My Kind of Love

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It’s Valentine’s Day and I’ve finally figured out what to get my man. It’s what every good man deserves, but it’s something I’ve not been able to share with anyone so far. It’s seeing my face light up at his very presence, riding those waves of ecstasy until I cum at his touch. So far I’ve found that while I enjoy the touch of fingers, lips, teeth and tongue in all of my most sensitive places… it’s nothing but a big tease. It’s become a bad habit that I’ve been unable to outgrow childhood pleasures and only know of one way to get myself off. So tonight I’ll show him my childish secret and perhaps he’ll know of a way to help me break this habit of mine.

Knowing he’ll be home soon, I’ve turned up the heat a little, pulled the blankets off the bed and folded them neatly on the floor next to the clothes I was wearing. I pull out my favourite old teddy bear. This guy’s seen a lot. He’s gotten a lot of attention and maybe not exactly the kind you would expect a normal teddy bear to get. He’s been my secret pleasurable companion since before I was of an age that I can remember. He’s nice and soft except for his hard black nose.

I lay on my stomach just pushing up for a second to stick bear between my legs right where he belongs. I slowly grind my clit against his hard black nose, wiggle up a bit so his nose can tease the entrance of my pussy, it doesn’t go in very far, but it doesn’t need to and you can already smell the scent of my sex on his fur. Back and forth. Rubbing from clit to pussy and back again. Slowly at first and then faster as I feel the fire building in me, moving to a wayward rhythm that only I know.

I hear the lock click and the front door open downstairs. His heavy footfalls running upstairs to meet me and stop in the doorway of the bedroom to see what I am doing. My heart skips a beat as I feel his gaze stop on me but I know if I open my eyes to look up at him my excitement will fade to nervousness. So I keep going. I feel myself getting closer and I grind just my clit into the bear’s nose, hard… so hard it hurts, but a little pain is good; still on the very edge of being pleasurable.

I hold my breath and all the wonderful feelings especially those tingling sensations radiating from my clit spreading to every inch of my entire body seem ten times stronger. As I reach the peak of my climax I’m bouncing up and down on the bear’s nose like staccato notes on a piano. Hard and fast, wringing the most from this experience before it slips away. Finally, I can hold my breath no more, and a sigh of pleasure escapes my lips.

I relax now, hearing only the thunder of my heartbeat in my ears as the waves of my climax slowly subside leaving me feeling like I’ve just washed up on some tropical shore.

Timidly I open my eyes to see his reaction. He enters the room with a stern look on his face. “So this is what you do when I’m not home. You need to learn a lesson, not to keep your pleasure to yourself and hide it from me.”

He grabs my arm and drags me off the bed.

“Where are we going?” I asked surprised.

“Downstairs where you will learn your lesson. Now it’s time for your punishment.

No Tipobet more questions.”

I didn’t know what kind of reaction to expect but this wasn’t it. I was used to some roleplaying, but usually I preferred to initiate it. Teasing him, pretending to be a ‘bad girl’, I knew a spanking downstairs was forthcoming. Did he see this as teasing him? I didn’t mean it to be. I hadn’t yet decided if I deserved a punishment or not this time, or was he really just mad? I needed to know for sure. I dug in my heels before we reached the first stair.

He turned around, “What’s the problem?”

I opened my mouth but nothing came out.

His features softened. “You know I would never hurt you unless you asked for it. Now are you asking for it?” He asked with a devilish grin.

This I could deal with. This was the man I know and love. That knows how to tease me and turn me on. That knows that I like it rough and to be told what to do at times. That I would do whatever he said as long as he gave me a way out. Did I want a way out?

No, I decided, I wanted in. I trusted him not to go too far, I wanted to see what he had in mind for tonight. Love hurts. And love was going to hurt soooo good tonight for me.

“Yes, I’m asking for it.” Nervous, but more excited now then scared, I let him drag me the rest of the way down the stairs.

Once we entered the laundry room he bound my wrists together in front of me. He threw the long end of the rope over a crossbeam and started to pull so that my arms were pulled taught over my head with my feet flat on the floor. I had a little bit of play so that I could take a step forward and back or go up on my toes or bend my knees, but that was it. At this point he anchored the rope to a hook at the other end of the room, there was no way I could get over there to undo it, or bend my hands in such a fashion that I could undo the lashings on my own wrists.

Walking over he began to kiss me, smothering any other thoughts I had. I could only react, enjoying the feel of him along the length of me. Turning slightly to the side he began to twist and tug on my right nipple. Groping and squeezing my ass with his other hand, I felt myself relax and start to get wet.

He took a step back and took off his belt.

I sighed.

This was my second favourite toy.

I knew I was in for it now as he slowly walked behind me. I knew better than to turn around, that would only cause him to hit something he didn’t intend to. He started to warm me up with a few practice swings, the belt just lightly brushing my ass at the end of each swing.

Then surprisingly he fell into a pattern with which I was very familiar. Every ten strokes or so he would increase the force. The first 3 in a set would feel a bit stingy and uncomfortable, then the next 4 are what I referred to as a perfect sensual spanking, the last 3 would start to lose their effect and feel just like light love taps. At this point I would wiggle my ass asking for more and he would oblige. After a few minutes of this I usually would feel quite relaxed and content that I could Tipobet Giriş take anything he threw at me. It also had the nice effect of warming my ass up and giving him a chance to warm up his arm if it was out of practice.

