My Indian Mother Ch. 02

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As I left the apartment still under shock of what I had just witnessed, but more than that now scared about being caught spying on her, I left the building.

I just could not take the image of mom with the two of them out of my head. On one side I was feeling guilty about spying on my own mom and ashamed because it turned me on so much.

It was not like I had not been turned on by my mom in the past like our last trip to Phuket together, where every time going to the beach with her would give me a hard on because of the skimpy bikini’s she wore which left very little to imagination. Or her see through summer dresses which she would wear with nothing but a thong.

I remember going to bars in the evening and she would be dressed as skimpy as the sluts on the side of the road in short shorts and tube tops.

I’ll never forget the night she got picked up by a stranger at a bar and I ended up sleeping on the sofa of our suite, hearing them fucking all night in the adjacent room.

So I had been turned on many times by her, like any young son with a hot mom. But this was different seeing her getting fucked not only turned me on but made me lust her in a way I had never felt before.

While trying to get a grip on today’s events I realised it was time to head back home.

Despite being scared and ashamed of my actions, I somehow managed getting myself to the door of my apartment.

As I opened the door with my set of keys, hoping I’ll just sneak into my room, my heart was pounding faster than it had been the last time round.

But to my surprise I was greeted by a smiling mom walking barefoot towards me with her hair wet and a towel wrapped around her boobs covering her till her thighs.

I just froze as she approached me giving me a hug and a peck on my lips like she usually does when I get home.

She probably didn’t see me! I thought.

Mom smiling, “You smell of cigarettes, go brush your teeth and while you’re at it have a shower too.”

I did as I was told, entering the bathroom I noticed mom’s laundry bag was lying on top of the washing machine.

I had to peek. Inside were skimpy shorts, thongs, lacy bras tight tops etc.

Seeing the stuff and imagining my mom wearing them started getting me hard again. Then I found the white thong she was wearing this afternoon with which she’d wiped the cum on her eye, it still had dried cum on it.

That was enough for me, as my 7 inch cock was super hard and pointing towards the ceiling, it felt like it would take off. I started shagging furiously to my moms image of getting fucked by the two guys.

I could not get over how turned on I was on seeing my own mom getting fucked, any self respecting son would have probably beaten the guys and fought with his mom, but I was definitely a pervert I realised.

Soon there were streams of cum landing on the shower cubicle wall.

What a relief! Probably now I can stop thinking about it I hoped.

After my shower I decided to grab a beer from the kitchen refrigerator, feeling confident after the way mom had wished me earlier.

Mom was already their filling up the ice box for her evening vodka and tonic, with Suresh the cook next to her with one hand of his on her ass.

She görükle escort bayan was only wearing a cropped yellow coloured tight top and bikini styled lacy see through white panties.

His hand did not come of her ass despite me entering, in fact I saw him squeezing her ass as I entered.

Mom gave me way to grab my beer, as I was leaving the kitchen I heard a spank, looking back I saw both of them looking at each other smiling, with his hand still playing with her ass cheeks.

As I sat on the living room sofa, sipping on my chilled beer looking for my cigarettes, I knew things were never going to be the same again.

In a few minutes mom came and sat on the sofa opposite me. Suresh behind her carrying the vodka, icebox and tonics placed them on the bar and went back into the kitchen.

Not only were her tits on display under the thin top, but I could also see her pussy lips through her sheer panties.

Before I could ask, why was she dressed like this, she asked me to fix her a drink.

Fixing her drink I heard mom ask, “Did you enjoy the show?”

I almost dropped her glass!

“What show mom?” I asked innocently.

“I saw you son and don’t worry I am not angry.” she said with a wink!

I immediately responded by saying, “I am sorry mom, I should not have spied on you.”

“Look son firstly you have nothing too be ashamed of. See I love fucking around and hate commitments, if I fuck around with friends and colleagues I’m branded a slut, god forbid if I fuck two together, which I really enjoy.” She said with a wicked smile.

Taking a deep breath mom continued. “Suresh and Raju are keeping me satisfied for the time being, at least! And where you are concerned it just turned me on, watching you watching me.”

I didn’t know what to say, I just grabbed my cigarettes and was lighting up.

“Now answer me baby, did you enjoy what you saw?” She said, with the same wicked smile.

“Mom I need to confess I’ve never been so turned on in my life.”

I couldn’t believe I just said that.

“That’s great baby because I have a friend dropping in soon you might be in for another show.” The smile widened.

“Who you expecting mom?” I asked curiously.

“Just my personal trainer from the gym I met a couple days ago babes.” Saying that she went to her room to change for her guest.

I wasn’t really shocked as I don’t think anything could shock me anymore after today’s events.

She came out wearing a little black dress and as she twirled around showing her dress to me the frock like bottom flew giving a glimpse of the black thong she’d changed into.

I was making mom another drink when the bell rang.

“Oh by the way I’m introducing you as my boyfriend”. She said in a very matter of fact way.

So I was introduced to Vijay the trainer as my moms boyfriend.

Vijay was young, lean and fit like most trainers, had a heavy Bengali accent while speaking in english.

I offered him a drink, as soon as he settled down with his beer, my mom went and sat right next to him.

There was some small talk for ten minutes or so when I excused myself to go to the washroom.

