My Inspiring Lesbian Encounter

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Hey Guys!

I’ve written 4 stories now and have thoroughly enjoyed expressing myself through writing out a few of my celebrity fantasies. Now that I’ve gotten over the stigma of writing and posting my personal fantasies for the viewing of others, I feel more confident, especially since you all seem to enjoy them. I’ve always been into Facebook and many of its predecessors, so I have no problem with sharing my views and pictures over the Internet and I always try to be honest.

Which is why I have reached this juncture, where I feel compelled to write about the experience that resulted in my interest in lesbian seduction and anal play in the first place. What happened to me is in many ways the inspiration for all my stories, along with the TV show House MD, of course. I actually wrote down my personal story before I even started the ‘Thirteen’s lesbian seductions’ series, but I kept it off the site until recently due to my own embarrassment.

So why share something so personal now? Well I’ve been thinking about my own lesbian encounter ever since it happened, hence the erotic stories. I’ve also been thinking about why I write for this website, what the point of it all is. And I came to this conclusion:

I write for myself! I get off on this stuff, on revealing the side of me that no one ever sees, being honest about my urges. For example, Olivia Wilde is hot! And her character, Thirteen, is awesome! There were no fictional stories on the Internet that captured my fantasies about her, so I decided to write my own!

Everyone around me sees an Art student, a hipster, a girl! So much of what I feel goes unsaid. I’m horny and bi-curious! Maybe I’m not ready to admit that to my friends and family… But anonymously, on this website? Why the hell not!?!

And that’s why I’m going to tell you, anonymous reader and site members alike, about my experience with a woman. It’s true and very personal, so try to judge me fairly. After all I’m sure you will get something out of it, because as far as I’m concerned, it’s pretty damn hot.


It was over a year ago and I was just starting at University. Things still hadn’t settled down yet, I had no routine, no real workload and as a result I was going into town every other night.

I like to think I can hold my drink, but fresher’s week for me was on a different scale! Each night was insane; I met so many cute guys and made out with most of them. Harmless really, they bought me drinks, I let them feel me up, we would make out for a while and then my friends and I would stumble home. Just repeat that 12 times and you have a pretty good summation of my fresher’s experience.

Good times. Normally I’m pretty reserved but starting uni is crazy. A new environment, new responsibilities and being surrounded by strangers is surreal, especially when these people so quickly become friends. Once freshers week is over most of us settle down, realized we have nothing in common and go our separate ways. The time in between however, is a blast! That’s how it was with Emma, the other main player in this story. But I’ll get to that.

So anyway, it’s the last night of freshers. My ‘routine’ was the same, but multiplied by 10, because this was our final hurrah. The group had come to a decision, a simple ultimatum: get laid. It sounded like fun and we were all game, but I’ll admit I was nervous. So I drank, everything. That was a big mistake. I was a lost cause before we even left the halls.

I made it halfway into town before throwing up. I was wasted, yet still keen to hit the clubs. The most conservative member of our group, Mairi, didn’t even give me a choice and said I had to go back home and sleep it off. Mairi and Emma were history students both of whom hadn’t started yet, like me. They were both friends from long before University. They spent a while debating my ability to hit the clubs, but I ended that discussion myself by throwing up once again. So she took me back to my room whilst Emma and the rest of the girls went on without us.

I was pretty annoyed with Mairi for taking me home way too early, but looking back at things she was right. After all: “The drunken party girl is fun, until she pukes all over your shoes, then she’s just annoying”. (Gregory House)

Afterwards Mairi told me how I stumbled back, laughing like a crazy person. Luckily for me I was with her, because in hindsight, my composure and self-awareness was more or less non-existent that night. The first thing that makes that obvious? Well I’m pretty sure I wet myself. I can’t remember much, but clearly no guy was going to have his way with me in that state. All I can tell you is my jeans şişli escort weren’t even worth saving the next day.

Anyway, that was why Mairi helped me get into my room and put me to bed. Apparently she changed me as well, because I definitely wasn’t wearing those jeans when Emma and I canoodled.

I should describe myself, what I was wearing, etc. This is a piece of after all. And I like to think I am pretty hot. Not very tall at about 5ft 4inches, but I’m well proportioned and have a good figure that I actually try to maintain. I don’t go to the gym but I eat well. And, at the risk of sounding too boastful, I have a great chest. Not big boobs, but perky, especially if I can find the right bra.

My hair, of course, is my best feature. Naturally it is dark brown and I keep it long and straight. But I try to mix it up with highlights and at that point it was predominantly a deep red.

So what was I wearing? Sadly for you guys nothing too appealing, after all I was wasted. I still had my favourite bra and knickers on, but Mairi must have changed me out of my jeans and swapped them with my hello kitty pajama shorts. They’re a bit pathetically adorable, being pink and all, but come on! I wasn’t expecting company. My upper half was encased in my old, tight black star wars t-shirt. Again, wasn’t expecting company.

I think I had been passed out for a few hours when the knocking started, the first thing I really remember is being woken up by the banging. It took me a while to move but the incessant noise just got faster and louder, whilst I could clearly here my friend on the other side. So I got up and answered the door.

