My Life Ch. 05

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I hadn’t intended when I started this undertaking to spend so much time discussing the summer I turned 18, but in looking back that was a very important time in my life.

As I said before, that summer was filled with free sexual abandon like I have not experienced at any time in my life since. Rick and I fucked any chance we had; Lynda and I spent most days hanging out either at the pool or at one of the local nude beaches (Bobbi would join us when she was off work). I only went to one other party with my parents, it was a full weekend and there were probably 40 or 50 other people there at some time. My brother, Bill, was becoming a fixture at the parties as well as developing a relationship with my friend, Lynda.

Lynda, Bobbi, and I were at the beach one Saturday taking in the early morning rays. I had gone down to the water to pee and standing there knee deep in the water while the warm liquid ran down my thigh I was looking back up at my friends and the other nude bodies laying in the sun. I noticed something, Bobbi was the only woman I saw on the beach who was laying there with her knees up and apart allowing a full view of the folds of her cunt, all the guys cocks were just out there but hers was the only cunt open to full view. I could see the full pink lips protruding out from the blond fuzz and nowhere else I looked did I see another cunt, just a patch of fir and where they were shaved, a little crease of skin disappearing between thighs that were always touching. It was apparent that I wasn’t the only one noticing this, every guy that walked by, stopped to take a lingering look at that sweet muff.

When I got back up to the blanket I sat down on my beach chair, picked up my book and made sure my legs were apart enough to allow a nice full view for anyone that wanted to look. Look they did. Every guy and many of the women walking by would take a slow second look at the 2 wide out in the open pussies there on the beach. Of course this now started a discussion between us, Bobbi said she always loved the feel of the sun on her cunt and liked that guys would check her pussy out. Lynda had to join in the fun. We would do things like every time we noticed a guy looking, we would reach down like we had an itch and scratch making sure we slid a finger up the pink gash and opening our cunts for better view, there were several guys walking up and down the beach a lot that day. We were all getting very horney doing this, the sweat from the heat was mixing with the slippery fluids flowing from our cunts and I noticed that I wasn’t the only one that was letting my fingers linger longer when we were “scratching”. Bobbi was the first one to just go for it, I saw her fingers rubbing her clit as fast as she could move them, dipping inside her every couple of seconds. Looking down where Lynda was laying on her stomach she had seen it too, from a couple of feet away her eyes were locked on the rapidly moving fingers slipping into and around that very wet, dripping cunt, her hand was buried somewhere down below her and I knew she was similarly occupied.

My eyes were fastened on Bobbies cunt an her fingers worked feverously between her legs. Lynda’s smooth tanned ass poking up just at the fringe of my vision as she worked on her wet slit. It took me a moment before I realized my fingers had almost automatically found their way into my cunt.

My fingers sliding down the sides of my clit, pinched a little between them and thru the soft folds of my throbbing labia pulling on them just enough to feel a tiny bit of pain, then down dipping deep inside my wet slippery cunt, my little finger poking just inside my sensitive anus my other hand reaching down to pinch the hard little nub of my tender clit and rubbing it more rapidly as I closed my eyes, the picture of Bobbies cunt burned into the insides of my eyes. Quicker, harder my fingers move as I start to feel the rush of an orgasm coming over me, my toes curling in the hot sand, my back arching up to the feel of the hot sun on my bare breasts as it hits, I grasp my clit hard squeezing, the two fingers of my other hand buried deep into my vagina while the little one is fully inserted deep into my bowels. I let it take me, wave after wave of agonizing ecstasy. Then it is over, relaxing I open my eyes to find Bobbi and Lynda watching me, a little embarrassed, I pull my fingers from my ass and pussy and smile.

“Well, that was interesting,” said Bobbi. “I came too but nothing like that. That was a nice show, and those guys liked it too,” motioning to the two guys standing at the water’s edge watching, both standing there with full, hard, erect cocks.

They noticed we were watching them and turned to go out into the water, but kept looking back at us. I am sure the cool water helped with their little problem.

