My Life as a Wittol Ch. 09

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CJ fucks our neighbor Pat while we were just living together, but not yet married

By: CJ’s Hubby

A special thank you to Sexy-Geek for his editorial assistance

This story contains themes of cuckold and wittol and takes place a few years before CJ’s marriage and while she was living with her current husband.


CJ and I had been dating for a few months when her living situation changed. She had been living with a widow Aunt who tried to put conditions on her while she lived there. So CJ moved in with a couple that she had become friends with, but it didn’t work out as they wanted her to date one of their friends. She did date him for a few weeks and then ended it.

Eventually, she moved in with me and my two roommates. CJ was in her early twenties and the rest of us were mid-twenties. It didn’t take long to figure out that CJ living with me and my roommates was not going to work. So CJ and I decided to move on and get our own place.

We rented a small two-bedroom house that was partially furnished. There was a small guest house behind it that was also rented out. We got to know the tenant, Pat, fairly well. He was about six foot tall with a slender build and long blondish hair past his shoulders. He drove a van that had Budweiser logos on the side and it carried two professional model foosball tables.

In the evenings Pat would put on foosball tournaments sponsored by Budweiser at the local bars and clubs. He had several friends who would come to his home during the day and they partied as they smoked weed and played foosball. CJ and I became regular visitors to these impromptu parties when work and life allowed.

It was not uncommon to see young women leaving Pat’s home in the morning after spending the night. Rumors had it that Pat was pretty well endowed and was a very good lover. On the nights the weather was good, Pat would leave his windows open and on a few occasions CJ and I could hear Pat and the girls he had brought home from the club or bar.

CJ worked for a popular department store at the time and was required to work one day each weekend, but was given a day off during the week. Often CJ would go and play foosball with Pat and the guys on her day off while I was at work.

As was the fashion of those days, she would wear tube tops most of the time. Her small breasts had a hard time holding the top in place as she moved and jumped around as they played and she was constantly tugging the top back up. Her shorts were usually cutoff jeans that had been washed so many times the edges had frayed, and a pair of slip on sandals. Her blond hair at the time was long and she generally kept it in a braid that came down to the middle of her back.

As CJ got to know Pat and his friends better she started to go back to Pat’s home and play foosball with the guys and party with them during the week on her day off more often. CJ had gotten pretty good at foosball and could hold her own with the guys. The guys liked playing with CJ, but sometimes she became a distraction when her top would work its way down and the tops of her small breasts would be become exposed to them. Occasionally one, or even both, of her tiny nipples would peek out over the top of her tube top and the guys would accuse her of doing it on purpose to throw them off their game.

On this day CJ had been cleaning around the house and had pretty much finished and was bored. As she glanced out the window she saw two of Pat’s friends go to his home and figured Pat was up and he would soon be partying with his friends. After about fifteen minutes she decided to go to Pat’s home to see if they needed another partner to play. They were sharing a joint and were glad to see her as they needed a fourth person to play. Pat was glad to see CJ and handed her a joint as she walked in and she gladly took a big hit to catch up with them. They all sat down to get high before they started to play.

Pat went to the refrigerator and got them all long neck bottles of Budweiser beer as he got it for free from his sponsor. As they gathered around the game table, Pat took CJ’s arm and pulled her to his side and said, “I want you on my team today.”

This particular day, CJ was teasing and flirting with Pat as they played. They were on the same team and she stood next to Pat. She was giving all of them a nice view of the tops of her small but firm breasts. Her cutoff jeans had been washed so often they had become very short and the cheeks of her ass peeked out the bottom as she would bend forward to play. None of this went unnoticed by Pat or his friends.

CJ and Pat would high five when one would make a good play and Pat would pull her to him and give her a tight hug when they would win a game. She could feel his cock press against her as they hugged. It seemed to grow larger with each hug.

He would make haramidere escort sure that he pressed his cock just hard enough against CJ so that she could feel it. Her tiny nipples grew harder every time he pressed against her. She had heard the rumors of Pat’s prowess and size and had often wondered about how good he would be in bed. CJ looked up at Pat after one of his hugs and saw his knowing smile and she realized he had intentionally been pressing his rod against her.