Emma burst in laughing and stumbling around, still buzzing from town. She went on about how they had missed me, how Mairi was a prude, that she had come close to screwing a guy.

It was obvious Emma had been working hard for male attention. Her outfit said it all; a ridiculously short jean skirt, frayed through over-use, combined with a white tank top that was practically see-through. Her blue bra was just visible underneath.

Emma is totally hot. Before that night I had noticed, but I never really thought hard about it. So when she burst in I just laughed along to her slurred nonsense, I didn’t follow but it didn’t really matter. I was still drunk as hell.

We spent a while talking on my bed, both just sitting cross-legged. I think she was still horny from all the male attention, because she was fidgety and distracted, but I just assumed she was hyper. Emma talked endlessly about how I’d, ‘cheated her out of a good hard fucking.’ We both got a good laugh out of that. Eventually we wound down, but she refused to go back to her room, telling me it was too far away. So she kicked off her pumps and struggled out of her skirt before joining me in the bed.

Neither of us were self-conscious, it all seemed pretty innocent and whatever the case being that drunk erased any awkwardness. So we snuggled in together, wrapped up in my blanket.

I dozed off but her movement kept jolting me awake. Cocooned like that it got hot, fast. Her being wrapped around me didn’t help either. Suffice to say, I was definitely the little spoon in that relationship. I needed too sleep but it was nice, probably the most intimate I’ve ever been in bed. Emma had one arm around my belly and a long leg squeezed between mine. She kept mumbling in my ear something incoherent, drunk person nonsense. However, I got a little more uncomfortable when she started rubbing up against me.

I didn’t know what to do so I just stayed still as she slid against me, till our bodies were flush. I could feel her boobs moving against my back as she ground herself into my butt. I was freaking out but I didn’t show it, instead just trying to push her off. But she was persistent and I actually liked what was happening more than I could admit to myself at the time. Way too turned on for a totally straight girl being humped by a friend.

Although I slapped her hands away a few times, it was mock resistance and we both actually knew it, starting to giggle. Then she started tickling me, along the back of my legs, under the arms. Soon we were struggling together, laughing as we wrestled. Our fun put me off-guard and I didn’t panic even as she over powered me. I didn’t realize how hot things were getting until she was sitting on my lap.

Emma was on all fours, kneeling over me when she started kissing my face. The bleached blonde went straight in for a French kiss and I didn’t stop her, just enjoying it for what it was. She was such a good kisser, although looking back; it was less the technique and more her desperation that çapa escort turned me on. She was frantic; continually moving around and switching sides. I remember because her blonde hair kept sweeping across my face and nose. A few times she missed my mouth in her drunken state and ended up kissing my nose and cheeks with her soft, hungry lips.

That was when I got seriously into things. It was just so hot! Both of us were still under the covers and I was sweating like crazy. On top of all that I didn’t really care where I got my jollies, I probably would have taken care of myself after that night if she hadn’t come out of nowhere. It felt like a freebie so I didn’t question it, I even groped her as we got going, using my knowledge of my own body to touch her in just the right places.

That’s why I can see how I could genuinely enjoy sex with another girl, because we both knew each other’s erogenous zones. At the time it just seemed like an easy way to get off, but now it seems preferable in a lot of ways to the awkward sex I have had with guys.

So anyway, I pressed my thigh into her pussy, even though she was still wearing knickers. I could tell I got her attention because she stopped kissing my nose and looked at me properly for the first time. Her eyes were wild and scared and I think she was close to bolting.

I think she tried to talk her way out of what was happening, saying that we were friends and that she hadn’t meant things to go this far. I nodded along but subtly kept going, raising my knee against her crotch once again before pulling her down by the waste until she was riding it. Then I just started massaging her with my leg, twisting and rotating it between her thighs whilst pulling her further in, until the blonde choked out a moan. With another girl it was jut so easy to get a positive reaction, I just went with it.

Emma leant back on her knees, avoided my eyes, running both of her hands through her hair. I think she was more than a little uncomfortable with what we were doing. This I kind of had a problem with, mainly because her sudden apprehension meant I was doing all the work. She was riding my leg in my room, but I was the one giving out all the attention! And I had her cream all over my leg to prove it.

Even when I got her to help me pull off my top she kept physical contact to a minimum, ignoring my now exposed boobs and electing to hold onto my waist instead. All so she could get better purchase for herself, now pumping up and down on my thigh desperately like she was trying to get this over with.

I was so annoyed; Emma had got me horny but now clearly had no intention of getting me off. She was panting and mewling, her face closing in on mine with each thrust against my leg, bent over me but clearly thinking off no one but herself.

When I kissed her again it was way more forceful, I was trying to make a point. This time I stuck my tongue down her throat and chewed her lower lip, like I was trying to remind her I was there. When that didn’t work I moved own lips down her cheek and onto her neck. Once I found my target I bit it, hard, hoping to leave a mark. Throughout however, I kept diddling her with my thigh to keep the bleached blonde from getting a handle on things.