We each popped another beer and lit up a joint and went back to our talking and reading with a little pussy flashing built in as needed and continued our day. The two guys we saw moved down the beach a couple of hundred yards to their towels but we knew they were keeping an eye on us. innovia escort

A few minutes later Lynda got up on her knees reached over and dug a little trench in the sand, “hey guys, I have to pee, do you mind if I just do it here, I don’t want to have to get into the cold water.” Without either of us saying anything she just spread her knees over the trench and facing us, let it go. You know how when you are hot and sweaty your piss doesn’t have as much water in it so it is a deep, dark yellow? Well this was one of those times. Bobbi and I just sat there watching as the dark yellow pee flowed from between Lynda’s legs and quickly disappeared into the sand between her knees. As the flow stopped she squeezed a couple of times squirting out the final sprays of amber liquid leaving a few drops dangling from the hair covering her cunt. She pushed the sand back over the trench and laid back down.

Bobbi spoke up, “Ok, now after that, I have to go, it is my turn.” She dug a similar trench on the other side of us and proceeded to dump her flood of piss into her trench, Because of the way Bobbi pees, with such a gush and not a stream, this wasn’t as good of a position for her and the pee ran down her legs wetting the sand under her knees. As I sat there watching I glanced up and noticed that the guys down the beach were standing up looking at us. They probably couldn’t see for sure what was happening but I am sure that they had an idea. Bobbi’s wet spot was not as easy to cover but she did it and just brushed the wet sand from her knees. “That didn’t work out as well as I had hoped.” That was the first time the 3 of us had done anything involving that sort of thing but wouldn’t be the last.

We were back into our little world when about a half hour later a shadow came over us. “Hi there, would you guys like some company?” Those guys had worked up some courage. Their names were Steve and Mark and had a ice chest of wine coolers with them. They sat down and we talked for a while, smoked a joint and of course drank some more. They were both nice looking in their early 20,s , Steve was slender and Mark had a just a little paunch but was much more muscular. Their cocks were about average, Mark’s a little fatter and Steve had some very nice balls They were both just a little above flaccid and we could see them rise up a little when they were given a better view as we moved around. After an hour or so of this some one suggested we move to a more secluded area so we picked up our things and walked up the beach till we found a somewhat hidden alcove and got comfortable.

I spread my blanket out and started to lie down and as Steve spread out his stuff beside me I watched his slender, smooth, tanned, ass moving less than a foot from my face. As soon as he finished he turned toward me and I reached out and wrapped my hand around his soft cock and slid the head between my lips. His cock tasted like coco butter from his tanning lotion, which made it slick and smooth. I sucked the soft flesh into my mouth as I heard him sigh with pleasure. His cock quickly filled with blood and became rock hard in my mouth as I fondled it with my lips. He began to thrust. He stood there fucking my mouth, his hands holding my head as he slid that solid shaft of throbbing skin in and out between my lips. I could feel the head of his cock at the back of my throat almost making me gag as the force of his rod penetrated past the uvula. I had one hand wrapped around the base of his cock as he fucked my face, the other grasping the cheek of his ass pulling him as he shoved it in and out of my mouth. He was about to cum, but that wasn’t what I wanted, I wanted to fuck. I had to work to get him to stop thrusting his cock between my lips but I was able and I pulled him down to lay on the blanket so I could straddle him. I knelt over him and as I reached between my legs to guide his cock into my cunt I watched as Lynda kneeled over Mark sucking his cock while Bobbi knelt behind her eating her, I am sure from that position she was eating more ass than pussy, but I had noticed Bobbi had taken a liking to that in the last few weeks and this was her first chance to do it with someone besides me.

I love the feel of a new cock sliding into my cunt, a lot of women act like they are all the same but those women just aren’t paying attention. Some cocks are longer and push against your cervix when they are all the way in, some fatter and make your cunt feel fuller, some curve forward and rub the inside up toward the “G” spot, and some are bent to one side, they are all different, if you pay attention, and every guy moves his cock differently inside you. Steve’s cock wasn’t anything special to look at in size or shape but the moment is started to enter into my vagina there was a feeling, something about the way it moved. Both Lynda and I fucked him many times after that and we both felt it but neither could clearly describe the feeling. It was almost magic like a vibration, it felt like as each millimeter of cock entered me, that part of my cunt was overwhelmed with istanbul escort pleasure as hid rod enterer the dark recesses of my slippery cunt. I started to cum before his cock was all the way into me. I slammed my ass down hard to get him completely inside me and started fucking like a wild animal, orgasms washing over me, taking me away. He wasn’t a man any more but just a hard hot shaft of skin slamming deep into my cunt, and each time the waves of orgasm would start to subside I would fuck that rod of flesh even harder. I eventually couldn’t go any more and collapsed on top of him almost losing consciousness. I don’t know when he came, I know he did because the white froth of his sperm was dripping from me and covering his cock. It took me a few minutes to gather my self back and as I did I heard the familiar sound of Lynda grunting her orgasm and I opened my eyes to see her being fucked doggy style by Mark as she sucked on Bobbi’s wondrous cunt. The sound of her grunts muffled by the full labia she was sucking into her mouth while Bobbi grabbed the back of her head and pressed it forcefully into her gash while Lynda’s face was sandwiched between her legs as she too came.