They stopped after a few games to refresh their beers and to smoke some more pot. After they finished the joint, CJ took a break to go to the bathroom. When she came out, Pat’s friends were walking out the door. CJ gave them both a hug as she said her goodbyes, then turned to Pat and said, “I guess I should be going, too.”

“Aw,” Pat said, “why don’t you stay and smoke another joint.” CJ accepted, wondering what else Pat had in mind. They sat on the couch and passed the joint between them. CJ was relaxing from the high and lying back with her head resting back on the sofa.

Pat regarded the way her boobs pressed out against the tank top as she lay back. He said with a leer, “You sure were showing a lot of cleavage today. Those guys couldn’t take their eyes off your boobs.” He turned sideways on the sofa and brought his knee up to rest in front of him

She smiled and laughed as she told him, “I noticed you were looking… a lot…” She chuckled as she told him, “And from the feel of that thing you were pressing against me, it seemed like you were enjoying the view too.” She emphasized with a motion of her eyes and a nod of her head down to his cock. She paused for a moment as she realized the head of his uncircumcised cock was sticking out of his shorts.

Pat saw her looking at his cock and that made it grow even more. He reached and took her by the back of her head and pulled her to him and kissed her. As they kissed, her lips parted and she softly moaned as she felt his tongue slip between her lips. His hand slowly slid up over her bare abdomen and over her tank top. She responded again as she felt his hand cup her small breast.

Pat’s hand slid down inside her tube top and he started to softly caress her bare breast, gently tweaking her tiny nipples. She writhed as Pat pinched them harder. He slowly pulled her tube top down, exposing her petite round tits. He took one of her nipples between his lips and gently sucked it into his mouth.

CJ held his head and made soft little noises as his tongue tenderly circled her sensitive nipple. She leaned over and slid her hand down between his thighs and lightly caressed his hardening cock. CJ smiled and chuckled as she said, “I guess all those rumors are true.”

CJ was very impressed with the size of Pat’s dick and wondered how big it would be when it was completely hard. She pulled his belt to loosen it, and unfastened it, then slowly pulled the zipper down. She pulled his shorts open and could see his blond bush and realized he had not been wearing anything under his shorts. She reached inside his shorts and felt his bare cock for the first time. She looked him in the eyes and gently bit her lip as she raised her eyebrows in a surprised gesture, and she pulled his hardening rod out of his pants and started to slowly stroke its length.

As her hand slid slowly up and down his shaft she felt it grow harder and larger, so much that her hand now barely fit around its root. The head stood proudly up from her hand that wrapped around this impressive rod. She looked up into his eyes and smiled just before Pat put his hand on her head and gently pushed it down. She took the hint and leaned over and her lips slowly slipped down over the swollen head. Pat moaned softly as she took it in her mouth.

Pat lay back and relaxed, his head leaning back on the sofa and he let out a long gentle moan. He rested his hand on the top of her head and he started a slow gentle up and down motion. He asked her, “Do you like my cock?” CJ moaned and nodded her approval as she continued to suck.

CJ dropped to her knees between his thighs and she grabbed the side of Pat’s shorts and pulled them down as Pat pulled his t-shirt over his head and tossed it. She took his hard shaft back in her hands and slowly stroked it. “You have such a beautiful cock.” And she chuckled, “And big too…”

Pat guided her head back to his cock and said, “Well… if you like it so much then show me.” She leaned forward and took it back into her mouth. Now they both moaned as the head and several inches slid into the wet warmth. He started to guide her head up and down as he forced more of its length into her mouth. She could feel the head swell as he pushed her head faster up and down, his hips thrust upward as he forced it in deeper. She could taste his içerenköy escort pre-cum as it started to leak into her mouth and she knew he was close to coming.

