My Girl’s Night in Fantasy

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Although I love reading and writing lesbian erotica, I am in a committed relationship with one of the more masculine persuasion. However, this doesn’t stop me from dreaming up erotic fantasies every night, usually involving one or more beautiful women in my life. Here is one of my most vivid fantasies; involving someone who I’ll call Georgia.

It was a girls’ night in. Georgia, a few of my other girl friends, and myself had spent the entire night watching cheesy chick flicks and indulging ourselves with chocolate and vodka. Georgia, however, volunteered to be our designated driver just in case we went out for a late-night bar crawl. Georgia was always the type of person to think ahead. She was calm, calculated; all in a way that made her extremely mysterious and, dare I say it, sexy. She had gorgeous long black hair and beautiful almond-shaped eyes. She was perpetually thin, much to the envy of many girls our age. Georgia had always received attention from boys and men, but never paid much attention to it. She always gave us the “I need to focus on my studies” excuse.

Later on in the evening, one of our more intoxicated friends got the idea that we should all watch some porn. We indulged her and clicked onto a popular porn web site. Georgia rolled her eyes and went off to the kitchen to fix herself a snack. Before I knew it, all of us, sans Georgia, were watching a pretty girl get fucked by a huge, muscular man. It wasn’t really my thing, and I decided to join Georgia in the kitchen.

By the time Georgia and I were done fixing ourselves some treats and chatting, our two other friends had passed out on the couch. With a cute giggle, Georgia sat down next to them and scrolled through the porn website. I was shocked.

“I thought you were, you know, one of those anti-porn types.” I said to Georgia.

She laughed and replied, “Of course not. I just have.. A different taste in pornography, I guess. Some girl taking a cock in her ass doesn’t exactly get me going.”

I knew exactly what she meant. “What do you şişli escort like, then?”

She smiled shyly and clicked onto the “Lesbian” category. She replied, “Duh. Haven’t you noticed? I’ve never been with a guy. And it’s not just because of my studies. Here, let’s watch some. It’s stupid, whatever, but it could be fun.”

I nodded, excited to watch two girls fuck with my beautiful best friend. We sat next to each other on the couch as the moans of two sexy girls filled the room. She turned the volume down and whispered, “I don’t wanna wake them.” I followed her into her bedroom, closing the door behind us. We sat together on her bed, watching the sexy scene unfold before us.

Georgia and I watched several videos. As we watched one video of two girls fucking each other with a double-ended dildo, I noticed Georgia squirming uncomfortably. I looked over to her to see if she was okay, and noticed her legs squeezing together and her hand moving furiously in between them. I paused the video and she looked at me.

Her voice cracked slightly as she begged, “Please.. I need this. I haven’t done this in so long..” Her hand moved lightly over her panties and tights. She was rubbing herself outside her clothes.

A whirlwind of emotions flew inside me at that moment. She looked positively sexy; she looked like all she needed in the world at that moment was a big, fulfilling orgasm.

And I wanted to give her one.

I closed the laptop and moved in closer to her. I whispered in her ear, “Let me help you.” She gulped and nodded, closing the distance between her and I with a kiss. Our tongues caressed each other, rolling together and feeling each other’s mouths. As I broke the kiss, I could see she was no longer touching herself and instead had her hands up behind her, as if she was being pinned down by some imaginary force. I smiled and straddled her.

“I have a feeling you like it rough,” I whispered into her ear. She responded only with a heavy sigh. Biting her lip, she whispered, “Please.” Although I çapa escort loved to hear her sultry pleas, I didn’t want to make her beg anymore. I grabbed her by her hips and flipped her over, ass up and face down.

I pulled off her tights and panties with urgency, leaving her in her thin summer dress. I could see goosebumps rise on her ass and labia. She looked delicious. I slowly caressed her ass, then moved my hand lower towards her pussy. I whispered, “Do you like to be spanked?” She nodded vigorously. I smiled.

“Well then. I’m going to fingerfuck you harder then you’ve ever been fucked before. But if I hear one moan, or feel your pussy jerk towards me because you want more; you’re getting a good thwack on the ass. Understand?” She almost melted in simultaneous embarrassment and ecstasy and nodded. I smiled. “Good girl.”

I slowly dipped a finger into her already-dripping pussy. I could feel her pussy tighten around me, warm and wet for my fingers. Before I could get much further, Georgia looked up at me. She begged for me to take one of her toys from her dresser and use it on her. I laughed and complied, knowing how good it would feel for her to have a big dildo in her pussy and her best friend’s tongue on her clit at the same time.

I flipped her over again, now completely exposed to me except for her dress. I ordered her to remove it. To my surprise, she was bare and braless under her dress. Her tiny boobs were soft and lovely, drawing attention to her hard pink nipples. I smiled and left her pussy for a second to admire her gorgeous tits. I caressed and flicked her nipples with my hands, eliciting soft little gasps from her. I slowly lowered my mouth to one of her nipples and licked and sucked hard. She was already moaning my name softly as she massaged my shoulders and neck. I couldn’t wait any longer, I absolutely needed to fuck her. I flipped her back onto her stomach. She lifted her ass into the air, seductively showing off her asshole and pussy to me. I couldn’t take it any longer. I slowly pushed the dildo fındıkzade escort into her pussy, hearing her moans of how big it was and how much it filled her up. I scolded her and reminded her of our agreement. I allowed her to talk dirty, as long as there were no moans; or else a spanking was due. She happily agreed.

I fucked her harder and faster with the dildo as she rubbed her clit. She was being such a good girl for me. She wouldn’t stop talking about how good I was and how much she wanted me. As I fucked her with the huge pink dildo, I could feel her pussy tightening, the tell-tale sign of a girl about to cum, hard. I exploited this knowledge to my advantage and abruptly took the dildo out of her pussy. She gasped at the sudden lack of cock filling her up, and turned back to look at me. I smiled and flipped her onto her back. It was my turn.

I kissed my way down from her nipples to her bare pubic mound. Her legs twitched as I kissed her labia, and then I slowly, agonizingly slowly, licked her from her entrance all the way to her clit. She was shaking in anticipation of the pussy-licking to come. I loved teasing her, but I loved making her cum even more. I pulled back her labia and clitoral hood and licked her swollen pink clit directly. She almost screamed in pleasure and had to bite down on some blankets to keep from waking our other girlfriends up. I continued licking her clit fast and hard, putting pressure on it to make her feel even better. Georgia moaned, “Oh fuck, god damnit you’re good at licking my wet little cunt!!” I was confident I could make her cum just from licking her.

She was getting closer and closer as I flicked my tongue across her heavy clit. Suddenly, she moaned, “Oh god, oh fucking god you’re so good I’m going to .. I’m gonna cum so hard I’ll piss myself!!” I smiled and looked up at her as I continued licking her. After just a few more seconds of sucking and licking her aching clit, she arched her back and I felt a stream of hot, clearish liquid shoot from her pussy. She was moaning, almost screaming my name and saying, “Oohhh god! Oh god yes!” It was so hot, I could’ve cum right there. I loved turning my best friend into a cute little slut for me. My pussy was aching for her…


To be continued!!

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