Once we had all caught our breath we fired up another joint cracked some beers and just sat there basking in the pleasure of our mini orgy. Three wet, sopping cunts and two shiny, sticky cocks. I later found that that was Steve’s first time, he was a virgin, and he said I spoiled him to other women because no one, not even Lynda came close to that first time.

I got to where I needed to pee and since I really didn’t know these guys I decided to go somewhere private, so I took a walk, Bobbi said needed to go also and came with me. We went a little ways away and drained our bladders in the sand but rather than going right back we decided to walk a bit to stretch after that fuck and besides, I was really stoned. I suppose we were gone for about a half hour when we walked back into our little alcove and there was Lynda, she was sitting on Steve with his cock in her ass and Mark was on top of her slamming his cock into her cunt. Bobbi and I sat down to watch which didn’t last long, our tongues were soon intertwined and our fingers were exploring each other’s bodies. I placed my mouth on her breast and sucked some of the milk from one them which were both fairly full because she hadn’t pumped them today and her daughter wasn’t with us at the beach that day to drink, as she frequently was. She pushed me back and slid down my body kissing me and leaving a cool wet trail where she went down. She then planted her lips to my cunt and ate my muff the way she had found I liked in the last several weeks. She could suck my cunt for hours, bringing me right to the edge of orgasm again and again and letting me back down, keeping me on the edge, I would just lay there, close my eyes and let her give me pleasure.

I was in the middle of enjoying this when suddenly there was a hot, steaming, dripping wet cunt planted on my face. The guys had finished fucking her and she had cum leaking from both her pussy and asshole as she slid her pussy over my mouth. The flavor of her cunt and asshole oozing with fresh, hot sperm was enough to put me over, it didn’t matter what Bobbi did, I was cumming.

We had another beer with the guys and they soon left, it was clear that they didn’t think anything like this was going to happen that day and neither were we. Steve left me his number but I didn’t really plan to call him. Today was the first time Bobbi and Lynda had had sex together but we all knew it wouldn’t be the last.

We drove home that day talking about our unusual day, we had fucked guys we had taken to the beach with us before but never picked a couple up and fucked them right there. We also discussed that we all agreed, it wasn’t fair that a guys cock was just out there for us to admire but our pussies were usually hidden, so we would always give the guys on the beach something to look at, besides it was fun. Like I noted in Chapter 3 I had already discovered the fun of flashing someone when they weren’t expecting it.

We picked up Bobbi’s daughter on the way home and as soon as she was with us Bobbi’s tits started leaking, something strange about how that happens. She pulled off her top and the little girl attached herself to one and went to sleep. We stopped at Bobbi’s house for a few minutes, there was some discussion about staying the night but for some reason Lynda and I left and went to my house.

On the way home we smoked another fatty. When we got to the house we were somewhat drunk and more than a little stoned. we went up to my room to get cleaned up and change but decided that we both needed to take a shower, it didn’t look like anyone was home so, what the hell, why not. We went into my parent’s room where there was more room in the shower, got naked and climbed in. As soon as the water hit us Lynda said she had to pee.

“Let me help,” I said as I slid down to sit on the shower floor. I reached out and put my thumbs on either kadıköy escort side of her slit and parting her lips so her clit and little pee hole was exposed leaned in to suck a little on her clit. She leaned back against the tile and relaxed, enjoying the pleasure. I tasted the crusty cum dried to her cunt hair from her fucking on the beach as more of the milky, thick sperm was leaking from her wet slit and anus, I moved my tongue between her gash and sucked the flavor of those two guys cum from her mixed with the juice flowing from her cunt. I could feel her muscles flex a little as she tried to get her stream flowing but wasn’t having any luck.

