, spent dick slipped out with an audible plop. I collapsed on him, Roger in turn collapsed on bed and we both fell asleep.
We both woke several hours later, still exhausted from our marathon session some sexual satisfaction, but from the looks of his rock hard dick, Roger was ready to go again. I told him I wanted to be abused my him, but needed a shower. I suggested he grab a bottle of wine while I rinse off . Roger suggested we try something new afterwards. At that point I was up for anything I told him. He smiled and walked out of the room.
I was just rinsing the shampoo out of my hair when I heard the bathroom door open, then close. The shower curtain slid open and he handed me a glass of wine and stepped in the shower. Closing the curtain behind him, he turned and said he wanted to shave the rest of my pubic hair off. I regularly shave my balls, penis, ass and edges around my penis, but only trim above my dick. he could sense my hesitation. Roger reminded me that I had agreed to try something different, and promised to be careful, and he guaranteed I would love running my hands over my bare bahis şirketleri crotch and penis. I had always wondered how it would feel to have one else shave me, and besides, I never ever could get a clean smooth shave around my back door. He told me to sit down, put my legs on each side of the tub and lean back and enjoy. I did as Roger said and sipped my wine while he lathered up my lower tummy, penis and balls. He said front first, then I’ll flip you over and tackle that ass. Its a good thing you keep yourself trimmed he said, otherwise he would have needed trimmers. when he first pulled the razor across my tummy, my penis stood up at full attention. I closed my eyes, sipped my wine and let him shave me bare. Roll over on all fours Roger said, I’ll be done soon. Roger lathered up my ass and as he pulled the razor across my ass I shuttered. He stood up, climbed out and told me to rinse off and when ever I was done he would be waiting in the bed. I looked down at my cock and loved what I saw. I was as bare as a little boy. I ran my hands all around, over my balls, up my shaft, all around my lower tummy, then my ass. I loved the feeling of being completely bare.
I climbed out of the shower, dried off and walked into the bedroom. Roger meet me halfway across the room, grabbed some lotion and started rubbing it all over the area’s he had just shaved. The feeling was incredible, especially when he stuck a finger in my ass. He put the lotion down and pulled me towards the bed. He told he to lay on my back and spread out spread eagle. I quickly agreed and lay down. Roger told me to close my eyes and trust him. I felt him pull my right hand up and tied something around, then he did the same with my left. Trust me he said again. Next he tied something around my right, then left foot. I was now tied spread eagle to my own bed, shaved bare, and he was standing over me, and I had a raging hard on. I felt him climb on the bed, climb over me and lower his ass to my waiting mouth. Wow I thought, something else new, shaved bare, tied up, now going 69 with a man. The room went dark as he smothered my face with his ass, forcing me once again to eat and suck his puckered anus. Suddenly Roger started humping my face with a frenzy, forcing my tongue up his ass, and fucking it like a dick in pussy. I could feel his rock hard penis as he was humping my stomach, much like a girl giving a titty fuck. I could feel my penis going deeper then before as he sucked and bobbed my dick. I felt Rogers dick surge as he exploded on my stomach, squirting my chest in the process. He continued pumping and humping as I kept fucking his ass with my tongue. When he was spent he rolled off me and stood. Roger untied me me and led me downstairs to the living. He ordered me to kneel over the coffee table and when I did, he tied me to it. My hands were straight out, stretched the full length, my legs tied to the sides, spread farther than I thought possible. The position caused my ass hole to be slightly gapping, which he took full advantage of as he shoved 2 fingers in and gave my a quick little finger fuck. Roger walked around the table and tied a gag around my head.

stay tuned for part 2!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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