CJ let Pat’s dick slip from her mouth. She looked up at Pat and smiled suggestively as she held the shaft and ran her tongue around the head. “We had better take this fine-looking cock to your bedroom before one of your friends stop by.” She stood and walked over to the door and closed it then smiled at Pat as she twisted the lock. She pulled her tube top over her head and she stared slyly at him as she walked bare breasted toward him on her way to his bedroom. She dropped her top in his lap as she walked past, then looked over her shoulder and smiled seductively as she led him into his bedroom.

Pat walked up behind her and cupped her tiny breasts in his hands and bent forward to kiss her neck. She leaned her head back against his shoulder and whimpered as he squeezed her little nipples. His hand slid down her abdomen and he skillfully unbuttoned her jeans. She unzipped the tight cutoff jeans and slowly wiggled her ass as she forced the jeans down over her hips. Pat cupped and caressed her breasts as the cutoff jeans slid down her legs. CJ stepped out of them and pushed them aside.

Pat lay on the bed on his back, legs spread, and hands clasped behind his head, his hard cock sticking straight up, smiling as he asked, “Now where were we?” She stood at the foot of the bed in only her tiny black satin panties.

Pat looked at the panties and smiled as CJ said, “I figured you would want to take those off yourself.” She crawled up on his bed and lay beside him.

She leaned over him and took his hard cock in her hand and slowly stroked it as she started to kiss him. She started to kiss his neck, then moved down to his nipples and kissed and gently sucked, first one then the other. She continued to kiss her way lower and finally took his huge dick in her mouth again. She felt his hand grab her head tightly and then he started to push the rod in a bit deeper and began to slowly fuck her mouth. Eventually, she moved back up and slowly stroked his cock with her hand as she whispered in his ear, “Please fuck me.”

He opened his night stand drawer and took out another joint and lit it. He turned it around and put the burning end in his mouth and leaned over her face, she inhaled the smoke as he blew the smoke into her face. They finished the joint and he started to kiss her again and she felt his hand slide down between her legs and start to rub her pussy. He hooked his finger in the panties and pulled them aside. She groaned as she felt him start to work his finger into her wet slit. Their lips parted and he kissed her neck, then her ear and he whispered, more of a command than a request, “Now… tell me what you want.”

CJ quietly moaned as she whispered back, “I want you to fuck me… I want to feel your big cock stretching my pussy… it’s been a long time since I’ve had such a nice big cock.”

Pat knelt between her legs and lifted them onto his shoulders, she lifted her ass off the bed as he slid her panties down over her ass, then slowly up her legs and off her feet. He held them to his nose and took a big breath as he inhaled her scent. He tossed the panties onto his dresser and he chuckled as he told her, “I think I will be keeping those.”

Pat held his cock and started to slowly rub the head up and down between her pussy lips. She felt the pressure as he pressed it harder against her, and then she felt her lips open and she whimpered as the hard rod stretched her cunt. Then he slipped inside her and began to work his shaft gently in and out of her wet pussy. He worked maybe half of his cock in then paused and just gently rotated his hips and asked her, “You doing ok?”

CJ wrapped her legs around his thighs and slowly rotated her hips, she moaned and said, “Just go slow for a bit.” She smiled as she told him, “It’s been a while since I have had a cock this big.”

“Maybe this might help,” he told her. He then took a small bottle off of his bedside table and held it to his nose. He covered one nostril and inhaled deeply, then he repeated the process with the other nostril. He then held it to CJ’s nose and he pushed against one side and told her to inhale, then he repeated it with the other side of CJ’s nose. He started to move his cock in her again but not going any deeper as he held the bottle to her nose again and told her, “One more time.”

She felt his cock pulling out and whimpered as she grabbed his hips and pulled him back to her. CJ felt the effects as her body flushed as the heat from the strong aroma moved through her body. She felt relaxed and her head fell back on the bed and her hips rose up to meet his cock as he pushed it gently deeper. She wrapped innovia escort her hands around his neck and she pulled him down to her and moaned as she pleaded, “Please fuck me.”

Pat moved up on his arms as he smiled down at her as he gradually started to thrust his cock faster and deeper as CJ’s hips moved up to meet his thrust. He moved up on his knees and grabbed her ankles and held her legs up and apart as he started to fuck her harder. She felt his body pressing against her crotch and she realized she had taken all of his length. She screamed out as she began to shake as her first orgasm roared through her body. She cried out, “Oh God… fuck me… don’t stop now… OH GOD… your big cock feels so good.”