“I can’t pee with you doing that, it is too distracting.” So I leaned back and holding her lips apart just watched as the dark yellow fluid begin as a trickle before spraying forcefully out of that little hole. Moving my thumbs, I could direct the stream wherever I wanted, I sprayed my throat, my breasts, my pussy, I leaned in close and stuck out my tongue so the yellow spray was directed into my mouth and I tasted her hot, salty piss as the strong, musky odor of the fluid mixed with the wetness of her dripping cunt filled my nostrils. This piss had more tangy flavor than any I had tasted before, probably because we were sweating in the heat at the beach and didn’t pee as much. I recall I didn’t care for that flavor, I preferred piss that was lighter with just a little pee flavor But as drunk and stoned as I was I didn’t really care. When her stream was stopping I reached out and sucked that little hole, I knew she likes this, my tongue exploring gently into her piss hole as the last drops flow from her. I then reached out with my lips and sucked tightly on her stiff little clit. She came with her usual noisy grunts and as she did, I had to help support her with my hands gripping her ass cheeks because she was so drunk and having some difficulty supporting herself as the orgasm took hold of her.

“My turn,” I said when she was done cumming. I stood up and I kissed her. I knew she could taste the salty flavor of her urine in my mouth. Her hand slid between my legs and rubbed my hard clit. Sliding down she did as I had done and with one hand, spread my labia to fully expose the pink gash between, her other hand went between her own thighs. Her tongue reached out and I could feel it tickle the opening to me urethra and just as she did, I let go. She didn’t do like I did bit kept her face planted firmly to my cunt. The dark yellow flow filling her mouth and over flowing to soak her hair as I looked down and our eyes met, hers looking up as the rest of her face was hidden by the fir covering my mon, yellow fluid running out and down her body. I could see she was swallowing what she was able as my piss filled her while she had one hand buried in her cunt, masturbating as she drank my piss. I could see the lust in her eyes and then she was cumming. She pulled away as my stream started to subside but her hand was moving faster between her thighs and the yellow fluid flowed over her breasts and down to where her hand was working.

“OH, FUCK OH FUCK, OH FUCK”, she yelled as she came she was always noisy when she came but she wasn’t a screamer. “FUCKKKKKKK,” she cried as she collapsed in the ottom of the shower, several fingers buried deep inside the soft folds of her red, engorged cunt. I sat down on the tile floor and held her, kissing her softly as she came down from what appeared to have been an incredible orgasm. We just sat there with the water from the shower running over us and held on to each other, our lips brushing.

“That was interesting.” It was my brother Rick, he was standing there with a tent in his swimming shorts clearly showing his large, firm erection. “I didn’t know you two were into golden showers.” He pulled his shorts off and climbed into the shower with us.

Like I said before, Rick has a fairly substantial cock and with us sitting there on the shower floor it was directly in front of our faces. Lynda and I both reached up at the same time and wrapped our hands around it and together placed our lips on the engorged head. Our tongues ran over the head as we both held on to the rigid shaft. I prefer to suck smaller cocks but Lynda didn’t hesitate and slid the large head of my brother’s cock between her lips and slid them half way down the hot fleshy shaft and began to suck him in earnest. I slid around so I was behind him, my brother has a fine ass, and reached a hand between his legs, fondling the full, soft fleshy sack of his balls and slipping my tongue along the fuzzy crack of his ass. As I did this he leaned forward over Lynda and set his head against the wall above her, which slightly loosened his cheeks and the crack of his ass allowing me access with my tongue, which I reached in. I slid the slimy tip of my pink tongue inside his dark, puckered anus. I had rimmed Lynda quite a few times over the years and have fucked/sucked Rick many times (he was my first) and had my finger in his ass but this was the first time my tongue had actually probed into my brother’s asshole. Rick’s anus is one of those dark brown, puckered assholes with just a little hair around it and up between the crack but it was always a little surprising that his sphincter wasn’t quite as tight as Lynda’s or any others I had played with to that point and my tongue slid in deep with little effort.

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