Walking back to the living room bursa otele gelen escort I saw my mom had already made her move, that was quicker than expected. She was sitting on him facing him and they were kissing passionately, as his hands were all over the place from squeezing her tits and ass, too feeling up her thighs legs and arched back.

As soon as he noticed I was in the room he stopped and was about to lift her off, but she held on.

“Don’t worry he likes to watch.” She said.

Then looking directly at me with a smile mom asked, “Don’t you my love?”

I just nodded and before I sat down on the bar stool in the corner I shut the blinds, didn’t want the adjacent apartment seeing a show too!

By the time I sat back they were at it again, first thing I noticed was that he was quite rough and getting rougher by the second. Her dress had ridden up way over her waist and her black thong clad pale white ass was red with all his squeezing.

All of a sudden she got up of him and walked towards me.

“Be a darling and take of my clothes love.” Mom said in a soft sexy voice.

Mom tuned around facing Vijay and giving me access to the zip at the back of her dress.

“Strip down babes let’s see what you’ve got.” She told Vijay.

I unzipped the back of her dress and slid it of her shoulders down to the floor, she had on a lacy black bra matching the lacy black thong.

I unhooked the bra and slid it of too, as I slid my thumbs into the sides of the panties, I gave a slight squeeze to mom’s ass as I slipped them off.

“He likes to watch too?” A butt naked Vijay pointing at Suresh who had just entered the room.

“Sometimes he watches, sometimes he joins in too.” She said, as she started walking towards Vijay.

Vijay was completely chiseled, lean and a dick standing proud, big enough to compliment his body.

Mom literally ran the last two steps, with her little petite 5.3″ frame and jumped on him wrapping both her legs around his waist and arms around his broad shoulders.

He lifted her holding her ass and started necking her and sucking on her tits, mom had just started moaning softly when he held her waist and turned her around like a cartwheel.

Now they were in a standing up 69 position with her thighs on his shoulders and her face parallel to his cock.

Mom wasted no time and had his cock in her mouth sucking away with her head bobbing upside down furiously as Vijay slowly and softly kept licking her pussy.

After a few minutes, Vijay turned her back around, only this time he penetrated her softly while she wrapped her legs around his waist.

He grabbed her ass with both his hands and started moving her up and down his shaft. Slowly at first and then he got faster and faster, at one point he had her up against the wall with him humping away as hard and fast as he could.

Mom’s moaning got louder and louder with his every thrust.

After about fifteen minutes of this he started to loose steam, that’s when he carried her back to the sofa, made her lie down with him on top, not loosing penetration even once.

Mom just held him tight moaning and screaming, begging him to fuck her harder. bursa escort bayan

The next ten minutes or so was him on top of her ploughing her nonstop with all the strength he had in him, till he came in her with a loud grunt.

More than seeing her getting fucked and asking for more, what I couldn’t believe was she’d let him cum in her.

He had just about gotten of her and sat down, I could see both there bodies shining covered in sweat, when mom abruptly asked him to leave.

He just got up wore his clothes and asked if he could call her tomorrow to which she did not respond as he left.

As mom sat back on the sofa getting her breath back sweating away, she called for Suresh, who had been on the other side of the living room this whole time playing with his semi hard cock.

He immediately walked towards her knelt down in front of her as she spread her legs and in seconds he was lapping away at her pussy like a hungry dog while stroking his cock.

She was feeding him her cream pie! He was obviously well trained and I had thought nothing could surprise me anymore.

Mom had one hand on his head and with the other she was squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples, moaning softly all this while our man Suresh was trying to get every drop of cum from her pussy.

She looked at me and while biting her lower lip and speaking in a very seductive voice, “You can jerk off if you want to baby.”

I’d had a hard on from the time I had gotten my first beer.

My shorts were down and my cock sprung out pointing towards her in a jiffy.

“My little boy has grown.” She said in the same soft seductive voice.

I thought it was an invitation and started to walk towards her.

“Don’t you fucking dare you stay put.” Her tone had changed.

I kept jerking of watching my mom as she kept playing with her tits with one hand and now was sucking her middle finger of the other in the most seductive way with Suresh still busy eating her out.

Just then I noticed her staring at my cock, I took my chances and walked to the corner of the sofa where she was sitting and pointed my cock directly at her face as I kept on stroking it.

“So my baby wants to cum on mommy’s face,” she said and started sucking on her finger again.

My cock was now just inches away from her face, how I was dying to shove it in her perfect mouth or at least cock slap that beautiful face when she suddenly held my cock with one hand and cupped my balls with the other.

She stared stroking my cock and squeezing my balls looking at me with those seductive eyes.

I could feel her thumb caress the base of my cock head with every stroke while her other hand kept squeezing my ball, I held her face with one hand and started rubbing my thumb across her pouty lips, as she started licking and sucking my thumb I could not hold it any longer.

Streams of cum started flowing out of my cock landing on her eyes, nose, lips, cheeks and chin. She kept on stroking me till she had milked me of my last drop. She was done with Suresh too by then and had pushed him away.

I was still coming to terms with the fact that I had just gotten a hand job from my mom and that she’d let me cum all over her beautiful face.

Mom got up saying, “shower time, please order some pizza, as Suresh got no time to cook.” As she started to laugh.

Suresh on the other hand got up picked up her clothes from the floor as they both left the living room.

I just sat back lighting another smoke and sipping my beer and watching my moms naked ass swaying as she walked away.

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