It had been a long time since CJ had been fucked so long and oh so good. CJ could only lie there, her hands above her head, pushing against the head board as Pat rammed her hard. Before her orgasm was over Pat pulled his cock out and she pleaded, “Please don’t stop now.”

Pat replied, “I’m not stopping. Get on your hands and knees now.” He grabbed her and roughly turned her over.

He moved up behind her and CJ grunted really loudly as he thrust his cock hard all the way back inside her. She felt it go even deeper than before and wondered how she was taking all of it. He grabbed her hair braid and yanked her back hard against his throbbing shaft as he held it deep in her and told her, “Now it’s your turn to fuck me… show me how much you appreciate my cock.”

CJ rocked and rotated her hips, she could feel his hard rod as it moved around deep in her. He asked, “Does my cock feel good?”

CJ was sweating profusely and panting as she fucked Pat. “Oh God yes… your big cock feels so good…”

Pat moaned as he told her, “I’m going enjoy having such a sweet young piece of ass to fuck me when I tell her to… I’m going to own your pussy now.” He began to moan louder and he started to thrust into her harder. He grabbed her hips and held her tight against him and she felt his cock swell as he began to explode inside her.

She cried out as another orgasm ripped through her body as she felt Pat’s cum shooting deep inside her. Somewhere in the back of her mind she hoped the birth control would stop his seed from reaching her fertile area. After their orgasms, CJ fell face first on the bed. As Pat’s cock slipped out of her she felt empty, but too exhausted. Pat lay beside her and gently caressed her tiny bare ass. His dick still felt big as it pressed against her leg.

They lay naked on Pat’s bed as they tried to catch their breath. Pat was on his back and smiled as he asked her how she felt. CJ just moaned and smiled at him. Then he guided her hand back to his cock. It was not hard but still swollen from all the sex. He moaned as she took the soft shaft in her hand and as her hand slid up and down it he told her, “Umm… that feels good…”

CJ could feel his cock starting to grow again, but she chuckled as she told him, “I don’t think my sore pussy can handle that thing again so soon.” It started to grow hard and she looked up at him with a questioning look. He smiled at her just as she felt his hand on the back of her head, pushing it down, back to his hardening rod, slick with their joined juices.

CJ told him, “My boyfriend will be home from work soon. I don’t think I will have time to finish if I start it.”

He laughed and said, “It won’t take long this time.” He pushed her head down and she took his cock back in her mouth.

After stroking it a little, she let it slip from her mouth and looked at the clock on the dresser She told Pat, “I would need to leave in fifteen minutes to get home in time to shower.” She wanted to clean up before I got home. But then she took his cock back in her mouth and it felt good as her lips started to slide faster up and down the hard rod.

CJ kept glancing at the clock, wondering if he would even be able to cum anytime soon since he had just climaxed a few minutes earlier. At the fifteen minute mark she tried to get up to go and Pat held her head down and told her, “Not yet… I am really close… just keep sucking…” At the eighteen minute mark he filled her mouth with his cum. She was surprised at how much he sent into her mouth, especially after shooting his wad so recently. She hurried home and jumped in the shower just before I got home.

That next Saturday CJ and I had been invited to play some foosball and party with Pat and a few of his friends. When CJ and I entered the house I noticed a pair of tiny black panties hanging from the light above the foosball table. I laughed out loud as I asked Pat if he had a new conquest. I noticed CJ blushing as Pat told me he gotten a new sweet piece of ass to fuck.

Several years later as we were having sex, I asked CJ to tell me about someone she had fucked and had not yet told me about. CJ told me a story of how she fucked Pat and how he hung her panties above the foosball table so everyone would know. Apparently, I was about the only one that didn’t know. After sex she told me it was just a fantasy story, but the panties hanging from the light had stuck in my mind and it was a good clue that it was a bit more than just her vivid imagination…

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