After a few more minutes of this I tried another tactic to get my message across; first sliding my hands down to her panty covered butt cheeks. This was the first time I had ever touched another girl’s bumper and hers was divine. So tight and small, but with enough give for the slightest jiggle upon each thrust. But I had something to prove, so regretfully, I dug my nails in, just to get her attention. She winced, but just screwed her eyes shut and kept going even harder, probably even enjoying the extra roughness.

By that point I was so frustrated, pussy begging for relief and getting no satisfaction! I was prepared just to turn over and give Emma no payoff, to see how she would like it. I suppose if I hadn’t been so drunk we could have talked it over but she was wasted and clearly distracted, so I couldn’t get a word in.

So I stopped being playful and tried to give her a wedgy with her own knickers! Shocking tactic I know, but I was beyond caring. Sadly it was hard with all her movement and my hands just got tangled in her blue frilly panties. That was when, and I want to stress this was accidental, one of my knuckles slid between her cheeks brushed my friend’s rosebud.

Emma almost buckled forward in shock, coming to a complete stop and giving me proper eye contact for the first time since we started, looking at me incredulously. I’d frozen as well, with her on top of me, hair a mess, accusing eyes fındıkzade escort staring at me all annoyed and rimmed in blurred mascara. It was intimidating, but I didn’t stay still for long, quickly remembering what a hypocrite she had been, throwing herself at me but never even attempting to please.

So I moved quickly, definitely not thinking it through. Sitting up, I groped my hands around her butt, struggling to find my target and getting lost under the darkness of the blanket. Emma blanched and tried to pull away, but my hand was still caught in her panties and the other was wrapped around her thigh, pulling her down. Luckily for me she was exhausted from all of her self-pleasuring, whilst I’d been on my back the whole time.

So just as she was about to wiggle free I found her rosebud again and dug in. without any thought for the consequence I pushed my index finger into her butthole as far as I could, till her cheeks met my knuckle.

Emma yelped and trembled. She tensed her whole body and clenched her teeth. I was in shock as well, staring up at the twitching girl. Experimentally I wiggled the digit inside her sphincter. She was so hot and tight, every movement of my wrist made here whine and tense. I remember her face clearly, Emma was grimacing and her eyelids fluttered as I explored her butthole tentatively.

Realizing I might be hurting her I tried to pull out, not realizing the true nature of her body’s tension. Anyway, moving my hand so quickly proved too much for her. The blonde squealed and buckled, dropping into a kneeling stance and trapping my arm with my finger still in her behind.

Emma collapsed forward; knocking the wind out of me as she effectively crushed us together, burying her head face first into the pillow just beside me. The blonde was shivering against me, like she was scared. I forgot my annoyance momentarily and held onto as my caring side took over. Seconds later my annoyance came back when I felt her cream all over my hello kitty shorts.

She clung onto me tightly as she released herself all over my shorts and midriff, shuddering in my arms and groaning as she came to a stop. We laid there together for about half a minute before she started freaking out. Considering how forward she had been, it still surprises me how she hadn’t realized where this was going.

As soon as Emma recovered she pulled herself free of my sheets and stumbled out of bed. The blonde mumbled something about needing her own bed but wouldn’t look me in the eye as she said it, clearly embarrassed by everything she had done.

We were both in a state, but she had definitely faired worse. Emma’s mascara and hair was a mess from all the exertion, whilst her lipstick was smudged from our deep kisses. As for myself? I was covered in sweat and other fluids… breathing hard and stunned.

I found her new shyness hot and I tried to coax her back into bed but she ignored me, making every excuse in the book. Soon she was back in her skirt and pumps, practically running out of the door. And that was that. I was left tangled in the sheets, thoroughly confused and horny.

I think about that night a lot. There was something about the whole experience that really got to me. Since then I’ve had no more lesbian encounters, and actually I’m not sure either of us would count ourselves in that category. Yet if she ever suggested it again, I really doubt I’d say no. I wish we both hadn’t been so drunk and even more than that I wish she’d helped me finish before she left, just so I’d know for sure what lesbian sex is really like.

Emma and I haven’t spoken much since and we never meet alone, so we haven’t talked about it. Most of the time she acts like nothing happened when we’re near each other, but still won’t really have a conversation with me.

I remember the day after when we were having breakfast with our adopted crowd how Mairi noticed the new hickey that had formed on her neck. Emma managed to avoid most of their questions but she went so red! Lucky for her I made no comment.

To be honest I think she’s deluding herself more than anyone else, after all she initiated the encounter and I know for a fact she enjoyed it. As far as I’m concerned she can keep up her ‘straight’ act. I hope one of these days I can get her alone in a room again, and then we’ll see what’s what.

As for me, I don’t deny my attraction to other girls but I haven’t acted on them either. I find myself checking them out all the time, friends, teachers, strangers, even characters in movies and films. That night resulted in most of the stuff I write about. It was so hot and such a rush, but ultimately I’m not sure where I stand with the whole guys vs. girl thing. Ultimately I think I’ll just let fate decide. Sex is so much hotter when you don’t force it. I’m just going to let this stuff happen organically. Except on . Here, the sky’s the limit!

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