He paused and came around in front of me again slowly unbuttoning his shirt, as he lay the belt down for a moment. He took two steps forward grinding against me and plunged his tongue in my mouth. Feeling less docile I decided to fight back a little the only way I knew how. I wrestled his tongue into submission forcing it back into his mouth and bit his lower lip.

He pulled back a little and whispered in my ear, “You’re going to pay for that,” as he began to pull and twist and pinch my nipples. I sagged a little towards the floor enjoying the rope gently biting into my wrists, my ass beginning to smart and my man in front commanding my full attention playing me like a marionette through my nipples, dancing to his tune leaving a puddle on the floor.

“You know we’re just getting started right?” He picked up the belt again and moved behind me.

This time there was no warm up, just a random volley of smacks to feel, some hard, some soft, some stingy, some thuddy. He kept me on my toes, I’d relax with a few soft ones, and then a few hard ones would have me dancing from foot to foot. I’d brace myself for a hard one and let out an “Ow?” when only a soft tap reached my ass.

I could tell he was having fun as I heard him chuckle, “I love to see you wiggle and dance for me.”

He came around to the front again, this time stripping off jeans and underwear in one go, revealing his cock, hard and an angry red, demanding attention.

“No more teddy bear for you,” he said in a stern voice but I still couldn’t help releasing a giggle. WHACK! With his bare hand on my ass, I jumped forward so his cock poked in between my legs and out the other side, my clit brushing his cock in the process. I had never felt it this hard, he must be excited… almost as hard as the nose on my bear.

He saw my shiver of excitement, “that’s right, I’m the only toy you get to play with tonight, so you better find a way to get yourself off, my leg, my hand, whatever, or else you’re not getting untied tonight.”

I knew my body part of choice. I began to grind my clit against his cock and for the first time he didn’t move. We’d done this before in the shower ‘outercourse’ we called it. It had always gotten him off but was only a tease for me. This time was different, I was as highly aroused as I had ever been and was setting my own pace.

I felt myself building towards something more than teasing, delighted with my progress, I thought, “this might actually work!” But as it became obvious that I was actually getting somewhere he would widen his stance forcing me to bend my knees and put more weight on the rope, making it dig further into my wrists. Each time he moved I growled in frustration and followed him lower, until the ropes felt like they were burning and being permanently branded into my wrists and my hands began to go numb. I felt myself once more about to trip Tipobet Güncel Giriş the switch, so close to cumming, when he lowered himself once more and I simply couldn’t follow anymore.

“No! Why did you do that? I was so close!”

“Exactly, you didn’t think it was going to be that easy did you? I’ve got to have some fun too you know.” He pinched my fingernails checking to see how the circulation was and loosened the ropes just a bit, but kept them tied above my head. “Besides now it’s time for the real punishment. How many do you think is appropriate for your punishment?”

“I don’t know.”

“Well let’s find out then.” He started hitting hard and fast, neither of us counted how many, knowing it would stop when it started genuinely hurting. Being stubborn I was curious how many I could take. For some time they were bearable; then some produced a few ‘OWs and he stopped only once I produced a decent howl over the last ones.

He moved to the front only to give my ass a rest. He began carefully to tap each breast gently with the end of the belt. Randomly he would hit a little harder right on the nipple, surprisingly that felt really good. My ‘punishment’ seemed over, it was playtime again.

He dropped the belt, poking his cock between my legs, I got the hint and ground my clit against his cock, he sucked hard alternating between my now oh-so-sensitive nipples. He lowered himself, so I followed, the rope biting into my wrists and my whole weight strained to reach him. He found where my limit of movement was so it was difficult but not impossible to reach him. I was in heaven, everything hurt deliciously and I felt like I was flying until I exploded suddenly, “Oh God! Yes! That’s it!” This is where I belonged, cumming on his cock, his arms wrapped tight around me.

I sighed rocking more gently against him and straightening up a little as I enjoyed the last few waves crashing through me. He went over to the far wall, quickly undoing the knot there and pulling the rope through the beam overhead and finally undoing all the lashing on my wrists. He helped rub the circulation back into my hands and draped me over the freezer which I clung to.

“You don’t mind if I’m not finished yet do you?”

“Nope, go right ahead.” I grabbed onto the far side of the freezer as he began thrusting into me from behind. I felt comfortably full and more than satisfied as he slid in and out occasionally hitting my G-spot. He bit my back as he came to his own climax and I smiled knowing the teeth marks would still be there, slowly fading a week later. The bracelets imprinted on my wrists sadly only lasted a few hours.

He carried me up the stairs and gently laid me on the bed and crawled in next to me. “Happy Valentine’s Day Honey, how are you feeling?”

“A little sore and tired, but mostly loved and cherished, I’m the luckiest woman alive to have a man who understands me so well and has the patience to figure me out. You do realize that this now makes you the only one who has ever been able to get me off.”

“Thanks, but don’t worry. I’m not out of ideas yet, and I’m sure you’ll love them.

So did you learn your lesson?”

“Yes. No more hiding my pleasure from you and no more Mr. Bear unless I want a trip down to the basement.”

“Good girl, now let’s put you to bed, you’ve earned it.”

“One last thing:

Can I have a pony next year for Valentine’s day?”

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